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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 125

125. Sleeping side by side isn’t only when you’re sleeping with parents

No need to confirm that the three were now half-intimidated by an unknown opponent.

However, nothing much that they could do now.

In a situation like this, as expected, it would be better to loosen the sense of tension.

And that, was what they were doing after returning to their room. But not in a way that Kirishima had expected.

“So, why are we playing Tokusatsu fighting games now of all time?”

Looking at Yuri and Atsushi, Kirishima reflexively said so.

『”What are you talking about, Kirishima-san? Speaking of spending a night at an inn, of course, it’s to play a fighting game.”』

“Why are you saying it with a tone as if it’s common sense…?’

Kirishima understood that it would be useless even if she wanted to complain, so instead, she let out a long sigh before continuing her words

“In the first place, why do you have two game consoles?”

『”That is, you know it. So that a miraculous event will happen! I mean, this way, you can play with anyone, anytime, anywhere!”』

“A miraculous event…”

“I know what you want to say, Kirishima. But I suggest that you stop there. It’s for your own good.”

『”Eh, what is it, Atsushi-san? Why did you say such a thing as if I’m the one being weird here and that there’s no point in talking further with such a weirdo?”』

“Well, seems you realize it yourself.”

Hearing their conversations, Kirishima understood that Yuri had an extremely disappointing personality, so she didn’t pry into the matter any further.

『”But even so, that, hmm… Isn’t it amazing that there is a novelist and a manga artist with a similar name to you know, ‘Japan’s two great gods of death’ ? Is this the time for a bargain sale of the death flag?”』

“A bargain sale of death flags…… Wait, what are the two gods of death?

『”Well, I mean, no matter where those two go, they’re always involved in an incident where people die. What’s more, the one with the appearance of a child and the mind of an adult, was involved in many incidents in less than a year. And the one who said, ‘In the name of my grandfather’…”』 [TN: Egawa -> Edogawa Conan and Kaneda -> another way of spelling the kanji of Kindaichi]

“Stop, don’t touch the taboo, what if something bad really happens!”

In the world, there were things that shouldn’t be touched, even if the truth behind them hadn’t been made clear.

Anyway, they continued to play games while talking.

『”So, what are you two going to do now?”』

“Even if you ask it, nothing much that we can do now.”

“The other party told us that we’re free for a while, so yeah, I’ll do that for now.”

『”……e? Are you serious? Is that really all you going to do?”』

“Of course not. We’ve been collecting information, you know? But, there’s nothing more we can get since there are almost no employees and visitors.”

“But yeah, it’s certainly strange. Even though the culprit invited us, nothing has been really done to us. Well, it’s possible that the culprit just waiting to catch our guard off…”

It had been several hours since they came here. Sure they were told to do as they please, but Atsushi couldn’t help but find it strange that nothing had happened so far.

…there’s no choice but to wait, still, I can’t help but feel uneasy…

『”Ah, hmmmp, Atsushi-san, that’s a foul, you trapped me to purposely using my special attack at the wrong time, right?!“』

Atsushi won overwhelmingly.

And, it was time to end the game and go to bed.

” ――― So, what’s with this situation?”

Atsushi, who hadn’t noticed until now, finally felt something wrong with the futon. The three futons were put side by side.

『”hm? we’re going to sleep side by side, aren’t we? Ah, what is it, Atsushi-san? Perhaps, you want the middle one?”』

“That’s not it. My question is, why are the futons stuck together?”

『”Eh, I mean, I’m scared.”』

“Why? Are you a child?”

『”Atsushi-san, think. Please think about the situation we’re in right now. Isn’t it a death flag for the one who sleeps separately in this strange situation?”』

“Still, there’s no reason to stick them.”

『”Of course, there is. I need to build a wall on my left and right. It’s for my safety!”』

“What a ridiculous reason…”

Yuri’s reason was way above Atsushi expected. Thinking further about it would only make his brain hurt. That was why he asked for help.

“Oi Kirishima, say something…”

“… Zzzz… Zzzz…”

“Really? That fast?”

Kirishima, his only hope had already fallen asleep with a casual face.

Looking at this behavior of her, Atsushi thought that she also possessed considerable mental strength.

“Both of you… as a girl, you should be cautious in this situation. I’m a man you know?”

『”Eeeh, I mean, it’s Atsushi-san. There’s no need to be vigilant, right? Rather, I feel like I can sleep soundly with peace of mind.”』

“Are you praising me or belittling me, which one is it……”

『”Of course, it’s a praise!”』

In response to Yuri’s quick reply, Atsushi wondered whether he should accept it or object to it, but he chose the former and let out a long sigh.

“Hufff… Whatever.”

And so, Atsushi also got into the futon and fell asleep.

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