Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 39.5

This ch is from Minayo Souya (Younger Sister of Taketo’s Mother) POV

39.5. Project – Special Ward Neo

A woman named, Minayo Souya, had intended to spend the rest of her life in the countryside of Nagano. [TN: Nagano to Tokyo, is about 4 hours by car, 1 hour 30 minutes by Shinkansen, roughly about 173 km]

To get a job early, save money early, and have a daughter. And then, she would spend her time calmly watching her daughter growing up.

Ever since she was a kid, she thought that would be her life.

Her mother was a long-haul truck driver and was never home.

So it could be said that she was raised by her older sister who was eight years older than her.

In retrospect, her older sister was precocious and a person with a strong sense of responsibility.

Her older sister took care of her without complaining.

When Minayo entered elementary school, her older sister started a part-time job at a transportation company through her mother’s connections, and ended up working there.

Soon her older sister was assigned more difficult tasks and thus self-taught herself programming.

Minayo once asked her why she did that.

But she laughed and said, “If you can control the movement of people and cargo with a machine, your work efficiency will increase dramatically.”

Minayo didn’t really know the meaning of those words, but she thought it was amazing.

As for Minayo herself, she didn’t even think about doing the same and started aiming for a government office job that her mother and older sister recommended.

Luckily, she was quite good at studying, better than most, so she thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to become a local government employee.

However, a turning point came to her.

Her older sister, who turned 24, announced that she would have a second child through artificial insemination. Since she had already given birth to one child, she was no longer being pointed at, but she seemed to want another daughter.

The following year, when Minayo was 17 years old, her older sister gave birth to a boy.

In those days, only 1 in 1,000 babies were born male.

And her older sister got that lucky ticket.

“Minayo, I’m going to Special Ward Tokyo.”

In such a rural area, it didn’t need a long time for a rumor of a baby boy being born to spread. At the same time, the chance of kidnapping happening increased exponentially.

So, her older sister decided that it would be better to raise her son in the Special Ward. Minayo, of course, agreed with that. Then, her older sister said:

“I will definitely welcome you, so you should get the qualification to live in the special ward.”

Minayo felt a degree of unreasonableness from that request.

After all, her goal was to become a local government employee in Nagano. But her older sister wanted her to become an official of the central government.

It was beyond her initial aim. But she replied:

” ――Okay.”

Remembering the favors Minayo had received from her older sister so far, she studied desperately.

The house where her older sister left was deserted, but she wasn’t lonely.

No, there was no time to feel lonely. She was that busy studying.

In the end, Minayo passed the exam, which was said to be a difficult one, and at the age of 22, she was able to get a job at the central government.

“I’ve prepared a big house, so we can live together. But, you also need to have children.”

That was right. In order to maintain the population, and to be considered a sensible adult, Minayo had to birth at least one child.

She prepared to have one as she was working in the central government and adapting to live in a Special Ward.

Then, at the ages of 24 and 26, she gave birth to a child. Both of them were female.

Fortunately, her two daughters— Moe and Saki, grew up quickly.

Taketo-kun, who was her older sister’s child, also grew up to be a good and obedient child.

Every day Minayo hoped that they all could live their days peacefully, but suddenly…

One day, she was told,

“Souya-san, there’s an order, that you would be seconded to the central office.”

“Cen-central office? Me?”

The Central Office was famous for its elite line-up of officials working in the Special Ward.

On the other hand, Minayo belonged to the Public Relations Bureau. Although it was part of the central government, it was a place where people working there were far away from being regarded as having a successful career.

A transfer…why? Why?

In the case of the central government, there might be a chance of being temporarily transferred to another department, such a person was called a “secondee”.

Someone from a Public Relations Bureau, moving to the Central Office, meant… her work, her daily life, everything would change.

This time, Minayo was told that she was seconded.

Being a “secondee”, meant, that she had to carry out work according to the instructions of the Central Office, leaving her affiliation with the Public Relations Office.

Then, Minayo went to the Central Office.

“I’ve been waiting, Minayo Souya-san.”

Reaching the new place, the person who greeted Minayo was the Chief, Chihiro Shino.

The Chief position in a central office full of elites, would mean that she must be an elite among the elites.

And such a person… smiled at Minayo, and even held out her hand.

Seriously, what kind of joke is this?

“Thank you very much for coming all the way to greet me, I will do my very best.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Then, let me say it straightforwardly, I want you to participate in a top-secret project.”

“A, top-secret project…?”

Isn’t it too much of a burden for mere public relations staff like me?

“Yes, I’m sure the other departments haven’t heard about this yet, but the Central Office is currently working on a project called the ‘Special Ward Neo’. In short, as you know, there are many problems with the system in this special ward. In order to solve the problems deemed as impossible to be resolved here, we are planning to create a new special ward.”

I see.

Both men and women are dissatisfied with the current system here.

Of course, no matter how perfect the system is, dissatisfaction won’t disappear.

But ignoring calls for reform and bettering the living place isn’t very commendable either.

“I guess, it is to build something that is not bound by the framework of the existing special ward system”

“I’m glad you understand. Right now, we’re temporarily calling it a ‘Special Ward Neo’, but I want to create an environment where men can live freely. In a place where anyone can enter after requesting permission, like here, in the end, men’s activities are limited to the areas around their homes, schools, and workplaces, won’t they?”


Since there are an overwhelming number of women, most men will shake their heads when asked to go to a crowded place.

Certainly, there are many places here that men can go to, but shouldn’t go to.

Like the area around Central Station. Any man who wants to put his foot in there is a weirdo. That’s for sure.

“Same can be said for romance. Ultimately, men place importance on the partner’s family background. Well, it can’t be helped. After all, it’s directly linked to their future.”

“I understand what you mean.”

Whether it was a commuting marriage or a cohabitation marriage, it often happened that a man with a weak partner in social standing became unhappy.

For example, if Minayo had married a man.

There would be a possibility that Chief Shino might get jealous and do something to throw her out of work for whatever reason.

If that happened, Minayo would be unemployed. And in that situation, would the man support her? Might be for a while, but not forever.

However, it wasn’t possible to enter a workplace higher than the central government anymore.

And it didn’t mean that the same thing wouldn’t happen at the new job.

That was why, men tend to choose women from families of status, power, and historical importance.

I mean, it can’t be helped.

Any man, and even woman, who doesn’t want to have a hard life for the rest of their life would never try so.

“My hope is, for men to have free love in the Special Ward Neo.”

“Free love… umm… is that even possible?”

“Yes, we’re going to carefully examine the women who can live in the Special Ward Neo. We’ll make sure that any woman who lives there, will always be a good partner for the man.”

In a space where women can’t freely enter from the outside, there will only be women who wouldn’t be an embarrassment to the man.

If so, men should have no problem choosing any woman as their partner.

It certainly makes sense.

But, is that really the best thing?

Within a fixed space like that, even if you’re told “Now, you can choose freely”, will you think of that as freedom? No, can you even call that freedom in the first place?

“…You are an experienced Public Relations staff. I believe you have visited more places and heard the opinions of many. So, I hope that you’ll use that to help us in developing the new special ward.”

It’s true that I’ve traveled inside and outside the special ward many times for public relations work.

Also, I lived outside the special ward for more than 20 years.

To get information for my work, I’ve interviewed people outside the special ward and sometimes even experienced the field.

But… is that enough?

“…Could I be of any help?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to your performance, Souya-san. Let’s do our best together.”

“Yes, I will do my very best.”

“Let’s make the project ‘Special Ward Neo’ a success.”


Thus, Minayo joined the top-secret project of the Central Office.

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