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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 37

37. Central Station (West)

We escaped from the sports betting area.

“Seriously, they were strong, and it was fun to fight against them. We could have been good friends. What a shame…”

I won some games easily, but that was just how it looked from the side.

In reality, there was much bargaining throughout the fights. Should you advance now? There? Should you try to feint? And many more of such thoughts…

I barely won some of the matches. Also, another reason why I won was due to the opponent’s carelessness and lack of knowledge.

Lastly, there was a fact that they were against a man. There was probably some restraint that made them couldn’t do their best.

Even after losing, they praised me for the good fight. It was great sportsmanship. So, I sincerely praised them back too.

Perhaps, because, they played sports in high school, they had a similar mental structure to me.

They sought a place to fight, so they naturally gathered, competed, and improved their skills. Truly, so enviable.

Well, there was a problem where there was no place in this world to let out libido. So, it must be one of the ways to distract themselves from such thirst.

“Come to think of it, the last one asked to take a video, I wonder if it will be uploaded to the internet?”

I asked so, because I thought that there was a possibility that the girls in my group would get in trouble.

Not that I mind if it’s uploaded, but…

“Surely, she won’t use it for anything other than personal enjoyment, so I think it’s okay. I mean, up until now, there’s no case of a video in a betting sports scene getting uploaded on the internet.”

Right, since gambling is illegal, she wouldn’t publish anything that could serve as evidence.

Even if she uploaded it, surely, people who notice it will immediately request to delete it. On the contrary, the person who uploaded it will be identified and arrested.

Wait, come to think of it, even though the odds when betting was written, but, it’s possible to evade it as just a mere number.

Well, a sense of solidarity and not breaking the rules they made for themselves, can be regarded as the things that keep such an underground world alive.

As expected, the area near the central station is interesting.

I’m glad that girls like Toono-san and Aono-san are in my group.

“Then, where shall we go next? My legs are a bit sore from the continuous battles.”

“Then I will show you around the west area, the lively electronics district. How about it?”

“Lively electronics district huh… Nice. But, won’t there be many people there?”

“I’ll try to avoid crowded places as much as possible.”

Saying so, Hashigami-san smiled.

“Then let’s go there. Please guide me.”

Other than having a neat appearance, she was the most beautiful woman in the group. However, in fact, she was knowledgeable in various subcultures, including manga and anime.

“Thank you for accepting my suggestion. Then… Let me guide you to the place where those with immunity to men usually gather.”

It seemed that, there, a lot of women wouldn’t approach strangely or follow me, a man.

Hashigami-san guided us to the west.

Passing through the bar district, we reached the warehouse district.

After walking for a while, a big sign came into view.


As I was looking around, Hashigami-san pointed at a shop and said so.

So, this is the lively electronics district huh? There’s even a person wearing a red happi coat shouting, inviting people. [TN: Happi is a traditional tube-sleeved Japanese Coat, usually worn only during festivals]

Hmm…? Isn’t shouting like that on the road a violation of Traffic Rules?

“It’s a suspicious shop, you sure this is the place?”

Kikuie-san was worried again.

“I’m sure. Ah, that is… you see, sometimes the store clerk just wants to breathe the outside air and come out to the road.”

“What a free-spirited clerk.”

Well, I guess that’s her job…

“It may look like she’s trying to talk to passers-by, but she’s so loyal to the company that she can’t help but shout out the name of the company.”

“Really, what a free-spirited clerk!”

Then, we went into the shop.

The inside was surprisingly ordinary. Refrigerators, washing machines, and many other home appliances were lined up with “SALE” letters.


Saying so, Hashigami-san laughed “ufufufu” in a low voice and urged us to go upstairs, the second floor.

Hashigami-san? Aren’t you so into this?

We climbed the narrow stairs, and the stuff on display changed completely.

Game software, books, figures, etc. were displayed in glass cases, and there were also some tapestries hung on the walls.

“Wait, Hashigami-san!?”

Kikuie-san-san panicked and pulled Hashigami-san’s arm.

“Ara, what is it?”

“How, how can you bring a man here!? What are you thinking!”

“Oh really?”

Hashigami-san was playing dumb. But clearly, all the products here are for women.

In other words, what was drawn on the cover, was men.

Those drawn on the game package were still good. Probably because they were for all ages.

Men in student or military uniforms, kimonos, etc., in any case, the men looked cool in those.

However, going a little deeper, it was like a different world.

In particular, the picture on the tapestries was mostly a stripped-down man.

The shoulders and collarbones were exposed, and the upturned eyes were very sexy.

Of course, I didn’t feel anything to those that women would find sexy. Nor that I got that disturbed either. So, I just tried to be positive and appreciate of what Hashigami-san did.

“This is the first time for me to come to this kind of place, but it’s really an amazing place.”

“I knew that you would say that. You see, this is a place where an exchange between women’s desires and the contents of their wallets happens.”

“I see, I see. I would like to take a closer look around, but if I do that, it’ll be a nuisance to other customers, so I’ll refrain from doing so today.”

Actually, the fact that a man was inside this store, already made the other customers stiff.

I mean, even in my original world, if a woman entered the 18+ corner openly, most of the men would turn their backs… right?

“That’s too bad. The body pillow cover over there, is really a piece of work, a masterpiece.”

“Top half naked huh… it sure a piece of work but, I think I have a better body.”

“Then, I would love to see it… GULP!!

Hashigami-san swallowed her saliva.



I could hear two people behind me, Kikuie-san and Toono-san, swallowed their saliva.

As for Aono-san… she was hugging Kikuie-san and hiding her face. Perhaps she was imagining that and it was too stimulating for her.

I wonder what will happen if I say “it’s hot” here and slowly remove the button of my shirt.

……No no, I won’t do that.

“Hey, that price tag under the pillow cover. Isn’t that, the wrong price? I think I can buy a portable game console with that much money.”

Is it the work of a famous artist?

“It’s a limited production item.”


“Yes, it’s a completely limited edition that won’t be another stock of it. It was made in small quantities to be sold at the game’s release. Well then, let’s go upstairs. That’s where I want to take you.”

I see… well, I don’t really know that kind of world, but seems that’s the case…?

Going up the narrow stairs, we went to the third floor.

It was a floor where audio equipment was lined up. Even I, who didn’t care about sound quality that much, could understand just by seeing around, that…

“Aren’t the ones here, only very expensive things?”

“Yes, most of the ones here are expensive. If you want the normal one, it’s on the first floor.”

… this place would satisfy audio maniacs.

Why did she want to bring me here?

I looked around and found something else.

Are those… shooting equipment?

…They seem to be selling PC software for video and audio processing tooー

“So, the reason why I brought Souya-kun here, is that.”

Saying so, Hashigami-san pointed to a certain corner.

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  1. Aren’t the real life men mostly safe there, because the local regulars are mostly 2D-artwork connoisseurs without attachments to 3D people, if you extrapolate that from our reality’s otome game fans?

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