Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 35

TN : For those having trouble with the girl name, let me say again.
Tomomi Kikuie -> Class prez type
Ayano Toono -> Gyaru
Hinako Hashigami -> An Otaku Beautiful Girl
Yuu Aono -> Sport Girl

35. Central Station (North)

After leaving Madam Sera’s second-hand clothing store, we headed north of the station without going back the way we came.

There were many bars and such on the north of the station, but I decided that it would be better than passing in front of the Public Security Bureau.

“Well, now I understand the atmosphere on the east side. Anyway, is it the south side that is the most prosperous?”

“That’s right. On holidays, there, is always full of people, so I think it’s better not to go there as much as possible.”

Under the guidance of Toono-san, we are advancing along the shortcut to the north.

There was a huge building on top of the Central Station, and a shopping mall spread out toward the south exit.

Anyway, the area around the station building was crowded, so if a man walked aimlessly, it would definitely attract a lot of attention.

On the upper floors of the station building, there were many high-end shops, so it seemed that there weren’t many people.

But we didn’t have anything to do at such a store.

“The restaurant on the upper floor is also high-class. Like a high-class sushi restaurant where the prices are more than normal. There’s also a massage place, but… well, in any case, there’s no point in going.”

“Luxury store? Certainly, there’s no point in going to such a place.”

“I hear there are also spas and high-class salons too. In a tv program, I saw those riches went there after using an elevator.”

As Kikuie-san remembered, she spoke piece by piece.

“What about a bowling place or a movie theater?”

“No. There are many entertainment facilities at the west exit, so I think there are those there.”

Hashigami-san is quite knowledgeable about the west area, right?

When I asked Hashigami-san, she said,

“Entertainment facility? If I’m not mistaken, there are some there, but that area is crowded with as many women as there on the south side, so men will definitely get a lot of attention.”

I see, I forgot. Such places must be popular after all…

After walking for a while from Madam Sera’s shop, the surrounding atmosphere changed.

The number of restaurants had increased, and the signboards that seemed to be saying, “restaurants for adults”, had become conspicuous.

“There are only cheap liquor stores around here, but if you go too far ahead, you’ll end up in the red-light district. Well, it’s still too early for such places to open.”

“Come to think of it, I wonder what kind of place exists there…”

If it’s the 18+ places in the original world, I’ve some knowledge from what I’ve heard. But it must be different in this world…

When I asked that question, Kikuie-san immediately turned away.

Ah, she has the face of someone that knows…

“Kikuie-san, do you know?”

I wasn’t pretending to not know and teasing her. I honestly didn’t know.

“Umm… well. I can’t say much, but…”

“Ah, Aono-san, didn’t you say that you’re familiar with this area?”

“The are that Yuu knows well, isn’t there, but there. But the 18+ places, is what you want to know, right?”

“Yes. Do you know anything?”

“I heard that an adult man will give you a naughty service.”

“Is that so? I see…”

Since there were extremely few men in this world, I thought that there would be no men who would do such a thing, but apparently, I was wrong.

“It seems, the men are those who lost their way and gone astray, who then leap to the world of suffering (life of a prostitute) and couldn’t get out.”

Aono-san used difficult words, but probably it was something she heard from a TV program.

Perhaps, it’s the place of last resort for men heavily indebted through overspending, gambling, and business failures?

So, it’s a kind of safety net of life for men? But, well, I guess, not all are saved by jumping into that world.

If you fall there on your own, it’s your own responsibility, right?

“It seems that they’ll give you a massage or something. P-please don’t misunderstand, it’s just something that I heard. I-I’ve never gone there myself.”

“They’ll hug you while whispering sweet words, ‘I’ll live together with you’ or something like that. No no no, I’ve never tried myself, it’s just something that I heard.”

Hashigami-san and Kikuie-san answered while flustering.

I see, it’s a place that offers such a service huh? Well, surely there are places with more extreme services. But, I guess, it depends on how low the men have fallen.

“So, Aono-san, where do you usually go?”

“There. Do you want to go and check?”

“Yes. Could I leave the guide to you then?”


Taken by Aono-san, we cut through the downtown area.

Then the atmosphere changed again. 

Many of the women hanging out were like bad girls from the original world.

“Don’t you think, this place, is kind of dangerous?”

“Hey Yuu, are you really sure it’s here?”

“Yes. Behind this.”

There was a tennis court. There, women in baggy clothes were sweating over a basketball. Seemed like what they called ‘street basketball’.

“This is… Ah, I see, it’s basketball betting huh.”

Toono-san seemed to notice what they were doing immediately.

If that’s the case, the number written on the paper overhanging the table there is the odds?

Now that I look closely, there is also a woman who seems to be the bookie.

“Aono-san, have you ever been here before?”

“Many times.”

Basketball betting wasn’t the only thing going on here.

There seemed to be dance competitions, martial arts competitions, and many more.

“I can hear the sound of skateboarding over there. But they don’t seem to be betting, I guess it’s not only for those. Still, this sure a niche place.”

Even Toono-san didn’t know about this place.

“Aono-san, what is that?”

Two women stood on either side of a balance beam, attacking each other.

“That’s a game where if you fall, you lose. You bet the same money as the opponent, and the winner takes all.”

I see…

And the people around them are betting on the game between themselves. Must be like that, right?

“Aono-san, have you ever done that?”

“No, it’s disadvantageous for Yuu, so nope, never.”

Well, it’s a game where you drop your opponent on the balance beam.

I guess the difference in physique speaks for itself.

All the fighters seem to be women with well-trained bodies.

No kidding, it would be a disadvantageous situation for her.

“That sounds interesting.”

As I saw the fight, my fighting spirit got lit up.

“Are you going to bet?”

“No, I want to try”

“ “ “Eeeeh!?” “ “

“I can’t?”

Well, there’s a possibility that participation won’t be allowed since men have the advantage of better muscular strength.

“I don’t think there’s a problem if the other party says okay.”

“Souya-kun, are you really going to appear in such a violent sport?”

“When I saw it, I thought that even I could do it too.”

As I started training, I gradually learned how to move my body better.

So, at this point, I wanted to test the specs and abilities of my new body.

“Aono-san, can you ask for me, whether I can participate or not?”

And I heard a voice behind me.

“So, you’re being serious.”

I mean, such an interesting event is in front of me, I’ve no choice but to participate, right?

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