Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 34

34. Central Station

Central Station was located in a town full of women’s desires, and at the same time, it seemed to be a place where everything was available.

I wonder what kind of place is this… really looking forward to it!

As we passed a store inside the station, Toono-san said proudly,

“This is a place for women to better themselves. Well, to be exact, it’s a retail store for magazines and such.”

The magazines sold in this world were all for women.

It couldn’t be helped at this point.

There used to be magazines for men in the past, but they weren’t as fresh as the ones any could find on the Internet, and even if publishers tried their best, it was just didn’t sell as many in the first place. The effort wasn’t worth it.

Then, the magazines for men got suspended or discontinued one after another, and the spread of the Internet just accelerated their disappearance from store shelves.

As the result, any kind of information that piqued men’s interest was spread among women on the internet.

It was said that these women became experts in any niche field regarded as something that men had an interest in, and then played a role in spreading any kind of information related to those niches. It was free for everyone, and of course, the site didn’t contain any ads.

A completely free and ad-free site filled with anything that might interest men. All for men. That was why commercial magazines were no match.

In retrospect, running a business related to men was hard here.

In both the real world and the world of the internet, it seemed that any crimes against men were quite dangerous if they got caught, so contents seemed to be quite tame.

When I exited the ticket gate of the central station, I saw the entrance of the station building in front of me.

Toono-san, who was walking in the lead, turned around.

“You can enter the station building from here and go to the underground mall, but I guess not today.”

“Underground, huh… if I remember correctly, it’s called ‘Central Underground Mall’, right?”

“Yes, there are a lot of people on the upper floors of the mall, and a lot of shops in the underground mall that don’t sell good quality things, ​​so I don’t really recommend it. Well, since I don’t have that much money, I goes there often.”

“In that case, Toono-san, I would like you to guide me to a recommended place there next time.”

I cannot not interested in the underground mall that stretches under the town, but well, as she said, not today.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

We exited the station and headed east.

“Huh? The atmosphere of the town around here, is quite calm?”

I thought it’ll be a place where many brothels lined up like ‘Kabukicho’ in ‘Shinjuku’ of my original world, but it’s more like around ‘Shinbashi’ where people in suits are walking around. [TN: For more information about, Kabukicho (red-light district), Shinjuku, and Shinbashi, you can google it (better than me explaining it)]

“See the huge building over there. That’s the Public Security Bureau of the government. Because of that, the regulations around here are quite strict.”

Special Wards had their own rules called the “Special Ward Ordinance”.

It was stated that the staff of the Public Security Bureau had the authority to inquire, detain, and arrest others within the Special Ward.

What they could do was closer to the police, but they didn’t own guns and had no authority to interrogate them further.

After being caught, they must be handed over to the police within a certain period of time.

Perhaps, it was close to a sheriff of the west?

Anyway, it belonged to the central government, and since they were helping the police, they could also move independently.

Since the central government was responsible for all administration of the Special Ward, the general perception was that the services to maintain Public Security were, to some extent, provided under the central government.

“The building of the Public Security Bureau is near the downtown area… Of course, it’s probably on purpose.”

“They should be able to rush to anything right away. Also, it’s easier for them to move around to patrol? That’s why the area around here is particularly quiet.”

While explaining that, Toono-san entered a narrow alley.

“So where are we heading now?”

“A store I often visit… it’s almost there.”

There are many old buildings around here…

Toono-san pointed out, “That’s the one, that one.”

It was an old shop with a distinctive thick door. And there was no signboard.

“Looks suspicious, are you sure, this is the place?”

“It’s a shop that refuses first-time customers, and it’s mainly online shopping.”

“I see… if the address is in a special ward, even this kind of place seems okay.”

Kikuie-san somewhat agreed.

If the location of the store is in a special ward, the credibility is different huh…


Toono-san opened the door without hesitation and went inside. And the others, including me, followed behind.

“Oh, Ayano-chan. Here again already?”

“That’s quite a greeting, Madam Sera. I’ve brought the goods properly.”

“I’m grateful for that, but I wonder who the companions behind you are.”

A woman in her 40s, with rather thick makeup, looked at us.

“It’s my group in class.”

“Come to think of it, you said you were going to a co-ed high school. But, to even brought the boy… Well well, how rare. I think it’s been a year since a boy visited this place.”

“Wait, you man, at least a man come to a place like this every year? It’s not like you forced him or anything, right?”

“Oh my, no way. Let me tell you. This place is quite famous in the neighborhood, you know.”

“Excuse me…… Ah, I’m Taketo Souya. A student of Itsuki High School, and a friend of Toono-san. So… what kind of shop is this?”

Inside the dimly lit store, old clothes were lined up close to the ceiling.

In Turkey and India, this kind of display seemed to be normal, it was my first time seeing it, and to be honest, it was quite daunting.

“Here? As you can see, we’re a second-hand clothing store. We also sell other original products.”

“That’s right. Madam, this time, it’s these.”

Toono-san removed some accessories from the chains and lined them up on the counter.

“Uh, hum….. six, is it? Then, I’ll take a picture. Is it okay to send the receipt by phone?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

The accessory Toono-san was wearing seemed to have been made by herself. And, it seemed that she was asking Madam Sera to be a proxy for selling it.

“Are those accessories all handmade? You’re good.”

“I can’t come here often unless get some pocket money like this.”

When the accessories got sold, the money would be transferred to Toono-san’s account after deducting the commission.

It wasn’t an industrial product sold by an accessories shop in a Special Ward. It was one-of-a-kind item, and the benefit of being sold in the Special Ward was enormous.

It seemed that Toono-san could sell it faster and at a higher price than if she were to sell it herself.

About half of the accessories that Toono-san was wearing disappeared.

“Speaking of which, Ayano-chan. Recently, the ‘General Associate Party’ is going in and out of the Public Security Bureau. I’ve seen it a few times, so be careful.”

“General Associate Party?”

Madam Sera advised Toono-san, but even after searching my memory, I couldn’t find anything related to that name.

“Those people huh… I don’t know much about it either, but it seems like a group that thinks about the regulations of the special ward?”

“Hmmm, are they dangerous?”

“They’re a bunch of closed-minded people, they don’t like people who look like me living in the special ward. And the fact that they’re going in and out of that building…“

“If they find you, they may arrest you…”

“I don’t think that’s the case… it’s not, right, Madam?”

“Well well, Ayano-chan, who knows.”

“No way, that won’t happen.”

“……jokes aside, the Public Security Bureau wears uniforms, so I’ll know right away if they ever come. But, the General Associate Party’s people don’t have that, so I can only judge them by their badges. And if you get into trouble with those people, I don’t think the Public Security people will be on your side. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go to the length of detaining and banning you from entering the special ward. Recently, there are customers that I haven’t seen anymore, so that may be the case.”

“Are you saying that the General Associate Party and the Public Security Bureau are together?

“I think you can prevent it as long as you’re careful, but you don’t know what will happen if the blood rushes to your head, right? Anyway, it’s better to stay away from those people.”

“I understand. But, I wonder why now of all time?”

“Well… the General Associate Party hates the disorder of public security and morals. It doesn’t matter what time they decide to act. If someone looks as flashy as you going around, they’ll be the first to notice. Anyway, please be really careful, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll be as careful as I can.”

That was what Toono-san said, but this matter certainly bothered me. So, I secretly thought I should ask for more info from Yuuko later.

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