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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 32

This ch is from Makoto Tokioka POV

32. Makoto’s classmate

Oh, my gosh… ehehe…

Makoto couldn’t stop grinning.

Yesterday, for the first time in her life, she experienced a group date.

She went to the fountain park with the members of the group when she was in 3rd year of middle school.

Yeah, I think you can call it a date, right?

Going out with a boy in a group… that ‘group date’. Which has been featured many times in magazines…

I never thought I would experience it myself!

Park date with a boy’! That’s not just an urban legend.

Really, yesterday was fun.

Makoto remembered what she did yesterday.

She did her best to prepare, and also paid more attention to what she was wearing on the day, more than usual.

Since the destination was a park, she gave up on elegant clothes.

She tried to be on the line of neatness at the limit where it wouldn’t look too neat but not too messy either.

Even the lunch box, she practiced for it many times.

More than once her mother asked, “Are you still on it?”, but it didn’t go to her ear.

She felt that it might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, she wanted to present the best memories to the boy she would go with, Taketo Souya.

Thanks to her hard work, the date was a great success.

At the end of the date, when he invited us to the fountain, I was a little sad to say goodbye.

But, then ‘that’!

He gave us a surprise!

No matter how much I tried to hold it, but the tears flowed out and I couldn’t stop it.

When Makoto heard the words said by Taketo, a flood of tears was flowing out.

She turned her face away in a panic, but Taketo understood immediately.

He gently told, “It’s okay to cry,”

And it made the tears burst out without any sign of stopping.

I’ve never thought he’d become so handsome in the short time I hadn’t seen him.

And the “Free Hug ticket” was handed over. It had each name written on it.

As long as I have the ticket, I have permission to hug him at any time.

Taketo-kun, were you trying to send me to die of a heart attack?

But… this is ‘that’, right?

Proof that Taketo-kun chose me.

Of course, it’s not just me, I know it. Yuuko and Rie got one too.

But, with this, it’ll be easier later on, right?

I mean, Taketo-kun is popular. And probably from now on, it’s going to be…

“Hey, Makoto. Why are you grinning from a while ago? Can’t be without a reason, right? Or else, it’s just creepy.” (Low voice)

Mina Ashida, who was in the next seat, poked my side.

“Was I grinning that much?” (Low voice)

Makoto was unconscious she was seen.

“You… didn’t you notice it yourself? You were making all kinds of faces. Grinning, smiling, smirking…… So, did something good happen? Must be right? What happened? Tell me.” (Low voice)

“Nothing” (Low voice)

“Lie…. So?” (Low voice)

“Nothing! This is the end of the story. Let’s focus on the class.” (Low voice)

Yes, Makoto was in class now.

Just when she thought she had escaped the investigation by ending the exchange, Mina approached her again during the short break time.

“Come on, just confess already. I’ll not tell anyone. So be thankful.”

“Why are you speaking as if you’re in a higher rank than me?”

“It’s your fault for grinning like that in class after all. Now, spit it up!”

Mina approached Makoto so close that their nose was close to each other.

“Really, nothing happe… Kyaaaaa!”

Makoto’s breasts were rubbed.


“It’s about a man, right? Must be so. That face was definitely caused by a man.”

She’s sharp, but no, I can’t give up here.

Thinking so, she shook Mina off, but the enemy gave no sign of giving up.

In the end, Mina kept chasing the story for the whole break time, even the next class time, she hadn’t given up.

“So? Why don’t you give up now?”

And now it was lunch break. As expected, Makoto was tired of being pestered.

She had a feeling that the same thing would probably happen tomorrow even if she dodged the investigation here.

“Mina, don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Of course. So? It’s about a man, right?”

The moment Makoto was asked with a smug attitude, she nodded.

“Seriously? Seriously serious? It’s, about a man? Tell me more!”

“Mina, your voice is too loud. Calm down!”

Makoto managed to calm down the excited Mina.

It seems I gave up too early.

“But, even if it’s about a man. Must be the misunderstanding with the one who was in the same class when you were in middle school, right?”

“Mis, understanding?”

“Well, a misunderstanding that you were still connected even though you both have become high school students.”

“Is that so…”

“So who is it? As expected, the one who was in the same group, right?”

“That’s right. He’s very kind and cool, and let me tell you, he’s an unbelievably perfect man.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, why were you grinning? There’s no point in hiding it now that you’ve come this far.”

Makoto knew she had to say it now that it had come this far.

That was why she showed Mina the card she kept in her student notebook.

“I got this”

“Hmm… let me see.”

Mina carefully looked at the front and back of the card several times before handing it back to Makoto.

“What do you think?”

“It’s a well done. But, to use your weekend to make this kind of delusional thing, it’s not good you know. Let’s go to have fun around the central station next time, okay?”

“It’s not a delusion! I really got this from a man!”

“Such a story only happens in a manga or a novel, you know? Even if it really did happen, the man must be not that hand…”

“That’s not right! He’s so pretty, so handsome, that he got recommended to a co-ed school!!”

Makoto showed Mina a photo on her smartphone.

“Oh my gosh, what the hell! So handsome. No, does this kind of person even exist in real life? He must be someone who came down from Heaven, right? Right?”

“Let me tell you, this person, he told me, to always be with him.”

Makoto insisted on that, but Mina didn’t believe it until the end. Mina looked at her with warm eyes as if looking at children talking about their dream.

After school, when Makoto talked about it with Yuuko and Rie, they seemed to have done the same thing.

And like Makoto’s case, no one believed it.

Leaving Rie aside, I can’t imagine even Yuuko, seems to have been in high spirits this whole day.

In any case, it goes without saying that our bond has become even stronger.

The question is when to use this card.

And even though the number of times is unlimited, who will use it first?

The moment Makoto thought that, the other two seemed to think the same thing, and their gazes crossed.

Our friendship may be broken by this

That was what Makoto thought.

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  1. I THOUGHT that whole confession sounded like a marriage proposal…
    Looks like the girls heard it that way too.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have “shotgunned” a harem like he did…
    Me: Now then Miss Big Booby Heroine A, do you think you could rock a maid uniform? How do you feel about garter belts, bustiers and corsets? How well can you cook or fill out a tax form? Also…

    1. wasn’t it confirmed earlier chapters that they can.
      the problem is the girls in the harem not having an infighting, like the case in the previous park date where the man was caught in the shuraba(scene of carnage[girl fight]).
      safe option is get girls with solid background that can help the guy, or girl who are capable enough to control the harem so as to not have infighting.

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