Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 31

This ch is from TAKETO’s SISTER POV.

31. Sister’s mind

“Seems like Take-kun will be able to go home safely today as well.”

A girl called Aki Souya closed the map app displayed on her smartphone.

She just confirmed that her younger brother, Taketo Souya, had safely arrived at a nearby bus stop.

About five minutes later, home security let her know he reached home, so she headed downstairs to meet him.

“Nee-san, I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Take-kun. How’s school today?”

“Hmm… everyone was kind. But, the class… it was much harder than expected.”

“It can’t be helped. I mean, only excellent girls could enroll there.”

Itsuki High School where Taketo enrolled was a super high-class high school. Frankly, the class there wasn’t at a level that Taketo who hadn’t studied for exams could keep up with.

However, the school was aware of this. The follow-up system seemed perfect so that no one would be left behind. There should be no problem in recommending any students to universities either.

Therefore, Aki didn’t too worried about her brother’s school.

“Nee-san, you’re going to take the exam this year, right? How’s your study? Good?”

Aki got critical damage from Taketo’s sharp words.

“Ummm, not bad, I guess? Well, I’m going to do as much as I can, but in the worst case, I might have to commute from outside the special ward in the future.”

As a family, Aki had permission to live in the Special Ward, but in her case, that permit would be over once she graduated from university.

In order to continue to live in the Special Ward after that, the effort of the person herself would be an important factor.

However, whenever Aki saw her mother, her feelings waver.

Would Aki be able to keep trying every day until she retired to live in a special ward? At the very least, for now, she found it difficult.

“What about Mom?”

“I got a message that she’ll be late. I’ll make the dinner.”

“Thank you, Nee-san. But, your study is also important, so let me help you.”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to. I mean, if that kind of thing is known outside, Mom and I… how can we stand proudly outside.”

“I see…… If it’s too hard, tell me. Don’t overdo yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Leaving those kind words behind, Taketo went upstairs.

Thanks to him, Aki could live in the Special Ward. That was why, women with common sense in this world might criticize those who made the man do housework.

“Alright, let’s prepare dinner.”

As Aki rolled up her sleeves, she thought of her mother who would be late at work again today.

Living in a special ward.

If you wish for it, as long as there’s a man in your family, it’ll come true almost unconditionally.

But, that’s the more reason Mom works so hard.

At least, that’s what I think.

「I have to be a role model for everyone」

Right, Mom, always said so every time.

A role model, that’s to arrive at work earlier than others and leave later than others.

She always works so hard so that no one will point fingers at her, so that no one will disturb her family.

And, that’s why, I must take care of Take-kun…

Aki thought so, but a few months ago, her younger brother faced his greatest test. It was decided that he would go to a co-ed high school.

Aki was determined to take care of him instead of her mother, but when he faced the problem, she didn’t know what to do. what could she do to help him…

Immediately after that decision, Taketo’s spirit swung to the negative side.

In such a case, what should Aki, a woman, say?

She didn’t know the correct answer.

Therefore, she chose the method of “leaving him alone for a while”. But even now, she still didn’t know if it was the best choice.

After spring break ended and it was time to return to school, Take-kun regained his former cheerful appearance.

No, on the contrary, he even began to actively interact with girls…

“Does that mean he has grown up?”

Umm… I’m glad I don’t have to see Take-kun who seems to disappear at any moment again, but he’s changed too much, and lately, he doesn’t seem to know the sense of the distance anymore.

“Okay, with this, the preparation is done…”

When Aki put the pot on the fire, she remembered something about her mother again.

She remembered a bookshelf in her mother’s bedroom.

The second column was occupied by educational books for mothers with sons.

Along with the joy of giving birth to a boy, she must have been anxious.

Judging from the publication date of the books, it seemed that she bought those in bulk right after her brother was born.

I’ve never thought Mom would rely on such how-to books, but maybe she wanted something to rely on.

To avoid being talked bad to by others.

So that no one would talk badly of her family.

Fortunately, the education in bringing up Taketo is a success.

He’s getting used to the co-ed school and looks calm than ever, I can feel a sense of leeway in his heart, and I can also feel he’s getting considerate of family members.

Rather, Mom could even write an educational book.

And enlighten women of the world……

“Nee-san, I’m really free, so I’ll help you.”

Taketo came down from the second floor.

“It’s okay, it’s almost over.”

“Then, let me help you finish it. I also want to cook too.”

“Right…… then let’s do it together.”

After all, Take-kun is growing up to be a good man…

Except for the amount of food served on a small plate that didn’t seem like just a little, Taketo wasn’t any different from his old self. But, he was clearly growing on the inside.

Aki didn’t think the day she would feel like getting left behind by her younger brother, who was suddenly becoming an adult, nevertheless, she thought, it was a good thing.

“Hey, Taketo”


“You used the laminator the other day, didn’t you? What did you laminate?”

“Oh, that day? Right, maybe I should ask Nee-san for an opinion.”

“Opinion… about?”

“I’ll bring it for you, so wait.”

Saying that, Taketo went upstairs.

What kind of opinion? …Lately, I can’t read my brother’s thoughts.

As Aki waited while stirring the pot, Taketo brought out several cards in his hand.

“This weekend, I’m thinking of giving these to the girls who were in the same group when I was in 3rd year of middle school. How is it?”

“What are you going to give?”

It was the size of a student ID card.

Beautifully laminated and the corners were rounded.

Aki looked at the front of the card, then look at the back.

“…Taketo, this is…”

“It’s my way of saying thank you, but what do you think? Is it too much? Too heavy (to their feelings)? Will I get hated? Will they call me troublesome man?“

Tateto, who was looking down while saying so, slowly looked up at Aki, as if he was lack of confidence.

“Heavy? Troublesome…?”

“Yeah, what do you think?”

“No way……”

Anyone who gets such a gift would probably break down in tears from the excitement.

A ticket that allows you to hug whenever and wherever you want, in this whole world, there are probably no women who have received such a thing…

Aki was having trouble with how to say it, and in the end, she couldn’t put it up nicely so she stopped her words while looking at her younger brother’s face, and lost in thought.

I want to find someone like you myself.


Why is this handsome guy in front of me, must be my brother?

Why is this wonderful man, must be my brother?

If God exists, I feel like cursing Him.

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    1. Got to imagine that protecting men became the number one priority when they became an endangered species. And you just know every family with a male would be watched by every woman around so anything that put the men out would be reported instantly. It’s no wonder family members would be always on edge any mistake could be twisted by a jealous outsider to cause trouble.

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