Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 26

26. To the fountain park 4

Rie, who got the third hit today, was now crouching down.

Looking at Yuuko closely, it could be seen that the middle finger of Yuuko’s fist stuck out.

That was what one would call, “One Knuckle Fist” or “Dragon Fist”.

I can’t believe I would see someone using ‘Tai chi’ here.

Rie was trying to recover while shouting “Guuuoooooo!!!”, but failed.

“Really, Rie, give me a break, can’t you?”

Makoto glanced at Rie while saying so, and then turned her gaze to me.

“Ummm… Taketo-kun, please… don’t worry too much about it.”

“Yeah… I know.”

I felt bad for Makoto who was worried about me, but in fact, I didn’t care about it… on the contrary, I was looking forward to the ‘MSA’ that would start once I turned 16.

The other day, when I talked to the Goddess, she brought up the subject of that Male Service Activity.

After all, boys who enrolled in a co-ed high school couldn’t avoid it.

Of course, I immediately looked for more information about that service.

The knowledge that was in the memory was both right and wrong.

Boys who turned 16 were obligated to do it.

10 activities per year, each for 3 hours. However, only male high school students were an exception.

Co-ed school male students who turned 16 were supposed to be obliged to volunteer, but the law didn’t interpret it that way.

If a man dropped out of high school, he would have to volunteer regardless of whether he was still in a co-ed school or a boys’ school.

It was written than in the law. Being a NEET wasn’t allowed.

Also, if a man got a job and become a member of society, he would be exempted from volunteering, but not all of them.

Volunteer exemption applied only to licensed companies.

If the man was self-employed, he needed to get a permit for exemption. But some might not get that permit.

For example, the men who got jobs with few chances to interact with women, such as manga artists and writers. Such men might need to volunteer no matter how old they were.

In addition, the video of the service could be posted online.

Even in this world, there were video posting sites, where companies would post videos as PR.

To be honest, I couldn’t help but wonder if the company must have paid a sum of money to get permission to post.

That aside, after watching one after another, I noticed that there were several patterns in the service activity.

After the company was decided as the destination, an arrangement about what to do would be held.

Most of the videos were meetings with the executives, speeches and encouragement to everyone, and interactions with employees.

Surely, it must have many positive effects on the company.

Looking closely at the faces of the executives and employees in the video, they were, well… They seemed to be so excited as if they wanted to shout “Finally!!!”

On the other hand, the man’s face was tense.

Another thing I learned from watching the video was, this world needed men more than I ever imagined.

Even such an event felt greater than just buying a CD of the Idol so could go to the handshake event with the Idol.

In other words, it was as if meeting an international movie star or something like that.

“Recently, I’ve become interested in ‘MSA’?”


“By doing my own research and watching videos, I started to see things that I haven’t seen before.”

“Wh-what do you mean…?”

“For example, volunteering is in a way a national policy, so of course, there will be some backlash, right? …..Come to think of it, there are people who are against volunteering.”

Makoto nodded.

In this world, there were also women’s groups who thought that such activity was unnecessary. They said,

「”Men should be protected and should not be allowed to go here and there lightly.”」

The way of thinking was close to protecting wild animals from extinction.

It wasn’t wrong that there were only very few men.

That said, there was a difference between the two sides. One was the one who wanted to create opportunities to meet many women. And the other one was the one who wanted to give men peace by protecting and managing them.

To be honest, I would take the former any time.

“If talking to women makes them happy, thinking that I can make others happy, I can’t help but feel happy too. I started thinking that maybe it’s okay to go to the volunteer service. So now, I feel positive toward it.”

It must be a high hurdle for men in this world to make an advance toward women. But I, am different.

Perhaps because I’ve been so unpopular with women, being surrounded by women is always a big welcome. Also, I can somewhat relate to them, and it makes me want to do something for them.

“That way of thinking… I think it’s really great. My mother said something similar. If there were people who would willingly volunteer instead of coming to volunteer out of obligation, both men and women would be happy.”

“Right. I share the same opinion as Yuuko’s mother. I want to make women happy through ‘MSA’, and also, I want to be happy too. But well, I can only do that after my 16th birthday.”

“May 20th, right?….. Umm, can I celebrate it?”

Makoto asked timidly.

In this world, many people celebrate the age of 16, as it would be the year of gaining various legal rights apart from being an adult.

“Of course. Yuuko and Rie too…… let’s go out together again, okay?”


Rie, who had recovered, nodded first.

“Then, I’ll put my heart, my everything, into Taketo-kun’s birthday, so please look forward to it.”

Yuuko also seems to be motivated.

What is she going to do…

“……it’s almost time, why don’t we have lunch now?”

“Yes. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to it.”

All three were carrying a large bag today.

There must be lunch inside that.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it!!

“Then, let’s have lunch.”

“I will lightly clean the table first.”

The table was wiped lightly with a wet tissue and a sheet was spread on it.

As if they had discussed it beforehand, the three of them started preparing lunch in a cooperative manner.

And I, was watching the situation from the side, with a smile.

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