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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 25

25. To the fountain park 3

Beyond the grass, I could see a garden of colorful flowers.

And, looking closer…


Tulips were in full bloom all around.

“This is the venue for the “Tulip Festival”. It will be until next month.”

“I see… It’s been a while since I see a tulip.”

When in elementary school, I once planted tulip bulbs in a flowerbed and kept a diary of observations.

That aside, it seemed that the flowering season was around this time.

“It looks like there are 20,000 tulips here.”

“Twenty thousand? I wonder who counted it…… hm? I’ve seen red and yellow ones, but that’s clearly black.”

“You’re right. Well, black tulips are rare.”

“I think there were nine colors of tulips. Unfortunately, blue isn’t among it.”

“As expected of Yuuko”

“Hmm? Speaking of blue-colored flowers, if I remember correctly, blue roses don’t exist.”

“Yeah, so are roses. It doesn’t exist in nature because, it doesn’t have blue in the pigments that make up the flower colors.”

“In that case, tulips must be for the same reason.”

“Probably, that’s the case.”

As expected, Yuuko is knowledgeable.

Walking through the tulip fields made me feel like I was in another world. Well, in fact, I came from another world just recently.

“What’s over there? It looks like the flowers there haven’t bloomed yet.”

“Let me see….. it seems to be Iris that will bloom soon. It’s will start soon, but the man will be around June.”

“I see, so they’re preparing for that already?”

The spring flowers are here… and the summer flowers are over there, is it?

“Hmm? There’s a crowd over there…… a dispute?”

About twenty women split into two groups and glared at each other.

In such a flower garden, the hostility wasn’t fit, but the in the middle of the group was a man.

Ah, is this……


Makoto covered Rie’s mouth. When she shifted her gaze to Yuuko.

However, Yuuko refused to look at Makoto, and instead, she said, “Tulips are beautiful.”

“Hey, Yuuko. There, what are they doing?”

Calling Yuuko, I asked a question. After being stuck for a moment, she explained.

“The man looks to be in his mid-twenties and I think they ended up dating here. It seems there were two factions made behind the scene and the man didn’t realize it. And I guess, they just want to finish it all for good……”

“As conflict surfaced, it exploded at once, is it?”

Yuuko nodded.

In this world, dating between men and women was usually one-to-many. Therefore, there was no problem with a man inviting multiple women.

Anyway, there seemed to be a problem with the members the man invited.

“Before it gets that big, the man should be under someone’s asylu… Gueeck”

I heard someone being strangled, but I dared not turn my eyes to the sound.

Right, if the man let a woman with power or connections manage the members, such a situation wouldn’t have happened.

I mean, as long as you got permission to have a few people you really like to be by your side, you could live happily ever after, right?

Well, what can I say, seems like the man has postponed the issue for too long, and now the decisive moment has come to bite…

“H-hey… why don’t we take a rest over there?”

What Makoto pointed to was the pavilion within the tulip field.

At first glance, it looked like a small boat floating in a sea of ​​flowers.

“Right. Shall we go?”

There was someone in the pavilion, but when we went, the woman who was inside, gave up the place.

Of course, I smiled and thanked her.

With just that, she left in a good mood. As expected, being a man in this world was convenient.

“I thought it would be a simple park, but seems like, a lot of work and money has been put into this park.”

Sure, I thought the park would be quite big, but it wasn’t just that, it was well maintenance and a lot of effort had been clearly put into the park.

“Is that so? I think all parks in the special ward are like this.”

“I see……”

Where are the maintenance costs coming from? Must be from outside the special ward, I guess?

Women outside the special ward could come if they fill out an application form, but still, there aren’t women who get angry at the concentration of wealth like this……?

“That aside, tulips are sure beautiful.”

“It’s the first time I’m relaxing surrounded by tulips. Do they do this every year?”

“Well, I think they’ve been doing it for the past few years., but I don’t know if they’ll do it again next year. Should I ask the administration?”

“No need, we can think about that next year.”

You don’t have to go that far.

But, if they’re doing it next year, we should come again.

“Ara, there’s a young man. Is it okay if we stay here?”

Two women appeared.

They both seemed to be in their late twenties? or early thirties?

In any case, somehow, I noticed it. That they came from outside the special ward.

Both were wearing a suit, while bringing a big bag.

At least they didn’t seem to be people living in the neighborhood.

“I’m very sorry, but this place is small, so could you refrain from it? Also, we’ve only just arrived.”

“But, look, there’s an empty corner. We’ll be quiet, okay?”

“Yeah, right. Can’t you even let old ladies like us feasting some eye candy for a bit?”

The women forced themselves into the pavilion.

Sure, there was a place for two people to sit, even if it might be a little tight.

However, Makoto was against the two who forcefully enter, and didn’t lose her resolute attitude.

“Please, leave this pavilion. With that, we have finished expressing our purpose. If you keep forcing, next, we will launch the emergency app.”

Makoto showed the other person the screen of her smartphone.

An emergency app would be used when something happens to a man in the Special Ward.

Without saying, I had it on my smartphone too.

Immediately after pressing the button, not only the location information but also all conversations would be sent to the central government’s public security bureau.

Makoto brought her thumb closer to the screen of the smartphone, and…

“A-ara, no, no. I-it’s just an old lady joke.”

“Yeah, right, so don’t the joke seriously…… Let’s go.”

The two hurriedly left the pavilion.

After the emergency app was activated, if a woman was found to be approaching unfairly, she wouldn’t be able to enter the Special Ward again.

In this case, in order to avoid misunderstandings, Makoto communicated her refusal in advance.

The two women realized their disadvantage and thus withdrew.

“… Seriously, just because we’re still minors, you think you can take advantage of us?”

“Right, they don’t know how many setups and countermeasures we have in place.”

Makoto and Yuuko were saying scary things.

What are the setups and countermeasures? It’s probably best not to ask, but I’m curious…

“Those people came from outside the special ward, didn’t they? It probably took them hours to come.”

There was something I could agree with Rie’s guess.

The big bag could be interpreted as they had to travel all the way to visit the Special Ward.

Even in the original world, there were times when fans crossed a long distance to idol concerts or soccer games. Sure enough, in this world, many would do the same if they could enter the Special Ward.

“In other words, they must not know common sense here… huff…”

Yuuko was stunned.

It seemed that she wanted to say that, if one wanted to come to the Special Ward, it would be better to stock up on information in advance.

“I’m sorry. You didn’t like being approached by an old woman like them, right? I’ll be more careful from now on.”

“It’s not Makoto’s fault, also look, I’m fine.”

More than that, you did well.

In this world, it seemed to be normal for boys around my age to hate being approached by an adult woman. At the very least, Atsushi seemed to absolutely hate it.

“But, you have to deal with people like that in “MSA”, right?”



Yuuko hit Rie in the head.

A painful sound could be heard.

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