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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 119

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119. A lodging in the mountain is mostly dangerous

The next day.

Atsushi and Kirishima were on the first train in the morning.

And, Kirishima asked Atsushi, who was sitting in front of her, a question.

“Hey, are you sure?”

“What do you mean?”

“To go out of your way to accept some stranger’s invitation… no matter how you look at it, this, must be a trap.”

“It can’t be helped. If I don’t, there’ll be more incidents.”

The reason why the two were on the train together was because of the phone call they received yesterday.

『”Tomorrow, just the two of you, come to the place I’m instructing you to come. If you don’t, more people around you will be involved.”』

As Kirishima said, it was clearly a trap. No matter how one heard it, certainly, it would sound dangerous.

But even so, they had no choice but to follow the instructions.

“You, what about your parents?”

“I can’t tell them.”

“I guess so…… Well, that’s the best choice. After all, the other party is the one who got the Chairman by surprise. Do it wrong and another victim will be the result.”

“Right…… Even though he came out almost unharmed, that Hiiragi, got scratched.”

It could be said that they trusted Hiiragi too much, but that was why, it was something that astonished them.

Above all, even though the opponent might be a small fry, the fact was Hiiragi got hurt. What the culprit would do next, Atsushi and Kirishima had no idea.

That aside, Atsushi suddenly asked a question.

“You too, are you okay? Your family…… or rather, the people you live with. Aren’t you worried about them?”

“…it’s okay. Right now, the people I live with, don’t care about me. Not that I’m hated, just that they don’t care. Whether I’m there or not. Well, thanks to that, I can move freely. So, in a way, it may be a good thing.”


Atsushi couldn’t say anything back to those words.

He had no idea what kind of environment Kirishima was in right now. No, more accurately, he couldn’t ask about it. If Kirishima was in a bad home environment, he would in some way blame his own parents.

“Well, it’s with you anyway, I’m sure you don’t have any intention of laying your hands on me, or do you? I mean, your type is a “trap”, right?“

“Oi, you, who said that and when?”

“You don’t need to hide it. I know that you made that Tsubasa of “STEP” dressed like that. You have that kind of fetish, after all. Right?”

“Why do you think that I made him wear it? But, as expected huh, you noticed it.”

Atsushi’s eyes narrowed as he said so.

Kirishima simply gave a fearless smile. Gaze at it for a while and Atsushi continued with a sigh.

“Hufff… But, this is strange. If that person wants to kill us, why doesn’t just come directly to us? There’s no need to involve the people around us just to lure us.”

“That’s true. Trying to confine us in VR games and involving Hiiragi, really, it was done in a roundabout way. But, if you think about it that way, maybe the goal isn’t just to kill us? That being said, I can think that this time it’ll something bad too.”

It was as Kirishima said.

Both didn’t know the other party’s purpose at all, more so, it was done in such a roundabout way. Just by that, it could be said, that inviting them this time also must be with some not good intentions.

“Well, what even strange is that a map and money to the designated place were sent to us.”

“Perhaps, that person thought that we would get lost? Well, this ryokan is deep in the mountains.” [TN: ryokan is a traditional Japanese lodging/inn]

Kirishima declared so while showing a map with the designated location written on it.

As Kirishima said, the designated ryokan was located in the deepest part of the mountain. Would it mean that the opponent was waiting there? Or somewhere else? In any case, as long as both didn’t know the intentions, they had no choice but to be vigilant all the time.

“But, if you look from another way… going to a ryokan deep in the mountains with a shacky train silently without telling other people, is like you know, a trip to have an affair. Uhh, so disgusting.”

“Pfft! Y-you, what the hell are you talking about!! In the first place, when did I get into that kind of relationship with you?!”

“I just said that as an example, can’t you even understand that? And, I clearly said disgusting. Also, I would never be in a relationship like that with you.”

Kirishima said clearly with a serious tone of voice, not a joke.

No, even Atsushi didn’t expect such a thing, so he didn’t intend to deny it, but… he couldn’t help but wonder how could Kirishima say so frankly. Even he, didn’t expect it to be told that so clearly. As a man, it hurt his heart a little.

“A-Anyway, I don’t know what will happen from now on. So, please be alert.”

“I know.”

Kirishima replied with a sullen look.

Then, the two headed toward their destination.

Getting out of the train, Kirishima said,

“But that’s sure a strange name, what was it again?――― Mutsu Hakamura, right?… For some reason. I feel a very dangerous vibe from that name. More specifically, it feels like in a village where every year, people die when they stay in a certain room…”

“Stop. That remark is dangerous.”

For some reason, Atsushi sensed danger from Kirishima’s remarks, so he stooped her.

TN: Mutsu Hakamura, 陸奥墓村 in raw, which from the kanji, it can be roughly interpreted as, the inner part of a grave village, that’s why, she made such an assumption. Which also, this name is a reference to “the village of eight graves”, which in Japanese called “八つ墓村” (Yatsu Hakamura), and btw, Mutsu, if not written in that Kanji could also mean six

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