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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 107

107. Chapter 107

Thanks to work that lasted through the night, the sahuagin’s corpses and the dirt that had built up inside the ship had been cleaned. Ultimately, Walm worked hard to provide water for the entire ship, not just the other passengers. He vaguely assumed it would be the case. After all, in battle, sea magicians and the normal magic user had used up all their mana, and the water situation inside the ship wasn’t good. More so when presented with a reward, Walm couldn’t help but nod.

Yard repairs and Kraken salting operations continued day after day. As for the Kraken, the number of pieces that needed to be salted was enormous, so the mana of the sea magician was squeezed out to generate salt. As for the yard, it was a heavy object that was always affected by the wind, and because of the work at height, even with emergency measures, couldn’t be completed overnight.

The outer wall and deck retained some distorted areas as if it was a child’s handiwork, but somehow the functionality was restored.

Even now, such hard work still hadn’t stopped, and although everyone was tormented by fatigue and drowsiness, no one yawned or spat curse words. On the contrary, all work had been stopped, leaving the minimum number of personnel necessary, and people were gathered on the upper deck.

“They were faithful sailors who gave their lives to protect their comrades, the passengers, and the ship. Their majestic appearance shall never be forgotten even if their bodies decay, and shall forever be engraved in our memories.”

Captain Belim Beggar, the commander of a large merchant ship, stood by them who could never speak again. In the attack of Kraken and sahuagins, 14 people were killed and more than twenty were injured. Considering the class of the monster, the damage was small. Even so, if the few dead were lined up in front of them, who would be happy? Of course, no one. Especially when they knew that those 14 couldn’t be transported to land and would just decompose.

“Let’s send them off on their new journey grandly.”

Those who lined up on the deck were those who attended the sent-off. Their usually lively mouths were tight and shut, painfully sobbing in front of the corpses of those who must have been close to them. Beggar, who kept watching over them, signaled to his subordinates, and the trumpets sounds and the attendees singing could be heard in unison.

Dry voices, out-of-tune voices, and withered voices, were the tributes to the dead, a requiem to send them off. No cremation ground or burial ground for them. It was the sea where they spent most of their life. Going down a slope made quickly with available materials, they sunk into the sea. Each carried weights and rum.

One by one, they left for the next journey. The requiem never stopped. The singing voices of the sailors, who were by no means beautiful, resonated well with Walm. Those who died were unfortunate and deplorable. Still, they looked enviously dazzling.

“I guess, I’m such a bitch, and pathetic for being like this.”

The body was treated with respect, and the companions mourned and sent off the deceased with emotions. This was sailor ways.

Though they would be abandoned inside the sea, the sailors would see them go down until no trace could be seen anymore, thus taking up precious time, all just to send them off. Perhaps, this was why they fought bravely in a deadly battle.

What about Walm? Without even having time to mourn the death of his comrades, he continued to fight, only to lose again. The faces of those who couldn’t be saved came to his mind one after another. The girl whom he promised but failed to keep, his comrades-in-arms, and the sight of his hometown being burned down, none of it could be forgotten. The only salvation Walm could give to his father, mother, and fellow villagers was a second death. It wasn’t in a good way either. He burned them down without being able to give them a proper burial. But what could he do? He was just a useless person after all. At least Walm himself thought so.

Gritting his teeth, Walm interrupted his thoughts. he had to stop it. After all, this place, this moment, all belonged to them. To put their own life at stake to protect and save their comrades, they were worthy of being praised and missed. It shouldn’t be a place to comfort his stupid self. Or else, it would be as if he insulted them. Thus, if he got punished by the rest of the sailors, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t complain.

Walm quietly joined his hands and prayed for their souls. He had no faith, and even though his hands had been stained with blood and taken many lives ―― he must pray to the great sailors.

The last body was thrown into the sea. This was the end of the burial.

The sound of the trumpet continued to linger in Walm’s ears. The Deck Boss, who usually would be fussy, left the sailors, who were sobbing and unwilling to move, without saying a word. The sailor with a broken leg continued to call out to his sinking brethren to the end. Walm didn’t feel like listening to all of it, so he didn’t focus on his ears and just look over the sea.

Still, the reality would continue and the time would keep moving even if they didn’t want to. Those who remained on the deck, finally left the deck reluctantly and resumed their work.

In the end, Walm, who spewed out mana and had no work assignment, was the last one. He kept looking dumbfounded at the sea where the brave men disappeared.

It was supposed to be the sea that he had grown tired of seeing. And yet, for some reason, Walm couldn’t take his eyes off it now.

The waves continued to sway the surface of the sea as if it had nothing to do with humans.

Looking at the sky, the clouds were flowing intermittently.

A seabird resting on the mast overlooked the situation. And some seabirds pecked at worthless parts of sahuagins and Kraken that had been thrown to the sea surface.

Walm, who was lost in thoughts, was approached by someone.

“Hm? Saachef, what’s wrong?”

Walm simply faced the sea magician who had lost his companions and was probably diving into despair, without making a single witty joke.

“Walm, thanks. Thank you for praying for my friends.”

Pain could be seen behind Saachef’s eyes.

Perhaps, Saachef said so because he saw that Walm put his hands together. Though in fact, it wasn’t that noble. Walm was just aware of his own disgrace and tried to make up for it.

“Pray, huh… It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“I don’t know what happened, but don’t look down on yourself too much. Everyone is grateful to you. Even those who passed away.”

“I’ll try…… If that’s the case, that’s good.”

“Walm, accompany me, would you? Look, I just got my payments for tiring my body.”

Saachef took out three bottles of rum and threw one of them into the sea. Then he presented one to Walm.

Walm accepted it without any excuses, and put out the bottle.

“To the sailors who set off on a new journey.”

“Yeah, to those brave men.”

Then the two of them simultaneously tilted the bottle of rum at once. The alcohol slipped through the throat and settles in the stomach.

The rum that he sipped at the port had a sweet taste in the bitterness, but now Walm could only taste the bitterness.

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