Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 106

106. Chapter 106

A strong, choking stench of death clung to the ship. After all, finally, the monsters had become corpses, just that they hadn’t yet been removed. Even in death, the Kraken tangled around the ship and became a very delightful object. And the sahuagin’s corpses outnumbered sailors, and they died in a wide variety of ways.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was an exhibition of things that used to be a sahuagin. One sahuagin was crucified with a spear on the mast, another sahuagin was caught in a rope and had its head crushed, and many more.

Seeing the awful exhibition, Walm sighed and kicked a sahuagin caught on the gunwale, to the surface of the sea.

The sudden banquet of unpleasant monsters ended, and the sailors who were the participants were now working hard to clean up. Walm went around to tell the sea goblins who were late for the feast or who were still in a festive mood to leave the stage.

“Idiot, if ya wanna drag it, think ‘bout the direction!! Look, the internal organs are overflowin’!”

“Shut up! You’re the one who shouldn’t step on the eyeballs and stain the deck.”

“Repairing the hoist is the priority. This ship won’t move for a while after all.”

“Pull out the arrow before kicking them down! Retrieve as many weapons as you can!”

Sailors who just finished having a tiresome battle had no time to rest. In addition to the dumping of Sahuagin, there were too many repairs that must be done, as the ship was heavily damaged by the fighting. On top of that, they must get smeared with foul-smelling mucus, as they had to dismantle and salt the Kraken in parallel. And the heart-rending voices of the men smeared with mucus reached Walm.

“Aaaahh, aahh… damn it, it stinks so much!!”

“Uhhh, this is the worst. It even got inside my underwear.”

“I protected the ship, why is this happening to me…?!”

“Stop complaining. There’ll be a reward for dismantling it. shut your damn mouth and do your jo――orrrghh”

“Deck Boss, aren’t you also vomiting? Aaaaa, the smell is giving me a headache.”

It was a very frightening sight.

Lowering a small boat and dismantling the monsters. There was no mercy for the sea magician who could move freely over the sea. Truly, non-stop labor.

As Walm pitied Saachef, who was among them, Saachef noticed his gaze and waved his hand while dripping slimy liquid.

“Walm, you want to participate too? Even though the Captain has promised to give you a small gold coin, you’re greedy, aren’t you?”

“Are you joking? Is there anyone who will gladly jump into that? More so if there’s a man covered in slimy liquid, huh?”

“You’re no fun. We’re comrade-in-arms on the ship, aren’t we?”

“If there’s no mucus, I’ll gladly stand as your comrade-in-arms.”

As a result of his engagement in battle, Walm was promised a reward by the Captain. And he had no intention of interfering with the sailors’ job any further. More so when he had already cleaned up what he had directly spilled onto the ship by throwing them into the sea.

“Ah, that’s right. I need to collect the weapons I lent to them ―― I wonder what’s going on down there?”

Walm tried to use the entrance to the middle deck but stopped. After all, part of the stairs was damaged by the battle, and the sailors were forced to use it. If he joined carelessly, he would just be a hindrance to the traffic.

Looking around, Walm turned his eyes to the destroyed deck. Fortunately, the large hole in the deck was suitable for a new entrance.

Walm jumped down after checking his surroundings. Strengthened his lower body with mana and completely neutralized the impact of landing. It was right in the destinated room. Truly a shortcut.

“Oh, ooooohhhh!!!”

The screams of the passengers greeted Walm, who quietly landed on the middle deck. Luckily, their numbers didn’t decrease further than what Walm remembered, but it seemed that Walm who suddenly appeared from directly above was greatly giving a cold chill on their spine. Thus, they started protesting as if to generate steam for warming their spine.

“You!! You scared me to hell, damn you! I felt like my lifespan got shortened for a moment there!”

“I was about to slash you, you know.”

“I would like you to be more moderate in your mischief.”

“Look at the stairs, I thought it would have been quicker to get down from here. No offense.”

“If that’s the case, I’d like you to call out first. Sure, here can’t be compared to the upper deck, but even so, we’re in a situation to be frightened by even a small strange sound.”

In front of the peddler’s line of sight lay a few sahuagins and pieces of tentacles. They probably entered through a hole made in the outer wall, but they received a fierce attack from passengers, who didn’t know the word ‘hold back’, resulting in fresh minced meat created here and there.

Walm was so impressed by the scene that he got a headache.

“Seems you had your fun too. Even turning this place into a kitchen. What are you gonna do with that finely minced meat? Is it for tonight’s dinner?”

The room where the hammocks lined up, was covered with beaten and softened objects that could no longer be called sahuagin. Amazingly enough, Walm’s bed was also included. The sailors and passengers here seemed to be believers in equality.

“For that matter, I’ll honestly apologize. We couldn’t take it easy after all.”

Looking at the surrounding, there was no lie in those words. Exhausted passengers were leaning on the wooden box or barrels, here and there.

Walm didn’t want to hang in the past, so he seized the little feeling of wanting to lament.

“Well, let’s clean them up and wash this room with water. The sailors can’t even spare resources around here. Unless, you want to live with those until the sun goes down…”

“Uhhh, do we need to clean this all by ourselves?”

“It can’t be helped, let’s throw them away before the smell sticks.”

Passengers grabbed the end of sahuagins and threw them outside from the opening made on the wall.

“What about the hammock?”

The result of being too absorbed in the dismantling show was also appearing on the hammocks. They were now mixed with the intestines and undigested sea products.

“I would like to wash it, but… there are many injured people, so there must be a shortage of water.”

The peddler deliberately glanced at Walm.

“You. Listen, I just roasted a Kraken on the upper deck and filleted many sahuagins, you know?”

“As expected everyone knows that, we won’t tell you to do it for free, right everyone?”

The passengers agreed with the peddler And, to refuse after being set up so far, wouldn’t be good. So Walm obediently raised the white flag.

“I understand. Then, prepare some buckets. Ah, before that, who wants to drink water? It’ll be bad if you get dehydrated while working.”

Everyone raised their hands. Being treated as a human water dispenser was something Walm got used to during his time in the Highserk Army. On the bright side, this situation where wages were promised wasn’t that bad.

Walm pulled one of the empty barrels lying around and sat down. While diligently refilling the bucket with water, he also scooped up the water in the bucket and drank it up to moisten his throat.

“Return the weapon I lent. You won’t need it anymore.”

Walm picked up the pile of weapons on his side and began cleaning them. His favorite longsword was also stained with mucus and couldn’t be put back into its scabbard. He tried to wipe the demon mask, but strangely there wasn’t a single stain on it. Truly, it was a mysterious item as ever.

The demon mask was bestowed as a reward by the now-deceased “War God”, but the fact that his former squad members treated it as a cursed mask might have been right all along.

However, if Walm threw it into the sea and the next day it trembled at his bedside with anger, it would scare the hell out of him. As long as there was such a possibility, it would be better to keep it.

Well, other than being the best face protection I have, if I hang it, it’ll vibrate to wake me up in an emergency. Thinking of it as a slightly different kind of multi-function alarm device, maybe the best…

Walm was having such mundane thoughts while wiping off the mucus from a sword. He then put the sword thinly coated in the vegetable oil into the magic bag.

“Ah, the blade was chipped. Well, it can’t be helped, I guess.”

One of the hatchets had a chipped blade. It wasn’t that strange since it was swung around by an amateur. Fortunately, it was only a small chip, so it still could be used without worrying much about it, or he could use a whetstone to sharpen the blade and it shouldn’t be a problem. In the first place, it wasn’t something that Walm would use regularly, and he intended to sell it when the right time came.

Walm, who put the hatchet into the magic bag, and without stopping or looking back, opened his mouth.

“What? Do you have something to say?”

“… Well, it’s a rare item.”

Without restraint, the peddler answered Walm. It would be so. For him whose job was to carry a large amount of luggage every time, the magic bag must be something he really wanted.

“Let me say it just in case, I won’t sell it and――”

“No more words are needed. And, no one would be so stupid as to steal something from you who rampaged fighting the monsters. Besides, I don’t mind even if you think of me like that.”

Walm scratched his neck, then spun words.

“That’s, my bad. I said too much.”

“No, no, but well, seems like I can also be forgiven for letting the hatchet’s blade got chipped.”

“… tch, just when I thought you were interested in the magic bag, did you actually come to get forgiven? To purposely come forward yourself, are you a conscientious person? or just a shrewd bastard?”

Although he was complaining, Walm, who was completely at a loss with the peddler’s action, didn’t even feel like blaming the peddler.

Overlooking the middle deck, the peddlers and other passengers were busy cleaning the room and washing the hammocks. No one would believe they were passengers. They were like a group of employees or servants doing chores.

Rather than getting irritated at such a scene, it was giving Walm pleasure. And though he was the only one, he continued to happily laugh.

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