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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 118

118. Only a super human who can evade an explosion

Caught in an explosion.

Hearing these words, normally, no one would immediately think that the victim would be able to come out safe. That was a natural reaction. After all, it was an explosion. It was different from being hit by a car or falling down a flight of stairs. Almost zero chance to be safe.

That should be common sense, but…

“… So, why are you still alive?”

Seeing Hiiragi, who was sitting upright in a hospital bed, Kirishima instinctively asked so.

Even though hospitalized, Hiiragi’s body showed almost no injuries. Only a few scratches on his arm. Overall, was in perfect condition.

No one could believe that such was the body of the person who just got caught in an explosion.

“Well, as soon as I got close to the trash can, I felt a strange premonition. And strangely, when I raised my vigilance, sure enough, that happened, and then, as you can see.”

“Even though you were wary because of bad premonition… that alone is not enough. I mean, just because you were wary, how could you just end up with wounds like that, really, it’s unbelievable.”

Atsushi agreed with Kirishima’s words.

Just by the fact that Hiiragi felt uneasy, his ability to perceive danger had already surpassed that of humans. And, even more surprisingly, was that he survived the abnormal event of the explosion with almost no injuries.

And above all, what was scary was that Atsushi would just think “As expected of Chairman”, and he started believing that it wasn’t that strange.

“That being said, even though it’s light, it’s not that I’m completely unscathed. According to the doctor, it’s only a minor cut, but I hit my head when the explosion blew me away. So, I want to check if anything inside is really fine. Huff… Seriously, I didn’t expect to end up being investigated in a hospital this time.”

Hiiragi muttered such a thing while shaking his head left and right.

“… Well, it doesn’t look like a serious injury. Good for you, I guess.”

“Oh. Kirishima. Perhaps, did you worry about me?”

“That’s not it. I was just stating a fact… More than that, Chairman. Look, what do you think of this?”

No one thought that this explosion was a coincidence.

After all, it was an explosion. Moreover, it happened as soon as Hiiragi approached the vending machine, so the timing was too good to be just a mere coincidence.

Considering that, it could be assumed that this wasn’t an accident.

Even more when it happened not long after ‘that’ incident.

“I’m pretty sure, about 90%, this has something to do with the recent hacking incident…… although, there’s no evidence to link it. So, the police won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“For real…”

“That’s just how it is. The police can’t move carelessly without decisive evidence. And as I said, the possibility is about 90%, so the possibility that it’s not related at all is not zero. In addition, it’s just strange.”

“Strange? Why so?”

“It seems that nothing resembling explosives materials was found in the trash bin that exploded. Even the police, were puzzled.”


Normally, if a bomb was used, whatever kind of it was, a trace would be left somewhere.

This time the explosion wasn’t huge. However, it was strange to say that nothing could be found.

“Combined with that point, it seems that the police, won’t be able to put up escorts right away. In the first place, I can’t even prove that it really targeted me. But… there is that recent hacking case. So, both of you, please be careful. If this really has something to do with that, I’m sure, this won’t be the end of it.”

Without being told, Atsushi and Kirishima were also going to be cautious from now on.



“Are you,  even in the position to say that?”

“Right. I mean, look, if the target is really you, the culprit has failed gracefully. But, that means, you’re still the target.”

This time, the culprit seemed to aim at Hiiragi. But, far from failing to kill Hiiragi, the culprit could barely injure him. At the same time, that would mean that the chances of him being targeted again wouldn’t be small.

“Hmmm. You’re right. Then, I should start preparing for it.”

“Wait, before that, focus on healing your injuries first, can’t you…?”

Far from being frightened, Atsushi and Kirishima realized that there was no need to worry about Hiiragi as he had already thought about how to fight back.

After a few more conversations, the two left the hospital room.

At that moment, the ringtone rang from Kirihima’s phone.

“Call? I wonder who….. ah, you can go first.”

“Got it.”

After answering to Kirishima’s words, Atsushi walked straight to the waiting area.

There was someone, who was waiting on a couch.

It was Tsubasa.

“Ah, Ak-kun. That guy, is he okay?”

“Yeah. He’s injured, but it seems just a light one. It doesn’t seem to be heavy enough to leave any scars.”

“I’m glad~”

“Sorry, for making you worry about various things. Anyway, let’s go back home. I’ll drop you off at the station.”

“No worries~ I want to stay at Ak-kun’s place instead of going to the station, can’t I~?”

“Don’t be selfish. Didn’t you say that you have work early in the morning tomorrow? Anyway, if you don’t start moving, I’ll leave you…”

“Hey. Wait a minute.”

At that moment,

Kirishima, who had just received the call, was standing behind Atsushi.

“What’s wrong, Kirishima? Why’re you making that face.”

“…………Someone wants to speak with you.”

“? me? why though?”

“Stop asking…… here, quickly.”

Kirishima looked grumpy, no, she was clearly grumpy and somewhat nervous.

Sensing her clearly strange behavior, Atsushi picked up the phone.


『”Hello, you’re Atsushi Yamagami, aren’t you?”』

“…Who are you?”

『”Oho, you don’t need to be so alert. Well, it can’t be helped, I guess? That aside, I have to say hello properly. I’m a mediocre hacker. And also, the guy who nearly blew your friend away. Nice to meet you. Now, that I’ve said it, can I talk to you for a minute?”』

In an instant,

Atsushi’s grip on the mobile phone had become stronger.

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