Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 122

122. Sometimes the person you mentioned suddenly comes up

After returning from the bath, Atsushi told Kirishima the story about the inn.

“Huh? What’s wrong with the owner of this inn, how could you just destroy such an important grave?”

“Well, it seems that this place was the best location at that time. So, the villagers’ opposition was crushed, and the tomb was crushed.”

“What kind of nerves do you have to be so brave to build an inn on top of a grave just because the location is good…”

Kirishima muttered while holding her head.

Atsushi agreed with her. Destroying a grave to build an inn… Who would come to travel to such a place if it was widespread? Normal people definitely wouldn’t.

“Well, since then, around this time of year, strange figures have always been seen at the inn. The ghost of the dead Mutsu has been angry that people destroyed the grave, and thus the spirit was said to be wandering around this season. Or so I heard.”

“Ghosts…… what a ridiculous story.”

It didn’t sound like Kirishima was trying to be brave. She really sounded sincere when saying so. Apparently, she didn’t believe in ghosts or anything like that.

As for Atsushi, he was half and half. He didn’t believe in ghosts, but he didn’t think that it would be strange if they were truly out there.

Nevertheless, if you destroy someone’s grave and build an inn on top of it, it wouldn’t be strange for the spirit to come out wandering around the inn.

Anyone in the same position, would likely do so.

And Mutsu’s grave was built to appease her anger. If it was crushed, it would be natural to get angry.

“But well, there are bizarre beings like you in the world, so it wouldn’t be strange if there are people who believed in ghosts.”

“Oi, who’s bizarre? If it’s Shirasawa, well, you might be correct. But not me.”

“To bring her name out now, you’re quite shameless, aren’t you?…. anyway, whether that ghost story is true or not, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is, why both of us were called to come here of all places, right?”

Atsushi agreed.

Leaving aside ghosts and such for now, that was the important point for now.

“Judging from the letter telling us to come here, the suspect is definitely at this inn.”

“If that’s the case, is one of the employees here the one who called us, or one of their associates? I mean, this room was locked and opened when we came here.”

“Right, it’s reasonable to think so, if only this place is normal…”

“What is it? Do you have any concerns?”

“Yeah… I wonder if it’s okay to have such a short-sighted idea.”

A letter in a locked room. It would be natural to assume that it was put there by one of the employees. But, would such a well-prepared culprit leave behind easy evidence? Atsushi didn’t think so.

“… So. What is it?”

“Well. You see, there are really few customers. No, not only customers, but also the employee, it’s almost like this place has no employees. Other than the one at the entrance, who also seems to be the owner, I could only find one other person. I tried to talk to that employee, but apparently, that person was just recently hired and didn’t know much about this place.”

“I see… there really aren’t many people here huh…”

Atsushi also walked around the inn alone, but there weren’t many people that he saw. No, to be more precise, it should be said that the number of people wasn’t appropriate for the size of the inn.

“Just because people don’t come at this season, still, this number of customers is a bit abnormal.”

“Yes. Perhaps there are still some suspicious things about this inn… but it’s useless to talk about it here, so let’s go out and have dinner.”

“Oi oi… are you going to eat in this situation?”

“Of course. If you’re hungry, you won’t be able to do anything, right?”

“Well, that’s right, but…”

“Don’t worry. If there’s poison or strange medicine in it, I’ll be able to identify it properly… No, in this case, should I just identify only mine and keep yours silent…?”

“Don’t play tricks just because Chairman isn’t around.”

“Just kidding.”

Despite all that, Kirishima had a serious face. Perhaps it was just Atsushi’s imagination? Well, in any case, even Atsushi was getting hungry too.

“I mean, you don’t? I’m really hungry you know, so let’s hur――”

Before Kirishima could finish her words,


They heard knocking sounds on the door.


The sudden knocking makes the two nervous, but for the time being, Atsushi opened the door.

It was the owner who was standing there.

“Excuse me. I’m very sorry to disturb you, but could I ask for your time?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, but, um… what should I say… this is the first time for us for something like this to happen, and we don’t know how to deal with it…”

The owner said so with a somewhat troubled face. Judging from the situation, Atsushi had a bad feeling.

Could it be… someone who called us did something?

He was thinking that…

“A woman who claims to be a friend of dear customer has arrived…… what should we do?”


A woman who called herself a friend of theirs.

Although it was just that much information, Atsushi suddenly had the image of a girl rushed to his mind.

No way.

Nah, it can’t be.

While thinking that it must be impossible, Atsushi was guided by the owner.

『”A, Azujiza~~n!! Fai, fain, finally, I met youuu~~~!!”』

“……What are you doing here, Shirasawa?”

There, Yuri who was as usual, expressionless, was for some reason screaming in telepathy.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 35

TN : For those having trouble with the girl name, let me say again.
Tomomi Kikuie -> Class prez type
Ayano Toono -> Gyaru
Hinako Hashigami -> An Otaku Beautiful Girl
Yuu Aono -> Sport Girl

35. Central Station (North)

After leaving Madam Sera’s second-hand clothing store, we headed north of the station without going back the way we came.

There were many bars and such on the north of the station, but I decided that it would be better than passing in front of the Public Security Bureau.

“Well, now I understand the atmosphere on the east side. Anyway, is it the south side that is the most prosperous?”

“That’s right. On holidays, there, is always full of people, so I think it’s better not to go there as much as possible.”

Under the guidance of Toono-san, we are advancing along the shortcut to the north.

There was a huge building on top of the Central Station, and a shopping mall spread out toward the south exit.

Anyway, the area around the station building was crowded, so if a man walked aimlessly, it would definitely attract a lot of attention.

On the upper floors of the station building, there were many high-end shops, so it seemed that there weren’t many people.

But we didn’t have anything to do at such a store.

“The restaurant on the upper floor is also high-class. Like a high-class sushi restaurant where the prices are more than normal. There’s also a massage place, but… well, in any case, there’s no point in going.”

“Luxury store? Certainly, there’s no point in going to such a place.”

“I hear there are also spas and high-class salons too. In a tv program, I saw those riches went there after using an elevator.”

As Kikuie-san remembered, she spoke piece by piece.

“What about a bowling place or a movie theater?”

“No. There are many entertainment facilities at the west exit, so I think there are those there.”

Hashigami-san is quite knowledgeable about the west area, right?

When I asked Hashigami-san, she said,

“Entertainment facility? If I’m not mistaken, there are some there, but that area is crowded with as many women as there on the south side, so men will definitely get a lot of attention.”

I see, I forgot. Such places must be popular after all…

After walking for a while from Madam Sera’s shop, the surrounding atmosphere changed.

The number of restaurants had increased, and the signboards that seemed to be saying, “restaurants for adults”, had become conspicuous.

“There are only cheap liquor stores around here, but if you go too far ahead, you’ll end up in the red-light district. Well, it’s still too early for such places to open.”

“Come to think of it, I wonder what kind of place exists there…”

If it’s the 18+ places in the original world, I’ve some knowledge from what I’ve heard. But it must be different in this world…

When I asked that question, Kikuie-san immediately turned away.

Ah, she has the face of someone that knows…

“Kikuie-san, do you know?”

I wasn’t pretending to not know and teasing her. I honestly didn’t know.

“Umm… well. I can’t say much, but…”

“Ah, Aono-san, didn’t you say that you’re familiar with this area?”

“The are that Yuu knows well, isn’t there, but there. But the 18+ places, is what you want to know, right?”

“Yes. Do you know anything?”

“I heard that an adult man will give you a naughty service.”

“Is that so? I see…”

Since there were extremely few men in this world, I thought that there would be no men who would do such a thing, but apparently, I was wrong.

“It seems, the men are those who lost their way and gone astray, who then leap to the world of suffering (life of a prostitute) and couldn’t get out.”

Aono-san used difficult words, but probably it was something she heard from a TV program.

Perhaps, it’s the place of last resort for men heavily indebted through overspending, gambling, and business failures?

So, it’s a kind of safety net of life for men? But, well, I guess, not all are saved by jumping into that world.

If you fall there on your own, it’s your own responsibility, right?

“It seems that they’ll give you a massage or something. P-please don’t misunderstand, it’s just something that I heard. I-I’ve never gone there myself.”

“They’ll hug you while whispering sweet words, ‘I’ll live together with you’ or something like that. No no no, I’ve never tried myself, it’s just something that I heard.”

Hashigami-san and Kikuie-san answered while flustering.

I see, it’s a place that offers such a service huh? Well, surely there are places with more extreme services. But, I guess, it depends on how low the men have fallen.

“So, Aono-san, where do you usually go?”

“There. Do you want to go and check?”

“Yes. Could I leave the guide to you then?”


Taken by Aono-san, we cut through the downtown area.

Then the atmosphere changed again. 

Many of the women hanging out were like bad girls from the original world.

“Don’t you think, this place, is kind of dangerous?”

“Hey Yuu, are you really sure it’s here?”

“Yes. Behind this.”

There was a tennis court. There, women in baggy clothes were sweating over a basketball. Seemed like what they called ‘street basketball’.

“This is… Ah, I see, it’s basketball betting huh.”

Toono-san seemed to notice what they were doing immediately.

If that’s the case, the number written on the paper overhanging the table there is the odds?

Now that I look closely, there is also a woman who seems to be the bookie.

“Aono-san, have you ever been here before?”

“Many times.”

Basketball betting wasn’t the only thing going on here.

There seemed to be dance competitions, martial arts competitions, and many more.

“I can hear the sound of skateboarding over there. But they don’t seem to be betting, I guess it’s not only for those. Still, this sure a niche place.”

Even Toono-san didn’t know about this place.

“Aono-san, what is that?”

Two women stood on either side of a balance beam, attacking each other.

“That’s a game where if you fall, you lose. You bet the same money as the opponent, and the winner takes all.”

I see…

And the people around them are betting on the game between themselves. Must be like that, right?

“Aono-san, have you ever done that?”

“No, it’s disadvantageous for Yuu, so nope, never.”

Well, it’s a game where you drop your opponent on the balance beam.

I guess the difference in physique speaks for itself.

All the fighters seem to be women with well-trained bodies.

No kidding, it would be a disadvantageous situation for her.

“That sounds interesting.”

As I saw the fight, my fighting spirit got lit up.

“Are you going to bet?”

“No, I want to try”

“ “ “Eeeeh!?” “ “

“I can’t?”

Well, there’s a possibility that participation won’t be allowed since men have the advantage of better muscular strength.

“I don’t think there’s a problem if the other party says okay.”

“Souya-kun, are you really going to appear in such a violent sport?”

“When I saw it, I thought that even I could do it too.”

As I started training, I gradually learned how to move my body better.

So, at this point, I wanted to test the specs and abilities of my new body.

“Aono-san, can you ask for me, whether I can participate or not?”

And I heard a voice behind me.

“So, you’re being serious.”

I mean, such an interesting event is in front of me, I’ve no choice but to participate, right?

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 34

34. Central Station

Central Station was located in a town full of women’s desires, and at the same time, it seemed to be a place where everything was available.

I wonder what kind of place is this… really looking forward to it!

As we passed a store inside the station, Toono-san said proudly,

“This is a place for women to better themselves. Well, to be exact, it’s a retail store for magazines and such.”

The magazines sold in this world were all for women.

It couldn’t be helped at this point.

There used to be magazines for men in the past, but they weren’t as fresh as the ones any could find on the Internet, and even if publishers tried their best, it was just didn’t sell as many in the first place. The effort wasn’t worth it.

Then, the magazines for men got suspended or discontinued one after another, and the spread of the Internet just accelerated their disappearance from store shelves.

As the result, any kind of information that piqued men’s interest was spread among women on the internet.

It was said that these women became experts in any niche field regarded as something that men had an interest in, and then played a role in spreading any kind of information related to those niches. It was free for everyone, and of course, the site didn’t contain any ads.

A completely free and ad-free site filled with anything that might interest men. All for men. That was why commercial magazines were no match.

In retrospect, running a business related to men was hard here.

In both the real world and the world of the internet, it seemed that any crimes against men were quite dangerous if they got caught, so contents seemed to be quite tame.

When I exited the ticket gate of the central station, I saw the entrance of the station building in front of me.

Toono-san, who was walking in the lead, turned around.

“You can enter the station building from here and go to the underground mall, but I guess not today.”

“Underground, huh… if I remember correctly, it’s called ‘Central Underground Mall’, right?”

“Yes, there are a lot of people on the upper floors of the mall, and a lot of shops in the underground mall that don’t sell good quality things, ​​so I don’t really recommend it. Well, since I don’t have that much money, I goes there often.”

“In that case, Toono-san, I would like you to guide me to a recommended place there next time.”

I cannot not interested in the underground mall that stretches under the town, but well, as she said, not today.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

We exited the station and headed east.

“Huh? The atmosphere of the town around here, is quite calm?”

I thought it’ll be a place where many brothels lined up like ‘Kabukicho’ in ‘Shinjuku’ of my original world, but it’s more like around ‘Shinbashi’ where people in suits are walking around. [TN: For more information about, Kabukicho (red-light district), Shinjuku, and Shinbashi, you can google it (better than me explaining it)]

“See the huge building over there. That’s the Public Security Bureau of the government. Because of that, the regulations around here are quite strict.”

Special Wards had their own rules called the “Special Ward Ordinance”.

It was stated that the staff of the Public Security Bureau had the authority to inquire, detain, and arrest others within the Special Ward.

What they could do was closer to the police, but they didn’t own guns and had no authority to interrogate them further.

After being caught, they must be handed over to the police within a certain period of time.

Perhaps, it was close to a sheriff of the west?

Anyway, it belonged to the central government, and since they were helping the police, they could also move independently.

Since the central government was responsible for all administration of the Special Ward, the general perception was that the services to maintain Public Security were, to some extent, provided under the central government.

“The building of the Public Security Bureau is near the downtown area… Of course, it’s probably on purpose.”

“They should be able to rush to anything right away. Also, it’s easier for them to move around to patrol? That’s why the area around here is particularly quiet.”

While explaining that, Toono-san entered a narrow alley.

“So where are we heading now?”

“A store I often visit… it’s almost there.”

There are many old buildings around here…

Toono-san pointed out, “That’s the one, that one.”

It was an old shop with a distinctive thick door. And there was no signboard.

“Looks suspicious, are you sure, this is the place?”

“It’s a shop that refuses first-time customers, and it’s mainly online shopping.”

“I see… if the address is in a special ward, even this kind of place seems okay.”

Kikuie-san somewhat agreed.

If the location of the store is in a special ward, the credibility is different huh…


Toono-san opened the door without hesitation and went inside. And the others, including me, followed behind.

“Oh, Ayano-chan. Here again already?”

“That’s quite a greeting, Madam Sera. I’ve brought the goods properly.”

“I’m grateful for that, but I wonder who the companions behind you are.”

A woman in her 40s, with rather thick makeup, looked at us.

“It’s my group in class.”

“Come to think of it, you said you were going to a co-ed high school. But, to even brought the boy… Well well, how rare. I think it’s been a year since a boy visited this place.”

“Wait, you man, at least a man come to a place like this every year? It’s not like you forced him or anything, right?”

“Oh my, no way. Let me tell you. This place is quite famous in the neighborhood, you know.”

“Excuse me…… Ah, I’m Taketo Souya. A student of Itsuki High School, and a friend of Toono-san. So… what kind of shop is this?”

Inside the dimly lit store, old clothes were lined up close to the ceiling.

In Turkey and India, this kind of display seemed to be normal, it was my first time seeing it, and to be honest, it was quite daunting.

“Here? As you can see, we’re a second-hand clothing store. We also sell other original products.”

“That’s right. Madam, this time, it’s these.”

Toono-san removed some accessories from the chains and lined them up on the counter.

“Uh, hum….. six, is it? Then, I’ll take a picture. Is it okay to send the receipt by phone?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

The accessory Toono-san was wearing seemed to have been made by herself. And, it seemed that she was asking Madam Sera to be a proxy for selling it.

“Are those accessories all handmade? You’re good.”

“I can’t come here often unless get some pocket money like this.”

When the accessories got sold, the money would be transferred to Toono-san’s account after deducting the commission.

It wasn’t an industrial product sold by an accessories shop in a Special Ward. It was one-of-a-kind item, and the benefit of being sold in the Special Ward was enormous.

It seemed that Toono-san could sell it faster and at a higher price than if she were to sell it herself.

About half of the accessories that Toono-san was wearing disappeared.

“Speaking of which, Ayano-chan. Recently, the ‘General Associate Party’ is going in and out of the Public Security Bureau. I’ve seen it a few times, so be careful.”

“General Associate Party?”

Madam Sera advised Toono-san, but even after searching my memory, I couldn’t find anything related to that name.

“Those people huh… I don’t know much about it either, but it seems like a group that thinks about the regulations of the special ward?”

“Hmmm, are they dangerous?”

“They’re a bunch of closed-minded people, they don’t like people who look like me living in the special ward. And the fact that they’re going in and out of that building…“

“If they find you, they may arrest you…”

“I don’t think that’s the case… it’s not, right, Madam?”

“Well well, Ayano-chan, who knows.”

“No way, that won’t happen.”

“……jokes aside, the Public Security Bureau wears uniforms, so I’ll know right away if they ever come. But, the General Associate Party’s people don’t have that, so I can only judge them by their badges. And if you get into trouble with those people, I don’t think the Public Security people will be on your side. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go to the length of detaining and banning you from entering the special ward. Recently, there are customers that I haven’t seen anymore, so that may be the case.”

“Are you saying that the General Associate Party and the Public Security Bureau are together?

“I think you can prevent it as long as you’re careful, but you don’t know what will happen if the blood rushes to your head, right? Anyway, it’s better to stay away from those people.”

“I understand. But, I wonder why now of all time?”

“Well… the General Associate Party hates the disorder of public security and morals. It doesn’t matter what time they decide to act. If someone looks as flashy as you going around, they’ll be the first to notice. Anyway, please be really careful, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll be as careful as I can.”

That was what Toono-san said, but this matter certainly bothered me. So, I secretly thought I should ask for more info from Yuuko later.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 113

113. Chapter 113

Without long, the darkened field of vision, dark enough to lose one’s sense of balance, cleared up. Luckily, Walm’s feet grasped firmly on the unknown ground. He was welcomed by the unknown area where it was hard to say that the visibility was good, but on the ground, walls, and ceiling grew clumps of luminous moss that illuminated the surrounding.

‘Traces of the Gods interfering with the world’, ‘The playground of the Gods’, and ‘The world outside of reason’, were the exaggerated names that Walm had learned when investigating the labyrinth. He couldn’t even laugh at those who gave such names. Even for Walm, who was accustomed to a different world with some different principles, this place was just too different.

That being said, Walm was neither a scholar nor a researcher who was itching to unravel the mysteries of the world nor who would not be satisfied to simply pass over them without trying to unravel them. Above all, worrying about the mystery of the labyrinth more than necessary would only slow him down. He had already experienced a world where different laws and principles applied, so he was open-minded enough not to get confused at every single moment like this.

Breathed repeatedly to calm the excitement.

After his body regained its mobility, Walm listened to the footsteps of those who had gone before him. It shouldn’t have been long since the preceding adventurers had jumped into the black hole, but he couldn’t see them. He lowered his hips and searched around his feet, but there was no brand new trace to be seen.

Considering the information, Walm got his brain into gears.

“Are the start points separated?”

Otherwise, the labyrinth challengers sent in one after another will create a traffic jam.

I wonder how big this place is...

Considering the amount of supplies that commoners without military service or war experience could carry on their backs, and considering the fact they could return from the low-rank floors, it should be possible to traverse in a day at the longest, or less than half a day at the shortest. At least, that was what Walm thought.

Also, considering the equipment of the adventurer party with the greenhorn, even Walm alone should be able to deal with the enemy in this area. Although Walm was never complacent about his own combat abilities, he understood very well how far he could push himself because of his long combat experience.

Walm readied his halberd and started walking down the passage.

The ceiling was unusually high, and the passage was wide enough for two wagons to easily pass through. The passage led to a small room, from which several new passages appeared. After choosing one of them, there was the same passage and the same small room. After repeating this procedure several times, Walm could roughly grasp the structure of this low-rank floor.

Basically, it resembled a grid pattern. The lines were passages, the intersections were small rooms, and some paths were cut off and became dead ends. The ground was mixed with pebbles and fallen luminous moss, and also, weeds which seemed to be struggling to survive.

Again, Walm left the small room and walked through the passage. This time, however, he noticed a shadow approaching from the front. The pattering sound of footsteps was somewhat silly, it didn’t fit the atmosphere of the labyrinth, and on the contrary, it was even eerier. So when Walm braced himself, the figure of the shadow emerged.


The appearance of a familiar monster didn’t change even in the labyrinth. It was a humanoid monster, about the height of a child, and had canine teeth more developed than those of humans. Its ears were smaller and more pointed than a human’s, and its skin was still pimply and green. Among low-ranking monsters, it was smart enough to run away if it was put in a disadvantageous situation. It was supposed to be.

However, the goblin that saw Walm rushed towards him, perhaps feeling the domination by powerful individuals and different species. The goblin’s state was similar to a frenzied state under the Great Outbreak.

Walm, who had lowered his hips, thrust his halberd at the goblin which lunged at him. The tip of the spear part of the halberd bit in and the goblin’s head danced freely in the air, before bouncing around on the floor several times.

Without relaxing, Walm vigilantly searched for signs of the surroundings, but there were no further attacks.

“Well, yeah, it’s just one goblin.”

Walm, who had loosened his stance, approached the corpse. Just to be sure, he poked at its heart, but there was no reaction. It was a bare-handed goblin, wearing nothing and not even possessing a weapon. Then he examined the damaged head, which was also no different from what he knew.

“Did it attack because I got close to a certain distance? Or just that it was wandering around?… I guess both.”

After finishing his investigation, Walm tried to leave the place, but a new sign was approaching. Must be a monster lured by the sounds of battle.

Must be another goblin

――Walm hesitated whether to intercept or not, but chose to flee. He wasn’t crazy enough to get pleasure in killing naked goblins.

It wasn’t even an edible monster, and even if the corpses could be pulverized and turned into fertilizer, it wasn’t enough to make him actively hunt for it.

Walm quickly left the place while suppressing the sound of his footsteps.

After crossing a few passages and small rooms, he stopped and looked for signs. There didn’t seem any pursuit as he had feared.

Even after that, Walm, who continued his exploration by mowing down the weak spots of the few unfortunate goblins he encountered, arrived at a room different from the one he had been used to, and found something.


The stairs were wide open, as if telling him to go down.

Walm probed the floor and railings with his halberd and poked around, but there was no change. So, he obediently descended the stairs.

Footsteps echoed, but no other sounds were mixed. After going down about 100 steps, he arrived at a room he had grown tired of seeing.

“If it’s like this, there’s no choice than walking around again to look for stairs.”

Lightly hit the shoulder with the handle of the halberd as saying so.

Walm remembered the information he got. He was told that the deeper one went down, the tougher the enemy would become.

And sure enough, as if to confirm it, a goblin appeared in front of Walm, who had braced himself, but this time, with a club in its hand.

“You learned how to use a club huh.”

Walm said admiringly. It was really a great growth after all.

Holding the club high in the air, the goblin approached.

Walm stuck his halberd in respect of its bravery. The sharply extended halberd point decapitates the goblin’s neck just as before.

The club that the goblin was holding in its hand made a crunching noise and fell to the floor. So pathetic.

Walm picked up the club and swung it several times. Better quality than he expected. Even with the physical strength of a goblin, if hit repeatedly, it might be possible to crush a melon or even a human head.

Stowed the first memento into his magic bag. If it became a waste of space, it could be used as fuel for a bonfire.

After that, Walm casually cut down the goblins that stand in his way. To put it bluntly, it wasn’t hard enough to even called it a fight. He killed about seven goblins and dived further down.

Walm braced himself to see what kind of monster he would meet after the descent this time.

Walking through, it wasn’t just a single footstep that could be heard from the passage.

“Pressing by numbers huh? Certainly not a bad idea.”

Two goblins swung their clubs and rushed in. As if giving proof that he had gotten used to decapitating goblins, Walm unleashed his halberd like before to kill one.

The other goblin rushed over without flinching at the death of its partner. For some reason, it was too obsessed with Walm. He retracted the halberd and swung it to the approaching goblin’s neck, smashing through its spinal cord. With most of the neck severed, the goblin simply continued to spasm, staining the floor with the blood spurting from its arteries.

Walm moved forward as if nothing happened.

Perhaps because it was the floor where multiple goblins attacked at once, the sound of battle accompanied by roars resounded out of nowhere.

It must be a party that came to hunt in the low-rank floors. Walm hadn’t encountered any yet, but he learned at the tavern that Orcs and Silver Wolves were popular on the low-rank floors. The reason was that, Orcs were good for meat, and silver wolf pelts could be sold for a good price. Although, it was impossible to reach the floor where the monsters they preyed on would appear, without killing the goblins that appeared on the way.

In principle, fighting together with more than five people was prohibited. It wasn’t something the guild liked to set rules for, but it was established based on the major principles written on the stone tablets that were excavated when the labyrinth was discovered, also by the result of testing sacrifice. Something always happened when more than five people went together. Although the details were unknown, it was said that the parties that broke that rule had never returned to the surface.

It was also stated in the rules that were given by the receptionist for Walm to read. Basically, it wasn’t recommended to get close to any fighting party. In short, nothing good would come out of breaking the rules. So, Walm decided to move away from the sounds of battle.

Right when Walm crossed the dim passage and stepped into a small room, he found something strange on the ground.

At the end of his gaze lay a goblin that had been defeated by the challenger before him. It wasn’t much different from the goblins that Walm had been playing with until then, just that, it was as if half of its body had melted into the labyrinth and was about to be fully swallowed.

“Is it the labyrinth’s self-cleaning action? It’s like digestion.”

It wasn’t just monsters. Abandoned weapons, armor, and even human corpses would be swallowed up by the labyrinth. It wasn’t certain if dying in a labyrinth would take even the souls, but this spectacle had a certain amount of persuasive power for it.

Feeling an indescribable eerie atmosphere, Walm slipped past the liquefied corpses and hurried ahead.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 33

33. Second date

The date at the fountain park was fun.

Apparently, in this world, men and women rarely go out one-on-one. Or rather, almost no one doing that.

That was why, for a man, going out with more than one woman was a date.

“So this mean, I’ve finally, officially, experienced my first date?”

I felt like I was steadily climbing the stairs of popular life.

For a few days after the date, my mind was lost somewhere else, but no one said anything even if I was a little strange.

With tacit understanding, others just left me alone.

Just like that the days passed, and now, was the promised day to go to the “Central Station” with Toono-san and Kikuie-san.

This time, including both, all the members of the group would join.

Yes, Toono-san and Kikuie-san wouldn’t be the only ones. Really reassuring.

And, yes it would be the second date for me.

The purpose this time was to walk the entertainment district around the central station.

It seemed to be a place where men wouldn’t go often, so I was actually looking forward to it. Very much.

“Thank you for waiting!”

Toono-san came last at the meeting place.

Since the girls said it wasn’t good to meet directly at the central station, the station closest to me became the meeting place.

For that reason, I was the only one who was allowed to take it easy, but this seemed to be normal in this world.

I wanted to change these, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to push my own style too much, so I planned to slowly tell them while watching their reactions.

“Good morning, Toono-san. That’s, truly a unique fashion.”

I didn’t want to diss all of a sudden.

But, it was really so different that I couldn’t even imagine she would be wearing… No, I could imagine it someway, but still, I didn’t think she would come in that style.

“Is it strange? In the place that I often go, it’s pretty normal.”

In the original world, it would be called the ‘punk rock’ style.

A tight black leather skirt and a leather jacket with short sleeves.

Chains hang from all over her body, and accessories hang from them.

When Toono-san moved, it was so noisy. Sure, there were accessories hanging when she was in school uniform, but today the number of accessories was overwhelming.

“Could it be that, you came from outside looking like that?”

You didn’t get stopped on the way?

“That’s right. I mean, we’re going to the central station. You have to be at least this enthusiastic!”

“I see… perhaps, is this normal?”

Looking at Kikuie-san to check her reaction, she quietly shook her head.

“There are people like this, but they only appear in certain shops.”

“……I see”

Toono-san’s outfit didn’t seem to be standard, even for going around Central Station. 

“Listen, I bought these clothes in the special zone you know.”

In other words, there are shops that sell such clothes there.

Why? Is that fashionable?… I don’t know.

“By the way, where do you plan to go today?”

Hashigami-san asked the right question.

I wanted to go to the central station, so I asked them to go there with me, and they agreed without any doubts, so I hadn’t really talked about the details yet.

“There are a few places I want to visit, but I would rather get a feel for the atmosphere of the town. So I would like to know what everyone recommends. Then we can visit those places one by one, how about it?”

“I see. I’m familiar with the west exit of the station. Of course, I can guide you to other famous places, but if that’s the case, would you like me to tell you where I usually go?” 

Hearing the word “west exit”, I searched the info in my memories.

If I remember correctly, there should have been large bookstores, movie theaters, and game and anime shops there.

“Yeah, I want to go around the west area too, so I’ll ask Hashigami-san for being a guide there. Then, which area do you often go to, Kikuie-san?”

“I rarely go there, so I don’t know much about it except for places I found on the internet. It’s far from my house after all, and when I go there, it’s always the shopping mall. The one you go from the south exit of the station.”

“I see… the south exit huh.”

Kikuie-san took two hours to get to school.

Surely when she was a middle school student, it must be rare for her to come here to play.

And, even if she did come, must be not that long.

Even so, she has knowledge about it to some extent.

In that regard, she’s like Yuuko.

“Yuu knows the north very well!”

“Is that so? So Aono-san knows the north… Hmm?”

Isn’t the North Exit an entertainment district for adults?

If I remember correctly, there should be many shops with glittering neon signs there…

“The north, is it? So you like erotic stuff. By any chance, do you perhaps have any illegal erotic photobooks?”

Toono-san showed interest, but Aono-san shook her head.

“As expected, I was just a middle school student, so I couldn’t buy them… but secre…”

Having said that much, Toono-san seemed to realize that I was next to her and stopped her words.

Seems it’s an erotic talk between women.

But what do you mean by ‘illegal’ erotic photo book? Is the subject really man?

As I was wondering so,


Toono-san deliberately cleared her throat and closed the talk about that topic.

We got on the train.

The train was reasonably crowded, so we were holding on to the straps and looking out the window.

“Umm….. Souya-kun. Can I ask you one thing?”

“What is it, Hashigami-san?”

“Why did you choose us… non-special ward students as group members?”

When Kikuie-san said that, the other three nodded in silence.

I see…

It must have been on their mind. But they restrained to hear it when in class.

“I wonder how I should answer… Let me think about it for a moment, so please wait.”

Kikuie-san nodded.

My eyes met with the office lady sitting in front of me. Noticing it, she hurriedly averted her eyes.

In the original world, I was unpopular. I was so unpopular that I screamed out loud asking for salvation.

Not that I wanted to go out with the most beautiful girl in my class. I just wanted to have a casual conversation with a girl, go home with her after school, or go to have fast food together.

Even the woman who accepted business conversations made a face like “Eh? Why are you telling me that?” when I asked her.

Even now, I don’t know if my thick eyebrows were that bad or my square face was that bad, but there were no girls walking next to me.

I was alone, watching my classmates having a youthful life from the sideline.

In this world, the ones who are closest to me of the past, are the girls from outside the special ward. But still, I don’t think they can understand me even if I honestly tell them all.

After much thought, I said,

“I thought that if I chose the group members with students from inside the special ward, it would surely only widen the big gap between the ones from inside and outside the special ward. Since we’re all now classmates, shouldn’t we all get along? Just because you’re from inside or outside, shouldn’t stop the friendships, right? That kind of reason is just so pity, nonsense.”

“All for that…?”

“First of all, I want to get along with the members of my group, which is filled with students from outside, then, I’ll use that as a foothold to get along with other students, whether from outside or inside the special ward… In other words, I want to get along with everyone in the class. And you’re all the ones on the front line.”

When I said so, Kikuie-san covered her mouth with both hands. She looked so deeply moved.

And Hashigami-san muttered, “Honorable…”.

No, I’m not that honorable.

When I thought that, the office lady in front of me was bowing her head to me a few times.

Stop! I’m not a deity or anything like that!

After a while, the train arrived at the central station.

More than half of the passengers get off here.

“Alright, time to go. Everyone, are you ready?!”

Along with Kikuie-san’s shout, a human barrier was built around me.

The four of them were in formation to guard me.

It was like the five on a dice. I was in the center, surrounded by four girls.

“Is it no good if you don’t guard this strictly?”

“If anything happens, we won’t be able to go to school.”

Kikuie-san said scary things.

Is it even possible to get expelled from school by exposing a man to danger?

I really want to know what’s inside those submitted at the admission.

Anyway, I finally set foot in the biggest entertainment district in the Special Ward Tokyo.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 121

121. There’s no ‘too early’ in making a blunder

“Hmm… It’s quite large.”

That was Atsushi’s first impression after entering the hot spring of the inn. Other than being big, there were also several choices, each with a different color.

“Even though it’s deep inside the mountains like this, the facilities are better than I imagined. And there are many types to choose… The natural one, the electric one, there’s also a sauna… ah, there’s the one with the jet too. Amazing.”

Mutsu Hakamura was located in such a rural area that it was normal to think there would be no electricity. Even so, this inn was so well equipped that it could be said that it was perfect. Even if someone said that this place was deep in the mountains, no one would believe it right away.

On the other hand…

“But, there really aren’t many people huh… just me and that sinking woman…”

While saying such things, Atsushi first took a shower before going into the hot spring…


Atsushi felt some kind of discomfort there.

It wasn’t that there were too few guests for this big place.

It was something else,

He said the words that he just blurted out again in his mind.

Just me and that sinking woman…

That sinking woman…

…………sinking woman?!

“……. Oi oi oi oi!”

And so, Atsushi hurriedly carried the sunken woman to the dressing room, even though he was still surprised.


After some time.

In the dressing room, the sunken blond woman woke up.

“Well well, it was dangerous. I can’t believe I fell asleep there. Even though it was my own fault, still…”

“But, the one who got surprised the most was me…”

Atsushi involuntarily muttered such things to the woman.

No wonder. After all, just having a woman in the men’s bath was strange enough, but she had sunken in the water. It was really not a situation anyone would ever consider any day.

For the time being, it would be bad to leave her as it was, so after they both finished changing clothes, the woman called out to Atsushi.

“But, well, thank you for helping me. Umm…”

“I’m Atsushi Yamagami.”

“Ah, self-introduction. Right. I am Kounan Egawa. Oh, it’s a pen name. A poor manga artist person who draws mystery manga.”

“I-I see… Nice to meet you.”

Atsushi gave an appropriate response.

I don’t know why but… I feel like that pen name is insanely dangerous…

In his heart, he inadvertently thought so, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“But why were you in the men’s bath…… and was sunken?”

“Well~, I often come here, but this time that demon editor of mine secretly came along. And threatened me, “What the hell are you doing here, you haven’t even finished anything of your next project”… Then, I was confined in a room with only canned food to survive until a while ago. As I finished my work, I went to the bath to relax, and…”

“You mistook the men’s bath for the women’s bath.”

“Yes. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are really few customers this time of year. I didn’t realize that I went to a men’s bath until you helped me. Well, well~, what a blunder, Hahaha…”

Egawa said with a laugh.

Indeed, she had dark circles under her eyes. Clearly, she wasn’t getting enough sleep. However, Atsushi didn’t expect her to mistake the men’s bath and the women’s bath… if there were a lot of other guests, it might have turned into a terrible situation.

“Even so, it’s rare for a customer to come here at this time of year. Usually, it’s only me and Icchan…”

“Icchan…? By any chance, are you talking about Kaneda-san?”

“Oh, you know Icchan?”

“Yeah. I just met her in the hallway not long ago.”

Judging from how Egawa called Kaneda, it seemed that the two were quite close.

From the looks, they seemed to be close in age. One was a manga artist and the other one was a novelist.

“I see, I see… By the way, why are you here, at this inn?”

“Why…? Well, there are various things…”

“Hmmm, various things, I see… Well, I won’t pry into it. But, let me say one thing.”

“What is it?”

“You shouldn’t wander around too much here at night. It seems that a certain ghost sometimes wanders around this time of year.”

“You mean that the spirit of Mutsu, which is also the name of this village?”

“Right. So you know about Mutsu huh? From what I’ve heard, it seems that Mutsu still has lingering feelings for this world, and at the time when Mutsu died, which is this season, the spirit would appear at this inn. Well, I’ve never seen it myself before.”

The story that came out of Egawa’s mouth was exactly something that could be found anywhere.

However, Atsushi felt a little skeptical about the story, so he asked.

“But why showing up at this inn?

Mutsu was once torn to pieces by the villagers. If that resentment were to go toward them, it would be against the villagers. It should be so.

So, Atsushi found that it was a bit strange for the spirit to appear in the inn, a place where people who have nothing to do with the village would gather.

“Because the place, this inn, was the place where Mutsu’s grave was.”

Egawa casually said the reason, blowing away Atsushi’s doubts.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 112

112. Chapter 112 – First step into the Labyrinth

Crossing the cobblestones, Walm passed through the unlocked door. An atrium and a line of arches made of white marble welcomed him.

A light flickered in his field of vision, making him notice the brightness even though he was supposed to be indoors. Looking up, his muddy eyes found that the ceiling window was alternately fitted with colorless transparent glass and colorful stained glass. What a clever way of capturing the natural light from outside.

“Speaking of labyrinths, I’ve an image of a dirty place but..”

Looking at the pillars, at noon it seemed to be daylighting, and at night it seemed to switch to magic stones or luminous moss lanterns as the lighting. The lantern hanging had a design that didn’t impair the overall design.

Even though it was a splendid creation, Walm couldn’t keep admiring it forever and so he proceeded to the next step.

The wave of people who used to move in the same direction had scattered, and there were even small groups standing still with their backs leaning against the pillars. Walm also occupied one of them, observing the current.

According to the information that Walm obtained at the tavern, the owner of the Great Labyrinth of Belgana was the Marquis Borgia family, but most of the operation was entrusted to the adventurer’s guild, which was deemed to be good at managing labyrinths and had a lot of management know-how.

In fact, the door with the sign 「ADVENTURER’S GUILD BELGANA BRANCH」 attracted the most people.

Also, it seemed that there were multiple entrances to the labyrinth, and the exact number hadn’t been revealed. In order to avoid waiting in line, there were various entrances for nobles and respectable guests from other countries, and Walm was told with an envious tone that only high-ranking adventurers were allowed to use them.

Furthermore, it seemed that there was even a special salon set up for those in power and high-ranking adventurers, functioning as a meeting place to gain connections and employment.

The adventurers who’re dressing up like nobles must have been influenced by that special gathering…

After finishing his observation, Walm lifted his hips off the pillar he was leaning on and started walking. Although adventurers had some privileges, those who came to challenge the labyrinth weren’t all adventurers and powerful people. Commoners dreaming of getting rich quickly were also active on the low-rank floor. And, Walm was also going there to check it out. He already set that as his first aim.

Although the farm tools such as hatchets and hoes were wrapped in a cloth to avoid letting out the sharp part, Walm didn’t overlook those. The owners, who seemed to be commoners, walked forward with tense faces. Walm quietly followed after them, and stepped deeper and deeper into the building.

“…… I see.”

The destination seemed to be the entrance of the labyrinth, which was probably for the common people. The more getting deeper, the more the elegance was dropping down. Probably, it was the oldest area of this building that had undergone repeated extensions and renovations. Compared to the entrance, the damage progressed as getting deeper, scraping out the elegant design. Even so, compared to the fortress of the Highserk Empire where soldiers got food, clothing, and shelter, it was still in a much better condition.

As they keep walking, they finally arrived in a room that should be okay called a large square with a high ceiling. It was probably used for breaks and meetings.

There were shops for weapons and consumable items, and there were even vendors selling snacks. There were many desks and chairs with different designs, and there were even those that were originally of high quality. What a really easy thing to guess. Those must have been old items sold in another waiting area.

“Listen carefully, if you’re targeted, run away and lure it to the spear holder.”

“I’ve got a new backpack. Now I can stuff meat and whatever more.”

“Haha, even though you won’t even use half of it, you bought such a big one huh.”

“Oi, there’s sauce on your clothes.”

“I know. It’s on purpose. When I’m hungry, I’ll lick it.”


The waiting area was really full of “dignified and graceful” people. In this “elegant” atmosphere, Walm might be able to dance without any trouble.

At what seemed to be the reception area, the adventurer’s guild staff and the challengers to the labyrinth exchanged money for a badge of proof in form of a tally.

Walm went to the receptionist when it was about time the line of people was running out.

“I want to enter the labyrinth.”

Walm, who didn’t know what the correct thing was, made the first move in a straightforward manner without relying on poor tricks.

“Ummー, aren’t you in the wrong place?”

While hiding the turmoil in his heart caused by the unexpected response from the female receptionist, Walm answered the question with a question.

“Isn’t this, the entrance to the labyrinth?”

“Well, it’s the entrance, but this, is an entrance for novice adventurers and citizens, you know? You don’t seem just a novice……”

“But I’m not an adventurer.”

“Ah, are you a mercenary? I thought you were an adventurer who came here from another city. In that case, you should register as an adventurer onc――”

“No, I don’t need it”

“Eh, ummー, it’s easier to get information about diving into the labyrinth if you belong to the adventurer’s guild, and it’s also recommended for joining a party and gathering friends. If you don’t have a criminal record, you can use the bulletin board, and also ask the guild to introduce you to other adventurers. I’m sorry but, are you alone?”

“… Yes, I’m alone.”

Walm couldn’t object to the words of the receptionist which sounded like “You don’t have any friends, do you?”.

The female receptionist who took control of the conversation continued to admonish Walm.

“There are many people who have experience in fighting by being a mercenary, but this is a labyrinth, and common sense outside doesn’t work. To put it bluntly, diving alone is suicide.”

In the Myard territory, Walm trampled the adventurers he met, although, at Dandurg Castle, his lack of power eventually drove them to their deaths. For Walm, who had survived alone, how could he accept any weak rationale to become an adventurer?

Memories of the past come back to his mind, and heat could be felt burning his eyes. Walm lowered his gaze and clenched his jaw to catch his breath.

There was an unbelievable silence in the busy waiting area.

Feeling that there might be some reason that couldn’t be helped, the serious-looking receptionist loosened up.

“It seems, there’s some kind of reason or obsession. Hufff, I don’t recommend it, but I can’t forcefully stop you either. Also, it’s not that there are zero cases like this…… it’s one small silver coin, and five copper coins. When you give this tally back, five copper coins will be given back to you. What’s your name?”

“It’s, Walm.”

The female receptionist who wrote Walm’s name in the management ledger then took a tally made of copper with a number engraved on it from under the counter, and presented it to him.

“This is a prohibited and important note. Can you read?”


“In the case of adventurers, there are also detailed seminars you know….. No, no, I’m not forcing you or anything, just saying.”

Walm looked through the stack of papers he received. The limit on the number of people and the structure within the hierarchy were written. He read it through, once again read carefully the points that interested him, and then returned it.

“Don’t push yourself too hard, and keep an eye on the overall situation on the low-rank floors. I think Walm-san, who seems to be used to fighting, will be able to come back safely. I sincerely wish for being able to meet with you again.”

With a troubled smile, the receptionist sent Walm off.

The professional receptionist must think of Walm as a nuisance. At least Walm thought so. Also, he felt guilty for spending her time and effort.

“Thank you, I’m sorry for being unreasonable.”

In response to Walm’s gratitude, the female receptionist opened her eyes wide. For looking so surprised, she must have thought of him as a rude person who couldn’t even say thank you.

“N-no, no, it’s my job, so don’t worry about it.”

Walm left the receptionist, who felt uncomfortable, and proceeded to the entrance of the labyrinth. Walm presented the tally he just received to the guard, and proceeded down a long hallway.

As going deeper, the footing material changed again. Stepping on it a few times to get the feel of it, Walm continued.

After a while, it turned into a downhill. The lanterns that stood extending from the floor were stuffed with luminous moss to illuminate the footing.

Walm felt a presence at the end of the passage that had become horizontal again. In the large room were guards, and a small group of familiar people. It was the adventurer party with the greenhorn adventurer he saw at the equipment shop. They seemed to exchange some kind of information in the center of the large room.

“Don’t let your guard down. Till when you wanna keep laughing?”

“Well, well, don’t get so worked up.”

“Today is the day. I will bring home, a whole orc.”

“Then, you can buy better armor.”

“Rather than that, it’s a weapon!”

“Bone is enough for you, right?”

The armor was the bare minimum and the weapon wasn’t so excellent. To put it bluntly, it was bad overall. Still, they looked so happy and had carefree smiles. Their eyes were shining with hope for the unseen tomorrow. The leader-like young man who noticed a gaze from behind nudged the young man in a good shape with his elbow.

“Anyway, let’s go faster, others are coming from behind.”

“Ah, right. Sorry.”

If I was born and raised in this land, I might have challenged the labyrinth with people from the same hometown, just like them…

Such thoughts crossed Walm’s mind, and he frowned as if just had eaten something bitter. He realized that it was nothing but a stupid delusion that would never happen. His eyes, also his hands were too muddy, stained and dirty to even have such a dream.

Walm, who had returned to reality, stared at the young adventurers’ backs.

“Hey, did you see? Isn’t he a mercenary from the shop? So scary.”

“Idiot, your voice is too loud.”

“Right. The bone should stay quiet.”

“Stop teasing him and let’s go.”

Thus, with one step they jumped into the labyrinth. And with that, the figure of the four disappeared.

A world of magic, a living mask, and even dragons. Walm didn’t mean to be surprised, but he just could never forget it. The “hole”, that appeared when his mouth and throat went dry.

“…Ha, haha, no way. More than anything, why it must be this unfunny joke? I thought I would go down to some sort of basement?”

Feigning composure, Walm stood on the edge and peered into the black hole.

There was pitch blackness where nothing could be seen through. It brought back memories of the world of the past. From the hole in front of him, he could feel a similarity to the hole that appeared on the last day as Takakura Raizou, a Japanese salaryman, and sucked him in.

“Who knows, perhaps after I jumped in, it’ll be that world……. Hah, stop that ridiculous delusion, can’t you?“

Walm didn’t have time to slowly organize his memories. Sensing the presence of a new group behind him, he made up his mind, kicked the ground with one of his legs up, and jumped in. The young adventurers jumped in without hesitation, and surely, he didn’t want to lose to them. Even though there might be some connection with his fate, he wasn’t that shameless of a man to be frightened here.

The world was dyed black and some touch could be felt. Really terrifying, as if being caressed by something invisible. Unfortunately, or not, Walm’s consciousness wasn’t cut, and the spreading darkness switched to dazzling light not long after.

Finally, Walm took the first step into the labyrinth.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 32

This ch is from Makoto Tokioka POV

32. Makoto’s classmate

Oh, my gosh… ehehe…

Makoto couldn’t stop grinning.

Yesterday, for the first time in her life, she experienced a group date.

She went to the fountain park with the members of the group when she was in 3rd year of middle school.

Yeah, I think you can call it a date, right?

Going out with a boy in a group… that ‘group date’. Which has been featured many times in magazines…

I never thought I would experience it myself!

Park date with a boy’! That’s not just an urban legend.

Really, yesterday was fun.

Makoto remembered what she did yesterday.

She did her best to prepare, and also paid more attention to what she was wearing on the day, more than usual.

Since the destination was a park, she gave up on elegant clothes.

She tried to be on the line of neatness at the limit where it wouldn’t look too neat but not too messy either.

Even the lunch box, she practiced for it many times.

More than once her mother asked, “Are you still on it?”, but it didn’t go to her ear.

She felt that it might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, she wanted to present the best memories to the boy she would go with, Taketo Souya.

Thanks to her hard work, the date was a great success.

At the end of the date, when he invited us to the fountain, I was a little sad to say goodbye.

But, then ‘that’!

He gave us a surprise!

No matter how much I tried to hold it, but the tears flowed out and I couldn’t stop it.

When Makoto heard the words said by Taketo, a flood of tears was flowing out.

She turned her face away in a panic, but Taketo understood immediately.

He gently told, “It’s okay to cry,”

And it made the tears burst out without any sign of stopping.

I’ve never thought he’d become so handsome in the short time I hadn’t seen him.

And the “Free Hug ticket” was handed over. It had each name written on it.

As long as I have the ticket, I have permission to hug him at any time.

Taketo-kun, were you trying to send me to die of a heart attack?

But… this is ‘that’, right?

Proof that Taketo-kun chose me.

Of course, it’s not just me, I know it. Yuuko and Rie got one too.

But, with this, it’ll be easier later on, right?

I mean, Taketo-kun is popular. And probably from now on, it’s going to be…

“Hey, Makoto. Why are you grinning from a while ago? Can’t be without a reason, right? Or else, it’s just creepy.” (Low voice)

Mina Ashida, who was in the next seat, poked my side.

“Was I grinning that much?” (Low voice)

Makoto was unconscious she was seen.

“You… didn’t you notice it yourself? You were making all kinds of faces. Grinning, smiling, smirking…… So, did something good happen? Must be right? What happened? Tell me.” (Low voice)

“Nothing” (Low voice)

“Lie…. So?” (Low voice)

“Nothing! This is the end of the story. Let’s focus on the class.” (Low voice)

Yes, Makoto was in class now.

Just when she thought she had escaped the investigation by ending the exchange, Mina approached her again during the short break time.

“Come on, just confess already. I’ll not tell anyone. So be thankful.”

“Why are you speaking as if you’re in a higher rank than me?”

“It’s your fault for grinning like that in class after all. Now, spit it up!”

Mina approached Makoto so close that their nose was close to each other.

“Really, nothing happe… Kyaaaaa!”

Makoto’s breasts were rubbed.


“It’s about a man, right? Must be so. That face was definitely caused by a man.”

She’s sharp, but no, I can’t give up here.

Thinking so, she shook Mina off, but the enemy gave no sign of giving up.

In the end, Mina kept chasing the story for the whole break time, even the next class time, she hadn’t given up.

“So? Why don’t you give up now?”

And now it was lunch break. As expected, Makoto was tired of being pestered.

She had a feeling that the same thing would probably happen tomorrow even if she dodged the investigation here.

“Mina, don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Of course. So? It’s about a man, right?”

The moment Makoto was asked with a smug attitude, she nodded.

“Seriously? Seriously serious? It’s, about a man? Tell me more!”

“Mina, your voice is too loud. Calm down!”

Makoto managed to calm down the excited Mina.

It seems I gave up too early.

“But, even if it’s about a man. Must be the misunderstanding with the one who was in the same class when you were in middle school, right?”

“Mis, understanding?”

“Well, a misunderstanding that you were still connected even though you both have become high school students.”

“Is that so…”

“So who is it? As expected, the one who was in the same group, right?”

“That’s right. He’s very kind and cool, and let me tell you, he’s an unbelievably perfect man.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, why were you grinning? There’s no point in hiding it now that you’ve come this far.”

Makoto knew she had to say it now that it had come this far.

That was why she showed Mina the card she kept in her student notebook.

“I got this”

“Hmm… let me see.”

Mina carefully looked at the front and back of the card several times before handing it back to Makoto.

“What do you think?”

“It’s a well done. But, to use your weekend to make this kind of delusional thing, it’s not good you know. Let’s go to have fun around the central station next time, okay?”

“It’s not a delusion! I really got this from a man!”

“Such a story only happens in a manga or a novel, you know? Even if it really did happen, the man must be not that hand…”

“That’s not right! He’s so pretty, so handsome, that he got recommended to a co-ed school!!”

Makoto showed Mina a photo on her smartphone.

“Oh my gosh, what the hell! So handsome. No, does this kind of person even exist in real life? He must be someone who came down from Heaven, right? Right?”

“Let me tell you, this person, he told me, to always be with him.”

Makoto insisted on that, but Mina didn’t believe it until the end. Mina looked at her with warm eyes as if looking at children talking about their dream.

After school, when Makoto talked about it with Yuuko and Rie, they seemed to have done the same thing.

And like Makoto’s case, no one believed it.

Leaving Rie aside, I can’t imagine even Yuuko, seems to have been in high spirits this whole day.

In any case, it goes without saying that our bond has become even stronger.

The question is when to use this card.

And even though the number of times is unlimited, who will use it first?

The moment Makoto thought that, the other two seemed to think the same thing, and their gazes crossed.

Our friendship may be broken by this

That was what Makoto thought.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 31

This ch is from TAKETO’s SISTER POV.

31. Sister’s mind

“Seems like Take-kun will be able to go home safely today as well.”

A girl called Aki Souya closed the map app displayed on her smartphone.

She just confirmed that her younger brother, Taketo Souya, had safely arrived at a nearby bus stop.

About five minutes later, home security let her know he reached home, so she headed downstairs to meet him.

“Nee-san, I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Take-kun. How’s school today?”

“Hmm… everyone was kind. But, the class… it was much harder than expected.”

“It can’t be helped. I mean, only excellent girls could enroll there.”

Itsuki High School where Taketo enrolled was a super high-class high school. Frankly, the class there wasn’t at a level that Taketo who hadn’t studied for exams could keep up with.

However, the school was aware of this. The follow-up system seemed perfect so that no one would be left behind. There should be no problem in recommending any students to universities either.

Therefore, Aki didn’t too worried about her brother’s school.

“Nee-san, you’re going to take the exam this year, right? How’s your study? Good?”

Aki got critical damage from Taketo’s sharp words.

“Ummm, not bad, I guess? Well, I’m going to do as much as I can, but in the worst case, I might have to commute from outside the special ward in the future.”

As a family, Aki had permission to live in the Special Ward, but in her case, that permit would be over once she graduated from university.

In order to continue to live in the Special Ward after that, the effort of the person herself would be an important factor.

However, whenever Aki saw her mother, her feelings waver.

Would Aki be able to keep trying every day until she retired to live in a special ward? At the very least, for now, she found it difficult.

“What about Mom?”

“I got a message that she’ll be late. I’ll make the dinner.”

“Thank you, Nee-san. But, your study is also important, so let me help you.”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to. I mean, if that kind of thing is known outside, Mom and I… how can we stand proudly outside.”

“I see…… If it’s too hard, tell me. Don’t overdo yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Leaving those kind words behind, Taketo went upstairs.

Thanks to him, Aki could live in the Special Ward. That was why, women with common sense in this world might criticize those who made the man do housework.

“Alright, let’s prepare dinner.”

As Aki rolled up her sleeves, she thought of her mother who would be late at work again today.

Living in a special ward.

If you wish for it, as long as there’s a man in your family, it’ll come true almost unconditionally.

But, that’s the more reason Mom works so hard.

At least, that’s what I think.

「I have to be a role model for everyone」

Right, Mom, always said so every time.

A role model, that’s to arrive at work earlier than others and leave later than others.

She always works so hard so that no one will point fingers at her, so that no one will disturb her family.

And, that’s why, I must take care of Take-kun…

Aki thought so, but a few months ago, her younger brother faced his greatest test. It was decided that he would go to a co-ed high school.

Aki was determined to take care of him instead of her mother, but when he faced the problem, she didn’t know what to do. what could she do to help him…

Immediately after that decision, Taketo’s spirit swung to the negative side.

In such a case, what should Aki, a woman, say?

She didn’t know the correct answer.

Therefore, she chose the method of “leaving him alone for a while”. But even now, she still didn’t know if it was the best choice.

After spring break ended and it was time to return to school, Take-kun regained his former cheerful appearance.

No, on the contrary, he even began to actively interact with girls…

“Does that mean he has grown up?”

Umm… I’m glad I don’t have to see Take-kun who seems to disappear at any moment again, but he’s changed too much, and lately, he doesn’t seem to know the sense of the distance anymore.

“Okay, with this, the preparation is done…”

When Aki put the pot on the fire, she remembered something about her mother again.

She remembered a bookshelf in her mother’s bedroom.

The second column was occupied by educational books for mothers with sons.

Along with the joy of giving birth to a boy, she must have been anxious.

Judging from the publication date of the books, it seemed that she bought those in bulk right after her brother was born.

I’ve never thought Mom would rely on such how-to books, but maybe she wanted something to rely on.

To avoid being talked bad to by others.

So that no one would talk badly of her family.

Fortunately, the education in bringing up Taketo is a success.

He’s getting used to the co-ed school and looks calm than ever, I can feel a sense of leeway in his heart, and I can also feel he’s getting considerate of family members.

Rather, Mom could even write an educational book.

And enlighten women of the world……

“Nee-san, I’m really free, so I’ll help you.”

Taketo came down from the second floor.

“It’s okay, it’s almost over.”

“Then, let me help you finish it. I also want to cook too.”

“Right…… then let’s do it together.”

After all, Take-kun is growing up to be a good man…

Except for the amount of food served on a small plate that didn’t seem like just a little, Taketo wasn’t any different from his old self. But, he was clearly growing on the inside.

Aki didn’t think the day she would feel like getting left behind by her younger brother, who was suddenly becoming an adult, nevertheless, she thought, it was a good thing.

“Hey, Taketo”


“You used the laminator the other day, didn’t you? What did you laminate?”

“Oh, that day? Right, maybe I should ask Nee-san for an opinion.”

“Opinion… about?”

“I’ll bring it for you, so wait.”

Saying that, Taketo went upstairs.

What kind of opinion? …Lately, I can’t read my brother’s thoughts.

As Aki waited while stirring the pot, Taketo brought out several cards in his hand.

“This weekend, I’m thinking of giving these to the girls who were in the same group when I was in 3rd year of middle school. How is it?”

“What are you going to give?”

It was the size of a student ID card.

Beautifully laminated and the corners were rounded.

Aki looked at the front of the card, then look at the back.

“…Taketo, this is…”

“It’s my way of saying thank you, but what do you think? Is it too much? Too heavy (to their feelings)? Will I get hated? Will they call me troublesome man?“

Tateto, who was looking down while saying so, slowly looked up at Aki, as if he was lack of confidence.

“Heavy? Troublesome…?”

“Yeah, what do you think?”

“No way……”

Anyone who gets such a gift would probably break down in tears from the excitement.

A ticket that allows you to hug whenever and wherever you want, in this whole world, there are probably no women who have received such a thing…

Aki was having trouble with how to say it, and in the end, she couldn’t put it up nicely so she stopped her words while looking at her younger brother’s face, and lost in thought.

I want to find someone like you myself.


Why is this handsome guy in front of me, must be my brother?

Why is this wonderful man, must be my brother?

If God exists, I feel like cursing Him.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 111

111. Chapter 111

An owner of an equipment shop was working hard to repair the goods he had just purchased.

After a while, he let go of the maintenance tools to the desk and sat down in a cozy chair to soothe his exhausted spirit.

“You seem unusually tired, what’s wrong? Did the customer just now do something?”

“No, that’s not the case. The materials used were all of the good quality. I was allowed to make a deal that wasn’t bad.”

“In spite of that, you look so exhausted….. but, that mercenary, he even had a magic bag, right? Did he take it from some noble or something? Ah… Owner, perhaps, those are all stolen goods?”

The employee clapped his hands as he said so in a joking tone. It was as if he wanted to say that ripping off a bloody mercenary would of course lead to exhaustion.

The shop owner denied the employee’s words while pressing his temples.

“Your customer service isn’t bad. You are also very attentive. That’s why I employed you, but that light mouth of yours is really a bad habit. You’re constantly inviting disaster you know.”

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I’ll try.”

Normally, the shop owner would preach politely, but the information he received from the items in front of him raised his temper and made his mouth speak harsher words than usual. After all, there were traces in a lot of products that said they had been engulfed in a raging fire. There were faint traces of burnt gloves and scorched skin oils, even though it was just on the sword.

The remaining weapons also looked well maintained, but the eyes of someone who had been dealing with weapons for many years, couldn’t be fooled. Wiped the leather grip and handle with a cloth soaked in chemicals, and burnt blood and grease, could be seen on them.

If they were collected from the ruins of a battlefield, the shop owner’s heart wouldn’t be so cloudy. But if they were collected after the mercenary himself had done the deal, just as the shop owner had imagined ―― more so, to pick out only the high-quality items. How many people had the mercenary burned to death in the whole world? The shop owner couldn’t guess.

In the quarter-century of opening the equipment shop, he had dealt with a number of blood-stained post-war weapons and things left by the deceased. His pride didn’t allow him to feel fear of a mere mercenary. Even so, that was why the experience he had cultivated made him feel the abnormalities of the mercenary even if he didn’t want to admit it.

“…Did they buy anything?”

Thinking that this matter shouldn’t be dragged on forever, the shop owner was trying to shift his mind by asking a question to the employee.

“Thin leather gloves. But, to dare diving into the labyrinth with a weapon made with orc’s bone… how to say it, those young adventurers are really brave. No, I guess, it just shows how promising they are.”

The employee’s voice was mixed with amazement and envy. Nothing strange. After all, anyone in this city seriously thought about challenging the labyrinth at least once in their life.

“There were a lot of people who die because they were forcing themselves. However, among those guys, there were some who can come back and immediately buy full-order armor, armor that would even make the guards outside feel envious. And those black-colored bones, are called investment. There are quite a lot of people who buy things at the shop where they got their first weapon.”

It was the reason why the shop owner sold bone weapons coated with dark slime with little profit. Not only good frequent customers could be cultivated, but the shop would be regarded as an excellent supplier.

“No way, even those “Trimagitack”?” [TN: It’s the best name I can come up with]

“Yeah… Hear me, I know it’s hard to believe, but that young adventure bought one of the black bones there, dived into the labyrinth, and came back. He’s definitely a special one. He’s still young. He may be able to be a conqueror of the labyrinth in the future… Hopefully, he’ll be able to reach that position.”

The one who conquered the labyrinth. It had a special meaning not only for the shop owner, but also for the residents of Belgana. It was a symbol of valor and wealth, and even among the “Three Big Countries”, no one dare to underestimate its fame. Unfortunately, in the past few decades, there had been no conquerors born from Belgana itself. Speaking of the most recent conquerors, they were the mainlander from the capital of the Galmud Archipelago, the blockhead from the Republic of Maylis who claimed to be the descendant of a demi-god, the lengthy (ear) from the Aleinard Forest Alliance, and the adventurer directly under the guild. That was why, Marquis Borgia had been pouring his heart and soul into creating a new conqueror from the citizens of the labyrinth city.

“As expected, he’s different from us. But, the “Conqueror’s Purveyor“ sure has a nice ring to it.”

“Hmmp… well, you’re right. It doesn’t sound bad. More importantly, go to the brothel in moderation, can’t you? You reek of perfume.”

The sweet smell had been tingling the shop owner’s nose since a while ago. And for the shop owner who was dealing with weapons and armor every day, it was an unpleasant smell.

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I’ll try.”

The closer it was to the center of the labyrinth city, the higher the prestige of the building materials used in the buildings. Occasionally, there were houses that were different in style from the surroundings and that gave a sense of gap in the era, but they were well maintained and the exterior walls were painted with brand new paint. In addition to equipment shops, restaurants, and inns, there were even blacksmiths and public baths. In short, it was crammed with all sorts of shops.

“Hmm… what a unique city.”

On the other hand, the people who were walking around looked so diverse. There was just no end in terms of occupation here.

The adventurer, which seemed to be the high-rank ones, were armed with equipment comparable to a knight and soldier. As for the low-rank ones, they were armed with clothes used by common people and farming tools. In terms of appearance, they were very different from the adventurers Walm had met in the past.

“Equipment isn’t everything, but…”

The adventurers, who jumped into the war between nations because of their love for their homeland and strong patriotism, who even after losing the war, tried to protect the residents from the different homeland, even if it meant throwing away their pride and lives, were strongly left an impact and stayed in Walm’s mind ever since.

At first, Walm met them on a different path and tried to kill each other, but their way of life was so dazzling for him, that he couldn’t help but respect some part of them, even though he was unwilling to admit it.

What about the adventurers Walm had been passed since a while ago?

For the greenhorn adventurers, no matter how they might look, Walm could understand them. Probably they emptied their wallet and used it all into buying anything they could to challenge the labyrinth. However, most of the mid-rank adventurers and above had red, yellow, and blue colors that hurt Walm’s eyes.

Sure, it might be for a practical reason, but, did you need to make it that flashy?

Even Walm couldn’t help but wonder about the necessity of it. More so when he could even smell perfume.

“……Right, sometimes, looks and pretentiousness are important. Sometimes, you could win with a bluff.”

That might be one of the reasons for the strange appearance.

One thing for sure, was that because they had achieved a certain amount of success that they could be roaming the streets like this.

And in a way, Walm might be seen as a terribly dirty and uninteresting human being.

“Well, either way, that’s not my style.”

Walm, who abandoned his thoughts just to escape from reality, pursued the adventurer’s back.

A scene of people gathered from all over the city, who made a living from fighting, could be seen. For Walm it was a familiar sight. It reminded him of military life.

At the end of the crowd, was the place Walm aiming for.

“This is huge”

Unlike the buildings that had been lined up, no useless gaps allowed, and the open space could even line a thousand soldiers. Stone pavement stretched straight in the center of such a place, and stone pillars with beautiful carvings lined up as if they ran parallel to each other. A huge building stood further behind. While maintaining its beauty with white as the base color, the building had a profound feeling and presence that would overwhelm visitors due to its size.

Based on its size, Walm tried to guess.

Must be the residence of Marquis Borgia…

However, as if ridiculing Walm who thought so, people, regardless of their appearance, gender, or age, proceeded without hesitation.

The decisive blow that made Walm feel completely ridiculed was the stone next to the open gate.


Such was engraved on the stone. And on the other stone,


Was engraved on it.

Surely, it was enough to affirm Walm that he didn’t go to the wrong place.

“Well… whatever happens, happens.”              

And so, Walm stepped forward.

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