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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 103

103. Chapter 103 – Ruler of the Deep Sea

“a, AH, AAHH!? It’s the deep sea demon.”

“Damn it! Why was a “Kraken” here?!!”

There was no one on board who didn’t shout. Walm wanted to get along with them, but it wasn’t possible. The thick tentacle with filthy mucus was approaching before his eyes, trying to grab him.


Walm called out with the loudest voice he could let out. Luckily, the peddler was quickly on the floor, and the man in the ventilation was also groaning with a high spirit after being thrown away. No one stood in the way of Walm and the tentacle. Walm twisted his hips down and swung his longsword in the shortest possible time.

A powerful attack with mana cut off the tip of the filthy tentacle. Avoiding the tentacle’s rampage, Walm sliced ​​back his blade immediately. In addition to the narrowness of the ship, due to the density of people, the restrictions on movements were greater than usual, resulting in the tentacles managing to scrape off Walm’s epidermis even though he had covered himself with a magical barrier.

After repeating the slashing attack about ten times, the tentacles finally flew off. In addition to being rather muscular, the highly viscous mucus was really making it difficult to cut.

“Damn it, it’s sticky”

Looking at Walm, who was glaring at his dirty sword in disgust, the mask on his waist was getting excited and continued to vibrate. Even though Walm understood that it was a mask with bad taste, but nothing he could do to stop the demon mask from liking the appearance of the tentacles here.

Walm ignored the delighted mask and went to the aid of a sailor who was struggling with another tentacle. Already, several sailors had their bodies grabbed and their limbs twisted as if they were twigs. The tentacle was pierced with a spear and a single-edged axe, but the thickness and mucus obstructed the blades, preventing them from being cut off.

“aaaAHH, AAAHHH, my arms!”

“Ugh, AH, aaaAAHH!”

“F*ck you, don’t come here!!”

The tentacle had decided the next target on the saber-wielding sailor.

Walm ran past the wall in one fell swoop, raised his longsword up almost rubbing against the ceiling, and swung it down with all his might. He barely managed to bisect the tentacles that had entered the hull.

The severed tentacle bounced around as if it was still connected.

“Oi, this, everything’s gonna be fine, right!?”

The sailor, who was working hard to chop up the severed tentacles, answered as if crying.

“Fine? Of course not. it’s a Kraken we’re against right now.”

Two tentacles trampling the middle deck had been severed, but the attacks still continued on the upper deck as well. The sound of battle from the upper deck intensifying resounded uninterruptedly in Walm’s ears. There was even an explosion sound that seemed to be caused by magic.

“The mast is being targeted. Protect it!! Don’t let any come close!!!”

“Squad 1, slash the main body.”

Walm called out to the passengers hiding in the corner.

“Oi, I’ll lend it to you. You should at least be able to protect yourself.”

Walm pulled out swords one after another from his magic bag and rolled them on the floor. Truth was, he wanted to hide the existence of the magic bag, but the situation didn’t allow it, after all, it would be useless if the ship sank.

With this many people with weapon, it should be possible to deal with the tapered tentacles.

“I’ve never held a sword”

“I’ll give you money, so please protect me.”

Walm kicked the butts of the passengers who were trying to cling to his legs.

“Are you stupid? You’ve seen those big tentacles. If the ship sinks, there’s no point in cutting off those tentacles. If you can’t use a sword, hug the tentacles and become a decoy. I’m going above and help the others.”

“Wait, Captain said, I must protect the passengers.”

The sailor who was got dragged by the tentacle earlier stubbornly called out to Walm, but Walm snorted back.

“Do I look like a mere passenger?”

The sailors didn’t hold Walm back any longer and worked hard to seize control of the middle deck.

Walm’s only weapon was the longsword in his hand. The halberd wasn’t good to be used in the ship, limited spaces, and most of the time, it couldn’t give an effective hit to the tentacles that were like lumps of muscle. It would be better to use the sword that was more suitable for slashing moves.

After running up the half-destroyed stairs, the sight Walm saw was the worst. A myriad of tentacles attacked the sailors from the port side. The screams of the captured sailors were fluctuating violently, as they were casually slammed onto the deck and mast.

“Sh*t, it’s like a bad B-rated disaster movie.”

Walm unintentionally spat out words that didn’t exist in this world, and held up his longsword.

“What are you doing? Go ba ―― “

Walm greeted the tentacle that was trying to reel the sailors in with a 《Strike》. The half-cut tentacle fluttered around, then returned to the sea.

“What did you say?”

“N-nothing….. do whatever you want.”

The resistance of the sailors on the upper deck was intense, and four tentacles had already fallen to the surface of the sea and the deck.

Including the two that Walm cut off, would make it six tentacles, but there were still more than six tentacles alive.

“Ten for squid, eight for octopus, huh? The numbers don’t match any.”

In terms of the number of tentacles, this oddball called “Kraken” seemed to be neither a squid nor an octopus. Moreover, it had far more tentacles than squid and octopuses. In short, a really annoying opponent.

A new tentacle scraped off the gunwale and approached Walm.

Walm was holding himself up, but he reflexively moved when he saw a shadow covering his body.

“Two at the same time, huh?”

The Kraken’s tentacles were moving a lot to approach Walm, as if saying that it had taken a liking to him. A surprise attack from above his head was seen through, and the second tentacle approached where he rolled away.

Walm surrenders himself to the deck. Ironically, the sticky mucus on the deck acted as a lubricant, making it extremely slippery. Inside his waist bag, the slime-smeared demon mask was frolicking even more.

“Have a little restraint, can’t you?”

Instead of a foothold that was hard to stand on, thrust the longsword into the deck and pulled back with all strength. Then jumped up.

Without hesitation, plunged the longsword into the lying tentacle and tore it apart. It was a tentacle that must support its huge mass, but if the muscles were damaged, it wouldn’t be able to support its own weight and would lose its delicate and nimble movements.

In instant, the sailors swarmed at the opportunity to create improvised tentacle fillets.

With the number of tentacles reduced, a little leeway was created and Walm ran his gaze over the sea.

“Hah? What, is that?”

Some sailors glided on the sea, moving around the rampaging Kraken. It was unclear whether it was an application of water attribute magic or a skill, but it was clear that it wasn’t something that could be imitated easily. In such a group, there was Saachef.

Saachef quickly turned his tilted body over and tore the approaching tentacle, the shot water bullets into the surface of the sea. Contrary to his good-natured smile, he possessed outstanding combat skills and magic.

Walm was astonished at the height of his skill.

“So, that’s the “sea magician”?”

The sailors from the Archipelago, were said to be unparalleled on the sea.

That aside, another sailor rolled up the seawater around his body and shot out the spear with water pressure. Walm also learned how to shoot daggers and spears with wind magic, and they were demonstrating it with water magic.

It was just Walm’s imagination, but Celta, the only city of Myard that didn’t fall in the hands of the Highserk Empire, probably had this kind of sea magician in the navy.

While ignoring the sea magicians, Walm tried to welcome the new tentacles, but the tentacles, all at once, pulled themselves into the sea.

“What? The tentacles have pulled themselves!”

Did it give up after receiving a painful counterattack?

―― with such a faint wish, Walm continued to be vigilant.

“It dived?!”

“Did it run away?”

Staring at the surface of the sea, the sailors were watching the surface carefully, but then Saachef shouted in frustration.

“Sh*t, it’s a top attack!!”

Saachef’s words threw the ship into a frenzy, like an overturned anthill.

“Head Cook!?”

“I’m out of mana. And the others are also useless.”

“Oi, what’s going on?! What’s this “top attack”?”

Walm, who was completely left out of the situation, asked one of the trembling sailors.

“That Kraken is going to dive deep and jump over the ship.”

“No f*cking way. That thing is going to jump up you say?!!”

“That’s right. And surely, it’ll fly higher than the main mast.”

If that gigantic body jumped higher than the mast and leaned against it, no matter how large the ship might be, it wouldn’t be possible to avoid such serious damage. Worst case, the keel would break and the hull would split in two.

“Oi, can I burn the ship a little?”

“Hah? Are you a magic user?”

“Yes. So, how?”

In place of the sailors who were at a loss for an answer, the Captain of the Adelina, Belim Beggar, who was holding two sabers, answered Walm briefly.

“I don’t mind if you burn it a little. But if you still want to reach land, avoid the mast.”

“Understood, I’ll ‘try’ my best.”

Walm, who got the consent, kneaded his mana and waited for the Kraken. The other sailors also prepared their crossbows, throwing javelins, and other projectiles.

Quietly doing so, but their eyes were filled with murderous intent, preparing for the right moment.

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