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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 116

116. It’s better to stop anything that would lead to a bad direction

How, did this happen……

Atsushi was perplexed by the sudden and unexpected appearance of Hiirgai and Kirishima.

Truly, what a quick development. But it happened and no turn back for now.

“…O-Oh. Chairman. To meet in a place like this, what a coincidence. Really.”

“Yeah. really. So, who is that person?”

“Aaah, that’s, hmm……”

“I’m his cousin called, “Tsubasa”.”

When Atsushi was at a loss as to what to say, Tsubasa answered without hesitation.

There was no lie in that answer. However, in this situation, it was really easy to be misinterpreted.

“Hummm, cousin, huh?”

Kirishima, who was next to Hiiragi, muttered such a thing with a somewhat suspicious tone.

On the other hand, Atsushi, who had a bad feeling about what it could lead to, tried to change the topic quickly.

“W-what’re you guys doing here? I mean, why are you together here…”

“Hm? Ah, I have some errands around here. I asked Kirishima to help me with various things, and then, I brought her here as a thank you. But then, when I was about to leave the store, I saw a familiar face.”

“I-I see. That’s, another great coincidence. Really. Well, it’s time for us to go out too. Well then, Chairman, see you…”

“Hey, Chairman”

Atsushi ended the conversation and was about to leave the place, but Kirishima opened her mouth as if to stop him.

“We’re done with your errands, right? Then, after this, it’s free time, right?”

“Hm? Well, that’s right.”

“Then, why don’t we go somewhere together with them? Since we coincidentally meet here, so at least…”

Kirishima made such a suggestion.

Of course, Atsushi tried to refuse.

“Ah, but, we are…”

“Yes, please by all means!!”

………For some reason, Tsubasa happily answered so.

Immediately, Atsushi whispered into Tsubasa’s ear.

“Hey Tsubasa, what are you thinking!” (low voice)

“Well, Ak-kun. This is also practice. For practice. I had been with Ak-kun for a while, but I want to try various things with other people too.” (low voice)

“And why, it must be with these two. My position is in danger, you know?” (low voice)

“It’s okay. Ak-kun and I, we are just ‘cousins’. Earlier, I said that it would be bad if someone you know saw this situation, but if the other person knew that I’m your cousin, they wouldn’t have any strange idea, right? Besides, Ak-kun. I mean, didn’t you say you don’t care much?” (low voice)

Atsushi was unable to argue back when he was told the truth.

Then, as if to add another blow, Kirishima spoke.

“What’s wrong, Yamagami-kun? Seems that your cousin is in high spirits to me? Or is there something bad if we’re following you guys?”

With a smile on her face, Kirishima said so.

Then, Atsushi replied.

“… N-no? It’s not like that. We also have some free time after this, so rather, I’m grateful.”

While trying to show some leeway, Atsushi answered with a somewhat awkward voice.

“Really? Then, it’s decided.”

And so, the group decided to move together.


“…… what do you want?”

While Tsubasa and Hiiragi were walking ahead, Atsushi raised such a question to Kirishima.

“Nothing. I just wanted to go hang out with an acquaintance I happened to meet coincidentally.”

“Liar. I know you hate me, and there’s no way you would invite me to hang out.”

Judging from Kirishima’s demeanor, it was clear that she had some sort of ulterior motive.

But, that was why Kirishima answered the question indifferently.

“Well, I certainly won’t deny that point. However, your situation right now is fascinat… COUGH!!. Piquing my interest, so I just wanted to observe it a little more.”

“Oi you, your true feelings are leaking.”

As Atsushi expected, Kirishima still seemed to have a twisted nature.

“Well, be at peace. Chairman is with us too, so I won’t try giving you medicine or hypnotizing you.”

“There is no peace factor in your words.”

And, judging from what Kirishima said, Atsushi was even more suspicious about whether she intended to do anything else.

“But you should be glad that you met us. Look, if it was Shirasawa, it would be a dreadful situation for you both.”

“Why do you think it’ll be like that if it was Shirasawa? Ah, are you thinking that too? Are you thinking that Shirasawa and I are dating?”

“Well? Regardless of whether you’re dating her or not. I just thought that Shirasawa-san wouldn’t find it funny if she saw you with another girl.”

“Haaah? What do mean?”

In response to Atsushi, who seemed to say that he didn’t understand the meaning, Kirishima continued with a somewhat astonished expression.

“…well, besides, there’s something else I want to confirm.”

“What do you want to confirm?

“Oi, you two. What are you doing? If you don’t hurry, we’ll leave you.”

Atsushi and Kirishima stopped talking and went to match the pace of Hiiragi and Tsubasa.

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