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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 115

115. Dark history usually remembered well by others

In a certain restaurant.

Atsushi and Tsubasa were having lunch.

“Hey, Ak-kun. A~hn…”

“? You, what are you doing?”

“It’s okay you know. Hurry up and eat.”

After the main dish, Atsushi ate the parfait while questioning Tsubasa, who offered a portion of the chocolate parfait with a spoon.

“How’s it?”


“Well, it’s not about the taste. That ‘A~hn’ just now, how was it? Was it easy to eat?”

“Huh…? Well, it was certainly easy to eat.”

“Hum, hum. I see. For the time being, the current way is OK.”

While saying that, Tsubasa took out a notepad and wrote something on it.

During today’s date, Tsubasa had been writing something on the memo pad every time something happened. Surely, he had been writing what he needed to do his role better.

Being so enthusiastic is good, but…

“Wait, isn’t, the person your character going to go on a date with, a girl? Is the opinion of a man helpful?”

“It is. It’s definitely helpful. Hmm, well, I guess it would be best to get a girl to go on a date with me, but I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t mind doing this all.”

“Oi, you. So, you thought I would go with any of your plans?”

“Yes. Because Ak-kun, you’re the type who can’t say no if asked. Even though you’re complaining, you’ll go to accompany me.

“I’m begging you, please stop saying such things like Shirasawa.”

Atsushi remembered that Yuri often said to him, “Atsushi is a kind of person.”

Apart from that, Atsushi himself had never thought of such a thing, but… the fact that he was being told this by others, perhaps he was viewed as such by those around him.

“Even so. You, are really amazing. From your gestures to everything, I can only look at you as a woman.”

“Ehehe. Of course~. That just means, I’m doing my best to do the role~……Well, that’s not the only factor.”

“? What did you say?”

“No, nothing. But, really, I’m glad. It seems other people also think of me as a woman. With this, I’m sure there’ll be no problem on the day.”

Atsushi also agreed on this point.

In today’s world, it wasn’t that strange for a man to dress like a woman. Probably, there were more than a few people who were good enough to be mistaken for women.

But still,

There weren’t many cross-dressing boys who could exude the atmosphere of a beautiful girl like Tsubasa.

With this much, it’ll be okay.

Even amateur Atsushi thought so.

But, but…

“Well, just that… don’t let your guard down. Once you think you’ll be fine, you may get careless and get caught.”

“W-what are you talking about? When did I ever make a blunder?”

Tsubasa said so.

……Thinking that perhaps, he really didn’t remember, Atsushi decided to talk to Tsubasa about the past.

“When you were still a kid, even though I told you not to, you didn’t hear me and still went into the forest alone to pick up beetles, then got lost, right? When you were in elementary school, even though I told you not to, you kept eating ice cream in the middle of the night, you ate too much and got sick and couldn’t go on the next day’s trip, right? When you were in middle school, even though I told you not to, you kept singing again and again in the karaoke, then couldn’t sing properly at the next day’s chorus contest, right?”

“OK. Ak-kun, I understand. I clearly understood what you wanted to say, so please, stop…”

“Also, when you were in kindergarten, even though I told you not to, you drank too much of orange juice, and the next morning, the futon was wet…”

“As I said, I understood what you wanted to say!! I mean, why do you remember things from that long ago?! Why does Ak-kun have such a good memory when it comes to things that don’t matter like that!!”

“Because your story of failure leaves a strong impression. Even if I don’t want to, it stays in my head rent-free.”

It wasn’t that Atsushi didn’t have a dark history either. After all, everyone had a failure story.

But even so, there weren’t many people who had as many memorable episodes in life as Tsubasa. Even what Atsushi mentioned now, was just the tip of the iceberg. If Atsushi were asked to tell him about his dark history, or a story of his failures, then he would have been able to do that for more than three hours.

Well, maybe it’s also because we’re cousins ​​and went to the same school from kindergarten to middle school, that I remember it clearly…

When you were so close to someone, you could see things that that person didn’t want others to see or the moment they made mistake, even if you didn’t mean to. The fact that Atsushi and Tsubasa were able to continue their current relationship was probably due to their blood relationship, but even so, it was also proof that the two were on good terms.

“Seriously… but, look. If someone you know sees this situation right now, you’re in trouble.  You’re always with Shirasawa-san, but now you’re going on a date with a ‘beautiful girl’. Won’t it become a rumor or something?”

Tsubasa spoke with a fearless smile as if to counterattack.

Atsushi answered him with a smrik

“Hah, no way. In the first place, it’s still the summer holiday, the chance to meet someone I kno―――”

“Hmm? Yamagami? What a coincidence, to meet in a place like this.”

For a moment, Atsushi thought he heard a familiar voice, and so turned his head in the direction of the voice.

“…you must be lying…”

Atsushi unintentionally muttered those words.

There, was Hiiragi, with Kirishima.

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