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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 14

14. In the classroom

The homeroom teacher of my class, class 1-1, was a person called, Sanae Ichinose.

It seemed that it was the first time in her third year as a teacher, to be in charge of a class. 

So, is she around 25 years old?

Maybe she was so nervous, her hands were shaking a little.

“Today, before I disband the class, there’s something I need to talk to, so listen carefully. Surely, everyone wants to introduce themselves and remember each over faces and names, but the first thing to do before that, will deciding on the “Group”. Good?”

At that moment, the air in the class went tense.

The ‘Group’ was something unique to this world. Since elementary school, there would always be this.

Of course, there was a reason.

By making the students into groups, how many people could talk to a boy at a time could be limited. This, was to lessen the stress on the boy.

Once a group was decided, it wouldn’t change for a year.

When I was in middle school, since the ratio between male and female students was strictly made to be 1:3, one group consisted of one boy and three girls.

Makoto, Rie, and Yuuko were the members of the group in the last year of my Middle School

High School would be different. There were only two boys in the class after all. Yes, only two people.

” ―― Tomorrow, we will make eight groups of five people.”

The tension in the class increased further.

Since it was said to be eight groups when there were only two boys. The students didn’t really what it would mean.

The group was for limiting the people the boys could talk to. So, I and Atsushi would be in separate groups. That much was for sure.

In other words, six groups would be girls only.

Although it was such a group.

Makoto, Rie, and Yuuko, who were in the same group as me in middle school, became friends with each other in only a year.

To put it the other way around, I rarely talked to girls in another group.

Even when other girls had something to do with me, if there was a girl who was in the same group nearby, she would talk to them in my stead.

That was a kind of unspoken agreement.

And, that would be the same in high school.

In other words, grouping also led to the separation of heaven and hell for this whole year.

“Once the group is decided, we will introduce ourselves on a group-by-group basis, and then the group leader will introduce the members to everyone in the class.”

This was the same as in middle school.

Not a self-introduction introduction, but an introduction by someone else.

The reason was to not bring the boys to the front light too much.

In other words, the group leader would be undertaken by one of the girls, and negotiations with the teacher and other girls were the role of the group leader.

While the group leader had more opportunities to talk to the boy in the group, it could be said that she would be in a position where easily be resented.

When I was in my third year of middle school, Makoto was the group leader.

“Once the group is decided, we will change the seats.”

After the group was decided, they would sit together in a group.

Since there will be 4 girls in my group, most likely, they would sit across my front, back, left, and right.

“I want the window side farthest from the doorway.”

“Oh… right, boys can pass that kind of request too.”

Even in middle school, that kind of freedom was available to some extent. So, High school is probably the same.

But I want to be surrounded by girls in all directions if possible.

… perhaps I can make such a request?

“But somehow, the air in the classroom started to sting. It’s uncomfortable.”

Everyone wanted to be in the same group as me and Atsushi.

However, when they moved aggressively, they would be accused by the others of ‘making the boys uncomfortable.’

This was the first day of school, and everyone still couldn’t measure the perfect distance to make.

They wanted to make a move, but they didn’t want to stand out.

Therefore, perhaps, they were devising countermeasures while looking at the appearance of the surroundings.

And that tense air made Atsushi uncomfortable.


“What’s wrong, Souya-kun?”

“It’s about group making, but how do the boys usually choose the members?”

“First of all, the boys will be asked the girls they want. Sometimes the boys have acquaintances in the same class, and want to be in the same group as them. And some boys choose relatively quiet girls.”

For a moment, the air of the class turned cold.

‘Choose a quiet girl’… That would mean that girls who were appealing too much might not get selected.

Probably having conflict about what move to choose, some girls were starting to hold their heads.

“Still, that alone… it’s hard to decide.”

“Right. After that, many are often selected from people living in the Special Ward.”

Well, guess so.

Girls living in the special ward are often in the same class as boys when they were in middle school.

It should be easy for them to get a sense of distance from the boys.

“Then, can I make a request now?”

“Sure, please. That kind of positiveness is always welcome.”

The team will be decided tomorrow, so I thought it would be better to say my request now.

Therefore, I firmly expressed it in a loud voice so as not to be misunderstood.

“I, want the girls, outside the special ward!”

―― !!!!

And as expected, it seemed that it was really surprising.

Some girls screamed, but hurriedly held their mouths.

“…h-how rare. Of course, that’s fine, but why do you want the girls who came from outside the Special Ward?”

“I was very happy with the members of the group I had in middle school. I’m grateful to them and still interacting with them. If I become the same group as the girls who came from within the special ward, surely, I can have a similar experience for this next year.”

“That’s right. As expected, I don’t think it’s possible to make a fool of someone disciplined from a young age.”

“Yes. On the contrary, the girls who came from outside the Special Ward may be their first time talking to boys. And, if you don’t have experience, you may not know how to act properly.”

“Do you know that and still want the girls from outside the Special Ward?”

The homeroom teacher seemed angry.

“I think, the girls that came from outside the Special Ward are still nervous. If we can get to know each other as much as possible by being in the same group, and through them, I may get to know other girls who came from outside the Special Ward too. In short, their nervousness may disappear faster, or so I thought.”


The teacher had a face saying that she never thought she would get such an answer.

After all, she was a teacher at this school.

Perhaps she had lived the life of an elite among the elite.

And I, saw a stunned face of such a homeroom teacher.

It seemed the words really took her by surprise.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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