Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 114

114. Once a man, always a man

“Sorーry, I’ve kept you waiting~”

When Atsushi turned around, there was one person there.

Tsubasa, dressed in a white dress.

“Doing a little makeup and various things, it took more time than I thought…”

“……It’s okay, I just got here too.”

Of course, it was, a lie.

Atsushi had already arrived thirty minutes before the meeting, but it would be unthoughtful to say that here.

However, it seemed that the lie didn’t work for Tsubasa.

“Oh, Ak-kun, you’ve really grown. Since when you can say something like that so naturally.”


After saying that, Atsushi looked at Tsubasa’s appearance again.

“Even so, ah, um, how to say it… it’s amazing, in a lot of senses”

“Eh? Is there anything strange?”

“No, on the contrary, what is it, it’s strange that there’s nothing strange about it…”

Just like Atsushi said, Tsubasa looked like a beautiful girl no matter how many times he looked.

The white dress exposed the shoulders to the tip of the arms, exposing pure white skin. The ribbon on the chest and the fluttering part at the end of the dress also emitted a feminine aura.

The same was true for the clothes, but the face with a little make-up, somehow making it look more sexy than usual.

But still, a mistake shouldn’t be made.

Because the girl-like being in front of Atsushi was 100% a real man

……I wonder what it is. Somehow, if it’s now, I feel like I can understand the feelings of a self-proclaimed insane mad scientist in a certain work. [TN: I guess, STEINS;GATE]

The contradictory fact that the body was actually a man even though now looked like a woman no matter how many times Atsushi looked at Tsubasa, gave him strange feelings.

More so, far from being disgusted by it, the person himself somehow seemed to enjoy it, which was also strange.

“Fufufu. Do you really think so? I also prepared hard for this. No matter how you look at me, I’m a lovely pretty girl, right?”

“Those words aren’t lovely at all, also, isn’t it sad that you say you’re a beautiful girl?”

“Wellー, how to put it… I think that letting things flow with momentum and being easy-going is important at this kind of time. Like, I’d rather have fun than anything.”

“What a strong metal that you have there.”

As he spoke, Atsushi felt a certain respect for the positive-looking Tsubasa.

“Even so, you got a strange role again huh. What is it again, the pretty childhood friend with a crossdressing hobby that likes the main character, is it?”

“Yeah. Wellー, it’s a drama adapting a Shojo Manga. The character I’ll play is just a supporting character, but he’s so popular. So the director didn’t want to mess up this character and thus after strictly searching for a person that would fit this character, I was found to be perfect for it. And well, as you can see.”

Yes, this appearance of Tsubasa didn’t mean that he had awakened such a hobby.

It was simply because the role in the audition was for a handsome male high school student with a penchant for cross-dressing. Despite being a cute and handsome guy who was liked by everyone, he had a hobby of cross-dressing and that gap in character was probably what made that character so popular among women.

And, in order to understand the feelings of the character, Tsubasa decided to cross-dress and walked around with that appearance.

“But, really, I didn’t think you’d go this far for the role.”

“Of course. Even if I look like this, I’m an idol, and also an actor.”

“Still, is there a need to dress up as a woman in public from midday? What if you get caught?”

“It’s okay. Right now, I’m perfectly a beautiful girl. Besides, look, other people don’t realize it, right?”

Truly, an optimistic statement.

However, even if Atsushi wanted to deny it, no one actually looked at Tsubasa with a suspicious look. As proof of that, he had been getting a lot of attention, but that was simply because people around thought that Tsubasa was a beautiful girl.

“…Huff. Well, it’s fine. In fact, looking at you now, no one will think you’re a Tsubasa of the idol group “STEP”. So, where do you want to from now on? I mean, at least you had some plan in mind, right?”

“Of course. You see, my character also has a scene where he’ll go around the city with the main character, so I plan to go to the same place to simulate it.”

“In particular?”

“Well, planetarium, aquarium, game center, batting cage, and then…”

“Oi oi, do we need to go to all of that place?”

“Of course. This is absolutely necessary in order to understand the feelings of the character better, even a little.”

Tsubasa’s expression looked so serious.

Although he looked like this, in reality, he was dressed as a woman to understand the role he got. Atsushi knew very well that he wasn’t joking about that point.

Therefore, instead of refusing, he sighed and accepted.

“Huufff… I understand. Well, it will take a lot of time, so let’s go quickly.”

“Right, let’s go… ah”

Then, as if remembering something, Tsubasa held his stomach.

“?? What happened?”

Atsushi found it strange and asked a question.

And the words that came back was,

“Hey, Ak-kun… In this case, if I want to go to the bathroom, which one should I go to, the men’s or the women’s?”


In response to Tsubasa’s answer, Atsushi let out a long, long sigh.

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