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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 13

13. Rules are rules

“By abiding the rules, it will protect men and, by extension, protect Japanese women.”

Perhaps, the female teacher was in her mid-thirties and might have seen many students so far in her long life as a teacher, but it felt like she stuck with prejudices.

“That doesn’t mean it’s unacceptable to kick them when I was the one who hit them in the first place.”

“But the rules are the rules”

This society was, more harsh on women and sweet on men.

I understood that.

Still, anything I said didn’t go through the female teacher.

She kept trying to end it with “because it’s a rule” no matter what I said.

Yesterday night, I thought about many things.

One of them was that, I might be the only man who could understand the feelings of unpopular women.

Their feelings, the only man who can sympathize with them, only me.

Then what? What should I do here?

Should I just accept it, that these female students will get kicked out?

No, I will never let that happen. Never.

“The rule is absolute, is it? Then…”

I took the arm of a random girl student at hand and pulled it.

“Hyaa, uwawawa!?”

The schoolgirl who fitted comfortably in my arm made a panicked voice.

One after another, I hugged nearby girl students.

The number of female students I touched and grabbed was increasing.


While the female teacher couldn’t measure the meaning of the action, about ten people, I hugged, one after another.

At the same time as I held the tenth girl, I smiled at the female teacher.

“Look, I hugged all of them on my own. Are you still going to kick them? Not enough? I can do more.”

When I hugged the girl in my arms strongly, I heard a voice, “Hyaawawa!”.

Even though I said a challenging word, in fact, I understood that my hands were touching women, and was quite nervous.

For the first time, I finally understood that they were only a little meat on them.

And that they had a nice scent.

After all, this was my first time touching a woman.

I never thought that a woman’s body would be so thin.


I could hear the female teacher’s pleading voice.

No, I can’t stop here!

Thinking so, I made a more challenging look.

As if I was heading to the final of the tournament, I looked straight ahead at her.

“The situation is the same as before… exactly the same. Everyone, I touched them on my own. How is it? Do you want to punish them all? Then the same thing will happen to this many. If you still want to strictly follow the rules, everyone will be kicked out…”

“…I understand. I won’t do kicked them, so please take some distance. I won’t do anything about this time. So, please take some distance…!”

Hearing a sad scream-like voice, I slowly relaxed my hugging power.


The girl who was in my arms, had fainted.

I entrusted her to a student nearby and then, thanked the female teacher.

“Thank you. I hope this isn’t special.”

In other words, I gave another warning so that the girl I touched in the future wouldn’t be punished too, but the female teacher looked at me with fearful eyes.

I haven’t done anything weird, though?

The corridor was filled with students trying to return to the classroom, and I left the place quickly.

Surely, they wouldn’t be punished.

The teacher promised in front of the man while many were watching.

It was hard to think that would do otherwise.

In the first place, if a large number of students got kicked out early in school, there would be various problems.

Walking away, I remembered the face of the girl whose I rubbed her breasts.

Ah, let’s see her when it’s calmed down.

“Just now, it was amazing. I was surprised, you know?”

As soon as I returned to the classroom, Atsushi said so to me.

“I was the one who looked away and bumped into them. I won’t feel good if they get punished for that.”

“But, it’s something hard to put in action. I was particularly surprised to see you touching girls one after another.”

“I thought that if I didn’t do that, the teacher wouldn’t be convinced… By the way, Atsushi, are you a type that is unpleasant to be touched by girls?”

“That’s, of course”

Atsushi said so as if it was a matter of course.

His feeling… I guess, reversing the way of thought of men and women in the original world should do it.

If you ask adult women if they don’t want to be touched by many men, most will say “of course.”

I know that Atsushi’s feelings are normal in this world.

But what about me? I’ve never been touched by girls until I came here.

The girls here seem to be interested in me. Even just getting close to them, they already looked so happy. Even if I touched them a little, they didn’t seem to look unpleasant.

On the contrary, they seemed to want to even say “Thank you”.

Right, after all, common sense here may be just that different from the original world.

“Souya-Kun, that… don’t you hate it? “

Suddenly, Atsushi asked as if to confirm it. 

How should I answer here? Should I be honest, or…

“I, don’t particularly hate it.”

Yeah, high school life is long. There will be three years from now. It’s better to answer honestly here.

“On the contrary, bring it on.”

“I see… you’re quite strange, yeah?”

“Well, I don’t know how Atsushi feels, and maybe I’m weird, but isn’t it better to have a guy like me in the same class?”

If I apply it to the original world, would it be a girl who says, “I don’t hate being touched by boys at all, come if you want!”

……..Somehow, it sounds so bitchy.

“That’s… right. With Souya-kun here, I feel relieved.”

Atsushi didn’t say it outright, but seemed that was what he felt.

After all, by me gathering the eyes of the girls, Atsushi could avoid girls paying attention to him.

Once a girl saw that getting near me wouldn’t hurt them, the other girls would eventually though, “Maybe even I have a chance?”

As a result, many girls would gather around me.

Then, Atsushi should be able to live inconspicuously, hiding behind it.

With me as a lightning rod to stop all the thunder, Atsushi could live a peaceful life even in a co-ed school.

Feeling that, that was why probably he had a relieved expression.

Originally, I was a member of a sports club in middle school in the original world.

I’m used to being relied on.

Atsushi even though he’s a classmate, feels like a cute junior I had in the club, so…

“Well, rely on me to your heart’s content. I don’t mind at all, so you don’t need to hesitate.”

When I extended my hand, Atsushi shook it back shyly.

The girls around made a noise, but I ignored it.

Atsushi and I met and became friends with a firm handshake on the first day.

On the first day of enrollment, I made good friends.

As expected, the friendship of men should be nurtured in this way. More than that…

I’m really glad I came to this world.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Oh? He did the solution I thought of, using himself like a hostage, though I did not say it in that way. I was not sure if he would do it though. For physically doing that, I thought it would have a low chance. Him arguing about it instead, as ground to stand on in a verbal debate I had a 50/50 bet on. Although, if it went that way I expected him to lose the argument and either get help from a Deus Machina, or the girl will be a plot point to help his growth moving forward.

    He may be socially inexperienced, but he seems to be quick witted. I thought he would be too nervous to do it like he did, but with how bad he is socially he knew that was his only method he can choose. This chapter made be reevaluate him in a good light.

  2. From this part:

    “Their feelings, the only man who can sympathize with them, only me.
    Then what? What should I do here?
    Should I just accept it, that these female students will get kicked out?
    No, I will never let that happen. Never.”

    I feel like the author is slowly building up motivation for him to change this worlds’ social structure. It was already said in a past chapter that male politicians rule this world, so maybe that route?

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