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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 113

113. When you have a friend of different gender, people may think more

『”―――― So, Ak-kun. How far have gone with Yuri-san?”』

One night.

While his parents were away on business again, Atsushi was eating dinner alone and on the phone with his cousin, Tsubasa Yabe.

“Hah? What do you mean by how far?”

『”Hmm… Ak-kun. That’s a weird answer. But then if I’m going to let you dodge this so easily, it won’t be me? So, let me be frank and ask a ‘deeper’ question… how many times have you done ‘it’? 』

“!? COUGH!!, COUGH!!… You, remember you’re an idol who’s gaining popularity, how can you ask such an outrageous question!!”

Tsubasa’s outrageous remarks make Atsushi burst into tears.

After a quick drink of water and calming down, Atsushi heard Tsubasa’s laughter over the phone.

『”Ahahaha, sorry sorry. I’ll say it in a better way――― how many times did you have s〇x?”』

“Hey, rather than getting better, isn’t it getting worse?”

Atsushi made a precise retort.

Even if it was just small talk while having a meal, would someone say such a thing as simple silly talk? Of course, Tsubasa would.

『”Eeー, it’s fine you know? You don’t have to hide it. I mean, you two are lovers, right?”』

“Who said that? And when? I and she are just classmates, we’re just friends.”

『”……e? Really? Are you serious?”』

Hearing Atsushi’s words, Tsubasa spoke in a genuinely surprised voice.

Apparently, it wasn’t a joke, in his mind, Atsushi and Yuri were already dating, in short, a lover.

『”Even though you’re always with her, who has such a good figure, beautiful features, and definitely would attract everyone’s attention when walking down the street. There is no progress… at all? Uuuhh, no way, since when did Ak-kun become the dense protagonist of a light novel?”』

“Stop spouting nonsense. Especially the second half, though it’s absurdly specific, I can’t understand why you think so.”

To be honest, Atsushi knew what Tsubasa meant. However, Atsushi didn’t want to admit it, after all, such development with Yuri never happened in the first place.

『“Mmmm…..But, Ak-kun. Really, what’s the truth? Be honest with me, have you never thought of wanting to go out with Yuri-san?”』

“That is……”

Atsushi was unable to give an immediate answer.

Certainly, speaking of appearances, Yuri was without a doubt, a beautiful girl, among the high-level ones. In fact, she was said to be the most beautiful in school, and every time Atsushi and Yuri were walking together, Atsuhsi knew that someone almost always turned to her.

On the other hand, when it comes to Yuri’s inner self, she was probably a hardcore otaku at a level that most people would be overwhelmed by. However, from Atsushi’s point of view, he was already used to it, and on the contrary, he found it as her charm, so it wasn’t a problem at all.

In short, the problem was something else.

“…I’m satisfied with the current relationship, or rather, I can’t think of a better relationship than now… In the first place, it’s absolutely impossible to have someone like me as a boyfriend. Even if the end of the world came, it still should be impossible.”

『”Uhh, it’s coming out. The usual Ak-kun theory. Saying something like, “Someone like me is, blah, blah, blah…”, Your low self-esteem really hasn’t changed… Well, I know why Ak-kun got low self-esteem, and… I know I’m not in a position to say anything about it.”』

In the later half, Tsubasa’s voice was clearly lacking in energy.

There seemed to be some kind of apologetic tone mixed in there, but Atsushi dared not say anything and just listened to what Tsubasa had to say.

『”… But well, that’s right. It’s rare for Ak-kun to make friends, and I can understand why you don’t want to ruin that relationship. So, I’m not going to force it anymore. But… if you ever worried about something like that, talk to me right away, okay?”』


Atsushi was an only child and had no siblings. That was why Tsubasa had always been like a younger brother to him, and at the same time, Tsubasa was one of the few people without a big age gap that Atsushi could comfortably talk to.

Tsubasa always asked Atsushi to listen to his complaints many times. The other way around too.

And that hadn’t changed even now, and Tsubasa would always be an important cousin to Atsushi.

To the extent that, Atsushi would be a shield to protect Tsubasa from the stalker.

“……Yeah. If, such a time really comes, I’ll ask for your advice.”

To be honest, Atsushi couldn’t even imagine he would fall in love with Yuri, ever. Or rather, whether the day would come when he would want to date a woman.

Atsushi didn’t know if “his old self” would, but for his current self, it seemed impossible.

He didn’t know if such would be possible for him. He really didn’t know… but if such a time ever came, he would for sure consult it to Tsubasa as usual.

Like how it had always been.

“… So, is that all the purpose of calling me today?”

『”That’s part of it, but I called today with a different purpose.”』

As expected…

As expected of Tsubasa, he wouldn’t call just to talk about silly things.

“So? What is it?”

『”It’s no big deal. Just, go on a lover date with me next time.”』

“Is that so, that’s all, huh?………..Pardon?”

Atsushi unintentionally asked again at the words that were too unexpected.


『”Like I said, I’m asking you, Ak-kun, to go on a lover’s date with me next time.”』

Hearing that, Atsushi understood that it wasn’t an auditory hallucination… No, he was forced to understand so.

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