Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 12

12. Accident

Naturally, a traffic jam occurred around the stairs.

Because I looked away, bumped into a girl, and with that momentum, rubbed the girl’s breast.

While trembling, the girl apologized to me, and a crowd glared at her.

The girl in front of me, looked like those you saw on tv where a middle-aged office worker was scolded for doing some misconduct.

It wasn’t me, but only the girl whose breast I rubbed. Really it was a surreal situation.

Once I grasped the situation, I said,

“No, wait! I was the one who touched it. Because I bumped into her. It was me…”

When I said so while panicking in the middle of the group of girls, they turned their gaze toward me, and looked at me with kind eyes.

“When decided to enter this school. We all wrote and submitted an oath, that we’ll never do something that will make men feel unpleasant. And this girl, she broke it.”

“I, I, I’m sor…”

The words of apology weren’t finished… on the contrary, I heard sobbing.

Is this such a serious thing?

“If you live in a special ward, you would get kicked out of this school, and if you live outside the special ward, on top of that, the government will cancel your permission. Right?”

“Yeah, they said that it’ll be only the person, but if they deemed it as a vicious act, then the whole family will also…”

Yep, this is a serious matter.

The first girl whom I bumped, her face turned pale, and the girl whose breast I rubbed had already started crying.

I looked at the girl whom I bumped first…

“…s-she fainted!?”

I wondered why only one made noises, but the first girl had already fallen to the floor.

“This girl is from outside the special ward. It seems that she has let go of her consciousness because of the magnitude of her nervousness.”

I just bumped into her a little, though?

“Hey! Can’t you move? What are you doing?”

I looked up and saw a female teacher squeezing through the waves of people. 

This, what should I do…

At this rate, some girls may get expelled.

The boys, who were assigned to the co-ed school, were enrolled without an examination or an interview. After all, in a sense, the boys were victims.

Textbooks and uniforms were mailed.

The boys only needed to go to the school once during the procedure before enrollment.

In my case, Sis went in my stead, so I didn’t even have to go.

Today, was my first time here.

Probably because of that, there was no prior knowledge of the co-ed school including school rules. I couldn’t find such a memory.

I didn’t think that the girls were asked to oath and even submit in a written paper form.

In the first place, what kind of oath did the girls make? Was it something like a religious oath in writing that people make in the Muromachi Period (1333-1573)?

But even those, once the Sengoku Period (1467-1615) ended, became just a mere paper with no meaning.

A female teacher approached as if trying to mediate.

I’m sure, she’ll be the one making a decision regarding this matter.

I thought so, and explained the events before anyone else. But the answer I got back was unexpected.

“This is different from Middle School. The same rules as in society apply here.”

So, you mean, if an adult woman did the same thing within the Special Ward, she would be arrested? Since this is school, it’ll expulsion?

What a warm-hearted way of doing things, huh!

Certainly, in this Special Ward, it could be said that the ideal had been realized with the aim of creating a society where men could live with peace of mind.

So, women were always acting cautiously.

‘Never make unnecessary contact with men.’

This stable society was established because they were restraining themselves with such a mindset.

However, to immediately give a heavy punishment as soon as the first day of school, was truly what people would call, ‘Punishing a crime to make an example for others’.

And this time, it wasn’t even the girls’ fault.

Thus, I said, again and again, many times, but the female teacher shook her head.

“Even if you say so, but if every time such an event with men is regarded as unexpected or accident, that nightmare called “Honey Squeezing” may happen again.”

Japan was the only country that called it “Honey Squeezing”, and in other countries, it was generally called “Paradise Enticement”.

It was actually pointing out the male incentives of the United States, which the U.S called “Male Privilege”.

At one point, the United States suddenly applied its own male incentives to foreign men as well.

Even if they weren’t their own citizens, if they lived in a special area designated by the United States, they would be given the same incentives as men in their own country.

Not only provided the same treatment but also included financial assistance.

Normally, that wasn’t the case. As a result, many men from all over the world migrated there.

Naturally. As one would expect.

Policies for men vary greatly from country to country.

At that time, the treatment of men living in a monarchy or dictatorship country was by no means good.

The U.S. government cleverly make men who immigrated to ‘Abaddon their country’.

Many men from Japan also migrated to the United States and became US citizens.

The Japanese government was angry and protested, but it was a man’s voluntary action in the first place.

It was wrong for the country to say anything about individual choices, especially men.

And the United States didn’t even listen to Japan’s protest.

In a hurry, Japan also made four “Special Residential Areas for Men”, commonly known as “Special Ward” in Japan, and somehow, stopped the outflow of men.

To this day, many Japanese women still hated US policy by calling it “Honey Squeezing”.

“I learned it in the history of Middle School, but that was more than fifty years ago, right?”

At that time, “Mass SeHa”, the short term for Mass Sexual Harassment, was one of the reasons why many Japanese men migrated to the United States.

At that time, harassment of men was like a routine.

Each person did a small amount… In a way, it was just trivial harassment.

For example, just touching a man’s hand, or just hitting a man’s shoulder while passing by.

What really matter was the quantity in a day. It was a ridiculous amount of harassment.

More so, in this society where the gender ratio was so broken.

Even if women had a little fun once a day, men were harassed a thousand times a day.

Moreover, women weren’t aware that they were harassing men.

Some people thought that their fingertips just touch the men’s bodies a little, like their shoulders that it wasn’t something to be irritated about.

The stress of a man who was suffering from such trivial harassment day and night was so great that many jumped at the sweet words from the United States.

Having been left by many men, women, not only those in Japan, finally realized that generally they were hated so much.

Japanese women regret what they did as deeply as the bottom of the sea, but it was too late.

The squeezed honey wouldn’t come back to the nest.

Of course, even in Japan at that time, excessive contact with men was prohibited.

The government, which thought that wasn’t enough, announced that even trivial contact would be subject to punishment within the “Special Ward” that would be soon created.

Fifty years after the birth of the “Special Ward”, it seemed that recently, a tendency had been created inside women that made them think that it was bad even if they collide a little with men.

Damn it, what should I do…

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  1. Even with the overbearing laws so men won’t flee to another country from the objective horror of having attractive women worshipping the ground men walk on, it seem him saying bumping into her was his fault and it didn’t make him uncomfortable would be enough to solve it.

    1. My thoughts were similar but not the same. My understanding is he tried to say he was at fault but was told that who’s fault matter not, what mattered was it happened.

      I think if he changed his narrative to HE touched her by HIS initiative, it may solve the problem. Since the problem is that it was partly her fault, even if minuscule, she is still to blame, so change it to she did nothing but he did everything. ” Would you expel everyone if I just started touching them instead?” approach may be what is needed to save her right here and now. Alas, he has poor communication skills so that solution may not come to him as quickly.

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