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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 11

TN : Well, yeah, after thinking it for a while, this series will replace Masho Otoko’s slot. This series has about the same length per ch as Masho (nice), and I’m starting to enjoy tl-ng this.

11. The truth of the gender ratio

When I tilted my neck as I didn’t really understand why Atsushi mentioned that, he then explained.

“From long-standing observations, it seems that when the Sunspots becomes large, a large solar flare will occur around it.”

“Ah, I’ve heard of solar flares.”

Only heard, that’s all.

“The size of the Sunspots and the solar flares are closely related, and the larger the Sunspots, the larger the solar flares.”

“Well, so what happens when the solar flares grow larger?”

“Man will not be born”

“… Huh?”

Just now, what did you say?

“Solar flares contain a lot of radiation that falls on the earth, one of which is very high-frequency gamma rays.”

According to the research of great scholars, it seemed that gamma-ray was the main cause of why it was hard to birth a man.

The gamma ray, seemed that it had the property of destroying the Y chromosome, which determined man.

It fell on the earth in large quantities due to solar flares.

“Then, is it the gamma rays, that made this world like this?”

The gamma rays in this world are crazy huh?

“That’s right. Originally, it was expected that the Sunspots would gradually decrease from now on, but it seems that the predictions were wrong. Recently, the news said that the era when only females will be born will still continue.”

Only a few decades ago, 1 in 12, a man was born, even though there were only a few men already.

And now, it was said to be 1 in 1,000.

I’ve been wondering why the birth rate varies so much depending on the times, but that’s the reason?

In middle school, they didn’t teach that much. Just the baseline.

In the long history of humankind, there were times when men were rarely born, and that was all taught in middle school.

Each time, because civilization was about to collapse, it became a really big deal. But now, thanks to artificial insemination, though still needed to worry about it, it wasn’t as much as before.

And perhaps, so that the people wouldn’t get so serious and panic each time about it, the details were hidden at school.

Atsushi then said that since ancient times, the cause of the small number of men had been investigated all over the world, and it was deduced that it had something to do with the Sunspots.

It’s amazing that they somehow managed to find that it has some relation with the Sunspots in an era without any scientific verification yet.

“No one knows what the exact reason is, but when they see sunspots in the sun, they discovered that the birth rate of men drops.”

Atsushi said so, as if he read what was in my mind.

“But, isn’t gamma rays that affect only human men strange?”

“I’m sure, it also affected animals, but those affected have gone extinct, except for humans.”

“Oh… I see.”

So those have been eliminated huh…In other words, the only species that remain on Earth now are animals and plants that aren’t affected by the gamma rays, and humans that are affected by the gamma rays, have managed to find a way to overcome them.

“60 years ago. As a result of a big Sunspot suddenly born on the sun, there was an explosion of solar flares. The surprises of the people at that time were beyond speculation.”

Until then, the ratio was 1:12.

However, due to the explosion of this solar flare, men weren’t born at all.

This was the same for artificial insemination.

Moreover, very high-frequency gamma rays could pass through all substances. There was virtually no way to prevent it.

In other words, right now, there are some men over the age of 60, but few men under the age of 60, is it?

“You said that, it was said that the Sunspots would disappear from now on. Does that mean it’ll be easier for men to be born?”

“That’s right. Until recently, it was said the gamma rays emitted by solar flares have begun to decrease, so the news was pretty good.”

“And, it said to go differently, huh?”

Atsushi nodded.

What a crazy story…

“Not only that, but the fact that the Sunspots may grow, may also gradually make it harder for men to be born in the future. I’m sure women of suitable age will somehow going to do something within these few years.”

Atsushi’s word ​​”somehow”, I could guess about it.

So, they’re going to try to give birth while there is still a high possibility that a man will be born.

The relationship between this solar flare explosion and male birth seemed to have been studied for quite some time.

When the Sunspots disappeared many times in the past and the solar flares explosion decreased, the birth rate of males improved significantly. It was recorded that a population explosion occurred each time.

On the contrary, when the big explosion of solar flare occurred like 60 years ago, the population would fall and the danger of human extinction would come.

“In other words, do all the women who saw this morning’s news, are going to try leaving offspring as soon as they can?”

Atsushi silently nodded.

“Life is hard huh…”

Women’s survival strategy―― in short, girls will be getting more and more aggressive.

In conclusion, the Sunspot wasn’t just astrophysics events, it was something that had more effect on us than I expected.

The entrance ceremony ended without incident.

Maybe because there were boys, close attention was put to the progress of the ceremony.

It felt like it was done in a short time so no one would get bored.

The long greetings of the important people might already be a thing of the past, As the time of the ceremony was less than 30 minutes.

There were two lines until leaving the auditorium, but from there everyone started walking freely.

As for me, I was walking while wondering which one was my classroom, so I was neglecting to pay attention to the surroundings. To put it simply, I wasn’t looking ahead.

Thus, I encountered a small accident near the stairs.



Because I was looking away, I bumped into one of the girls.

In the original world, I would have injured the other person.

But here, it was different. Although the body seemed to have been trained a little, it was the body of a ‘gentle’ slender man.

Even though it was embarrassing to lose balance just by hitting a girl, I had a rare great experience.

“Ah, uh!”

Because of the shock I received suddenly, I stumbled a step and bumped into another girl. 

What a complete blunder.


―― it’s soft…

I felt that my left hand touched something soft.

I wanted to escape from reality. But, couldn’t. I clearly, had touched ‘it’. Yeah, I touched ‘it’.

The girls’ breasts hit the elbows and palms, respectively. Moreover, I was rubbing one of the breasts.

Sure, it was unavoidable, but the fact that I rubbed wouldn’t change.

Ah, I’ve done it!!

The moment I thought, I imagined the woman would scream and cry, then give me a cold gaze blaming me, and a teacher would come with anger.

From now on, she’ll scream…

I closed my eyes in anticipation of the hellish scene.

However, the decisive moment never came.

When I opened my eyes, the girl student I rubbed the breast of was shaking.

“I-I….. I’m sorry. I-I… I didn’t mean it.”

With a voice that seemed to start crying, the woman apologized to me.

The girl whose breast was rubbed apologized to me who rubbed it.



The moment I tried to make a voice, the voice of criticism stopped me from the surroundings.

“Hey, what are you doing!? Why’re you touching the boys!?”

It was an angry scream.

Shortly after turning around, a similar scream follows like an echo.

“Yeah. To touch a boy, shameless, you’re the worst!”

“Even though you did your best to get here, why did you do this?”

Hmmmm? This is unexpected…

Having a hard time processing the situation, I was just dumbfounded on the spot.

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