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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 112

112. When you meet your idol in private, usually, you’ll get nervous

“Pu-pu-pulease einjoy…”

In a panic, Yuri brought the omelet rice set Mei ordered, saying words in a way as if she was some foreigner.

“Thank you very muーchi. Ah, perhaps, this is made by Kaede-san? Looks so delicious. Time to dig in, ‘itadakimasu’… Hummmph. As expected, it’s delicious!!”

Mei continued to eat Kaede’s food with her usual smile on her face.

As for Kaede on the other hand, seeing Mei’s figure, she was shedding tears.

“Mei-chan… Mei-chan is eating my food… perhaps, is this a dream? Or, is this Heaven?”

『”No, this is reality and, this is just inside a normal coffee shop.”』

Although such a calm retort was sent through telepathy, Kaede couldn’t hear it at all, as if she had gone to her own world.

Atsushi asked a question while amazed by Kaede’s expressions.

“So? Why you came here?”

“Ah, actually. I had a “business” near here. It ended earlier than I thought, so I stopped by here. And, I heard about this store from Haru-chan. So, I thought about visiting here once. I wanted to try the meals, but I never thought that Kaede-san could cook so well. In the future, I’m sure you will become a wonderful wife.”

“N-n-no way… can I really be a wonderful wife…?”

“Oi, you, don’t start getting carried away.”

Atsushi unintentionally said such words to Kaede, who started to believe it.

Anyway, he then asked another important question.

“But, is it okay? It’s illegal for maids and customers to meet outside, right?”

It was against the rules for a maid to have a relationship with a customer outside. This was what Kaede said. Therefore, it was natural for Atsushi to have doubts about this.

However, Mei flatly denied it.

“That’s an exaggeration. Certainly, it’s NG (Not Good) to have a more than normal relationship, but on the contrary, there’s no problem if you go as a customer. In the end, we’re just maids working in a maid cafe. We’re not idols or actresses. There is no need to be so restricted.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. it is.”

What a straightforward answer.

Indeed, even though they were working as maids, they were in the end, just ordinary people. If so, no matter where you were or what you were doing, it wouldn’t be regulated. Even more so, visiting shops, that much, they should be allowed.

{low voice} “………Besides, Haru-chan said she’s been to this restaurant before. Or rather, she said she’s eaten Kaede-san’s home cooking too. Then, I’m fine doing this too.” {low voice}

“What did you say?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’m just appreciating this very delicious dish.”

While saying that, Mei continued eating Kaede’s food.

That smile on her face was genuine, and it looked like she was eating really deliciously.

“Very… delicious you say…? Dangerous… I, might die today…”

『”Kaede-san, I can totally understand your feelings, but please take care of yourself better.”』

Yuri sent such telepathy.

But well, Kaede’s attitude wasn’t that unreasonable. For Kaede who thought of Mei as an idol, her favorite person, the fact that such a person came to the store where she was working, and ate the food she cooked, was too much for her brain. In addition, Mei was satisfied with the food, saying that it was very delicious.

It was impossible to say that this wouldn’t make her feel like she was in Heaven.

“Ah, but, but, please keep this a secret from others, okay? In exchange, here’s for you all!”

And what Mei took out were several amulets.

“This is……?”

“This is the amulet that will be available at the store next time. It will be used at the upcoming event, but I will give it to everyone now.”

“Are you serious!? Yahoooooyy!!”

Kaede raised a strange voice and was delighted.

Somehow, her appearance wasn’t like a delinquent beautiful girl, but just a disgusting otaku.

“Oi, can’t you be more moderate!?”

“Oh, my, what the hell are you saying? It’s a gift from Mei-chan!! There’s no way I wouldn’t be this happy!! Mei-chan, thank you!! I’ll treasure this!!”

Kaede gave a disgusting smile, but this time Atsushi didn’t say anything.

After that, while talking about trivial things for a while, the time passed steadily.

“Well then, this is it for me. Everyone, please come visit the cafe again, okay?”

“Yeah. I’ll definitely go!!”

“Really? Then, I’ll be waiーting for you.”

Mei left the place while saying so.

Kaede muttered softly when she saw the back of Mei, who kept smiling until the very end.

“Oh my, oh my, really. Mei-chan is a real angel.”

“Yeah. That’s right. And I realized again that you’re also disappointing.”

『”Really, so different from me.”』

“No, only you, have no right to say that.”

They were all having a conversation as usual.


“―――Yes. Yes. As requested, I’ve completed the matter earlier. Probably, there’s no problem. Yes… well then, let’s put it that way for now.”

Saying so, the girl hung up the phone.

Pheeew… I feel like this matter has finally reached its end. This time was a little tough, but I was able to meet “Master” on the way to work, so let’s say it was worth it.

Thinking about that, the girl stretched out and took a deep breath.

“Now then. Next time too, I’ll do my best to take down the heart of “Master”!!”

While saying those words, the girl smiled and headed home.

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