Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 10

10. Another boy

Itsuki high school, was one of the only two co-ed high schools within the Special Ward Tokyo.

Each grade had 6 classes. Two boys were always assigned to each class.

So, there were only 36 boys in the whole school.

Only 36 boys in the school huh…? So few.

I had already been told the result of the classification. My class was 1-1.

When I entered the classroom, the atmosphere of the female students changed at once.

They weren’t looking at me, but it seemed that they focused to listen. At least, I felt that way.

And for some reason, everyone was standing. 

Why don’t you all sit down?

No one looked at me, so I just proceed to sit in an empty seat.

Then the nearest girl’s desk was moved one desk away from mine and sat down. 

Am I being avoided?

About five minutes in such an awkward atmosphere, then a petite boy came into the classroom.

He was holding his bag to his chest and bending over while looking around.

When he found me, he sat down to the right of me with a relieved expression.

Ah, now I understand the reason why the girl moved her desk.

“Hello, I am Atsushi Kunou from Saiki Middle School, nice to meet you.”

“Yo, I’m Taketo Souya, nice to meet you. Can I just call you Atsushi?”

The impression of a weak boy with a small face gave me an idol-like atmosphere.

He was just like a hamster. If a snake approached aggressively, he would be the type that scared on spot without doing anything.

In the original world, I had only been friends with men who would do chest slaps jokingly, so I had no cute male friends.

I wonder if I can get along with him well…

“Yes. Then, can I call you Souya-kun? You see, I don’t have much chance of calling someone by name.”

“Is that so? Well, you can call me as you like, we’re the only two boys in this class after all. So, let’s get along.”

“Thank you… but, you know that the percentage of girls in a class suddenly increased, right? Don’t you hate it?”

Atsushi, with a hesitant voice, asked me so.

In most Middle Schools, the ratio of girls and boys was 3:1.

So, during breaks, the boys could get together and talk only among boys.

And in this class, there were 38 girls and 2 boys. Doing so would be hard.

Anyway, it was so unbalanced for a co-ed school.

“Isn’t it okay? This just increases the possibilities.”


“Well, of course, for being po… p-pampered by many girls, that’s what I mean… so, I think it’s okay to increase it?”

“Is that so? I’m not particularly happy even if I’m pampered too much by girls.”

At a volume that was hard to hear by the surroundings, Atsushi said so.

“You see, girls get satisfaction by doing so. I think that unless there’s something that they want from you, you should accept it without thinking much. It’s a co-ed school after all.”

“Souya-kun, you’re so adult.”

Somehow Atsushi was impressed, but I was just telling him about my desires in a roundabout way.

From yesterday to today, I had been sorting the memory of the real “Taketo Souya”, and now, it was almost finished.

I also somewhat understood why he wanted to escape from the girls.

Boys tried to escape from girls, in a way, because of a manifestation of ‘Survival Instinct’.

This couldn’t be overcome by sociality, reason, and common sense.

Even if you could understand it with your emotions, your instinct refused.

Anyhow it was natural for women to seek men.

But men couldn’t meet the demands of all women.

It couldn’t be helped because the ratio was so unbalanced.

Females underwent evolution, so they should be the ones chosen by men.

Yes, evolution. All kinds of evolution. To make sure that would happen.

They became more feminine and looked more like men’s taste.

But still, all couldn’t be chosen.

The number of men in this world was so few.

Desperation… was what made women’s survival strategies more radical.

Breeding courtship behaviors could be found in animals too, such as peacock feathers, crane dances, and frog choruses.

If men didn’t do it, was it wrong that the females doing courtship behavior? No.

Another example would be, the duel between stags where the horns hit each other, such rivalry was to show strength to get a partner.

After all, all creatures in the world wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t go extinct. So it wasn’t strange that a human female had blossomed such rivalry instinct to get a man.

In other words, since the birth of humankind in this world, women had continued to improve themselves to acquire men.

Only the female who won in a jungle-like situation had a male partner, as if the male was a trophy. Many said such history happened in this world.

On the other hand, what about men?

Whether they turned to the right or to the left, they could only see women most of the time.

Men had continued to stay as unobtrusive as possible by living less noticeably.

If they didn’t do that, many women would clash with each other just to get them. In other words, to act in a way that would make them a trophy that most wouldn’t want.

In the first place, men in this world didn’t have to act positively to leave offspring.

After all, this was an environment where the man could easily get the woman he wanted.

In other words, ‘You don’t want me? I don’t need you in the first place.’

In other words, in the case of men, it was important to “not get involved” with women who didn’t need them.

As a result, men had been more reluctant and passive with each generation.

Rather than becoming a trophy themselves and being picked up by the winning girl of a fight, they wanted a future where they would be the ones to be able to choose who would be the winner.

However, if men stood out in society, such a future wouldn’t come.

Because there would be always a fight for you.

Finding a woman whom a man ‘wanted to be with’, didn’t mean that she would be the final winner of a fight.

Therefore, men began to learn how to live by avoiding females in an unobtrusive manner.

The result was a composition of a woman who was actively pursuing a man and a man who was actively running away from the woman.

Even now that the times had changed and a more mature society had been formed, that didn’t change.

Even if artificial insemination made it possible to leave offspring if desired, women were still eager to seek men, and men continued to live unobtrusive as much as possible without being noticed by women.

“By the way, recently I saw the news, saying that the Sunspots are getting bigger and bigger. Even though, they said that it might disappear soon.”

“… Hmm? Sunspots? Is that bad?”

Is it some astrophysics events or something?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Interesting lore dump… The previous work Masho never delved into how or why the imbalance of genders were a thing. It was what bugged me the most since it would be literally impossible to sustain that imbalance of genders.

    However, this series tried to tackle that plot hole of an issue quite quickly. Humans evolved to sustain the imbalance of genders and with the more advanced technology of this world, it is possible to create offsprings artificially, at least that is how I interpreted what “artificial insemination” means in this context.

    Just these starting blocks makes it possible to imagine how the world ended up like it is. If they delve more into the history of the world and how people acted to sustain the imbalance of genders before artificial insemination was possible, it would fill even more gaps of the plot hole.

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