Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 9

9. Inside the bus

“…It’s a lot of green”

Supposedly, it was in the middle of Tokyo. However, a landscape that didn’t seem to be an urban area was spreading in my sight.

“That’s of course. After all, development restrictions are applied in the special ward.”

“Development restrictions huh…”

Wealth throughout Japan was concentrated in only ‘Four Special Wards’.

In the case of the Special Ward Tokyo, the area was within a circle with a radius of 8 kilometers, including the man-made land.

Anyway, the total area was about 200 square kilometers.

And there were 100,000 people living in it. Speaking of population density, it wasn’t enough to make this special ward feel cramped.

“Ah, there are only a few cars running.”

“Well, it’s a kind of status if you can have a car in the special ward. Think about it, the maintenance cost is great, also, it’s more convenient to take an unmanned taxi. That’s why, I think that few people have it.”

“Oh… I see. Right, automation is extremely advanced here.”

Normal vehicles were prohibited from entering from outside the special ward. And, getting permission for a commercial vehicle was difficult.

Instead, there was a conveyor for goods running underground, and a fully auto unmanned taxi for transport. Using it was a lot cheaper.

For most people, it didn’t make much sense to have a private car.

Unmanned taxis couldn’t travel on highways, but there was no problem with running around a well-organized town.

In fact, my family had no car, even though lived in such a good house.

“Even the luggage you bought will arrive before you got home most of the time.”

I see

I nodded.

In here, you could choose automatic delivery at the store where you shopped.

It would be then automatically delivered to the immediate vicinity of the house using an underground conveyor.

As long as you had a smartphone that you used to send your luggage, you could easily take out your luggage.

All unmanned. All automatic.

Even if there were only a few people, since automatization has advanced in many areas, it was possible to live a comfortable life here.

“By the way, that, farewell party… I’m sorry.”

As I was exploring memories, I noticed that during spring break, Makoto, Rie and Yuuko, the three of them planned a farewell party.

The real owner of this body might not feel like that, since he prayed with all his heart at the Shrine, and in the end, exchanged places with me.

“Don’t worry. We knew you were having a hard time, it’s okay.”

In fact, they called and emailed me several times, but got nothing.

“You see, I’ve been thinking about it… so, that, why don’t we go somewhere next time?”

“Eh? A-are you for real?”

I tried to say it as naturally as possible, but Makoto bit at it more than I expected.

She looked at me with a very serious face.

“I-I mean, let’s go somewhere, four of us.”

Makoto bit into it so strongly that I suddenly, lost my composure.

“Yes! I think Rie and Yuuko will be happy too! Let’s go! Yes, yes, let’s go!”

Makoto got excited and the other passengers were enviously staring at us.

Residents in the special ward were thoroughly educated that they should be humble to men.

They were more timid than necessary because it was possible to get kicked out of the special ward with just one report from a man.

No one would want to let go of this privileged life because of a temporary delusion.

That was why, the bus passengers envied Makoto who had been talking with me.

In a way, this was the distorted part of this society. One of the harmful effects because there were extremely few men.

Finally, the bus went slowly.

I could see the front of Itsuki High School.

So, I pressed the get-off button and got off the bus. And Makoto followed me behind.

Going down together would only mean that the high school that Makoto would attend, wasn’t in the direction where the bus would go.

“Makoto’s school, where is it again?”

“Umm… there.”

“Isn’t it the one who came now?”

Makoto pointing in the opposite direction made me surprised.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t take long to go there.”

I know that Makoto has been waiting for me since the morning, but it seems I really made her worry.

“Then, I’ll go… Please contact me again. Absolutely. You must.”

“Yeah, I understand. We’ll be going out together after all. I’ll definitely contact you.”

When I said that, Makoto had a strange expression. She looked pleased but blushed at the same time.

“Makoto, thank you so much. Don’t be late for the entrance ceremony.”

“Thank you for your concern. But, it’s okay. I’m still in time.”

Makoto tried to cross to the other side of the road.

I guess, she’ll probably get on the bus on the opposite side.

Here, I remembered the word of the Goddess.

「”If you wave your hand, just by that, the woman will be happy” 」

Right, Makoto gave priority to sending me here over her school entrance ceremony today

I’m sure she’ll be going to her high school in a hurry.

I want to convey this gratitude to Makoto now.

For that reason, I think it’s okay to tease her a little, right?

No, this is just simple gratitude. In return for coming all the way here.

Yes, simple gratitude.

“Makoto. Hey, come here for a moment.”

“Eh? What?”

I beckoned to Makoto who was trying to cross the road.

To her, who was tilting her head, I put my hand on her waist.

Not only that, I pulled her with all my might and whispered softly in her ear.

“Makoto, thank you very much for today.”


I found that Makoto’s body got stiff.

I gave her a smile and pushed her back.

“Well, then. I can see the bus already. Don’t miss the bus.”


Makoto turned around and started walking like a robot.

The fact that her right hand and right foot were moving at the same time, meant that she liked what I did. It must be.

Makoto, who had finished crossing the road, looked at me, and her lips were quivering.

When I laughed and waved, the bus arrived.

“…Then, it’s time to go.”

Soon, it’s the entrance ceremony.

Soon, it’s the start of my popular life…… I guess?

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