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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 100

100. Chapter 100

A number of sailing ships were lined up at the harbor Walm was guided by Saachef. Even from a distance, the ship’s size could be felt, but its enormity stood out as you get closer. Walm had also boarded a ferryboat when crossing a river, but it was completely not similar at all to a large sailing ship, it was like comparing a small fish to a whale.

A large number of laborers were carrying water and food onto the ship. The heavy barrels were roughly wrapped with ropes and lowered directly onto the deck by a hoist. It was like an ant preparing itself to carry food into its burrow, but what was terrifying was its load capacity. The numbers were too different to compare with land transportation.

Although everything Walm saw was new, he couldn’t play around innocently, he could only move his eyes and look at them.

“Well, this is the ship, the Adelina.”

A large sailing ship was docked at the pier pointed by Saachef.

Seeing it, Walm gulped.

The length of the wooden hull would have reached fifty meters. The bow and poop deck were like a part of a fortress. The width of the ship, would still have spare space even if a Squad was lined up. The height of the main mast was about 50 meters, it was a height that would be difficult to even look around nearby places.

A statue of a woman with really plump breasts was attached to the bow. Whether it was the captain’s wish or the work of the craftsman who built the ship, Walm had no way of knowing, but he could see through the taste of the person who decided to install the statue.

“Looks great, right?”

Saachef said proudly. Whether it was the size of the ship or the breast of the statue, Walm didn’t know. Though he felt a little troubled with the remarks, there was no way to deny it.

“Yeah, it’s really great. I think I’ll like this ship.”

“Glad that it’s to your liking. Before you board the ship, I’m sure you’ve already heard from the tavern, but let me say it again, my name is Saachef.”

Walm, who was told to tell him his name in a roundabout way, introduced himself.

“It’s Walm.”

“Walm, is it? With this, the introduction end. Next, let’s meet the Captain of this ship. Follow me.”

Perhaps the Adelina’s cargo had almost finished boarded, unlike the other anchored ships, the traffic of people and goods was modest. Walm, who reached the side of the ship just after passing a few people, looked up at the hull. Among the gunwales that looked like handrails, the gangway, which was placed slightly lower, was hung.

“Don’t fall”

Saachef climbed up the gangway as if he was walking on the ground. Walm followed and stepped on the board with one foot. He felt a slight creaking in the soles of his shoes. The ship swaying in the waves and the fixed pier cause the gangway to sway slightly.

Walm’s steps weren’t as light as Saachef’s, but weren’t clumsy either.

Anyway, Walm climbed up safely and landed on the upper deck. Large barrels and hemp bags were still temporarily placed on the upper deck, and the sailors were handling them.

“Those hemp bags aren’t going in the hold. Take it to the kitchen, it’s for today’s meal.”

“Slowly. Lower it slowly. Watch out for hatch. Or, he’ll yell at you.”

Saachef, who noticed Walm’s sidetracking, guided him while scratching his head.

“It may seem unusual, but the voyage will be long. You’ll get tired looking at these fast. Come here.”

Walking from the upper deck to the stern, Walm climbed the stairs leading to the poop deck.

“Saachef, why are you bringing in mercenary? Planning to start a rebellion, huh?”

An elderly man resting his elbows on the railing of the poop deck called out to Saachef. And immediately, the eyes of the sailors who were engaged in the work gathered at Walm.

“Deck Boss, please stop making unfunny jokes.”

“Hahaha, my bad. Old Man is the captain’s cabin.”

The boatswain sincerely apologized as he heard the crew’s protest. Saachef beckoned Walm without showing any signs of concern.

Following Saachef to a room that had an atmosphere difficult to approach. It was the only slightly different-looking room on the ship with an interior emphasizing practicality and little decoration. There were silver decorations on the outer of the room and gold-plated doorknobs.

“Excuse me, Captain.”

After an unassumingly modest knock, Saachef opened the door and entered the room. Passing through the door, there were some furnishings, and several paintings lined on the walls.

In the center of the room was the target, the Captain of the ship. His face was carved with deep wrinkles and bruises, and around his mouth, there was a rich but well-groomed beard. Judging by his appearance, perhaps, he was approaching his 60th birthday? In any case, the glint in his eyes through the gap in his hat was sharp. Combined with his high nose, it didn’t feel like he had weakened. He seemed to have many experiences leading people. At least looking from the side, he was giving such an aura.

Perhaps still considering the route, the table was filled with nautical charts, mariner’s compass, rulers, and calculation sheets with some sort of calculations written on them. It was the most elaborately drawn map of the seas of the Archipelago that Walm had ever seen.

“I brought one passenger, hoping to go to the Labyrinth City.”

“Did you tell him the rules?”

“Roughly yes.”

“There’s a paper on the wall with the rules written on it. Can you read it?”

Walm answered the Captain’s question.

“I could.”

Where Walm was prompted to look. A framed rulebook was nailed to the wall.

Read the rules one by one. In addition to the things heard beforehand, there were supplementary rules, but most of them wouldn’t matter unless something extreme happened.

“I’ve confirmed it. There’s no problem at all.”

Walm noticed his tone stiffening there. It seemed that he was drowned in the talk of rules and the strict silence of the room.

“From your looks, seems to be a skilled mercenary, but doesn’t seem violent. Passengers like you, are always welcome. Welcome to my ship.”

Walm, who was welcomed, paid the boarding fee and left the captain’s cabin. He then followed Saachef to the hatch. Going down the stairs, he found sailors engaged in work on the middle deck, going back and forth between the upper and lower decks.

Luggage was tied to the base of various masts and many were lining on the way. The spirit of sailors who wouldn’t allow wasted space was transmitted to Walm.

“This is the guest room. Well, in a long voyage, it’s become a storage room.”

In the space separated by a temporary partition, there were other guests. The guest’s origin was diverse. Mercenaries, adventurers, peddlers, and ordinary citizens. On the other ship, the guests might be segregated. However, there were no rich or privileged people here.

“I thought it would be like a shelf separated by groups.”

“Even now, there are ships that use bunk beds, but they were a nuisance. You can make a bed anywhere with hammocks. Put up a partition wall, and it’ll be a fine cabin. You see, bunk beds shake in a storm, and you may fall and hurt yourself. Being more careless and you may die from the fall.”

Saachef said while tapping Walm’s head. Certainly, being thrown in an unprotected state, it would be hard to avoid a blow to the head, and a fracture might be made on the cervical spine.

“Your bed, it’s over there. I’ve work to do, so I’ll be away, but let’s get along. If anything happens, tell me. I’ve got my silver coin after all.”

Saachef waved his hand after saying so and returned to the upper deck.

Walm, left behind in the ‘elegant’ guest room, immediately moved to check the bed.

The hammocks, which Walm thought were made from rough rope, were actually made of sturdy fabric. Well, it could be used as a spare sail or as a kind of protective equipment during battle. Relieved as the bed wouldn’t be that bad, Walm put his luggage under his head area and left his back to the hammocks.

In addition to walking continuously for four days, the tense feelings had accumulated fatigue that surpassed Walm’s expectations.

Stifling a yawn, Walm’s eyelids gradually got heavy. As sleepiness attacked him intermittently, he finally raised a weak voice. Let out a small sigh, he surrendered to the fatigue, and quietly took a nap.

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