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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 111

111. Miracle sometimes happens

A few days later.

Atsushi had been discharged from the hospital and came to Yuri’s coffee shop.

『”――――And, that’s it.”』

Yuri spoke about the incidents.

The girl in apron who was listening to this―― Kaede said,

“Is that so?”

And turned to Atsushi.

“Yamagami, you, had a hard time huh.”

“Yeah. Well, on the good side, I’m glad the interrogation was over in 2 days, while I was in the hospital. Also, it’s good that I don’t need to spend a long time in the hospital, or else my long-awaited summer vacation would be wasted.”

Atsushi and Kirishima were judged to have no particular injuries or brain problems, and after a few days of hospitalization, they were able to return to their normal lives.

Of course, the investigation into the case was still ongoing, so the police might occasionally ask various questions, but even so, it could be said that they were in a better condition than staying in the hospital all the time.

“To the hard-working you, Here. It’s a cheesecake to celebrate your discharge from the hospital.”

While saying that, Kaede placed the cheesecake on the tray in front of Atsushi.

“Ooooh… Hirose, you, can make a cake too?”

“Just some. Recently, I started trying my best to make desserts. I mean, this shop has desserts on the menu. So yeah, I thought of asking your opinion too.”

“Then, I’ll that your kind offer…… Yeah, it’s delicious.”

It was words that came from the heart.

As expected of Kaede. Her desserts, seemed to be first class.

『”……Umm? Kaede-san, where’s mine?”』

“Why, you think you’ll get it too as a matter of course? As I said, I made this for a celebration of Yamagami’s discharge from the hospital.”

『”You’re, kidding…..”』

Kaede’s words drove Yuri into despair.

Yuri’s expression was the same as usual… No, it was getting a little darker.

Looking at her face like that, Kaede gave a wry smile and said,

“……that’s, right, it was just a joke. Here. It’s yours.”

Saying that, Kaede brought another piece of cheesecake from the kitchen, and Yuri’s expression became a little brighter.

『“As expected of Kaede-san!! The harem heroine!!”』

“Wait, why am I a harem heroine… I don’t remember having a harem.”

『”What are you saying? Aren’t you popular at that maid cafe? Who was it again, Mei-chan and Haru-chan? 』

“Popular… ah, that’s their job over there, if you go there, all the customers will be treated like me, right?”

『”You don’t need to be so humble. A friend of mine said told me about it you know? That those two maids were fighting you. And the spectacle was so precious that even the surrounding customers couldn’t help but stare. Well, well, as expected of Kaede-san.』

While saying that, Yuri was enjoying the cheesecake.

Then, as if saying that her turn had ended, Atsushi drew a question and throw it at her.

“By the way, is Ninomiya Haruna doing well?”

“Yeah. Haruna-chan… Well, there’s been a lot going on, so I’ve been contacting her often. More than that, let me tell you, talking to the maid outside the store feels a bit, immoral you know…”

“You’re exaggerating again.”

“It’s not an exaggeration. The relationship between a maid and a customer is only inside that store. Basically, it’s against the rules to take that relationship outside. Haruna-chan and I are an exception among exceptions.”

Well, Maid café… the maids would exist only in that space. They would give their affection to everyone, loved by their customer and loved their customers. However, that was an illusion that would be only allowed inside that store. It was natural that there would be a rule saying it was ‘NG’ (Not Good) to take such a relationship outside. If you do that, it was obvious that there would be no good future for either of them.

However, after hearing Kaede’s words, Atsushi suddenly asked a question.

“But, what if you meet the maid outside the store?”

“That’s… well, we do say hello to each other, but that’s about it. Going out somewhere together like a friend, that kind of thing is out of the question. To us, those girls are idols. And you know that it’s a natural etiquette for an otaku not to meddle in an idol’s private life, right?”

『”Well, well, you’re absolutely correct.”』

Yuri nodded strongly at Kaede’s words. Although the genre of interest was different, as a fellow otaku, she could relate to Kaede’s feelings.

“Also, in the first place, that store is in the neighboring town. Basically, something like bumping into me, who lives here, on the street, there’s no way such a miracle could happen.”

While saying such things, the door of the coffee shop suddenly opens.


“Ah, so, it’s this placeー”

Hearing a familiar voice, Atsushi turned his gaze toward the voice as he was curious who was it, and then, widened his eyes.

“Huff, you see, I’ve been looking for you. I heard from Haru-chan that it was around here, but I couldn’t find it that fast…still, I’m glad. It looks like I managed to come here.”

“Eh, ah, eh……?”

“You are…..”

All surprised.

After all, the one who opened the door, no matter how many times they checked form head to toes, was Kaede’s favorite maid―――― Mei.

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