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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 7

TN : Anyway, this ch, since I’ve chose to TL this with this style, might be a bit jarring for some.

7. My determination

After dinner, I returned to my room.

Sis, Moe-chan, and Saki-chan, all three of them seemed to be doing the cleaning.

I looked around my room.

It was a simple room.

There wasn’t much in the room. Besides the bed and study desk, there was only one half-sized bookshelf.

Based on the size of the house and place, the family wasn’t in an extreme poverty situation, and it wasn’t that the parent didn’t offer to buy anything.

Apparently, this “Taketo Souya” had no hobbies and no desire.

There were plain clothes in a small chest of drawers in the closet, but that was all.

“It looks like he wasn’t really interested in things at all.”

Based on the memories, most of the free time was spent reading a book quietly in the room.

I looked into the bookshelf, but there were only thick books with contents that were difficult, at least for me.

Apart from that, there were also photo books.

Many of them were pictures of natural landscapes such as the sea and mountains.

The Goddess said “he” had a happy life as a mountaineer, but it must be because he really wanted to go to a place like the one in the photo book.

However, outside of the special ward, there were only women.

It must have been difficult to go outside thinking that it would be just “a little trip”.

It’s normal to look at a photo book of places you can’t go.

Or rather, he may have used this, to ease his mind.

As I flipped through the photobooks, I found some familiar scenery.

Right… even in a parallel world, this is Japan.

What kind of feeling did the owner of this body have while looking at the photo book?

I could only imagine it because the memory couldn’t reproduce the feelings.

Perhaps he wanted to leave the house with a backpack if he could.

Perhaps he wanted to escape from this female-only environment and travel in nature to his heart’s content.


Suddenly I thought of something.

This world where the gender ratio is so unbalanced. I’ve been thinking about things from the perspective of the owner of this body, that is, the male side.

But in this world, the overwhelming majority are women. Moreover, young women.

What kind of feeling do those women have?

「”It’s the life of a popular man”」

I remembered what the Goddess said.

It’s natural for men to be popular, like it or not. There are extremely few men after all. Or rather, it’s strange that men aren’t popular.

So, what about women?

When it comes to survival competition, most women will be on the ‘defeated side’. In other words, most aren’t popular.

“So… Many women in the world… aren’t popular!?”

It was just a fact, but I just realized it.

And it terrorized me.

After all, in the original world, I wasn’t popular. 

I wasn’t popular, at all.

Therefore, I could understand the feelings of those who weren’t popular. I understood it clearly, painfully.

Seeing a handsome guy who quickly entered the circle of men and women, spat out nifty lines, and raised likability, I could only look from the side with regret.

And, most of the women in the world would be the same as me at that time.

The average men, like the owner of this body, were quite reluctant to approach women.

And, perhaps the women weren’t aggressive enough? Or, perhaps they thought they would only bring trouble? Most women wanted to keep a distance from men.

Well, considering the circumstances could be said similar to a boy being sent to a girls’ school alone, I could somewhat understand their feelings. Though, in this society, you couldn’t just blame the women.

Anyway, because of that, in this world, most women weren’t really popular.

Even if they tried to be what men like, they can’t be popular.

Even if they didn’t lack effort, they can’t be popular.

No matter how much the women polished themselves on the outside and inside, they can’t be popular.

Do the men of this world know how hard they are trying?

Well, even if they knew it, surely, they would take it for granted.

But, that’s natural.

After all, on the men’s side, there’s no such thing called “unpopular”.

“I see… so, the only man who understands the feelings of those who aren’t popular… is me?”

It’s society’s fault. Society’s fault. But, women who aren’t popular still can’t be saved by only blaming it.

And I, am the only one who noticed this.

Only I, who want to be popular, enough to shed tears of blood, can understand their feelings.

――If so, what should I do?

Of course, right. I just have to do what I wanted to do.

In the original world, I wasn’t talked to by a woman.

――If so, I’ll talk to the woman here.

It’s my dream to go to and leave school with a woman.

In the original world, it was a dream that would never come true.

――If so, I’ll do it to them here.

Bad communication skills? Never really talked to a woman? So what about it?

Nothing will stop me. I mean, isn’t it okay to fail?

I’m happy just to be talked to by a woman.

Yes, like what I told the Goddess before I came here. 

I’ll do anything to get popular.

And if there’s some inconvenience, I’ll break through it with spirit and guts!

“… Okay, I’ve decided!”

Tomorrow is the high school entrance ceremony.

Let’s talk to women as much as possible.

I’ll give the girls what I wanted them to do.

It would be impossible to make them all happy. Not realistic.

But isn’t it possible to give those within my reach?

Let’s do as much as I can.

I’ll make them smile.

That may be the meaning of my arrival in this world.

Anyway, I want to live a life without regrets with this body.

And I think, it can be achieved by making me myself and the women around me happy.

“Alright, let’s do it!”

Yes, this is revenge. Revenge of a man who has never been popular.

If other men don’t want to do it, I’ll be the one to make many women happy.

I stood up and pushed my fist toward the ceiling.

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  1. This is… Some sort of logic. Idealistic and escapist type of logic, but I guess that fits the personality we know so far.

  2. So now his life would look like being an employee of a host bar 24/7, I guess. Brightening the lives of lonely office ladies with small talk and superficial gestures.

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