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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 110

110. Is there another kind of tsundere?

It was night.

Yuri and Hiiragi had already gone home, and the hospital room was already dark.



“Why didn’t you ask me anything?”

Sudden question from Kirishima.

Of course, Atsushi understood what she meant.

“This matter, at least, has something to do with me, you know? So to speak, because of me, you were involved in something that might have killed you, you know? How can you remain calm?”

The photo that Hiiragi showed in the daytime. The name of the religious group that Kirishima’s father used to run was in the picture.

Though, the real reason wasn’t clear. But at the very least, it was no coincidence that Kirishima was left behind in the game this time around.

And the same could probably be said for Atsushi.

“That’s, well, now that you mention it… you’re also a victim this time. After all, you were also about to die.”

“Seriously? Don’t you think that was a trap made by me? Don’t you think that I won’t come up with such a thought as to invite you to let your guard down by deliberately risking my own life?”

“No, you wouldn’t do something so insidious. I mean, that reaction of yours was honest… on the contrary, if that was all acting, that’s scary.”

Of course, it was possible that Kirishima had that much acting ability. It was also possible that she was talking like this on purpose, as a strategy to put Atsushi off guard.

However, Atsushi couldn’t believe that her attitude today was all a lie.

“…Really, you’re so stupid. In that way, you’re just like your father.”

“What do you mean… oh, wait, I just remember what I heard from my father on the phone the other day. Did he go to your place?”

“…Yes. he came. He heard about me from you, so he came to see me in person… Really, how could he come after what all happened.”

Such harsh words. But it couldn’t be helped. Whatever the circumstances, from Kirishima’s point of view, Atsushi’s father exposed her father’s true identity, destroyed “Father’s Lake”, and took her place away from her. If the culprit had come in front of her, she couldn’t have been calm.

“So, what happened?”

“Nothing much. Just, I let all things that has been piled up in my heart and gave him my fist. That’s all.”

“Tough you said, that’s all. You did something so violent.”

Atsushi immediately retorted at the answer.



“…He didn’t budge even when I hit him. On the contrary, I hit him too hard that my fist hurt. What a joke-like end, right?”

And so on, Atsushi couldn’t help but smile wryly at the words.

“Well, my father is stronger than me. He trained himself to the point his body became so hard like steel.”

“To be honest, I’d like to dismiss it, but…it’s true, it was as hard as steel.”


Atsushi murmured in his mind.

He himself was quite sturdy and wouldn’t budge from being hit. But more than that, his father ――― Taro Yamagami had the toughness of a monster.

It seemed that it was the result of various physical training using what he learned from the Internet and correspondence study, but normally such things wouldn’t make the body hard like steel. Therefore, it could be said that Taro’s body was out of common sense.

“After that, he apologized a lot. Saying, that he regretted not being able to give appropriate action to me… But, even if he said so, it was too late.”


Atsushi couldn’t respond to Kirishima’s words.

What her father did was a crime and not something to be overlooked. That was why Atsushi’s father, Taro, crushed it.

However, it was also true that, because of that, Kirishima had a hard time after that. Also, precisely because he could sense her feelings, he couldn’t overpower her with fair reasoning.

“I’ve done a lot to get revenge on you guys. Yet, you guys apologized so easily and talked to me normally… Really, I can’t help but lose my motivation. To be honest, if you’re just a piece of trash who threatens and treats me like nothing more than an object, I’d be more grateful. Like those ugly bastards that came out in N〇R 18+ manga.”

“That’s a really specific analogy.”

What a terrible example but it was Kirishima’s honest feelings.

“Besides, you helped me. It makes me lose myself. Like, what am I supposed to feel? Hufff…”

Kirishima let out a long sigh.

“However…….. It’s true that I was saved by you. So, you see, I, you see, want to give my gratitude……. thanks”

In a low, really low voice, Kirishima said those words.

Of course, Atsushi could hear those. And hearing this, Atsushi tried to say something back.

“I said what I wanted to say, and I’m going to sleep now. Then.”

However, before Atsushi could say anything, Kirishima said so, closed the curtains, and fell asleep.

…I wonder what it is. Is this phenomenon, a kind of tsundere…?

While thinking such foolish things, Atsushi also fell asleep.

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