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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 6

6. Family affair


In the evening, an electronic sound was heard, and the screen on the wall automatically displayed the image.

“Did Mom come back?”

The surroundings of the house were constantly monitored by cameras, and the living room and bedroom were notified when there was movement in the surroundings.

In the original world, the installation of fire alarms was obligatory, but in this world, it seemed that the installation of surveillance systems was also obligatory.

“I’m back.”

My mother… Mom appeared at the front door.

She looked like as I remembered, but the real deal looked younger. Very young.

Her appearance with a jacket on a thin blouse was good. It seemed that the style of the person herself was also good.

“ “Welcome back, Mom” “

My sister… Sis and I greeted so at the front door.

Mom and Sis were beautiful. I still couldn’t believe they would be my family from now on.

Even if someone said the scene that I saw here looked like those of a home drama played by an actress, I would believe them.

“Ara, Take-chan is back. Tomorrow is the entrance ceremony, right? Look, I bought sea bream. Look, look”

Mom handed me a styrofoam box, which she was holding.

When I opened the lid, a bright red sea bream was in the center. What an excellent choice.

“Wait, are you going to cut it yourself?”

Sis asked so. Even she probably never handled the sea bream. Well, even in the original world, I couldn’t think many teens could handle sea bream.

“Of course, I’ll do it. I like some sashimi tonight. And… right, let’s make some into a donburi” [TN: Donburi, food where you put something [usually meat] on top of a bowl of rice.]

“It’s a full course of sea bream.”

“Sometimes it’s okay, isn’t it? Also, I’m going to use good miso today. Ah, my arms already itching.”

Mom rushed into the kitchen.

I had a lot of memories of her cooking. However, since the memory was only the image at that time, no matter how much I explored the memory, the taste couldn’t be reproduced.

Well, she seemed to be good at cooking, so I was looking forward to it.

Following her, I went to the kitchen with the box of sea bream in my arms.

“Hey, Minayo hasn’t come back?”

“I think she’ll come back at the usual time. Anyway, she hasn’t come back.”

“Well, I see. I’ll contact her… and, what about Moe-chan and Saki-chan? “

“They’ve come back. I think they’re in their room now.”

“Then, can you tell them to eat dinner together? As it’s to celebrate Take-kun.”

Mom was operating her smartphone while rolling her sleeves.

Minayo-san, was Mom’s sister.

It seemed that she was working for the Public Relations Bureau in the central government office, but I couldn’t remember the details of her work.

Moe-chan and Saki-chan were the daughters of Minayo-san, and would be in elementary 6th and 4th grade respectively from this spring.

As this house had two kitchens, so they usually eat at the other one.

Anyway, Mom’s ability to do housework seemed to be surprisingly high, and she completed the sea bream dish in no time.

As for Sis, she just wandered around the kitchen and wasn’t very useful.

“I got a reply from Minayo. She can’t seem to get out of work, so we can eat first.”

“Aunt is always busy.”

“That’s what it means to live in a special ward.”

Mom naturally spoke so.

Only the super-privileged class could live in the special ward. There were many people who wanted to replace someone who didn’t want to live in there anymore.

A mother who had a small daughter like Aunt, would of course try to live in the special ward as long as possible for the future of her daughter.

Working in a world that could catch a weasel asleep at any time, meant that it would be difficult to leave early.

“Good evening, I’m pleased to be able to join.”

“Thank you very much for inviting me”

“Moe-chan and Saki-chan, welcome. Come on, sit down. Today is Take-kun’s enrollment celebration.”

“Taketo Onii-chan, Congratulations on your enrollment.” [TN: Onii-chan, means brother]

“Thank you. Moe-chan will be in sixth grade soon. Let’s celebrate the enrollment to middle school next year.”


When I said that, Moe-chan smiled happily.

It wasn’t really a chat, just a small lip service. Something easy than even I could do normally.

However, when it came to topics that little girls might like, I couldn’t think of anything at all.

Hmm… What do they like?

“Congratulations, Onii-chan”

“Saki-chan, Thank you.”

I gave up on thinking about the topic for chat and stroked Saki-chan’s head.

Saki-chan was a little surprised, but then smiled.

Sis was looking at us with a smile.

Both of them were cute. Once again. These two were so cute.

Even in such a blessed environment, the owner of this body seemed to have had no choice but wanting to escape from here.

It was true that if the place changed, the way of thinking might change.

The population of Japan in this world was about 50 million, and there were only 200,000 men.

In other words, the ratio was 1 to 250.

But this wasn’t completely correct. The number always changed.

The number of men in my generation was, ‘for some reason’, even smaller, it was said to be about 1 to 1000.

It seemed that the old people lived in a world where the ratio of males and females was 1 to 12, but such things were the past.

Currently, it was treated as “Dream World”, something that could only be seen in fantasy.

In any case, it was very difficult for both men and women to live in a society under such circumstances.

Because of this crazy male-female ratio, they all carry the hardships they didn’t have to.

“Moe-chan, is it delicious?”

“Yes, it’s very delicious.”

Moe-chan politely answered so. Probably because she had been disciplined so.

As for Saki-chan, she was eating so quietly that I couldn’t think of her as an elementary fourth grader.

But, from those two, I could see that even such small children were careful not to make men uncomfortable as much as possible.

I’d like to talk to you more, but I can’t think of a topic…

“This sea bream donburi is delicious.”

I had no choice but to talk to Mom.

“Really? Glad to hear that. I was a little worried because I didn’t have enough time to put more effort into it.”

“It’s delicious enough. And as I eat more, it tastes even better.”

“Oh dear”

A word of mine eased the atmosphere.

I finished Mom’s home cooking.

I didn’t talk about it, but I thought Moe-chan and Saki-chan had a good time too.

Unfortunately, this’s my limit.

But soon, sooner or later I’ll definitely be able to solve this problem and speak naturally…

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  1. All 3 that you’ve picked to tease are good in different ways. I’m drawn to this one more though. Depending on how it develops or could be good watching him adjust to and effect his surroundings

  2. This chapter made me like this one more. It has been stated he has no experience with woman whatsoever but he wants to have it. He just tried to converse with girls, even if they are family, and had a hard time doing so. It shows his lack of communication skills, which I enjoy, because it makes sense he does not have the best communication skills. He did not suddenly knew what to say and why, he just tried to say, something, anything.

    It may seem small, but a lot of stories does not do these kind of details, so I love it. I really, really, want this one to be chosen!

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