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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 5

5. Duchess Astarte and The First Princess Anastasia

From an early age, Astarte grew up compared to her relative, Princess Anastasia.

Her mother, who was a teacher for royal studies, said she was bad at memorizing things.

The battle tactic teacher told her, that finally a student as good as her appear.

The sword and spear teacher told her, that she could be one of the top ten fighters in this royal capital.

Astarte grew up in that way.

Since she was the third in succeeding the throne, a spare of a spare to succeed this Anhalt Kingdom in case of emergency.

And because of that, she was the successor to the Duchess family.

So, she was still brought up to be as good as Princess Anastasia.

Her mother and father brought her up that way.

And, that said First Princess Anastasia, was now steadily walking in front of her with the noise of her boots.

Before following her, Astarte once again looked back at Faust, who was still on his knees paying respect to the First Princess.

After waving her hand.

She opened her mouth at the corner of the corridor, far from Faust.

“Hey, Anastasia”

“What is it, Astarte?”

“Just now…”

The conversation between Anastasia and Faust.

While remembering it, Astarte muttered.

“You said that a connection between the first princess’ counselor and the second princess’ counselor, wouldn’t be good.”

“Yes. Is something wrong?”

Astarte was dissatisfied.

But that one, wasn’t the problem.

“Immediately after that, what do you mean “Please quit being the Second Princess’ counselor. And, be under me.”?”

“It’s in the literal sense.”

Oi, I’ll hit you for real, you know?

Anastasia was strong, but Astarte would as expected win in a one-on-one fight.

Anastasia for strategy and Astarte for tactics.

The street corner bards sang so――and the knight captain, judged so.

In fact, that role had been distributed since the invasion of Willendorf.

By the way, Faust von Polidoro, the knight of the wrath, was the field commander.

That was the case at that site.

Now, that wouldn’t be the case.

Well, it was a shame that Faust would be idle a lot as the Second Princess’ counselor.

“I know you like Faust. He’s just like Uncle.”

Anastasia stopped.

They were relatives.

Moreover, Astarte had been with her for two years as her counselor.

Of course, Astarte would understand.

Her uncle was like the sun.

He was kind to her even though she was just a relative.

And above all, he had a nice ass.

Trained by his hobby of agriculture.

Perhaps it was at that time that Astarte was sexually aroused for the first time in her life.

“I remember, you were looking at my father with unpleasant eyes, Astarte. To the point where I thought I’d kill you several times.”

“I was in my adolescence. It couldn’t be helped.”

Following her instinct, Astarte couldn’t turn her eyes away.

She was often scolded.

As a noble, Astarte lacked the dignity of a lady.

People often called her a carefree woman.

The court nobles and those with bureaucratic positions all frowned and said bad things to her.

Though she was a Duchess, she didn’t have good manners.

Even though they tried to send their sons, only ‘fishing notes’ were sent to the Duchess family.

That was why she didn’t deal with them.

Also, the seeds to be sown in her field, had been decided to be ‘his’.

“Let’s me say it straightforwardly, give up on Faust. From the standpoint, it’ll be too much for him.”

“Haah? Bastard, want me to kill you?”

Anastasia changed her tone.

When she were alone with Astarte, her emotions tend to come out easily.

“Think of Faust――Lord Polidoro’s territory. With your position, the burden is too heavy.”

“How heavy is it?”

Even though Anastasia herself knew, she still asked so.

“Suppose you successfully make Faust, your lover or husband, what will happen to Polidoro territory. No way, you will send one of your daughters with Faust, to take over Polidoro territory?”

Astarte didn’t know how many would Anastasia give birth to.

However, to send her child, who would be in the line of succession to the throne, as the lord of the frontier territory with less than 300 people.

It was just too ridiculous.

“Can’t I just make Polidoro territory under the direct control of the Kingdom of Anhalt?”

“Don’t be an idiot”

Anastasia was intoxicated with her own desires.

And forgot the nature of the knight, who was also the feudal lord.

“You know how much Faust cares about his territory, his land. Like any knight who is also a Feudal Ruler. Even giving a mere insect, they would refuse to do it. Should I say they’re being desperate? In any case, do you think you could make such a man happy by taking away all the ties of his life?”


Anastasia shut up.

Then argued.

“…  Look, you are the third in succeeding the throne. Even your daughter has the right to succeed to the throne.”

“Yes, but then, my child’s royal blood will be much thinner. Also, I can have many children――raising one of them as the ruler of Polidoro territory is feasible. The blood of the royal family is much thinner, so as the chance to succeed to the throne. It’s not a bad thing to have a territory that the youngest child can inherit.”

It’s my and Faust’s child.

I’m sure Faust will give much love even to the youngest.

“Faust can be happier if he is with me.”


Anastasia shut up again.

Such persuasion――

“Don’t joke with me. He’s mine.”

――Astarte didn’t think it would go well from the beginning.

And what she wanted to say―― was ‘that’.

“Then, let’s compete.”


― ‘Do not make me pull out the sword that’s in its sheath.’

However, she understood that it wasn’t such a game from the beginning.

“The one who makes Faust say that ‘I love you’ first, wins. Win or lose, the result is in Faust’s hand.”

“… So troublesome. When I take over the Queen’s seat from my mother, I’ll forcibly get Faust. I’ll not give him to anyone.”

“How many years will it take? In the first place――do you want him to lose the thing similar to Uncle, the heart of the sun? Do you want Faust, who has been robbed of his ancestral territory and has become like a doll? If you forcefully ask him to love you to the point where he needs to abandon his territory, do you think, he’ll just comply and say nothing? Probably not. “


Anastasia shut up and then bit her nails.

It was her bad habit that only Astarte, and probably Queen Riesenlotte and the Second Princess Valliere, knew.

This noticeably came out, if she had a hard time answering a question.

Even if she could force Faust to love her.

It was very unlikely that Faust would be hers wholly.

And, it seemed that she finally noticed it.

――But, yes, this was the timing Astarte had been waiting for.

A perfect moment to send a ‘rescue boat’.

“Why don’t we share Faust?”

“What did you say?”

“In this world, it’s common for polygamy, right? It’s not uncommon for aristocrats to share the same man.”

I want a child with Faust.

I want to hug that man, while stroking that ass.

I don’t mind giving up taking his virginity.

Is it still, too much of a luxury?

“… you mean, as my, and your, lover?”

“Yes, your, and my, lover.”

The lover of the First Princess Anastasia and the Duchess Astarte.

Astarte distorted the edge of her mouth and laughed.

“Then, I can send my child will take over the territory of Polidoro. I’m sure Faust will agree.”


Anastasia bruxed her teeth.

It seemed that she was seriously thinking about it.

“I want Faust to be my own”

Anastasia’s mouth might say so, but her eyes were certainly confused.

It was the moment when the stubborn Anastasia had a crack in her heart.

“It’s impossible”

Astarte laughed and whispered like a devil.

“That man, Faust, makes him open, two women.”

Too emotional, Anastasia’s words were disjointed, and couldn’t be combined into a good sentence.

In her thought, she was imagining, the man who was like the sun, opening himself to two women.

A man with a muscular body, a rugged man who didn’t look delicate in the slightest, the virgin that had dedicated himself to the battlefield for his territory.

That chaste, innocent, pure, naive but serious, that virgin Faust, would shamefully, open his clothes like plucking the petals of an elegant flower.

Such was in Anastasia’s mind, distorting her thoughts.

“Yeah, what I mean is, let’s make him open his legs in front of us like a male prostitute.”


Anastasia was silent, but Astarte could see the shaking of her heart.

Like me, she doesn’t want to let some random male attendant cut her virginity.

Don’t you want the first pain to be fun at the same time? Faust’s body is perfect for that.

Let’s enjoy him to the fullest, you don’t have to be ashamed of your desire.

Just because both were the successors of the throne, didn’t mean that they must live with a pure heart.

Both had sexual desires.

“What is it? Don’t worry, I’ll give you, his virginity. I can still have a lot of fun after that.”

“Faust’s … Virginity…”

“Yes, the virginity of the one who cherishes and protects his territory with his best.”

What? I know Faust’s weaknesses.

We just need to poke there.

He’s a knight, but no matter what, he’s a Lord.

For his ancestor, territories, and lands, he’ll even lick the crotch of a disgusting woman.

――Then, when the desire got the better of him, he will open his legs, and show what’s there, on his crotch.

“I don’t want to dirty Faust!!”

“Lie! I know you have a desire of wanting to shame Faust to your heart’s content!!”

Both had been speaking indecent conversations in the hallway to their heart’s content.

For Astarte, making another woman dirty Faust, was out of the question.

But if the woman was Anastasia, she didn’t mind.

She didn’t mind letting Anastasia, who was a relative and would eventually become a queen, dirty Faust.

She thought that this was fun in its own way.

Imagining that Anastasia was holding Faust while she was lonely in bed, her crotch naturally got wet with love juice.

Astarte was taught how to ‘enjoy the night’ as next to succeed the Duchess, but the teacher didn’t tell her that there were many other ways to enjoy it.

“It’s a good idea to make the embarrassed Faust shake his hips like a dog. Just imagining it, making me crazy!”

“Bastard ―― you’re so despicable!!”

Anastasia blushed and screamed.

But it wasn’t out of anger.

It was out of being embarrassed.

She was blushing with because she was embarrassed, which meant, deep in the bottom of her heart, she had such desires.

Hey, Anastasia.

You want to have Faust shake his hips on the bed, don’t you?

Same! Let shame Faust even move.

Aaaah, it’s driving me crazy.

“Hey, just imagining it, you know that it’s great. If you follow my suggestion, you’ll get it right away. What? I’ll persuade Faust. Are you worrying that he will hate you? Don’t worry, there is no such thing.”


Anastasia was already fluttering her mouth, but she didn’t make any voice.

She just made her face bright red.

“……Got it.”

“I can’t hear you. Say louder.”

“I told you, I got it! Faust is my, and your lover!!”

As expected of the first in line to succeed the throne.

The speed of making a decision was different.

Well, it was an indispensable element in the strategy.

Anyway, Astarte smiled and tapped Anastasia’s shoulders.

Illustration of Astarte tapped Anastasia’s Shoulder

“Well――it’s not fun to force Faust to open his legs. Though that scenario, makes me excited too.”

“You are really the worst woman.”

While listening to Anastasia’s curse, which wasn’t so like her, Astarte was thinking about something else.

For the past two years, it’s been fun to have that naive and serious Faust blush with sexual words.

But that’s over.

It’s about time to have his child.

“Well, Faust’s military service――the first campaign of the Second Princess Valliere, I guess it’s fine to do it after that’s over?”

Astarte didn’t want to put too much strain on the man’s heart before doing the military service.

Anyway, the first step, persuading Anastasia, was over.

Feeling relieved, Astarte stretched her back, and stretched out the disturbing big boobs that were a nuisance on the battlefield.

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