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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 5

5. To Home

I followed the narrow path as that was what I got from the memory of my new body, and left the forest.

Once again, I explored the memory of where I was now.

“So, it seems like this so-now-called “Special Ward Tokyo” is only about the area of Chiyoda Ward, Chuo Ward, and Minato Ward. And, this is the area closest to the sea.”

For helping imagination of the area of Special Ward Tokyo

Another unbelievable thing was, nature was spreading in front of me, even though I was supposed to be in the middle of Tokyo.

As for My house, is it in a residential area there?

The air was delicious and I didn’t see any cars running. I didn’t expect to see this kind of scenery in Tokyo.

Anyway, I walked toward my house, being a little impressed by the sight in front of me.

The residential area was lined with nice houses. Every house had a large garden.

“This area is, a high-class residential area, is it?”

In my original world, residential towers are a kind of status, but, seems like it’s not the case here.

Looking around, there were no tall buildings. It didn’t exist, perhaps people here just didn’t find value in living on higher floors.

After walking around the residential area for a while, I finally arrived at my house.

“The house is big… and the garden is also big.”

My house was a big Western-style building.

I tried to search for a memory of why I lived in such a place, and many things surprised me.

“Take-kun, welcome back.”

“I’m home, Nee-san” [TN: Short of Onee-san, means elder sister.]

When I entered the front door, my sister greeted me.

The security of the house was perfect and you would be notified as soon as someone broke into the land.

And almost every house had this kind of system.

This “Taketo Souya” had a mother and an older sister. Relationships with both were good.

As for father…  it seemed his mother had given birth by artificial insemination.

Really, the degree of development of science was so different from my original world.

Anyway, anything involved in childbirth, parenting, and artificial insemination was far more advanced than in my original world.

In particular, the risk of childbirth seemed to be significantly reduced way more here.

In addition, the mechanization of everyday life had been progressing further. Probably due to the need for it due to the low population.

And what surprised me the most about why Taketo’s house, or rather, my house was so big.

Apparently, my mother’s sister’s family also lived here.

To live in a special ward, a lot of money was needed.

My aunt was eligible to live in a special ward, but because of financial reasons, she couldn’t afford a house.

However, there was a boy, me, so my mother made full use of that fact.

My mother then rented a big house and asked her sister and her two daughters to live together.

If a boy was in the family, the tax would be different, and there would be a lot more preferential treatments, so in the end, the burden on my mother was small.

This was to prevent boys from being sold, placed in a poor environment, or forced to live outside the special ward due to hardships.

Taking advantage of the incentives, my mother secured a place for my aunt’s family, so I could say that she must be a very good mother.

My aunt also seemed to be an excellent person, so being excellent might be a bloodline.

“Take-kun, did you go to the northern forest today too?”


I told my family where I went, but I didn’t give any details.

My mother and sister were just watching me from the side because they knew I went out because I wanted some time to be alone. 

So yeah, in short, a good family.

However, it seemed that all the location information was known from the smartphone I was carrying.

Also, another thing was that my aunt’s family seemed to try not to meet me at home as much as possible. This was a consideration from them.

My aunt had two daughters, but if they met me at home, they would say hello.

But other than that… Well, there was no memory of playing or hanging out with them.

I went out only with my mother and sister.

Though I talked to my aunt normally, I didn’t remember talking to her two daughters. So perhaps it would be better to not cross that line so fast.

Well, since they were small girls in elementary school, there would still be a chance to improve our relationship.

“Tomorrow is Take-kun’s entrance ceremony, right? Today’s too, Mom seems to be coming back soon.”

“Is that so? How rare.”

Normally, my mother would come back at midnight.

“She said that the project she’s been doing, has come to an end, for the time being, that must be the reason.”

My mother’s job was to further the automation of distribution in many areas.

The distribution of this special ward was kind of unique, and my mother seemed to be involved in it.

Probably development-related, but I hadn’t been told the details. It was just a guess from the program-related books in her room and what she talked about and did.

In fact, there was a huge “Distribution Tunnel” below this special ward.

It wouldn’t have been as difficult to build something like my original world subway. After all, they had been maintaining the tunnel network very well.

There, various supplies circulating without holidays.

In my original world, it seemed that about 100 years ago, Manhattan was equipped with pneumatic tubes underground, so perhaps the idea was similar to that. It was said to be the best delivering mail service, but it seemed that the mail was often clogged in the tube and the ground must be dug up each time, so it wasn’t used anymore.

In any case, the underground in the special ward was more high-tech, where luggage seemed to move over a fully mechanically controlled conveyor belt.

It could be said that it was a merit that large transport vehicles rarely run on the ground.

My mothers are working hard day and night to improve the efficiency of distribution, so my head goes down.

“Perhaps, I should try to get a job like Mom in the future.”

Apparently, this “Taketo Souya” was quite smart. He could be a researcher if he wanted to.

Guess, I could say that I’ve a smart brain now? After all, I’m Taketo Souya, plus my own memory.

“Mom may be happy if that happens, but, Take-kun, you don’t have to overdo yourself. You can just be a worker in the central government.”

“…That’s also a choice. And if choose that, most of my job time, I’ll be with men.”

I tried to talk about the future, but as expected, my sister didn’t agree with me.

Men working in a general company wasn’t that common.

Most of the places of employment that men chose, were so-called local government employees such as government officials.

Including teachers and the like.

Among local government employees, related to special wards. It seemed that there were many men there, especially in the central government.

There were some men who chose to work as civil servants. Including bureaucrats. And it seemed that male politicians and their secretaries were the ones creating this unique world.

There were also many who chose to be doctors, artists, and entertainers.

There were also those who chose to be self-employed, but when it prospered, word of mouth spread and it became difficult to do business. There were probably many ridiculous customers too.

In any case, it seemed that there were many men who retired within a few years after getting a job at a general company, and this was clearly shown in the statistics.

And my sister knew that, so that was why she didn’t seem to agree with me working in a general company.

“I think Take-kun should work in a place that only involves the Special Ward.”

“Then, perhaps, a local government official…?”

The place where my family was―― Special Ward Tokyo.

But in fact, there were three other Special Wards. Sendai, Osaka, and Hakata.

Most men live in one of those “Four Special Wards”.

There were quite a few women who could live in the special ward. About 10 to 20 females for each male.

The upper limit seemed to change depending on the times, and now it seemed the limit was 20 people.

Of course, if you had a permit, you could commute from outside the special ward, and if you followed the prescribed procedures, you could go inside for sightseeing.

It wasn’t impossible to go back and forth.

Therefore, during the daytime, there were many women from outside the special ward who came to work or school.

While such a system to restrict women was a measure to not overly scare men, it also encouraged women’s competitiveness.

There were men in the special ward, and it was a comfortable place to live with plenty of cutting-edge technology.

Nevertheless, abundant nature was prepared. In short, it was the best environment.

All women were longing for living in a special ward.

If that wasn’t possible, at the very least, they hoped to work in a special ward.

By the way, of the four special wards, Tokyo had the fewest inhabitants.

Tokyo, which had developed pretty early, couldn’t expand the area of ​​the special ward anymore. Really, so unfortunate.

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