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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 3

3. Duchess Astarte

My mother was a weirdo.

In a world where the idea of ​​chastity was reversed, she trained me in martial arts, mainly swords and spears.

I understood to be taught about governance and management of the territory.

I understood that it must be understood as the Lord.

In the future, I would support my noble wife who would call herself instead of me ―― the ruler of Polidoro.

So, why did she want me to learn about martial arts and battle tactics?

When I was a little boy, I remembered the memories of my previous life―― Seeing what my mother wanted me to learn, I thought it was normal for a noble eldest son to learn such skills, so I’d never complained to my mother about the anomaly.

However, when I was 15 years old, I learned that there was only one male knight out of the village, and that a man wouldn’t normally appear on the battlefield. So, I started to have more questions.

Then, I knew that the male-female ratio of Polidoro territory was so abnormal, with 30 males and 270 females.

In a situation where polygamy wasn’t strange, I didn’t think that “This must be an absolutely stupid world”.  I wasn’t so narrow-minded after all…

“Just now, what did you guys say? Me aside, you’ve insulted my mother.”

I walked up to the garden table, barging into their tea time.

The two boy attendants spilled the tea, as if they never thought I would come.

Standing up and making excuses, I could see their crotch was wet with a yellowish liquid.

“I-I didn’t say anything like that.”

Again, my mother was a weirdo.

My father died of lung disease at a young age, and his relatives in the aristocrats told my mother to get a new man, but she refused to do it.

She trained me in martial arts and battle tactics in place of the supposedly eldest daughter’s duty, since I was the only child.

However, I realized that my mother must have been desperate.

Perhaps my mother found that it would be difficult for her to give birth a second time because she was too weak?

Or did she love my deceased father so much?

20 years since I was born, even though she must lie down on the bed, she forced herself to teach me everything about being a Lord.

In the end, she died of illness at the young age of 35.

At the same time, I finally understood it.

“Did you insult my mother?”

That my mother, tried to leave me everything as far as she knew.

Perhaps my mother knew she couldn’t live long.

And that was why, for a short time ――from child to adult, she tried to leave everything behind.

I thought my mother was just a weirdo.

From the age of 15, I began to serve in the military instead of my mother, who was completely sick and fell into bed.

I didn’t know that it would become my filial piety to her.

No, it wasn’t, I hadn’t been able to do filial piety.

I finally realized it after my mother died.

Even if I’m just a different world person who reincarnated from the Earth.

For me…

“Did you just insult, my mother, my ancestors, my people, my land, all of Polidoro?”

From the time I was five years old, she gave me everything to live in this world ――even if that must cut her life.

“I’ll kill you.”

She’s… an irreplaceable mother.

The insult itself to me was nothing to make a big deal.

I knew that in this kingdom, a muscular rough man like me wasn’t liked.

However, insults to my mother would never be allowed.

So, I grabbed the soft neck of a man at hand and lift it up.

Floating in the air, the weak man said,

“W-we are relatives of the Duchess Astarte, the First Princess’ Counselor! Are you still…”

I see, I see…

So, did you insult me since I’m the second princess’ counselor?

Did you think that you wouldn’t be harmed because of your background?

――Seems you’ve misunderstood me.

“So what?”

I thrust my index finger into the man’s nostril.

“S-stop. I apologize ――”

It’s too late.

I let my index finger go all the way in, until near the base of my index finger.

I heard a scream that didn’t fit with his personality ――no, it was a roar leaking out of a man’s mouth.

“Oh, so you’re not just delicate. You can make such a rough voice after all. Hahaha.”

I laughed wickedly.

The fingertips pierced from the nose reaching the man’s throat.

Satisfied, I pulled out the bright red index finger from the man’s nostril.

The man made a loud noise, fell to the ground, and a bright red bubble came out of his mouth.

First one, done. Next…

I gazed at the other man while wiping the blood on my index finger with a handkerchief.

“Don’t run away”

I said so, though I knew that it was unlikely that he could escape.

Losing his knees, the other man fell on his butt and was beginning to leak urine and feces.

“Absolutely, pathetic.”

I won’t kill you.

But, you’ve to pay the price.

Emotionally, it was just about my mother.

Externally ――it was about the aristocratic face.

I was carrying all the honor of those within my territory, under the leadership of me, Faust von Polidoro.

I couldn’t just get insulted and leave it alone.

Even if――

“What are you doing!!”

Even if it was against the Duchess, who had a bigger territory and the strength of the troops was literally beyond my scope.

I looked back at the familiar voices I’d heard hundreds of times on the battlefield.

“Well, well, if this isn’t Duchess Astarte. How are you?”

“I feel the worst now”

Duchess Astarte.

She was Princess Anastasia’s counselor.

The number of her people exceeded tens of thousands, and the number of regular soldiers that could be moved even in an emergency was close to 500.

The number of regular soldiers alone exceeded the number of my people.

“Let me ask straightforwardly, Lord Polidoro. What did these guys ――what did the two who work as my attendants in the royal palace do to you?”

“They’ve insulted my mother, my ancestors, my territories, my land, all of Polidoro. Saying that my mother must have picked up abandoned children from Willendorf because she couldn’t have children.”

” ――”

Duchess Astarte shut her mouth.

She descended from the hallway into the garden and spoke to a man who was sitting on the ground while pissing himself.

“Is Lord Polidoro’s remark true?”

“N-No, we were just ――”

“So, it’s true”

The look of Duchess Astarte changed into the look of a demon.

‘Demon Goddess Astarte’… was what was sung by a bard about her.

“These damn idiots!!”

Duchess Astarte, in her boots, kicked the nose of a man who was sitting on the ground.

The sound of the cartilage in the nose breaking could be heard.

While listening to it, I stared at the figure of Duchess Astarte.

As usual, she’s beautiful even with a demon-like look.

And her boobs are big. Very big.

Really, a super beautiful woman with long red hair flowing on her back.

Well, just looking at her, of course, won’t really cause an erection.

To distract myself from Duchess Astarte’s look, I thought of such an obscene thing.

“Excuse me, Lord Polidoro. I want to apologize for this.”

“You don’t need to, Duchess Astarte. Against the barbarians ――those Willendorf, weren’t we fighting together in the front line? Well, there was a difference in territorial power.”

“Differences in territorial power――Aren’t you and me a comrade? I don’t care about such.”

Yes, the relationship between me and Duchess Astarte wasn’t bad.

During the invasion of Willendorf a year ago, 500 regular soldiers of Astarte territory and 20 people of my territory.

In addition, 30 guards of Princess Anastasia, a total of 550 people.

Because of the emergency, only those could be prepared for preventing the invasion of Willendorf.

Duchess Astarte was always at the forefront with me to encourage my inferior army.

Well, this wouldn’t make me sick of her.

There were conflicts between her as the first princess’ counselor, and me as the second princess’ counselor. However, the first princess faction was overwhelmingly too strong to worry about.

The problem――

“Even so, as usual, you sure have a nice ass, Lord Polidoro.”

Astarte’s touching Faust

―Was that she always sexually harassed me.

“Stop joking. I know that a muscular rough man like me isn’t liked.”

“No problem!! I’m in the ass group!!”

What a free person.

Is being the Duchess, making her permissible to do whatever?

“O, Lord Polidoro, when will you let me taste your body? Aren’t we in a relationship where blood and sweat have entwined with each other on the battlefield?”

If I can, I want to free those boobs.

And let my “son” rest there.

“Duchess Astarte, as I’ve said many times, my chastity solely belongs to my future bride.”

Actually, I didn’t want to deal with only one person for the rest of my life.

I wanted to build a harem.

My dream was to gather beautiful women and build a harem.

But in this country, a man, being a virgin was considered as sacred.

If I was rumored to have sold my body―― My reputation, as well as my territory’s reputation, would fall.

And――the requirements of marrying me would also get worse.

That was why I couldn’t do that.

And so, with tears in my heart, I could only stare into the eyes of Duchess Astarte.

“Then, be my husband”

“Joke again, is it? There is too much difference in our position――our noble ranks. It’s not balanced at all. And there is my territory as well.”

“What about just a lover? Not good? Don’t worry, I will give birth to your children as many as you want, and I’ll send one to take over the Polidoro territory properly.”

That’s a fascinating condition.

But, in that case, I’ll become Duchess Astarte’s lover.

…… That’s, not bad.

“By the way, I’m still a virgin. I’m still 18 years old after all. When I turn 20, I have to catch a man because I have to give birth, so, isn’t it better to do it first with a promising man?”

“I don’t know”

Virgin or non-virgin, I don’t care, as long as I can do “it”.

All I care about is the presence or absence of diseases.

… This is bad,

If I continue to have this kind of conversation with such a super beautiful woman,  I’ll get an erection again and my d”ck will hurt.

Or rather, I’ve already had a little erection.

Damn it! I wish there is a brothel.

Hah… I’m doomed.

Only male prostitutes are in this world.

Why does the world keep harassing me? Why?

Duchess Astarte gazed at my eyes and muttered.

“Let me just say it straightforwardly. I hate roundabout ways. Do with me once. I’ll pay you.”


Who cares about your money, I’m willing to pay for you.

I want to free those boobs.

But NO, I can’t.

There’s too much difference in our position.

Aahhh, I want to have sex.

Why was my “son” always born for nothing?

A virgin in the previous life, a virgin in this world.

It’s just too miserable.

Already… let me reach the goal. I mean, in a sexual sense.

Yeah, let’s take the invitation of Duchess Astarte.

I hated God.

Every time I went to church on Sunday, I always cursed God with my backing vocals singing of the choir group――And that was perhaps why, any wishes I hoped never came true.

“What are you talking about?! Astarte!!”

The First Princess Anastasia made an appearance.

When will I be able to return to the inn to properly calm my excited “boy”?

When will I be able to unleash this accumulated power?

With that in mind, I fell on my knees against the first princess with a sigh and arranged my manners.

TN: Character design of Astarte


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    Also I am liking the authors style of repeating lines for effect it was funny with the dick hurts line but it was really cool when he was talking about his mother, really conveyed his anger.

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