Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 4

4. Standing at the start line

“So, I’ll get some support, right?”

Different worlds, different life.

No matter how much I remembered the memory of the body about this world, even the slightest difference could lead to fatal consequences.

Besides, my communication skill not that high. I might get into some trouble with various things because of a lack of knowledge.

『”Support! That is, of course. I will support you perfectly. After all, I regained my strength because Taketo-kun didn’t slack in the maintenance of this shrine. So, rest assured, you’re in the hands of an expert.”』

The Goddess slammed her chest.

“Well then, thank you.”

『”But, there are things that can’t be done on my own. That’s… What should I call it? Goddess power?“』

“Goddess power?”

What is it?

『”I am an old Goddess forgotten by people, so if left unattended by Taketo-kun, I’ll die.”』

“Are you rabbit?!”

『”It’s similar. So, please come to clean this place regularly. Also, please give me an offering. If you keep those two things, you can get my advice in return.”』

“All I need to do to get support is, regular cleaning and offerings? Is that all? I mean, don’t you want me to let the world know about your existence and increase the number of followers?”

『”Well, I’m regarded as “Goddess of Misfortune”. Now that science and technology have developed, people don’t really need my power. Making Taketo-kun happy is more than good enough for me.”』

“If that’s what you wish, then so be it.”

What a modest wish. But, Goddess power huh… Also, Goddess of Misfortune, that means…

『”I can’t leave here, but I can know the world through all creatures in this universe. I’m sure I can give you useful advice.”』

A.E.G… As Expected of Goddess. But I see, that’s very helpful.

“By the way, what happened to the person who got into my body? It was so sudden, so isn’t he confused right now?”

Based on his memory, his soul was exchanged without getting any explanation at all. So, is he okay?

『”Of course, I properly supported him.”』


『”Yes, he was very pleased when I explained the situation over there. I was watching him behind the scenes the whole time. He had a good life. Entered a high school, then a university and joined a hiking club called Wandervogel club, walked many mountains, and after graduating, worked as a mountaineer. It can be said that he conquered many mountains, and lived a happy life.”』

Saying so, the Goddess made a smirking face.

“Wait a minute! His life has ended? What’s happening with the timeline?”

『”That’s of course, because I’m a Goddess. I’m not bound by space and time. So he lived a happy life over there. Even if you say you want to go back now, you can’t.”』

“I won’t… but well, if he could have a happy life with my body, that’s good.”

I just want to be happy here.

But a mountaineer huh? If I didn’t accept this all, such a route of life may also be what I chose.

Well, if I chose that, I wouldn’t have had a relationship with a woman for the rest of my life…

『”So do you have any questions? Only for the first time, I will answer any question.”』

A question? Is there any? I feel like there are a lot of them, but I feel like most of them aren’t that worth… Ah…

“By the way, when I met You, You called yourself “Hakubo”. And Goddess of Misfortune… what kind of Goddess exactly are you?”

I was a little curious because it was the name of a god I didn’t know.

『”Speaking of which, I guess you can say, I’m the Goddess of Harvest? About a thousand years ago, there was a very long famine. The water in the rice fields dried up under the sunshine, and all the rice plants withered. At that time, the only people who lived in this area built a shrine here, which was full of greenery, and served me. You see, rice that has withered due to lack of water is called “Shirabo”. That’s the origin of my name.”』 [TN: Shira which is written in Kanji White “白”, can be also read, Haku]

“Hmm? So people served You to calm famine?”

『”Something like that. So, many years have passed, technology for irrigation advanced, and thus, the existence of famine was gone and slowly forgotten. Of course, my existence too. And somehow, I’m regarded as Goddess of Misfortune. But just recently, thanks to the efforts of Taketo-kun, I have regained my strength.”』

“I see… faith will become strength is it…”

Well, She also said that cleaning and offerings are needed.

『”That kind of recognition is fine. Please use delicious food as an offering.”』

Faithful to Her greed huh… wait, in a sense, famine is related to hunger, right? So, perhaps that’s why…

“Ah, that reminded me of something. What should I do with women in high school? I’ve never properly talked to a girl before.”

Even if suddenly, I was told that I was popular, I wouldn’t just magically know what exactly I must do.

『”I think you should treat them normally. Many women want it.”』

“Normally? The problem is, I’ve never properly talked to girls before, so I don’t know what is “normal”.”

Unfortunately, it was a fact.

The girls only asked if they knew me, otherwise, they didn’t want to talk to me and most of the time, they only answered yes or no to my question.

There was no girl who liked to chat with a junior high school student like me who had a square face and thick neck, also hairy arms.

And I knew from my experience what kind of reaction I would get when I talked to them.

I’ve no experience of chatting for long with girls, can I interact with them “normally”?

『”You don’t have to talk to them. If your eyes met, give them a smile and perhaps, wave your hands.”』

“Wave my hand… If it’s just that much, then…”

Yeah, conversations with girls are better done after getting used to this new environment.

After that…… Well, let’s do it slowly.

I’m just standing at the starting line after all.

I don’t have to rush at all.

With that in mind, I felt that I could see a little light of bright future.

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