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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 108

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108. A movie of fighting with monsters can be called a horror movie

“Oi oi, what the hell is that number!!”

Atsushi was screaming so while running through the underground labyrinth.

He should have focused to run faster than screaming, but he couldn’t help but scream, because the scene behind him was so bad.

What was behind them…? Well, in short, countless monsters, all at once chasing them both.

『”I think the other party probably noticed this forced logout!! Since the chairman is holding doing something to change the fact that that the logout itself is invalidated, I guess the other party decided to kill you both before both of you logged out, as a last resort!!”』

“So that’s what this sudden monster’s attack is all about!!”

It was no longer a horror movie, it had changed into a monster attack movie.

But their numbers were quite considerable, about over twenty. It was just like a parade of supernatural creatures called “Hyakki Yagyou”, and if you got caught up in it, you could foresee that you would definitely die. [TN: “Hyakki Yagyou”, is Japanese folklore, where many supernatural creatures, do parade through streets at night.]

And at such times.



Suddenly, Kirishima fell down.

Atsushi rushed over to her.

It seemed that she had sprained her leg.


Seeing the condition, Atsushi carried her on his shoulders without obtaining Kirishima’s consent.

“Woah!? Hey, what are you doing…!!”

“I’ll listen to your complaints later, so just shut up and let me carry you on my shoulders!!”

“Haah!? Are you saying that I should put up with this embarrassing position!?”

“It’s better than getting caught up by that thing!!”

Saying so, Atsushi started running again.

He knew that there were various problems, such as Kirishima’s waist, which was right next to his face, and the fact that he was directly touching her skin, but he couldn’t care about any of that right now.


『“Well well, Atsushi-san, in a case like this, why not a princess carry!?”』

“Shutup!! I mean, if I do that, both of my hands will be completely occupied!!”

Even at this time, Atsushi yelled at Yuri, who was still the same.

The monsters behind them gradually closed the distance. Some were familiar faces one could find in horror movies. In any case, all were overflowing with madness and murderous intent.

Among them, the shark flew at them from the front full of intent to eat them.


“W-wait a minute!! Shark is weird! Don’t you think so? I mean, why is a shark in horror movies!!”

『”Eh? What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Shark is always in horror movies, right? You see, the BGM that often plays when something scary is approaching comes from that famous shark movie, right?!”』

“Even so, a shark floating in the air is absolutely ridiculous!!”

『“Well, there are a lot of shark movies out there. Some have huge bodies, some merge with octopuses and become something else, some swim in sand, some become ghosts, some have a lot of heads and use some of them as legs to walk on land….” 』

“Oi, stop!! It’s not time for that! Also, what’s the last thing!? It doesn’t make sense that the head becomes the leg!?”

『”Atsushi-san. Don’t say shark movies don’t make sense. After all, there is no meaning to them in the first place!” 』

Atsushi no longer had any words to respond to Yuri, who spoke words that went in a weirder direction. Or rather, it could no longer have the time to make a full-fledged joke.


Along with strange voices, other monsters were approaching Atsushi and Kirishima from the front.

“Damn it…! Did they somehow get ahead of us…!?”

While saying that, Atsushi suddenly stopped.

There were many passages in this labyrinth, but where Atsushi and Kirishima were running now was a completely straight road with no side roads. Being pressed from the front and back there, meant that there would be no longer a place to escape.

This could be their end. The scene was befitting the end of horror movies.

But, there, a miracle happened.

『”Atsushi-san!! The preparation to log out is ready!!“』


『”Yes!! So, about the keyword, if Kirishima-san said it, it’s possible for both of you to log out!! So don’t make a mistake and say it!! So, the keyword is……”』

Yuri said the keyword.



Hearing that keyword, Kirishima unintentionally spilled out those words.

“Eh, Wait. Wait a minute. What? You want me to say that word? Do I have to say it? Really?”

『“I understand what you want to say, but for various reasons, it must be set that way!! Hurry up!!”』

“Even if you say so…”

“Kirishima!! I totally understand how you feel, but we’re running out of time!!”

The monsters approaching from the front and back were about a few tens of seconds before they reached the range to attack them.

“―――Ahh, Okay, okay!! I get it!! I just need to say it, right?!!”

Being desperate, Kirishima prepared herself and took a deep breath.


“I, Sumi Kirishima―――still a virg〇n!!”

Right after the word was shouted,

In an instant, Atsushi and Kirishima’s bodies turned into light and disappeared from the scene.

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