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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 2

2. The counselor of the Second Princess

In the first place, the failure was that I, became the counselor of the second princess, Valliere, two years ago.

――「”You, be my counselor” 」

As that word crossed my mind, I thought about the past.


Since my mother died, I went to the royal capital in her stead to give a greeting.

I would have an audience with Queen Riesenlotte,

Waiting for my turn, three months had passed.

Well, it was unavoidable, a frontier knight like me must wait.

While I was convinced so and gave up, I was spending my days in a poor inn in the royal capital while worrying about funds.

There, I met the second princess Valliere and her guard.

“You, be my counselor”


While scratching her head, she said so. She was 12 years old.

Princess Valliere, took her guard to the cheap hotel, to give such an order.

“What’s, with that attitude? I’ll let you be my counselor, you know?”

“Even if you say so…”

I was 20 years old.

Before my mother died, I didn’t do the taking over process, so the takeover was delayed.

And I, got such an order from the second princess.

Even if I knew that was difficult to refuse from my standpoint, at the very least I wanted to resist.

“So, what are the benefits for me?”


The second princess of Valliere went silent.

Even if it might be hard to refuse.

It wasn’t completely impossible.

‘Elector’―― Well, since this wasn’t the Holy Roman Empire of the Earth, it wasn’t exactly like that, but similar, anyway, an influential person with the right to vote for the ruler of the Empire, the Queen of the Kingdom of Anhalt.

The Polidoro territory belonged to me, which was in a frontier, was in a way, protecting the Kingdom under the rule of Queen Riesenlotte.

The security of the Polidoro territory would be guaranteed by me, a member of Polidoro, fulfilling a contract.

In short, to get protection for my territory, I would need to pledge allegiance to Queen Riesenlotte and fulfill a duty of military service.

I, Faust von Polidoro, had fulfilled a military service this year as well.

It was to kill about 20 insignificant bandits.

Really, what a shame…

Thinking so, I remembered how many beautiful women’s necks were sent flying by the magical greatsword that had been passed down in my family.


“I’ll let you have the audience with my mother this week.”

“That’s not enough. By the way ――”

My capability wasn’t enough.

So, to point that out, I said.

“Why do you want me as your counselor? I’m just a knight of a frontier area with less than 300 citizens.”


The princess didn’t answer.

Instead, she pointed to the greatsword hanging on my waist.

“How many people, you had decapitated with that sword?”

“I wonder, I stopped counting after 100.”

It had been five years since I started doing military service instead of my sick mother.

All of them were just stupid bandits, but some of them were strong fallen knights.

However, they were not much with my power.

It seemed that I just boasting myself, but that wasn’t the case, many said my sword skill was probably amongst the highest in the royal capital.

The reason for the guess was that men weren’t eligible to participate in the swordsmanship tournament of the royal capital. So, I didn’t really know the extent of my power.

Yes, the view of the world of reversal of chastity would always be attached to me whether I liked it or not.

“I want to get, a usable handpiece first. Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s an honor, but there’s no merit for me.”

“For future military service, I shall prepare a small amount of military funds from my――second princess’s annual expenses.”

――money, huh?

Not a bad suggestion.

As a knight, to move my citizens, money would be needed.

The tax revenue would decrease as you move your citizens after all.

The number of workers in the territory would decrease during the extermination of bandits too, and the mobilizers would have to give some pocket money too.

“Also, the military service also has a choice. And I, can let you choose the battlefield.”

“In short, I will not need to chase after the bandits’ ass anymore, and can complete my military service just by a glaring contest with those of unmotivated enemy country, is it?”

Not a bad deal.

Though in an emergency, on the contrary, I might be driven to the front line as the second princess’ counselor.

It couldn’t be helped.

In case of an emergency, as a Knight, I would be driven to the front line anyway.

The frontier lord was in a weak position and insignificant after all.


Not so bad.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in the royal palace.

As long as my territory, Polidoro, could be safe, that was more than enough.

The second princess Valliere in front of me couldn’t even be compared with the first princess Anastasia, who was praised as brilliant.

Well, I met her once, but really, she was literally a different creature.

Was it when she was just 14 years old?

Princess Anastasia walked through the city with a powerful guard while giving off an aura of a royal family.

That was when she was 14 years old.

It was hard to believe.

I heard that while wearing something like a maximilian armor, she beheaded sinners using a halberd.

―― Anyway, I was considering the proposal of the second princess Valliere in front of you.

For a 12-year-old, she’s a smart person, though her appearance is just like a cheeky girl.

But well,

This girl, will never get me involved in the power struggle in the royal palace.

After all, she doesn’t have the ability.

And so, I gave her my final answer.

“Fine. Then, I shall be a counselor to Princess Valliere.”

“Great. Well then.”

Princess Valliere put out her hand.

I kneeled and kissed her hand.

Illustration of MC kissing the hand of the Second Princess

And thus, I sealed a contract with her.


“It was a complete failure.”

It wasn’t good from the first year I became the counselor.

The military service switched from exterminating bandits to glaring at the enemy country, Willendorf.

All I had to do was lead only 20 people and protect the fort.

At least, that was what supposed to be.

However, a war broke out.

Even though there was no battle in the last 20 years, Willendorf suddenly attacked.

Naturally, I would be involved in the war.

With only 550 soldiers, including the first princess Anastasia, her guards, and the army led by Duchess Astarte, who was her counselor, the battle against nearly 1000 Willendorf barbarians began.

I also joined under the command of Princess Anastasia――and was at the forefront.

I was desperate.

I didn’t want to die as a virgin.

Why did God send me into such a crazy world?

I hated it, really hated it, but nothing I could do.

Other than――getting an erection.

However, the metal chastity belt stopped the erection.

“My d◯ck hurts”

It was a survival instinct.

I didn’t want to die.

Not as a virgin.

I was a virgin even in my previous life.

That was what drove me.

To not die as a virgin.

I pulled out the magical greatsword of my family and kicked the belly of my beloved horse, Flugel.

“My name is Faust von Polidoro. If you think you can defeat me, come!! I’ll fight to my last breath!!”

It was easy to take the first neck.

It seemed that no one ever thought that there would be a man on the battlefield――other than a male prostitute.

I sent someone’s neck flying at the moment when I raised my voice.

Once again, I kicked the belly of my horse, Flugel.

I rushed to the enemy knight captain, who was protected by dozens of knights with horses.


I uttered an obscene word.

It wasn’t a befitting word on the battlefield.

But my current situation.

My d◯ck hurts!

So, it couldn’t be helped,

Anyway, I cut off the second and third people at the same time I shouted the word.

“The commander of Willendorf army, have a one-on-one combat with me!!”

The opponent didn’t respond, and the fourth person thrust a spear.

I cut off the tip of the spear with my greatsword and scraped off the fourth torso.

Chainmail, was cut like butter with my magical greatsword.


My d◯ck hurts!!!

Apart from that thought, the fifth knight was approaching.

Did the commander think that doing one-on-one combat with me was too much? or did the commander want to capture me and turned me into a dck slave?

――Probably the latter.

However. I had no intention of becoming a dck slave.

Though, Harem was always welcome.

I didn’t want to be raped by people who didn’t have the idea of ​​hygiene, and died of syphilis with stink smell all over me.

Anyway, I waved my left hand, which wasn’t holding the greatsword, and gave a signal.


It was a signal for that.

The arrow shot from a crossbow pierced the fifth knight.

Our territory owned as many as five expensive crossbows.

The church asked to not use it, but, who cares? It wouldn’t stop me from using it.

Yes, I was selfish.

Nothing was more important than my own life after all.

And my dck was also important.

Aaaa, my d◯ck hurts.

While hurting my dck, I reached the knight captain of the enemy.

I raised the greatsword and shouted loudly.

“The commander of Willendorf army, I apply for a one-on-one duel!!”

“I have a name, it’s Reckenbell! O, Male of valor!”

The knight captain of Willendorf army replied with a loud shout.

Oh, it worked.

With that conviction, I gently lowered the greatsword diagonally.

“Then, Reckenbell-dono! Let’s duel!”

“Okay, but promise one thing.”


Reckenbell took a deep breath and shouted.

“If I win, you must become my second husband!! How is it?!”

Values ​​peculiar to those of Willendorf―― those barbarians.

A strong man was worth more there.

In my country ――the Kingdom of Anhalt, such a type would be quite disliked.

Basically, in my country, delicate men were preferred.

To be honest, I wished that I was born in Willendorf.

“I understand. If I win, I’ll do anything, even becoming your second husband!!”

Should I lose?

Such thoughts ran into my mind, but I might get treated badly, so, I didn’t want to.

In any case, she didn’t wear a helmet, so I could see that she was a beautiful woman, even though she looked a little older.

Perhaps because of the armor, but it looked like her boobs were big.

My dck hurts.

“But I can’t afford to lose.”

I mumbled in low voice.

I’ve a responsibility here

Sure I’m another world person who reincarnated from the earth, but my mother gave birth to me here, in this world.

I’ve a territory to govern.

I’ve a responsibility as Lord Polidoro.

Even if it’s just 300 people, I can’t stray away and disappoint them.

That’s why ―― Reckenbell, you must die.

I held the greatsword diagonally and charged at the commander, Reckenbell.

I didn’t need to say the result of the battle.

As I was still alive now.

—————–End of Flashback—————–

” ――It was a failure”

It’s clearly a failure to become a counselor of Princess Valliere.

――leaving the room where I had been discussing with Queen Riesenlotte, I muttered so.

It was around the garden of the royal palace, where I was thinking of the result of the consultation ――

I can see the future.

Eventually, I’ll be driven to exterminate bandits as a military service this year.

I smelled the flowers in a well-arranged garden.

Quickly, I wanted to let it all go.

In short, the naked body over one veil of Queen Riesenlotte, which had been burned into my mind a while ago, would be the dish this time.

Anyway, I was going back to the inn to comfort my “son”.

But, I saw people sitting at the garden table, enjoying tea.

It’s not maids.

It seemed like they were delicate boy attendants.

And from their mouth, I heard insulting words.

“Is he Lord Polidoro? Such muscular body, what a horrifying figure.”

“So uncivilized. Perhaps the predecessor, Lady Polidoro, picked up an abandoned child from Willendorf because she couldn’t have a child?”

Apparently, that wasn’t just a simple insult.

It was me,

I had been insulted.

They’ve insulted me.

In other words, all things of my Polidoro territory.

They insulted my mother, my ancestors, my people, my land, and everything.

The sound of nerve popping in my temples could be heard.

With the lingering pain in my d◯ck still remaining, I was in a bad mood. And they provoked me who was in such a condition.

You piece of shit…

―― I stepped down from the hallway to the garden, to break the cartilage of the nose of the stupid disgusting men who had just insulted me.

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  2. If you want to graduate why didn’t you just go to your territory and do the ‘thing’??? Stupid

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      At best, Faust will sully the honour of her mother, at worst, it’s political suicide and he lost his territory.
      Best he can do is to get married with someone of a lower nobility, so he can retain being the lord of his frontier territory.

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