Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 2

2. Goddess’ Request

—————–In the Past—————–

“For three years in junior high school, really… seriously, I’ve never been popular!”

Such came out from the bottom of my heart.

When I was in elementary school, there were two types of popular people in the class: The one with high communication ability and the one with good ability to play sports.

It was surprising that the “smart” type wasn’t included in it, but the top college students in Japan on TV weren’t generally refined in style, so “people good at studying”, from the perspective of the girls of the same generation as me, wasn’t included in the popular element.

And whether I was popular or not, the answer would be no.

My nicknames when I was in elementary school were quite wide-ranging.

Fatherly Boy, Stubborn Showa Father, and Persistent Husband. [TN: Showa 1926 – 1989, so you can say, Stubborn 70’s or 80’s Father]

With that nickname, anyone could imagine what I looked like.

To be clear, if I kept growing up like this, my future would be bleak.

Far from getting married, it might be impossible to even associate with a woman for the rest of my life.

Although I was in elementary school at that time, I really thought so.

“――Now that I think about it, I guess “that” must be the reason.”

With a dull and stupid head at the time, I thought about how to get popular.

The conclusion I made was,

“Since I’m bad at communication, I should do my best in sports, right?”

Fortunately, there was a karate and judo dojo nearby, so I decided to go there. Believing that, “A strong man is popular” …

“…I’m stronger than before! I’m super strong now, but seriously, I’m not popular at all!!”

At that time, I was a junior high school student who sweated at the dojo every day, honing my skills.

After spending all my youth like that, I had no chance to show it to others.

Of course, that was because Karate and judo were never useful in everyday life.

In addition, not only martial arts, but also the price that I had to pay for not studying came to me at the exam.

“A boys’ school from tomorrow huh… I really hoped that it’s a co-ed school at least.”

The exam result came out. And my first choice, a co-ed school, I didn’t pass. I thought, “Well, it’s a little dangerous.”

As I was good at sport, I put my second choice, a hellish boys’ school, which I put in as protection, and I ended up going there.

“Boys’ school? Such a hell, I really don’t want to go thereeeeeEEEEEE!”

It was a cry from my soul. Even a knight in a black robe in front of a cliff, who stood as if looking up from a ship, would never scream like this. [TN: a reference of Ashram from Record of Lodoss War]

『”Yoo-hoo!! There’s good news for you who has such concern!”』

I heard a voice from above.

“Eh? Who?”

『”Ah, I’m just a passing Goddess, Hakubo. Right now, you don’t want to go to boys’ school, and want to be super popular with women, is that correct?”』

“Well, I just screamed such not long ago. Rather than that, a Goddess? And… You’re floating?”

『”That’s of course, because I’m a Goddess, something like floating, is nothing. Again, good news for you! Would you like to exchange your life with a man who is popular with women?”』

A self-proclaimed goddess dressed like Orihime that I saw in a book before, was floating near the ceiling. It was a pretty surreal scene, but there was a word that was more worrisome than that. [TN: Orihime, also known as the Weaver Girl, you can search the legend on the internet]

“Exchange my life, with a popular man’s?”

『”That’s right. My super favorite child, hates the life of a popular man. He wants to live a life of a man that’s not popular with women. He’s been desperately praying for it. He’s my favorite child, you know? If he prays so much, of course, it makes me want to do something about it! That’s why I’m looking for someone to replace his life.”』

Such an envious situation… but wait. Perhaps it’s a trap?

You can’t rush this. Didn’t you learn to be calm when you have less time left?

“Hmm, popular with women… it’s a very fascinating story, but is there a problem with the man or his surroundings? Like illness, debt, or the worst family environment perhaps?”

Behind a good story, usually, there must be something.

Especially when someone brought such a delicious story to the person they meet for the first time, there must be a pitfall. I believed so.

『”No, no, no, he’s a healthy 15-year-old handsome boy who is going to co-ed high school. The family environment is normal, and rather than in debt, he’s someone from a rich class. The neighborhood has a good reputation. There are no problems with himself, his family, or his surroundings. If you exchange your life with him, you’ll be popular. However……”』


『”You see, that person… he feels uncomfortable being so much liked by women, no, even just being around women, is already too much for him. This is a matter of heart, so there is nothing I can do about it. So after exchanging his life with yours, surely, he’ll choose to be single for the rest of his life.”』

“I see……”

Is it something like gynophobia? More than that, the popular environment itself is unpleasant!?? For me, who weighs over 100 kilograms and has a square face and thick eyebrows, it’s a luxury problem.

I mean, with this body, you can live in the best environment for staying a virgin.

After all, not even a woman will come. I can guarantee it… It makes me sad to say this myself, but it’s a fact.

『”Well, you will have memories of both sides, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll be after the change. And for a while, I can support you. What a great deal!!!”』

It’s a really great deal. I won’t have to worry about going to university, and even working, with this gigantic body. I thought that perhaps my future would be working as a bodyguard or some helper in a police station.

I doubt I can get married, as I’m just about 1 step away from being categorized as ugly.

I’ll never have a chance to meet girls at the boys’ school I’ll be going to attend.

Perhaps I’ll only have a few encounters after going out into society… Nah, no way. No matter what, getting married will be a real luxury for me.

“Well, my family will still have future generations since, I have an older brother… But, what if I don’t accept the replacement?”

『”I’ll bring this story to another person, who wants to be popular from the bottom of his heart.”』

I see…

It seemed that the person didn’t have to be me.

I myself had an attachment to my gigantic body. However, the story of the goddess was also fascinating.

But, I want to be popular. I want to be really popular.

Remember, how many times did you look at men and women who get along with each other, with envious eyes?

Remembering the sadness of passing the couple leaving school together and going straight to the dojo… made me want to cry.  

In the first place, I started martial arts because I wanted to be popular.

At that time, I was absorbed in thinking that it would be popular if I became stronger, but it was just a stupid thought without properly evaluating what really matter.

In end, only my body gets strong and big like this, but this won’t make me popular at all.

When I was thinking like that, the Goddess asked,

『”So, how is it?”』

And was approaching me.

“If I change my life with that person’s, will I become popular?”

『”You will! I guaranteed this. You’ll have the appearance of a handsome man with a high-spec healthy body. Besides, you’ll have a good home environment that’ll make the surroundings envy. There is no element that will make you not popular!”』

“What the other person will do with my body?”

『”I don’t know, but he’s my favorite child. So, surely he’ll make full use of your body’s specifications. But, surely, he’ll strive to be a virgin for the rest of his life.”』

“A virgin for the rest of life huh… well, even without trying… no, I don’t think it’s good to think about it.”

If one’s life is 80 years of life, the rest is 65 years.

From the unpopular highway, this is the only opportunity for me to get away from it, and be reborn anew. Also, there’s a famous saying “Grasp Fortune by the forelock”, so…

『”Oh, you look like you’ve decided.”』

“Yes, I’ve decided. Please exchange my life with his. Please change my life into a popular life! Even if there are some inconveniences, I’ll survive and break through it with spirit and guts!”

『”I was waiting for that word!!!”』

Saying something like what a dark surgeon from a manga would say, the Goddess put her hand on my head. [TN: Reference of Black Jack]

At the end of the floating sensation,

…So sudden?

My consciousness faded away.

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