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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 107

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107. There are many plot twists at the later half of horror movies

As Yuri had said, if Atsushi and Kirishima stayed too long in one place, they would be attacked by monsters, so they moved somewhere inside the house.

To be precise, they went down to the basement.

Although it was wider than it looked, considering that they were still inside the house, they deduced that it would be difficult to move around as they please.

“Really, what the hell are those guys?”

Kirishima, who kept walking, complained so.

“Up until now, we’ve encountered more than 5 monsters… but every time I thought they would attack us, they stumbled, fell, and hit a wall. Did they even take us seriously? Well, I understand that I’m not in a position to say that, but still…”

A monster with a burnt face, a knight without a head, a mysterious man holding a chainsaw in both hands, a clown with an eerie smile, a zombie with a tattered body, and so on.

…And, most of them self-destructed as Kirishima said.

“Well, thanks to that, we’re saved, so it’s wrong to complain about that.”

『”That’s right. Rather, this is where you should’ve been deeply moved by the work of the Chairman.”』

At those words, Kirishima became sullen.

Atsushi knew what she wanted to say. However, he didn’t know what kind of reaction he should honestly have because he was in a situation where his life was at stake, and because he was shown a scene that was too surreal.

“Even so, I didn’t know that the basement was such a labyrinth.”

『”Yes. Now, it really feels like, “The Horror Game”, right?”』

“…Are you a sadist? Or, is it just my imagination that it sounds like you’re having fun?”

『”Of course, it’s just my imagination.”』

Yuri was saying so, but Atsushi saw through her words in an instant, thinking that it must be a lie.

However, he didn’t dare to poke there and so, asked other questions.

“Shirasawa. This is a horror game, isn’t it? So, there must be traps or something like that?”

『”Ah, don’t worry about that. This game is just a kind of battle royale with various monsters and phantoms, and since the game are focusing on that, there aren’t any traps or gimmicks that would make the player die. Well, I guess it’s because of the budget.”』

“You’re so knowledgeable about this huh, oi.”

Certainly, if the main point of the game was to escape from the monsters or get killed by them, the player probably didn’t want to die from other things such as traps and tricks. That said, as Yuri said, there must have been a budget issue…

However, thanks to that, it should be considered fortunate that Atsushi and Kirishima didn’t have to worry about traps.

『”But, well, that’s the more reason why you should be careful about the monsters that appear. Normally, even just one would be dangerous enough.”』

“Even if you say so…”

『“I know what you mean. I can see the situation from here. Well, how should I put it… it’s like you’re in a TV program that is held at the end of the year, where you have to hold back your laughter.”』

“What a strangely concrete analogy…”

Since both were actually in that kind of atmosphere, they couldn’t refute it.

As said many times, this was a dangerous game with your life on the line. And the opponents were monsters that specialized in killing people. That fact hadn’t changed.

It hadn’t changed… but what the monsters did, had already crossed the level of just a normal clumsiness, it was like they did it on purpose. And the more Atsushi and Kirishima thought so, they wanted to laugh. However, they couldn’t, because their life was at stake.

It had become such a hard to express surreal situation.

『“But, don’t let your guard down. For sure, their intelligence and luck have been lowered to the minimum, but other than that, it’s the same… ah, wait a minute… yes? Yes… is that true!??”』

“What’s wrong, Shirasawa?”

『”Good news. In a few more minutes, preparations for the forced logout will be ready!”』


『”Yes. However, both of you can’t open the game window right now, so instead of pressing the logout button, I’ll ask you to say a certain word. That way, you can log out.”』

That was really good news.

In this situation where there was nothing else to do except run away, Yuri’s words were nothing but hope for Atsushi and Kirishima.

“And, that certain word is…?”

At that moment,

“?! Yamagami-kun!!”

Kirishima raised her voice.

Hearing her reaction, Atsushi turned around.

“… Oi, oi, oi, you’re kidding right!?”

With a surprised face, he opened his eyes wide.

That should be the case.





Countless monsters were approaching both all at once, as if they wanted to race which one would be the first to get their prey.

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