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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 1

1. Prologue

My dck hurts.

Medieval――Nah, it wasn’t.

It was just someplace similar to the Middle Ages, if I were to say?

There seemed to be something miraculous that exists here, like, magic.

Speaking about something miraculous, I was reincarnated from the earth to this different world…

Yes, I was reincarnated as Faust von Polidoro in this world.

Right now, I was constantly thinking.

――My d”ck hurts.

Yes, my mind was full of such a thought.

Why? Because I had been wearing a metal chastity belt since not long ago.

I didn’t get forced by anyone.

I wore it at my own will.

Otherwise―I couldn’t stand it.

I just couldn’t stand it.


Valliere, who was sitting next to me, called me in a confused voice.

She was wearing a silk dress.

Well, this woman was okay.

Really, the second princess, Valliere, was okay. Not that big of a deal.

“It seems that the counselor, Lord Polidoro, is dissatisfied. Am I wrong? Please, don’t hesitate to tell me. I allow you to speak.”

My problem was with Queen Riesenlotte, the ruler of this country.

What was she doing?

Why was she only wearing a thin veil of silk on top of her naked body?

Illustration of what kind of situation the MC is in

Someone said that she was 32 years old.

Of course, she was still more than good, And of course, My d”ck couldn’t help but get bigger.

To overcome such a trial, I wore the metal chastity belt.

As result, well…

My d”ck hurts.

But, really, this world was crazy.

A chastity values ​​reversal world.

The ratio of Men and Women was about 1 : 10.

It was such a world.

Therefore, women stood on the front stage, and men were driven into the shade.

No, the men were strongly protected.

I often hear that a man who got caught on the battlefield, would be turned into a d”ck slave.

It was such a world.

Such a stupid world. 

A really different and stupid world.

“It’s the first battle of Valliere, the Second Princess, but she will only go with her guards and counselor?”

“I told you earlier. She doesn’t need much force against bandits.”

I was an abnormal person in this world.

I was an abnormal person who got an erection against a female in a fairytale-like appearance, a nude appearance.

If I were to reincarnate anyway, I hoped my common sense would match those in this world.

But, it seemed that God didn’t give it to me.

Well, I didn’t meet an existence called “God” when I got reincarnated, so even if I complained, nothing would happen.

“The First Princess Anastasia, against the enemy country ― Willendorf, against the 1000 barbarians who tried to invade us, sank them into the sea of ​​blood and made a reverse invasion, in her first battle”

My d”ck hurts.

My d”ck f”cking hurts.

I looked away from the almost naked queen and looked at the first princess, Anastasia.

Anastasia stared back at my eyes.

…..The first princess is so scary.

With that in mind, I had no choice but to return my gaze to the almost naked queen.

The queen shook her body slightly and so were her big boobs.

So erotic…

“Why is Her Highness, the Second Princess, Valliere-sama’s fist battle, just going to be exterminating bandits?”

My face turned vermilion.

After all, in this kind of situation, how could I stay calm?

My d”ck hurts.

Defeating the queen, who was almost naked.

That was the only way to get away from this place.

And I must suppress the pain in my crotch until then.

“… The situation is too different. Defeating the bandits is also an important task.”

“The enemy country, we just need to attack Willendorf”

“Don’t make a joke. Faust von Polidoro. Do you want us to start another full-scale war against those barbarians?”

My d”ck hurts!

I hit the table hard.

The sound echoed loudly and everyone went silent.

Queen, Riesenlotte too.

The first princess, Anastasia too.

And the second princess, Valliere, whom I served as a counselor, too.

“Is it my lack of power?”

The vermilion color on the face was getting redder.

My d”ck hurts.

Blood flowed to the face even more.

This wasn’t caused because my d”ck felt hurt.

I was engorged with anger.

At least, I tried to make that excuse become reality.

“… No, that’s not the case, Faust von Polidoro.”

And, the effect seemed to have been achieved.

To calm me, Queen Riesenlotte quietly echoed her voice in one of the rooms in the royal palace.

“I’m not despising your power. Faust, the ‘Knight of Wrath’. In an emergency when we were attacked by Willendorf, under my Anastasia, you caught more than ten of those barbarian knights, and in a one-on-one fight with the knight captain ―― you cut the neck of that captain. I’m not despising your power at all.”

My d”ck hurts!

I wanted to scream involuntarily.

I wanted to stand up unintentionally.

But I was a person who could the air.

Even though I was reaching the limit.

My d”ck hurts…

“So, calm down”

Damn it, I’ll “do” you, you know?!

After all, my d”ck hurts because of you!

I mean, why do you just cover your naked body with just one veil? Are you a slut?

I wanted to scream so.


I looked away from the queen.

To relieve the pain that I felt around my crotch completely.

Then ―― I asked for permission to leave the room.

“Please forgive me. I’m done with what I wanted to say. More than this has nothing to do with me. May I leave the room?”

I asked the Queen.

“I allow you. You can leave the room.”

“Thank you very much”

My d”ck was protected.

My d”ck, which would have got necrotic if it had continued in an erect state any longer, was protected.

―― That was all that mattered the most.

I left the royal palace.


Riesenlotte was wrong.

“Why is Her Highness, the Second Princess, Valliere-sama’s fist battle, just going to be exterminating bandits?”

Faust von Polidoro was wasted.

To attach him to the Second Princess――that spare, Valliere.

Faust von Polidoro was wasted.

“… The situation is too different. Defeating the bandits is also an important task.”

Riesenlotte made excuses.

No, it wasn’t a mistake to set up a unit to subdue bandits.

It wasn’t a mistake, but ――

“The enemy country, we just need to attack Willendorf”

“Don’t make a joke. Faust von Polidoro. Do you want us to start another full-scale war against those barbarians?”

Faust, the “Knight of Wrath”, sending him to this mission would be nothing more than an insult to him.

He had already caught more than ten of those barbarian knights ―― those bastards from that shit Willendorf. He even cut the knight captain―― in a one-on-one battle.

It was nothing more than an insult to ask Faust to go on a skirmish against bandits.

However, Faust was the counselor of the second princess, Valliere, who would go on bandit extermination.

The second princess Valliere was only a spare for the first princess Anastasia. Riesenlotte didn’t really care that much about her.

Of course, Faust would have to go on that mission.


This bad.

Faust’s ability and his position as a counselor, to give them to the second princess, my daughter, Valliere, all will be a waste.

Riesenlotte could see that Faust had dyed his face vermilion in anger.

However, I couldn’t tell if it was acting or not.

Yes, Riesenlotte couldn’t judge him properly.

A male knight who was raging.

A man who was praised by bard as “Knight of Wrath” because of his conduct on the battlefield.

The only child produced by a noble female knight of the frontier Polidoro territory.

Faust von Polidoro had become a troublesome existence to the royal family.

An excellent man.

He had proved himself with the achievements he got.

That was why, it had become troublesome.

He should have been placed under Anastasia from the start.

Anastasia’s abilities have been shown in the battle with those barbarians of Willendorf. It was certain that Anastasia would be the one to succeed her.

Now, to strengthen the second princess, Valliere’s faction―― would just be a waste of national power.

The only male knight… Riesenlotte wasted him.

You should just look for a bride quietly.

Faust von Polidoro has already been assigned as a counselor of the Second Princess.

As her daughter, Valliere’s wishes.

That was a failure of Riesenlotte.

Faust―― he should have been given under the command of Anastasia.

Now, Riesenlotte could only regret it.

“Is it my lack of power?”

No, you don’t lack power.

There is no doubt about your ability, Faust.

But, that’s why I’m in trouble.

Again, Riesenlotte should have put Faust under Anastasia’s command.

Above all, Anastasia wanted him.

Yes, Riesenlotte knew that.

Seeing that Anastasia’s eyes still glaring with all of her strength.

But, since she was like that, she must have not noticed that Faust’s face was dyed vermilion and that he glared at Riesenlotte with those angry eyes.

Faust von Polidoro.

Riesenlotte didn’t like him.

Riesenlotte wished he had died in the fight against Willendorf.


In a way, that would only be a waste.

Also, that fine figure of yours.

Had caused Riesenlotte to want him to take the place of her―― dead husband.

Riesenlotte couldn’t help but have that feeling.

However, Riesenlotte knew that my daughter, Anastasia, would send her neck to fly away if she did that.


Why everything is hard?

Do mother and daughter always have similar tastes in men?

Or Anastasia is just hungry for fatherly love, and asking it from Faust?

Aaah, Faust…

“Please forgive me. I’m done with what I wanted to say. More than this has nothing to do with me. May I leave the room?”

The words of help Faust gave to Riesenlotte.

She decided, to receive it.

“I allow you. You can leave the room.”

Riesenlotte ordered so at will.

If she didn’t do that, her heart would go crazy.

Faust had fascinated her.

In her heart, he had reached a similar spot to that of her late husband.

That was why, sometimes she wanted him.

But for now, she decided to forget about it.

Anastasia, her lust to Faust.

That desire of hers.

――Riesenlotte decided to approve it.


“Yes, mother.”

Riesenlotte’s second child, the second princess Valliere, who was a “spare”, answered.

“If you fail to get rid of the bandits this time, Faust will be dismissed from your counselor and will be under Anastasia. Understand?”


Valliere rounded her mouth with a dismayed face.

That didn’t matter.

Anastasia just needed to steal Faust from the spare―― Valliere.

That didn’t matter

However, there was no reason for Faust to fail.

But, what Riesenlotte said would restore some of Anastasia’s trust in her.

That didn’t matter.

“Please wait a moment! Faust, is my counselor!!”

“Ara ara, what could be the second princess, my sister, Valliere, would be scared of, in just exterminating bandits.”

Anastasia fueled the flames.

That didn’t matter.

The reality wouldn’t change at all.

With Faust, there could be no failure in just exterminating bandits, even if he was to be under idiot.

Valliere’s counselor would remain Faust von Polidoro.

Anastasia’s counselor would remain from those of nobility.

Would remain those of a Duchess household.

That didn’t matter.

The country would still be moving.

If possible, Riesenlotte would like Faust to take the place of her late husband.

But, that wouldn’t be forgiven by the officials and above all, Anastasia and Valliere.

That didn’t matter.

After all, the country would still be moving.

Anyway, Riesenlotte opened her mouth.

“Valliere, can you do the bandit extermination properly? That’s all that I’m asking.”

“It’s my first campaign, I’d like to refuse it, but do you really think that I can’t even do that?”

“No, it’s not possible if you take Faust with you. The victory is certain, but if you haven’t finished your first campaign, the other will doubt you, right?”

Valliere fell silent.

In fact, it was an undeniable fact that the bandits that have arisen were in trouble.

Valliere had no choice.

She squeezed her mouth and returned his consent.

“My dear mom, Valliere ――as my first campaign, I will complete the mission of exterminating bandits.”

“Good. That’s all matter.”

Finally, the solution was decided.

Felling relieved, The Queen, Riesenlotte, sighed.

On the other hand, the first princess, Anastasia, clicked her tongue.

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