Teisou Gyakuten Sekai de Futsuu ni Ikirareru to Omoikonderu Yatsu ch 1

TN: A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

For this first ch, JD = Joshi Daigakusei (University Girl)

1. Childhood Friend-like JD Sometimes Can Be Scary

Chastity reversal world.

I had only heard the name. I thought that was probably because I had some interest in such creations and knew the fact that they were gaining popularity from a certain segment of the population.

…..A world where women are more sexually active than men and are more likely to seek out the opposite sex.

Rape is a woman’s thing, not a man’s, something like that, I guess?

In the end, I think it’s just born from the desire that men want to be like that, and it clearly shows that men are shallower, but I’m sure that even if this is the right argument, if I type it on the internet, I’m sure I’ll get mocked.


――Well then, why did I think about such a trivial thing?

『”Yesterday, a high school teacher in ○○ Ward was accused of committing an obscene act against a male student……”』

Because apparently, I found out that I had been reincarnated? transported? in such a world, a world where the notion of chastity was reversed.


“Masato! It’s already morning~!”

“Yes, yes, I’m getting up now.”

Then, this and that happened,… (omitted). And now, I was here, in “this world”.

When you thought about a chastity reversal world, it would be that you can make a harem! ―― Or, that would be okay to do a little sexual harassment!

―― Unfortunately, such a good and happy development didn’t happen.

Well, surprisingly, I thought that it didn’t really matter?

After all, being able to live a normal life was the best.

Really happy that I could live a normal life. At first, I thought I was going to die.

I found out after a while, but it seemed that this place was more like a parallel world than a different world.

For some reason, the existence of me, “Masato Katazato”, had been in this world from the beginning.

I had just graduated from high school I was in, and I had just completed the admission procedures for the university I was supposed to go to in the spring.

In other words, I was reincarnated, or rather, my soul had been transferred to me of this world that was very similar to the world I was in before, only that here, the notion of chastity was reversed.

In this world, the male and female ratio had gone a little unbalanced, and now it seemed to be about 1:5. However, based on the situation, it was said that there would be fewer men in the future.

When I knew that, I felt relieved. Why? If it was 1:1000 like one of many fictions I had read in the previous world, perhaps, I couldn’t keep my sanity.

It would be impossible for me to live with the feeling of being ready to be attacked every day.

“Masato, you have a shift today! Come to the store at 6pm!”

“Yes, I understand.”

The person who had been calling out to me from outside the house since a while ago was Aika Tsukeda, who had formally become my guardian. A married woman, but it seemed she had never seen her husband again. As expected, every person had their own dark past.

Anyway, right after I was reincarnated, Aika-san found me lying down in a back alley and took care of me.

Then, although it was conditional, she became my guardian.

She even allowed me to go to college. Of course, I was using a scholarship, but well, I decided to work hard to pay her back.


Anyway, I was totally indebted to her.

It was definitely thanks to Aika-san that I was still alive and live my life normally now.

I opened the front door and greeted Aika-san.

Her loosely wavy brown hair was tied up on one side. A beautiful person even though she was almost 30 years old.

Perhaps, she had to be careful about her appearance due to her occupation.


This apartment where I was staying now, was rented by Aika-san.

Since it was right next to the shop where Aika-san was running, she sometimes came to talk to me like this in the morning.


“How is it? Have you made any friends in college?”

“Ha~h… Umm, I guess so…?”

“Why are you being suspicious? Anyway, don’t get fooled by a strange woman, hear me? When you stay out overnight, contact me properly! Also, stop being so polite when talking to me!”

“Y-yeーah, anyway, I’m going now!”

Feeling embarrassed, I cut off the conversation and quickly left.

Even if I was told to stop being so polite, it would be difficult, as she was my benefactor, even though I had only met her for several months.

Should be easy for many, but not for me, I was a kind of stubborn person after all.

Even so, when the word “Don’t get fooled by a strange woman” was said, it made me keenly aware that the world I was in now, was really different from my previous world.

Perhaps, if I saw Aika-san in my previous world, I might think that she was an insecure person.


After I parted ways with Aika and went to university.

The time was 11:00 am. The sun was mercilessly staying in the clear sky.

The season was already approaching summer, and the temperature was ridiculously high during this time.


Wiped the sweat from my forehead and glanced at my favorite watch.

“Damn it, I can’t make it in time for the 2nd period……”

The start time of the second period was 11:10.

If I keep walking like this, I won’t be able to make it in time.

“Should I run?”

At that time, my smartphone vibrated.

Put my hand in my pocket and take out my smartphone. And I saw one SNS notification.

《Koumi》『Masato, today, your 2nd period is classroom 104, isn’t it? I reserved a seat for you♪』

“I’m saved~~~ As expected, you should have a friend in university!”

I stopped trying to start running and changed to a fast walk.

Sent a stamp to say thank you and put my smartphone back in my pocket.


As long as you had a seat reserved, there would be no problem even if you were to be a little late.

The worst case would be when you couldn’t get a seat, but you show up late and start taking classes in the front seat, in front of the professor!! It would be hell!!

In my heart, I thanked my classmate… Koumi Igarashi… and kept walking to college.


“Because~~~~, the meaning of this sentence is~~~”

When I entered the classroom, the lesson had already started.

I was about 10 minutes late, but it was a large classroom so there was no problem. My university was loose in that part.

”Masato! Here, come here…!”

After holding the student ID card over the card reader to fill my attendance, I looked around the classroom and found Koumi, beckoning me from the backmost seat, while calling my name in low voice.

I quickly passed behind her and safely sit on the seat that Koumi had reserved for me using a bag.

“Really, thanksー Koumi. You saved me.”

“Nishishi… if it’s for Masato, this much is nothing♪”

A girl with short bob hair, showing an innocent smile to me, was… Koumi Igarashi… my only friend at this university.

I was late to enter the university due to the hassle of reincarnation, so I ended up participating in classes about a month later than normal freshmen.

And you knew, the first month of college, for a freshman was important.

In a month, everyone had completed their friend groups and their clubs had already been decided.

I had prepared myself for being a loner in my university life, but then Koumi appeared.

Koumi herself had a bright personality, so she should belong to several groups, but for some reason, she had been especially kind to me, a loner.

A miraculous existence.

But still, I wonder if this convenient development happens because this is a chastity reversal world.?…… Wait, could it be, that this girl, fell in love with me at first sight?!

……Dangerous, it’s really dangerous. A misunderstanding by my virgin brain is about to log in. Cut off the connection now, cells!! I must endure!

Just as I was thinking about this, Koumi pulled the sleeve of my T-shirt.

“…hey, I’ve taken the trouble to reserve a seat, so why don’t you go out to eat with me today?”

……What is this cute creature?

The destructive power of the girl who asked me out on a date with a happy face and an innocent smile was too much!!

Small pierced earrings softly peeking out from the short bob created a gap between her innocence and mature side. SO CUTE.

The white shirt she was wearing, was off-shoulder, so when she leaned over, I couldn’t help but see her skin, which made me nervous.

Calm, calm down.

At times like this, you have to be cool, right?

Yes, I’m a cool guy!

“A~h, I’m real~ly sorry, I’ve a part-time job today.”

“E~h, Perhaps, Masato is always decided to have a part-time job on Friday?”

“Weーll. Most likely.”

“I see~ then, next Monday! How about it?”

“Oーh, if it’s on Monday, then that’s fine.”


After doing a small fist pose, Koumi returned her body to its original position.

Why are you so cute???

You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?! Stop it!! But it’s cute, so I forgive you!


I took a deep breath and concentrated on the class.

In truth, most of the classes were the same as Koumi.

That was because Koumi helped me when I was late registering for classes.

Since we were in the same faculty, she kindly taught me the classes that I had to take, and she asked me to take classes that we could take together. 

As expected, is she, a Goddess???

……But, now that I think about it calmly, I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

She’s such a cute girl. She must want to take classes with her group of friends too…

“… Hey, is it really okay? Don’t you want to take a class with your friends instead of taking a class with me…?”

“… Hmmー? Not at all. I can meet friends in club activities and so on.”

Our voices didn’t echo in the classroom because we speak in a low voice.

“Well, anyway, it’s okay to can take the class with your friends once in a while, you know? I’m fine with being alone.”

She’s such a popular girl. I’m sure there are one or two friends who are taking this class.

I thought so.


The moment Koumi replied so, it felt like the temperature in the surroundings had dropped by 10 degrees.

As for Koumi herself? She was still smiling, but somehow her eyes weren’t smiling.

―― Huh? Did I just step on a landmine???

“Eh, um, well, Koumi, you see, I thought that, perhaps, you want to take a class with others?”

“Masato, are you that bothered taking classes with me? By any chance, perhaps, do you prefer to take classes with other girls?”

“No, no, no! That’s not the case. I’m really thankful that you’re here, and if I can take a class with a beautiful girl like Koumi, I can’t be happier! I mean, look, I don’t have any friends other than you, Koumi!”

I didn’t really understand, but I felt like I was in danger, so I tried to explain it at the speed of sound.

I really don’t understand girl. what did I say wrong??  Don’t scare me like that okay???

However, from around “…like Koumi~”, Koumi’s expression gradually became brighter.

“B-beautiful? Really? From Masato’s point of view, am I really cute?”

Suddenly Koumi looked embarrassed.

“Y-yeah. Of course, you’re cute. It’s okay to be more confident in yourself, you know?”

“Is that soー? Ehehe… I’m cute huh…”

H-huffff… seems like I managed to get out of trouble.

I really can’t understand anything about girls these days… No, I guess, it’s better to say it, the girls of this world?

Really, for the world to turn like this, what went wrong?

Looking at the cute Koumi who was smiling like she was melting, I felt relieved, for the time being.

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