Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 313

313. Confession

『”Today’s Kenran-Seimei Joint School Festival is over. All visitors, please be careful on your way home. I repeat. Today’s Kenran-Seimei Joint School Festival is over.”』

An announcement was made, and the visitors quickly walked to the gate.

All of them were smiling. It seemed that they had a lot of fun. Certainly, considering how big ​​this school was, it surpassed the famous theme park, and even though it was such a school festival, Kenran students were still full of vitality. There was a rumor that by just looking at surroundings, the energy would come back. They must have been satisfied because they were boys from Seimei.

I actually tried the food of others classes’ stores, and all of them were delicious, from the orthodox ones to the ones I had never eaten.

As expected, this was because the school had many students and also respected students’ creativity, that many kinds of stores and events could be seen, but…

What were they thinking when they decided to serve food made with a tarantula at the school festival? Also, that “Experience! A cancer removal surgery!”, do they think that people, who had no surgical experience, wanted to try it? Well, it was done under the supervision of an active doctor, and it was well-received by the TV reporter, and that high level of VR technology took time to be covered by the Tv station… Money! Yeah, it must rack a lot of money!

However, even compared to those events, the butler cafe of both was a success. It could be said that anything that stimulates people’s greed was popular, no matter how simple it might be.

And now, at the butler cafe, the girls were busy cleaning up and processing the first day’s sales.

And today’s butlers were sitting in their seats, requesting the girls to massage them or bring them some drink.

“Haaaff, I worked hard today. Hurry up and bring me some juice.”

“I’d like a massage, please. I allow you to touch me with your bare hands.”

“Potato chips and chocolate”

“Rib steak. Medium rare. Please”

Butlers with big attitudes. Well, it was true that because of these guys, the store could be opened, but steak? However, the girls spoiled such boys by saying that it couldn’t be helped.

… Wait, we even serve steak?

“Sorry to make you wait, here. We didn’t have any rib meat so I used tofu instead.”

“Wha-! If there’s no meat, you should go buy it!”

“No, no, the tofu steak is also delicious, you know? So please try it first. Look, you can enjoy it with this special sauce.”

“I won’t forgive you if it doesn’t suit my taste! Oh, it’s delicious.”


…Seems like the girls are treating the boys in a slightly different way than usual? Or it’s just my imagination?

As I was pondering such questions, it seemed that the counting of the sales had ended, and everyone gathered.

“Umm… Thank you for your hard work on the first day. Then, I’ll announce the sales for the first day.”

“Wait, there must be something more important than that!”


A member of the festival committees said so and tried to announce the sales, but the boys hung up on it.

“The number of nominations! The number, of nominations! I did my best today! I’m sure that the number of nominations for me is number one!”

“Must be me――”

“The number one is Hatano-kun. After him, it’s nothing much different from each other. Thank you for your hard work. Then, next, it’s time to announce today’s sales.”


The boys fell silent for a moment.

Right, I must be correct, the way the girls treat the boys starting to change……

Anyway, after this, it’s time to go “there” huh…

I glance at Shino-san, but her expression didn’t change at all, it was as usual.

There’s something I want to ask, but I guess, I should ask after going to the meeting place.

Then, when the member of the festival committee gave the signal for the end, everyone got ready to go home and went their own way home.

I also carried my luggage and went out, but when I left the gymnasium, I turned my feet to the place I was told.

Looked up at the sky while walking. The darkened night sky made me realize that the seasons were changing and winter was approaching. Then, I looked back at what has happened so far.

For sure if I hadn’t remembered my previous life, I wouldn’t be here now. I probably went to Seimei and dominated the first graders, and would have gone all the way to win over the upperclassmen as well…

Compared to such life, how peaceful the current situation is.

But, I feel like I’m working more than I thought, though? Strange…

Is it the effect of working hard in my previous life? I feel restless unless I do something.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I arrived at the place I was told. Since there was already a figure, they must have followed me. I fasten up my pace a little.

“Sorry did I make you all wait?”

” ” ” ” ” “Not at all!” ” ” ” ” “

At the meeting place. It wasn’t just Shino-san, but also Yuzuka-san, Minori-san, Yachigusa-san, and Maizumi-san who sent me a letter. Then there was Mishima-san too.

I wondered why everyone chose the same place at the same time, but asked me separately. Well, it seemed that it was unexpected for them as well. After all, all of them had not a good expression for a girl on their faces. They were frowning so much.

“……Hey, everyone, I have some plan with Kohaku-kun, so could you all go home?”

“I can’t, I’ll be fast. So, give him to me first today.”

“No, I’m the first.”

“Why does everyone know this place! Please go home!”

“Hauh, hauff”

“Why are you getting in my way! Go somewhere else!”

“Because Shino is getting in my way!”

“This day has already turned into a bad day, so I’ll send Kohaku-san home.”

“Minori-san, please don’t move a single steーp!”

“Hauh, hauff”

They were bickering with each other. It was a very rare sight because usually, they were all on good terms. Meanwhile, Mishima-san was the only one who quietly walked toward me. Apparently, the others were busy fighting and didn’t notice it.

Then, when she reached in front of me, she took a deep breath and said,

“Haufffff… Hatano-kun, please date me on the premise of marriage!!!”

Hearing that loud voice, the others who were busy arguing finally realized the situation, and had stunned expressions.

……I see. Perhaps everyone has the same idea as Mishima-san…

No, more than that, has this day finally come?

…Wait, wait a minute, getting married!? I thought that dating in high school was supposed to be more, for fun?! C-Calm down, Mishima-san!

“I’m a little more unattractive than the other girls, but I’ll be a woman who earns a lot of money in the future, I’ll do my best, and I’ll definitely make Hatano-kun happy! Please go out with me!”

This is serious… What should I do…

” ” ” ” “Wait a minute!!!” ” ” ” “

……When I was wondering what to answer, Shino-san and the others who had been arguing came rushing over.

“I-I’ll make you happy too! Even now, I have a lot of assets. Surely, I will definitely not make you suffer in the future! Please date me on the premise of marriage!”

“I won’t lose to other girls! I won’t lose to Toukain in terms of assets, and I won’t lose to others in terms of my love for you! Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Right now, I am nothing, but I will definitely become a champion in the Super Arts and earn a lot of money. I promise you that. So, Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Miu… Miu’s body can’t be compared to others, but Miu will definitely become a first-class actress! It may be hard to believe… but please believe me, and go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Eh, ah, um, I love you! I love you very much! Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

And one after another confessed to me as if they didn’t want to lose to Mishima-san.

……why does everyone put in ‘on the premise of marriage’? what to do? how should I answer?

I looked up at the darkened sky.

If I answer YES here, I’ll definitely get married to them. Well, I feel that they said it knowing all that. Prepared for that.

But, at this young age, am I gonna married to six girls? Even though polygamy is allowed, it must be difficult to maintain it.

……but, but, I do like them… To be honest, I like them. I’m sure of it. But, I haven’t thought about marriage at this point.




But, yeah, can’t be like this forever, right?


I made up my mind.

“Okay, so please take care of me from now on too.”

Said so with a smile on my face, and, I bowed my head.

TN: And, that’s the end! You could say, the MC failed to be a devilish man. Well, it’s just to far away from his nature I guess?
Many of you might feel it so sudden. (Me too) But well, it seems the Author was tired of writing, since, just for info, The Author had been writing this for 5-6 years, every week he updated one ch.
The Author hasn’t made any new series, seems busy with RL.
Let’s hope than there will an epilogue for this series.

Alright, so, I plan to do the LN ver of this, since the story is so different in many ways (Many Japanese fans of this series don’t like it, but to be honest, you might like it better than this version, since he’s more like a playboy there), but there’s no news about a new vol at all, I guess it got axed? I cancelled it.
So I decided to do other series. It’s a series with a world of unbalanced male and female ratio too. But very different than this series. (Have some others in mind, haven’t really decided, but for now I’ll post some as a teaser)
If you have any interest, you could check it out here and here
And here (This one may be kind of similar to Masho Otoko)


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