Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 1

1. The start of my Highschool life

“Hey, Souya-Kun. Soon it’ll be your first time doing an “MSA”, right? So, umm, Souya-kun I heard that you chose those outsides of the special wards…”

Someone with a slightly sweet voice called me. It was a girl from the same class, Akemi Yahata-san.

She was a young lady who lived in the special wards, and usually had many people naturally gathering around her.

“Yes, but why do you know?”

Then, from the back of the classroom, I heard voices such as

“Is that so?”

“Eeeh? That rumor was true?”

“Outside the special wards again? Really?”

“Souya-kun, maybe he’s actually a hero?!”

It was yesterday that I decided. But the rumor flowed so fast. Well, it was unavoidable.

Anyway, there was something more important than that. 

I looked around the classroom, but as expected, there were no members of the group.

They must be stuck somewhere. 

Well, those of special wards aren’t used to the formation, but they still could create an opening, so…

All the girls in the classroom were paying attention to me. No… only one person, Shiho Shino- san, who was reading a book as if she were “not interested” at all.

By the way, in the conversation with Yahata-san the word “MSA” was mentioned. However, this is an abbreviation for “Male Service Activities”, and boys from co-schools like me, would go out to an office, girls’ schools, etc. to encourage, talk, and eat together.

I heard that an entertainer went to prison to give some condolences.

In “This world”, the male and female ratio was broken, and males were quite rare.

Moreover, all the rare men were living in the special wards.

Outside the special wards, not to the point where males could be called “UMA” (Unidentified Mysterious Animal), but their existence was so rare to the extent of urban legend.

Since I would go to such a place, the reaction of Yahata-san and the girls around was something natural.

However, outside the special wards, in order to improve the morale of employees of people who were working there, the owners earnestly hoped for a male to visit their company.

Then, the government institutionalized such desire with the so-called service “MSA”… at least that was what I knew.

In fact, there were overwhelmingly more people outside the special wards who requested “MSA” than those inside the special wards.

“You see. Yesterday, there was a person who saw Souya-kun choosing from thick documents in the staff room… S-sorry. E-everyone wanted to hear about it… If this made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry…”

As I was thinking, Yahata-san’s complexion turned pale.

“No, I don’t mind at all. I don’t plan to hide it either. But someone saw that huh. I wonder if you can tell from the thickness of the documents. Well … I chose the service outside the special wards. It’s a fact. Also, it’s my first time, so I don’t really know what to do. That’s why, I decided to go around only three places this time.”

“Eh? Three?!”

Yahata-san opened her big eyes even bigger. 

Is it that surprising?

“Yup. I’m a little interested in the cleaning company that was commended this month, the transportation company that has a deal with my mother’s company, and a girls-only school outside the special wards. Those three would be the place I visit.”


Several girls got up from their chairs all at once. 

Hm? Are they practicing a flash mob or something?

“S-Souya-kun… are you going to a g-girls-only school? You know that it’s outside the special wards, right?”

Yahata-san was quite upset, muttering, “Why, why?”

“The girls-only school in the special wards is somehow predictable. I chose the outside… well, because I think that something interesting may happen there? Hahaha…”

When I said that and laughed, Yahata-san had a face saying “I can’t believe it.”

For Yahata-san, who had rarely left the special wards since she was born, it might sound as if I was going to hell… No, that would be too much…

Anyway, half of the class came from outside the special wards. Yawata-san shouldn’t say too many unnecessary things. It should be better that way.

The “Special Wards” that appeared many times in conversations with Yawata-san was an area where men could live preferentially, and the official name for the wards was “Male Special Residence Wards”. However, such a lengthy-phrase could only be found in documents.

In addition to men and their families, specially selected women, such as Yahata-san’s family, also lived in the special wards.

Living in the special wards was a kind of status, but you would be burdened with taxes and other costs. It was hard to stay in the special wards.

In the first place, the conditions for living were strict, and just because you wanted to stay there, you couldn’t live there. Also, once you started living there, you might have trouble maintaining it.

You wanted to live there but you couldn’t. You couldn’t live there but you wanted to live there. That was the special wards.

Anyway, Yahata-san was so shocked that she returned to her seat in a sloppy manner.

“… Fuuu”

After having a conversation with Yahata-san and taking a break, the one who was seating next to me, Atsushi Kunou, turned his eyes in a sympathetic way to me.

“It’s hard right?”

“Well, I’m used to getting attention from the girls in this class. Even more than that, Atsushi, when your 16th birthday comes, you must do “MSA” too, you know.”

“…That’s right. It’s depressing. But I’ll only choose those in the special wards. I don’t want to go out and plant trauma.”

Atsushi had the face of a pretty boy, even a sorrowful expression looked good on him.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to be that afraid of the outside, but… well, you should get used to it gradually. That’s the best way. For the time being, maybe you should talk normally with girls that came from outside the special wards?”

Told so jokingly, But Atsushi looked so serious while shaking his head, saying,

“It’s still impossible to stand in front of those people.”

I understood what Atsushi wanted to say.

Some female students who were not immune to men were so nervous that they over-breathing. Even if it didn’t go that far, it was a common sight to see girls have rough breathing, nosebleeds, and even red eyes.

“Some may start crying when you call out to them. Well, I’ll be your “lightning rod” for a while. So Atsushi, if anything goes wrong, you can throw it at me.”

“Yeah, thank you”

Atsushi gave me a defenseless smile that he never showed to girls. From the surroundings, “Uh, my nosebleed” or “Saved!” or “Thank you for the smile!”

I continued to speak,

“But no matter how much you grieve, the world won’t change, right? Then you should accept it now and let’s enjoy ourselves.”

When I hugged Atsushi’s shoulders, a voice “KYAAAー!” could be heard from around me. Of course, I did it on purpose.

It was a lie that the world wouldn’t change no matter how much you grieve. After all, I would be a person who would change this world. I wouldn’t too much to call myself, the embodiment of change!

I came from a world where the ratio of men and women wasn’t broken, but from a world where the number of men and women was about the same, and was requested by the Goddess to come here.

“Atsushi, I’m really, glad that I came here.”

When I said that, Atsushi asked, “Is a co-ed school that good?”

I nodded vaguely, and recalled how I came here.

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  1. For a series to continue from the three options, this one feels like the most natural. This story seems to hit what the readers of the last were looking for, at least I hope it will. This is only one chapter so far.

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