Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 19.5

19.5 The other sides on the entrance ceremony day

◇ One Of The Girls From Outside The Special Ward ◇

The afternoon when a girl from outside the Special Ward got home after the entrance ceremony.

“Welcome back, the lunch is ready. So, how was the entrance ceremony?”

When the girl went inside the house and went to the kitchen, her mother, who was cleaning up the dishes, said so.

“Sorry, Mom. It’s not the time for that, it’s time for an urgent meeting! Gather everyone.”

“What happened?”

“I need everyone’s power right now!”

“I-I see… Alright. I’ll call everyone.”

Pushed by the momentum of her daughter, the mother nodded slowly.

The girl’s house was also for their business, so the family could get together immediately.

“Oh my, what’s wrong? The tea will get cold if you don’t eat now.”

The girl’s grandmother sat upright on the tatami mat in the living room.

“You’re soー late, everyone ate lunch already.”

“Sis, you haven’t had your lunch yet, right?”

The girl’s older sister and younger sister, who were in 2nd grade High School and 2nd grade Middle School starting this year, had already returned home and finished their lunch.

They were able to go home early because their schools were in the neighborhood.

“I’m going to talk about it…… wait a minute, let me sort out my feelings first.”

The girl took a deep breath once before speaking.

Four people, the grandmother, mother, older sister, and younger sister, stared at the girl silently.

“… Listen. Tomorrow, the group that will last for one year, will be decided at school, but there are only two boys even though it’ll be eight groups in total. Means, there will be six groups of only girls. But, one of the boys who are in the same class, said that he would like to choose his group member from among us, the girls from outside the special ward!”

“From outside the special ward? Isn’t that good for you?”

The mother was excited.

“But, the chance is small, right?”

The older sister was calm.

“Are you confident that you will be chosen?”

The younger sister was even calmer.

“Maybe. Anyway, the selection criteria are to submit a self-introduction. He will then read it to decide. So please. Everyone, help!”

It seemed that what the girl wanted to say was immediately conveyed. As expected of family members.

“He will decide by reading the self-introduction? Then, we should divide the work.”

“You see, Mom is good at that kind of thing.”

“Even I know about my younger sister well. I can write as much as you want.”

“Sis, I will help you too!”

“Thank you. I don’t know what he will look for from the self-introduction, so please, write as much as you can.”

“Time….. it’s 1 pm. Seven hours should be enough. With that much time, I can write it all thoroughly.”

“We should divide the work, first, I’ll list the good points of my granddaughter.”

“I don’t know what will touch his heart, so I think it’s better to write a lot.”

“If all the handwritings are different, it’ll be not good. So, I’ll put them together on my computer. Then, you can print it out.”

“It’s decided then, I’ll close the store for today.”

“Mom, thank you.”

“It’s okay. Now, it’s time to show the unity of this family.”


“That’s something I can agree on.”

“Let’s do our best!”

In this way, the girl created something that could be mistaken for a novel, and she took it to school the next day.

◇ One Of The Girls From Within The Special Ward ◇

“He said that he would only choose from the students from outside the special ward, but that could be lip service, he might change his mind tomorrow. Mother, what about the writer’s arrangements?”

“No problem. I have the best ghostwriter ready.”

“As expected of my dear mother.”

“I’ve hired a professional proofreader too, so it’ll be fine. Instead, you should do your best to make a clean copy.”

“Yes. To show motivation, as expected, it’s better to be “handwritten”.”

“Yes, but do you know what he will see the most in the self-introduction?”

“He didn’t say anything about it, so it’s better to be not so intrusive, and try to push of being motivated to be his group member.”

“Good. When you were in middle school, all the boys were weak-minded, but this boy seems to have a strong backbone. For someone who’s been living in a special ward, it’s normal to choose those from a house with a solid foundation.”

“Yes, mother. But I don’t think he said it with a shallow thought. Perhaps, he turned his eyes to the students outside the special ward, to confirm his value.”

“In any case, how was that person?”

“For me, A… No, I don’t mind giving him A+.”

“As expected of Itsuki High School. Let’s have the ghostwriter do her best.”


In this way, a professionally written self-introduction was completed, and the girl brought it to school.

◇ Inside A Printing Shop ◇

“President, why an order suddenly came in… I mean, it’s already night.”

“Stop talking, and move your hands.”

“No matter how much of a small printing shop this place is, for order came at night, asking to make it into a gorgeous bound booklet by the morning, is just… also, it’s just one book, right? You should’ve declined such a request.”

“Don’t rattle… I couldn’t refuse.”

“For real? President who always yells at almost every customer, couldn’t refuse?”

“Stop it. I mean, if both parents and children can bow their heads to the point where their foreheads touch the ground, how can I refuse…”

“Huh? They did?”

“If I refused, I’m sure they would have been stay like that for a long time… Maybe, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. In that case, I can’t curse at them, and just take it silently.”

“That may be the case… So, what will we print?”

“It’s a self-introduction.”


“It was a parent and child who came, but it seems to be a self-introduction of the child.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, I don’t know either, but it must be something that they won’t regret even if it cost their life. Move your hands. I’ll make the best book of it. Hear me, it’ll be the best book.”

“Understood. We have until morning. It’s enough, so let’s make it into the best book.”

In this way, the night went on inside a small printing shop.

◇ In The Tomomi Kikuie’s Place ◇

“Ara, are going to study now?”

“Mom… you’re awake?”

“It’s a night shift soon. That aside, you just had your entrance ceremony, you can take a break from studying.”

“I’m not studying… more than that, Mom…”


“Thank you for giving birth to me”

“What’s it, why so suddenly…… Me too, thank you for being born here. Unlike other households, I couldn’t take care of you every time, but even so, you grew up well. Thank you for being a good girl. You’re my proud daughter.”

“I will always be grateful to you, Mom. For always doing your best for me.”

“That’s not the case at all. I ruined my health when I was working as a saleswoman, and the restaurant I worked for next, I was dismissed due to poor management. I could’ve done better….. But, my current workplace is a very good place. The factory manager told me that I could put shift anytime in the morning and night. “

“It’s a factory that operates 24 hours a day after all.”

“Thanks to that, I can send you to Itsuki High School. My daughter who lives in a rental apartment like this, can go to a co-ed school in the special ward, it really feels like a dream.”

“Right… it feels like a dream.”

“That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the house and enjoy your student life to the fullest. The three years of high school are shorter than you think. Really, it’ll end in a moment. Think of it like a fleeting star in the night sky. This is an advice from your predecessor.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good! Then, I’m going to work. Go to bed early, okay?”

“Okay. Be careful with your body, Mom.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still young.”

After sending her mother out, Kikuie looked at the unfinished self-introduction she just wrote.


After raising her eyebrows for a moment, Kikuie erased the first few lines.

Then, she took out a new paper sheet and started writing.

――「I have a Dream. It’s a dream to make my mother live comfortably…」

That was the beginning of Kikuie’s self-introduction.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 117

117. Sometimes, even a perfect disguise can be seen through

After that, the four wandered around the city, visiting various places.

And at dusk. As a final touch for today’s event, they went to the batting center.

“Pheeww, I’m sweating hard.”

While saying that, Atsushi sat down on a bench in the rest area.

Next to him was Hiiragi, who had also finished a session.

“Seriously, your physical ability surprised me every time.”

“Even so, you hit a home run about the same number. So, you surprised me too, Chairman.”

Usually, it was tough to hit a home run at the batting center. And yet, these two, hit every ball and almost every time was a home run.

So, speaking of common sense, both could be said out of the standard.

“So, Yamagami. There’s one thing I want to ask you.”


Hiiragi pointed his finger at Tsubasa, who was batting with Kirishima, and asked a question.

“The reason he dresses like that, is it his hobby? Or, is it yours?”

“Pfft!!…. COUGH!! COUGH!!

At that moment, Atsushi involuntarily coughed.

However, without minding him, Hiiragi continued to talk.

“Now that I think about it, there’s a slight possibility that you liked men more than women. Well, you’ve been with Shirasawa and Hirose a lot recently, but there’s no development with them. So, I was wondering if that’s the case…”

“Oi, Chairman, don’t just say that I like men before I even give you an answer!”

“Am I wrong?”

“Of course!!…. There’s a reason for that…”

Though Atsushi felt bad for Tsuabsa, he told the truth honestly.

It was clear that lying here wouldn’t do any good. Since the opponent was, Hiiragi. Poor excuses would be no use to him.

“I see. So, that’s how it is. Sorry. I should’ve given it more thought.”

“No, it’s not like you need to apologize… Rather, if you can know that much at first glance, I’ll be scared instead.”

In the first place, Atsushi was also responsible for not saying anything about Tsubasa to Hiiragi and Kirishima.

“… That aside, I’m impressed that you noticed it well.”

“Hmm? Ah, right. I didn’t realize it at first glance, but after spending the last few hours with him, I realized it. I couldn’t tell from his appearance, but from his behavior and demeanor, that in fact, he’s a man. Especially after we came to this batting center. The way he hit is just…”

“The way he hit… Really, who the hell are you?

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of things. I’m the kind of person who cares about the slightest differences. Besides, didn’t he refer to himself as a cousin? As far as I know, your cousin’s name with the name Tsubasa. I only know one person. I’ve only seen him on TV, but I realized that the appearances are quite similar. So, from that, I made my conclusion.”

“Ah, I see… Hmm? Wait a minute. Did I ever tell you that I have a cousin?”

“What are you talking about? It’s only natural to know about your classmates’ relatives.”

“Oi oi. How can you say it so naturally, Chairman…”

At first, Atsushi felt that it was far beyond the level of what a normal chairman would know… but once he thought that the Chairmain was Hiiragi, he didn’t that shocked anymore.

“Well, I’m sure that even Kirishima must have realized his true identity.”

“I see, as expected huh?”

“Yeah. Otherwise, she wouldn’t go out of her way to invite you to hang out.”

Atsushi knew early on that Kirishima knew Tsubasa’s true identity. After all, she once used Tsubasa as a joke to attack Atsushi. On the contrary, it would be strange for her not to realize it.

“I mean, seeing that you were with your cousin who was dressed as a woman, probably she just wanted to tease you for fun… Well, for you, it’s probably not a fun experience, but I personally feel a little relieved.”

“Relieved? Why?”

“It’s because she thought that it would be interesting, even though she knew she must have some contact with you. Even decided to partake in that. Before, it seems like she didn’t want to get involved with you no matter what.”

Certainly, it was as Hiiragi said. No matter how funny or interesting the situation might be, after the case with the rumor about Atsushi, Kirishima didn’t want to have anything to do with Atsushi. In a way, it could be said that this situation was the result of a change after going through the events in kindergarten and the VR game.

“Chairman, you really are, Kirishima’s guardian.”

“I don’t want to be told by you. I mean, You’re the same when it comes to Shirasawa.”

“No, I don’t mean to be like that…”

“Me too. But, I just can’t leave her alone. That’s all… By the way, I’m thirsty so I’m going to get some drinks from that vending machine. Yamagami, you want something?”

“Then, Cola.”

“Cola after exercising?”

“It’s fine, isn’t it?”

Hearing Atsushi’s words, Hiiragi said with a wry smile,

“Got it.”

Then, he headed toward the vending machine.

However, at the next moment.

From where Hiiragi was heading, there was an explosion.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 19

19. Deciding on the group

“Souya-kun, Good morning… Wah!? What is that?”

“Good morning, Atsushi…… Well, this, what does this look like?”

“Collections of articles and essays, or references used for research materials?”

“It’s almost the same. The correct answer is, the self-introduction brought by the girls of this class.”

“Not even close huh, so, how is it?”

“The contents are almost the same”

“…..I see”

Snooping on the booklet I was reading, Atsushi was taken aback.

After I sorted it, out of 38 girls, 22 were students from the Special Ward.

Considering the examination scale, there must have been a considerable number of examinees from outside the Special Ward.

Perhaps many were rejected by ‘something other than academic ability’.

I had to decide on the members by the afternoon, so I couldn’t relax at all.

“I wonder if I have to look at it during class hours.”

“…I-I guess so.”

From beside me, I heard a frightened voice.

I wonder, what criteria does Atsushi intend to select his members?

Not long after, the class finally started.

However, it was the second day since I entered the school. The seats were the same as yesterday and weren’t fixed seats.

The class seemed to explain the textbook and that kind of stuff lightly, anyway, it wasn’t a full-fledged lecture yet.

So, I didn’t focus on it and continued to read the self-introductions.

By the end of the second period, I had almost finished reading.

As expected, I skipped the backstory from birth to the present and any part that seemed like a love letter.

“I see… on top of inferiority complex and aspirations, a sprinkle of ‘wish’ huh.”

Parent status is important for living in a special ward. Even if you wish, you can’t live here easily.

I feel that the feeling of wanting to live here but cannot, is passed down from the parent to children.

Often seen in self-introductions, were ‘my mother’s wish’. Even the word ‘longstanding desire’ or ‘long-cherished ambition’ was there.

A 15-year-old girl wouldn’t write a such word. It was as if they came to kill their parent’s enemy, to end their parent’s resentment.

The girls outside the Special Ward made an effort to get what their mother couldn’t get.

If they could go to a school in the Special Ward, they could get closer to men.

The chance for that to happen outside the special zone, could be said almost zero.

Because men these days didn’t bother to leave the Special Ward to interact with women there if it wasn’t because of obligation.

That was why the girls from outside came here with effort.

That feeling was often expressed in the definitely-not-memoir self-introduction.

People’s feelings were sometimes reflected in the popular media at the time.

In this case, the best-selling manga now here was, the one with the main character who went to the Special Ward from the outside and for the first time, got attention from men there.

It was so popular to the point where it had changed from a ‘trope’ to a ‘template’. Changing the type of the main characters or the side characters, and other similar works would come out.

It might be a longing, a dream, and a feeling common to women living outside the Special Ward.

“How is it? Have you decided?”

Seeing my face, Atsushi gave a sympathetic gaze while saying so.

By the way, there were quite a few girls who submitted a self-introduction to Atsushi, saying “just in case”, but Atsushi replied, “I won’t receive it,” with a smile on his face.

Perhaps, Atsushi didn’t need the definitely-not-memoir self-introduction. To be honest I didn’t need it that thick either.

At first, I wondered if it was good to reject all of them, but it seemed that it would be better not to give hope for this kind of thing.

And Atsushi, surely, had his own thought about this.

After the third period, it was finally time to decide on the class committee and group.

This seemed to be the end of today.

First, the committee and the one in charge of miscellaneous duties would be decided.

It seemed that men didn’t need to join the committee. Rather, there seemed to be a problem if a man became one. 

I wonder why…

“It’s different from middle school. There are needs to go to another classroom or to stay after school because of the committee’s errands.”

“Ah, because the ‘committee activities’ are outside class hours… the others may use that to call you, is it?”

Speaking of ‘committee activities’, it could be a reason to be called.

It was possible for two people, regardless of gender, to stay in school until late.

So, perhaps, something happened in the past to cause this rule.

“By the way, it seems that there were many cases where boys were recommended to be the chairman by the consensus of girls in the past.”

If the man is the chairman, it’s natural for girls other than the group members to talk to him.

Well, it’s good that the girls try to get a chance, but it has nothing to do with the job as a chairman.

In a sense, the man was chosen as the chairman for some ‘wicked’ reason, was it?

Certainly, if so, it’s better for men to not join the committee.

After all, legitimate activity may be hindered…

When I was staring at the name chosen to be the committee and the one in charge of each miscellaneous duty, I realized that the girls decided it at a fast pace.

As if they were moving with all their might.

Since when this class is so united? I mean, it’s just the second day!

“Now, at last, it’s time to decide the group.”

Became the new chairman, Shigure Kaijou-san said that,

The classrooms quieted down…


No, I heard the sound of someone swallowing their saliva.

“By the custom, I would like to hear the boys’ request first.”

“Kunou-Kun and Souya-kun, please say your request for the member.”

When I was thinking of announcing it, Atsushi stood up before me.

“Zenma-san, Mitsuke-san, Yashiro-san, and Takatou-san.”

A female scream echoed from inside the classroom. 

Is it because you got chosen or because you didn’t get chosen?

“W-why… why did you request them, c-could I know the reason?”

“Nothing of a big deal, just that it has something to do with the profession of the parents.”

With that said, Atsushi sat down.

I’m not sure, but it seems that the profession of his parents has already been researched… scary…

“Okay … then Souya-kun, please.”

Then, my turn came.

When I stood up slowly, I saw the face of a girl looking more nervous than I was.

“As I told you yesterday, I will choose the ones from outside the special ward. But first of all, I want to say thank you. Today, I got a self-introduction from everyone. I will read this carefully later. I’ve read only what was necessary to decide on the group. And the girls I decided to choose are… “

I took a breath here.

There were those who had hopeful eyes, those who were praying, and those who were pretending to be calm but clearly have bright red cheeks.

“Toono-san, Hashigami-san, Kikuie-san, and Aono-san. “

Unlike earlier, no screams rose up.

“Could I ask you the reason?”

“Okay, I don’t mind. So, I don’t know the faces of the four girls I just mentioned, I’m completely choosing based on the self-introductions.”

“I see, yeah, right……”

I heard such a voice from inside the classroom. Usually, when a man chose a woman, appearance and family were the criteria.

It wasn’t a bad thing for me to tell the reason here, because they would be always curious about what criteria I used to choose. Also, I would be in trouble if speculation circled around after this.

“When I was in middle school, my group was very unique and easy to spend time with. I think, it was because each person was able to play a role. In the short high school life of three years, the friends whom I would spend most of my time with for one year, are very important.”

Some people were nodding.

“So, I chose people who seem to be unique, just like the group I had in middle school. I won’t speak much about how unique I think they are, but I can say that it’ll be a very interesting year. At least that’s my hope.”

Perhaps I came up with the reason why I had them write a self-introduction.

Everyone had their own points that they used to appeal.

Among them, those who appealed by stating about their parents or relatives, about how they had companies or good connections, etc., were excluded from my list immediately.

I chose only by considering what kind of person they were. It had nothing to do with their parents.

That aside, as I told everyone, surely it would be a fun year.

After the other groups were decided smoothly, now, it was time for each group to get together and have a discussion.

I see, that’s why this will be the end of today. With this, you don’t have to worry about the time.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 18

18. On the smartphone

I started reading the fountain park information displayed on my smartphone.

It seemed to be a place with a large fountain in the expansive grass area, which seemed to be the origin of the name of the fountain park.

Especially on holidays, it was said to be crowded with families, and also, it seemed to be a popular spot in spring and autumn when it was easy for families to spend time together.

Though it wasn’t really “me”, I sure visited the place in elementary school, still, I’ve never thought there would be such a nice place nearby.

And I guess, the owner of this body has an interest in that kind of place?

When I launched the software to measure the distance, on the screen, it was displayed that it would be around 30 minutes on foot from my house.

In my memory, I was having a hard time arriving there, but probably because I was still a child.

“Nee-san, do you remember, how long it took to go to the fountain park?”

I asked Sis, who was still reminiscing about the past.

“Eh? Ah… I was a kid back then.”

“Yes, I think Nee-san went there for a “walking trip” too, right?”

“Well, about an hour? But, I should have gone through the checkpoint at that time, so maybe I made a detour a little… ah, I remember now! I crossed the road then walked along the sidewalk.”

“Sidewalk huh, I see …”

There were many sidewalks around the Special Ward where cars and bicycles couldn’t enter.

Ah, me too, I may have passed that too, that’s why it was long huh…

“There is a bus that goes right to the fountain park, but using the subway, you may need… a little detour.”

“Nah, I think I’ll walk, so it’s okay.”

There was one subway that would go circling around the Special Wad and one that was a shortcut from the west to the east.

In a way, it was just like drawing a “no entry” mark.

The subway was often difficult to use, but the bus network made up most of the transportation.

If it still felt inconvenient, you could call an unmanned taxi with your smartphone, thus, there wouldn’t be any trouble moving around.

“By the way, can I know the location information of Nee-san and Mom?”

I’ve no memory of using such an app.

“I’m sure, it’s been installed on the phone? Haven’t you used it?”

“… I don’t think, it’s been installed.”

Until now, “Taketo Souya” didn’t seem to care where his mother or sister was.

So, there was no memory of using such a location tracking app with the smartphone.

“Want me to set it up for you?”

“Yes. Can you please?”

When I handed over my smartphone, Sis operated it a little and returned it. 

She’s so used to it.

“Since the app was installed, I just put the icon on the first page. And the setting, I put it ‘Off’ for now. When you turn it on, our location information will appear on the map screen.”

“Thank you”

For some time, Mom and Sis could always find out where I was.

It would be big trouble if I got kidnapped after all.

But, I explored the memory, wondering about the private life of men, it seemed that this was the norm in this world.

Within the Special Ward, thanks to the surveillance cameras and this location tracking, it was unlikely that you would be involved in a strange incident, and even if you were kidnapped, they could rely on this information to search.

By the way, there was no point even if you turned off the power of the smartphone. The location information would be still read accurately.

Yeah, in here, men truly had no private life.

The fact that I went to the northern forest today, Sis also knew that.

However, since I had been out there every day these days, so Sis and Mom wouldn’t expect that I was talking to the Goddess there.

“Hey, if you want to, I can check the information about the fountain park for you.”

“No, it’s okay… more than that, where was the laminator?”

“Laminator? The thing to apply the transparent film on the document with heat?”

“Yes. I want to use it for a while.”

“Since no one usually uses it, I think it’s stored inside the utility room…”

“Thank you. I’ll try to find it myself. Nee-san can just go back to study hard.”

“Y-yeah, thanks… I’ll do my best”

Sis looked at me with a confused look, but soon went upstairs to resume studying.

Women’s Universities in the Special Ward are very popular too.

I hope that she does her best not to go to a university outside the special ward.

Early the next morning, I prepared to start jogging.

It was just a daily routine for me.

I really wanted to practice karate, but it would be too sudden of a change, I didn’t want to be suspicious after all.

So, for the time being, I decided just do jogging, flexible exercises, and yoga.

“… Yeah, I should buy sportswear soon.”

I searched in the wardrobe, but I couldn’t find any suitable clothes for exercise.

It seemed that ‘he’ had always been a complete indoor person.

Anyway, I wore a jersey I got a few years ago and after a while of jogging, my breath became easier.

The physical specs didn’t seem to be that bad, and the body used to move more than expected.

The body wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to exercise a lot, but if it trained well, I felt like it would be able to go to a considerable extent.

This time, I took two breaks and ran 10 kilometers in total.

Without considering the break, it would have been 55 minutes of run.

For the first time, and it’s good at this pace… alright, my aim now will be to run for less than 50 minutes without a break.

From the number of stride frequencies and the stride length, it’s probably not too difficult to run a kilometer in 5 minutes.

“But, my muscles and joints are just…”

Since it is unknown how far I can push myself, I can be overwhelmed, it’s necessary to consult with the body and get the hang of my limit.

…it’s surprisingly fun to train this body.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, I went to school.

At school, some girls in the class sent me a look.

Or rather, everyone came early today.

Most of the girls were here even though it was more than 20 minutes before the start.

So diligent! As expected, someone clever has a different way of thinking.

When I got to my seat, the girls started making noises.

There, I remembered.

“Good morning everyone. If anyone has written a self-introduction, could you please show it to me?”


The girls of the other classes who were walking in the corridor were surprised,


Their reaction was the same as a dog taking a walk freaking out at the shutter sound. Though, that was surely bad for the heart. In that situation, I would have freaked out too.

Anyway, all the girls brought a report sheet in their hands.

Perhaps it was decided in advance, they lined up in front of me, bowed politely, and handed it with both hands.

What is it, why do I feel like I’m in some awarding ceremony?

“Somehow it’s thick… hm? It’s bound? And this one, it’s colored?”

Something different from what I think is mixed, such as using special paper and printing photos. 

Is it possible to do so much in just one night?

Or rather, what’s with this large amount?

“Eh? Everyone? I thought I said only for those outside the special ward?”

All the girls were now in the classroom.

“I live in the special ward. Surely, everyone from the special ward has the same thought, but anyway, I wrote this voluntarily.”


I see.

They must’ve thought this was a good opportunity for a boy to remember themselves.

But… I wonder if I have to read all this before deciding on the group…

In total, it’ll be more than 100,000 characters… These are no longer self-introductions, but a memoir or a novel!

I mean, did you really write it all alone? You must have divided your work at home, right?

When I was thinking about what to do with the mountainous self-introductions, the girls in the surroundings began to gaze at me.

“First of all, I guess… I should divide into those from the special ward and those from outside?”

It was just impossible to read everything here, and yesterday I already said I wanted the girls from outside the Special Ward. So those girls would be prioritized.

In any case, I started the sorting work while scanning the contents.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 103

103. Chapter 103 – Ruler of the Deep Sea

“a, AH, AAHH!? It’s the deep sea demon.”

“Damn it! Why was a “Kraken” here?!!”

There was no one on board who didn’t shout. Walm wanted to get along with them, but it wasn’t possible. The thick tentacle with filthy mucus was approaching before his eyes, trying to grab him.


Walm called out with the loudest voice he could let out. Luckily, the peddler was quickly on the floor, and the man in the ventilation was also groaning with a high spirit after being thrown away. No one stood in the way of Walm and the tentacle. Walm twisted his hips down and swung his longsword in the shortest possible time.

A powerful attack with mana cut off the tip of the filthy tentacle. Avoiding the tentacle’s rampage, Walm sliced ​​back his blade immediately. In addition to the narrowness of the ship, due to the density of people, the restrictions on movements were greater than usual, resulting in the tentacles managing to scrape off Walm’s epidermis even though he had covered himself with a magical barrier.

After repeating the slashing attack about ten times, the tentacles finally flew off. In addition to being rather muscular, the highly viscous mucus was really making it difficult to cut.

“Damn it, it’s sticky”

Looking at Walm, who was glaring at his dirty sword in disgust, the mask on his waist was getting excited and continued to vibrate. Even though Walm understood that it was a mask with bad taste, but nothing he could do to stop the demon mask from liking the appearance of the tentacles here.

Walm ignored the delighted mask and went to the aid of a sailor who was struggling with another tentacle. Already, several sailors had their bodies grabbed and their limbs twisted as if they were twigs. The tentacle was pierced with a spear and a single-edged axe, but the thickness and mucus obstructed the blades, preventing them from being cut off.

“aaaAHH, AAAHHH, my arms!”

“Ugh, AH, aaaAAHH!”

“F*ck you, don’t come here!!”

The tentacle had decided the next target on the saber-wielding sailor.

Walm ran past the wall in one fell swoop, raised his longsword up almost rubbing against the ceiling, and swung it down with all his might. He barely managed to bisect the tentacles that had entered the hull.

The severed tentacle bounced around as if it was still connected.

“Oi, this, everything’s gonna be fine, right!?”

The sailor, who was working hard to chop up the severed tentacles, answered as if crying.

“Fine? Of course not. it’s a Kraken we’re against right now.”

Two tentacles trampling the middle deck had been severed, but the attacks still continued on the upper deck as well. The sound of battle from the upper deck intensifying resounded uninterruptedly in Walm’s ears. There was even an explosion sound that seemed to be caused by magic.

“The mast is being targeted. Protect it!! Don’t let any come close!!!”

“Squad 1, slash the main body.”

Walm called out to the passengers hiding in the corner.

“Oi, I’ll lend it to you. You should at least be able to protect yourself.”

Walm pulled out swords one after another from his magic bag and rolled them on the floor. Truth was, he wanted to hide the existence of the magic bag, but the situation didn’t allow it, after all, it would be useless if the ship sank.

With this many people with weapon, it should be possible to deal with the tapered tentacles.

“I’ve never held a sword”

“I’ll give you money, so please protect me.”

Walm kicked the butts of the passengers who were trying to cling to his legs.

“Are you stupid? You’ve seen those big tentacles. If the ship sinks, there’s no point in cutting off those tentacles. If you can’t use a sword, hug the tentacles and become a decoy. I’m going above and help the others.”

“Wait, Captain said, I must protect the passengers.”

The sailor who was got dragged by the tentacle earlier stubbornly called out to Walm, but Walm snorted back.

“Do I look like a mere passenger?”

The sailors didn’t hold Walm back any longer and worked hard to seize control of the middle deck.

Walm’s only weapon was the longsword in his hand. The halberd wasn’t good to be used in the ship, limited spaces, and most of the time, it couldn’t give an effective hit to the tentacles that were like lumps of muscle. It would be better to use the sword that was more suitable for slashing moves.

After running up the half-destroyed stairs, the sight Walm saw was the worst. A myriad of tentacles attacked the sailors from the port side. The screams of the captured sailors were fluctuating violently, as they were casually slammed onto the deck and mast.

“Sh*t, it’s like a bad B-rated disaster movie.”

Walm unintentionally spat out words that didn’t exist in this world, and held up his longsword.

“What are you doing? Go ba ―― “

Walm greeted the tentacle that was trying to reel the sailors in with a 《Strike》. The half-cut tentacle fluttered around, then returned to the sea.

“What did you say?”

“N-nothing….. do whatever you want.”

The resistance of the sailors on the upper deck was intense, and four tentacles had already fallen to the surface of the sea and the deck.

Including the two that Walm cut off, would make it six tentacles, but there were still more than six tentacles alive.

“Ten for squid, eight for octopus, huh? The numbers don’t match any.”

In terms of the number of tentacles, this oddball called “Kraken” seemed to be neither a squid nor an octopus. Moreover, it had far more tentacles than squid and octopuses. In short, a really annoying opponent.

A new tentacle scraped off the gunwale and approached Walm.

Walm was holding himself up, but he reflexively moved when he saw a shadow covering his body.

“Two at the same time, huh?”

The Kraken’s tentacles were moving a lot to approach Walm, as if saying that it had taken a liking to him. A surprise attack from above his head was seen through, and the second tentacle approached where he rolled away.

Walm surrenders himself to the deck. Ironically, the sticky mucus on the deck acted as a lubricant, making it extremely slippery. Inside his waist bag, the slime-smeared demon mask was frolicking even more.

“Have a little restraint, can’t you?”

Instead of a foothold that was hard to stand on, thrust the longsword into the deck and pulled back with all strength. Then jumped up.

Without hesitation, plunged the longsword into the lying tentacle and tore it apart. It was a tentacle that must support its huge mass, but if the muscles were damaged, it wouldn’t be able to support its own weight and would lose its delicate and nimble movements.

In instant, the sailors swarmed at the opportunity to create improvised tentacle fillets.

With the number of tentacles reduced, a little leeway was created and Walm ran his gaze over the sea.

“Hah? What, is that?”

Some sailors glided on the sea, moving around the rampaging Kraken. It was unclear whether it was an application of water attribute magic or a skill, but it was clear that it wasn’t something that could be imitated easily. In such a group, there was Saachef.

Saachef quickly turned his tilted body over and tore the approaching tentacle, the shot water bullets into the surface of the sea. Contrary to his good-natured smile, he possessed outstanding combat skills and magic.

Walm was astonished at the height of his skill.

“So, that’s the “sea magician”?”

The sailors from the Archipelago, were said to be unparalleled on the sea.

That aside, another sailor rolled up the seawater around his body and shot out the spear with water pressure. Walm also learned how to shoot daggers and spears with wind magic, and they were demonstrating it with water magic.

It was just Walm’s imagination, but Celta, the only city of Myard that didn’t fall in the hands of the Highserk Empire, probably had this kind of sea magician in the navy.

While ignoring the sea magicians, Walm tried to welcome the new tentacles, but the tentacles, all at once, pulled themselves into the sea.

“What? The tentacles have pulled themselves!”

Did it give up after receiving a painful counterattack?

―― with such a faint wish, Walm continued to be vigilant.

“It dived?!”

“Did it run away?”

Staring at the surface of the sea, the sailors were watching the surface carefully, but then Saachef shouted in frustration.

“Sh*t, it’s a top attack!!”

Saachef’s words threw the ship into a frenzy, like an overturned anthill.

“Head Cook!?”

“I’m out of mana. And the others are also useless.”

“Oi, what’s going on?! What’s this “top attack”?”

Walm, who was completely left out of the situation, asked one of the trembling sailors.

“That Kraken is going to dive deep and jump over the ship.”

“No f*cking way. That thing is going to jump up you say?!!”

“That’s right. And surely, it’ll fly higher than the main mast.”

If that gigantic body jumped higher than the mast and leaned against it, no matter how large the ship might be, it wouldn’t be possible to avoid such serious damage. Worst case, the keel would break and the hull would split in two.

“Oi, can I burn the ship a little?”

“Hah? Are you a magic user?”

“Yes. So, how?”

In place of the sailors who were at a loss for an answer, the Captain of the Adelina, Belim Beggar, who was holding two sabers, answered Walm briefly.

“I don’t mind if you burn it a little. But if you still want to reach land, avoid the mast.”

“Understood, I’ll ‘try’ my best.”

Walm, who got the consent, kneaded his mana and waited for the Kraken. The other sailors also prepared their crossbows, throwing javelins, and projectiles.

Quietly doing so, but their eyes were filled with murderous intent, preparing for the right moment.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 116

116. It’s better to stop anything that would lead to a bad direction

How, did this happen……

Atsushi was perplexed by the sudden and unexpected appearance of Hiirgai and Kirishima.

Truly, what a quick development. But it happened and no turn back for now.

“…O-Oh. Chairman. To meet in a place like this, what a coincidence. Really.”

“Yeah. really. So, who is that person?”

“Aaah, that’s, hmm……”

“I’m his cousin called, “Tsubasa”.”

When Atsushi was at a loss as to what to say, Tsubasa answered without hesitation.

There was no lie in that answer. However, in this situation, it was really easy to be misinterpreted.

“Hummm, cousin, huh?”

Kirishima, who was next to Hiiragi, muttered such a thing with a somewhat suspicious tone.

On the other hand, Atsushi, who had a bad feeling about what it could lead to, tried to change the topic quickly.

“W-what’re you guys doing here? I mean, why are you together here…”

“Hm? Ah, I have some errands around here. I asked Kirishima to help me with various things, and then, I brought her here as a thank you. But then, when I was about to leave the store, I saw a familiar face.”

“I-I see. That’s, another great coincidence. Really. Well, it’s time for us to go out too. Well then, Chairman, see you…”

“Hey, Chairman”

Atsushi ended the conversation and was about to leave the place, but Kirishima opened her mouth as if to stop him.

“We’re done with your errands, right? Then, after this, it’s free time, right?”

“Hm? Well, that’s right.”

“Then, why don’t we go somewhere together with them? Since we coincidentally meet here, so at least…”

Kirishima made such a suggestion.

Of course, Atsushi tried to refuse.

“Ah, but, we are…”

“Yes, please by all means!!”

………For some reason, Tsubasa happily answered so.

Immediately, Atsushi whispered into Tsubasa’s ear.

“Hey Tsubasa, what are you thinking!” (low voice)

“Well, Ak-kun. This is also practice. For practice. I had been with Ak-kun for a while, but I want to try various things with other people too.” (low voice)

“And why, it must be with these two. My position is in danger, you know?” (low voice)

“It’s okay. Ak-kun and I, we are just ‘cousins’. Earlier, I said that it would be bad if someone you know saw this situation, but if the other person knew that I’m your cousin, they wouldn’t have any strange idea, right? Besides, Ak-kun. I mean, didn’t you say you don’t care much?” (low voice)

Atsushi was unable to argue back when he was told the truth.

Then, as if to add another blow, Kirishima spoke.

“What’s wrong, Yamagami-kun? Seems that your cousin is in high spirits to me? Or is there something bad if we’re following you guys?”

With a smile on her face, Kirishima said so.

Then, Atsushi replied.

“… N-no? It’s not like that. We also have some free time after this, so rather, I’m grateful.”

While trying to show some leeway, Atsushi answered with a somewhat awkward voice.

“Really? Then, it’s decided.”

And so, the group decided to move together.


“…… what do you want?”

While Tsubasa and Hiiragi were walking ahead, Atsushi raised such a question to Kirishima.

“Nothing. I just wanted to go hang out with an acquaintance I happened to meet coincidentally.”

“Liar. I know you hate me, and there’s no way you would invite me to hang out.”

Judging from Kirishima’s demeanor, it was clear that she had some sort of ulterior motive.

But, that was why Kirishima answered the question indifferently.

“Well, I certainly won’t deny that point. However, your situation right now is fascinat… COUGH!!. Piquing my interest, so I just wanted to observe it a little more.”

“Oi you, your true feelings are leaking.”

As Atsushi expected, Kirishima still seemed to have a twisted nature.

“Well, be at peace. Chairman is with us too, so I won’t try giving you medicine or hypnotizing you.”

“There is no peace factor in your words.”

And, judging from what Kirishima said, Atsushi was even more suspicious about whether she intended to do anything else.

“But you should be glad that you met us. Look, if it was Shirasawa, it would be a dreadful situation for you both.”

“Why do you think it’ll be like that if it was Shirasawa? Ah, are you thinking that too? Are you thinking that Shirasawa and I are dating?”

“Well? Regardless of whether you’re dating her or not. I just thought that Shirasawa-san wouldn’t find it funny if she saw you with another girl.”

“Haaah? What do mean?”

In response to Atsushi, who seemed to say that he didn’t understand the meaning, Kirishima continued with a somewhat astonished expression.

“…well, besides, there’s something else I want to confirm.”

“What do you want to confirm?

“Oi, you two. What are you doing? If you don’t hurry, we’ll leave you.”

Atsushi and Kirishima stopped talking and went to match the pace of Hiiragi and Tsubasa.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 17

17. Plan to go out

I went home and sent a message to Makoto, Rie, and Yuuto.

「I’m home now」

Chat-style SNS was also in this world.

Called “Kite Messenger”.

The name “Kite” came from a kite transmitter, since interestingly, here, the internet was compared to “sky” rather than “ocean”.

When in middle school, I formed a group within the messenger with Makoto, Rie, and Yuko, and remained till now.

As soon as I sent the message, I started receiving replies.

「Welcome back」


「How was the entrance ceremony?」

「How was the atmosphere of the class?」

「Was it scary?」

「There was no problem, right?」

Many more of such texts flowed.

It seemed they were really worried.

I laughed bitterly and replied,

「I think I can get close to the boy who’s in the same class」 (Me)

「Really? You aren’t overdoing yourself?」(Makoto)

「See, as I said, it’s gonna be okay. But, neither Mako nor Yuu believed me」 (Rie) [TN: Rie used “Boku” to say “I”, which is usually used by men, so she might be a tomboy?]

「I’m relieved」 (Yuuko)

Yuuko seemed to have been worried about me the most.

After that, the three girls continued to talk with each other.

When I followed the content of the talk with my eyes, they were talking about the plan after enrollment that they made while I was away.

It seemed that they were worried a lot during this spring break.

They talked that they would be going to keep accompanying me to go to school from now on, and they even said that perhaps they should pick me up from school. They were treating me as if I was still a kid. At least that was how I felt.

I was only keeping an eye on the conversation, but to be honest, I wanted to tell them clearly, that I would have no problem going to school and going home alone.

Above all, if they kept doing that, it would definitely be a rumor, so I decied to stop it.

「In the first place, if you do that, you may be late」

But even if I told them so, I felt that the three were likely to continue to do it.

As I told so, the heated-up conversation between the three people had settled down, so I immediately typed another.

「I want to meet everyone, how about we all go somewhere together next weekend?」

For some reason, the conversations stopped completely.

Since it was written “read” on the display, they must have read it.

…..why do you shut up all at once?

After waiting for a while, a reply came.

「How about the fountain park in the eastern district」

Apparently, they were discussing behind the scenes, and all three seemed to reach a conclusion.

My house is in the eastern district, so the fountain park should be nearby…

When I searched my memory, I found that I went there on a “walking trip” when I was in elementary school.

Usually, people would want to go to arcades, shopping malls, and commercial facilities such as theatres, coffee shops, and restaurants.

So, I didn’t expect them to say a park, even more, they even specified the park, but this must have been their consideration.

Perhaps they thought that it would be better not to take me to a crowd of women.

「Thank you. Alright, let’s go there. I wonder if someone will make a lunch box on the day?」

When I texted so with the intention to have a little mischief, the reply was delayed again.

And this time… it was quite long.

Couldn’t wait, as if putting more oil on the flame, I texted,

「The lunch box, I’m looking forward to it.」

Maybe this is how it feel to be popular…

At night, when I was watching TV in the living room, Mom sent me a message.

She said that she would come back late, so she wanted me to be sure to close the door and prepared myself for tomorrow.

As expected, yesterday, Mom probably forced herself so she could leave early.

Working in the special ward must be hard, right?

Sis said she would go study and went into her room.

She would be taking the university entrance exam this year. So, she would be studying hard from now on.

Unlike high school, there was no men’s university. Only Co-ed universities or women’s universities.

Therefore, male university students were forced to be in a situation of doing “MSA”.

That aside, Sis could live in the special ward because I was in the family.

The special was designed so that men could live without stress, and as part of this, family members could live in the special ward unconditionally.

However, adult females must have a job, and minors must attend university.

In other words, no matter how many male relatives were in a family, adult women couldn’t live as a NEET.

If a girl decided to get a job after graduating from high school, she would be treated as an adult individual.

Therefore, it might be possible that they wouldn’t be able to live in the special ward.

Thus, Sis was desperately preparing to go to a women’s university in the special zone.

By the way, the reason why she didn’t plan to go to a co-ed university, was because the difficulty to get in was too extreme for her.

In a world where the male and female ratio was so broken, the difficulty to get into a co-ed university was hundred times harder than co-ed high school, since people from all over the country would come to aim for it.

When I asked Sis to give it a try, she laughed bitterly, saying,

“No matter what, it’s just impossible for me.”

The situation was different for boys. They could enter almost any university they wished for.

The school’s argument was that, just because you lack the academic ability, as long as you had the motivation, no one should not close the path.

Well, this applied only to men.

However, logically speaking, if you lacked academic ability, it would be better not to enroll, right? Well, at least I thought so.

Until I realized that, if there were no men who strive to be teachers, doctors, counselors, etc., there would be no one who understood men the best, to care for men, so in a sense, those who were motivated should be actively hired.

“By the way, the fountain park… the last time was when in elementary school. I guess, it’s better if I look it up.”

When I searched on my smartphone, it came out immediately.

As far as I read, the fountain park was a fairly large place.

There was a botanical garden, and on the special stage, seasonal events were frequently held.

It seemed that the maintenance cost of the park came from the taxes collected in the Special Ward.

The entrance fee to the botanical garden alone is not enough?

I feel like was a zoo with free entrance in the original world.

Well, I guess, it may not be possible to have such a facility with high maintenance costs unless the government gives some money.

“Take-kun, what are you doing?”

Sis who had been studying in her room came down from the second floor.

“Next weekend, I decided to go to the fountain park with the members of the group I was in middle school. So, I’m searching for some info.”

“What a nostalgic name. When I went there, I played with other, ate lunch with others, just that, and then came back home, but it was a lot of fun.”

Sis’ eyes looked so dead.

If I’m not mistaken, she also had a good male friend, and once invited him to our house…

Well, perhaps, that memories came to her mind…

“Really… It was so good back then …”

Looking away from Sis, I left her alone and started searching more about the fountain park with my smartphone.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 16

16. Goddess’ Story 2

I heard from the Goddess the story before the Special Ward was created.

It was understandable that men have lived near to each other naturally since ancient times.

Surely, they couldn’t help but get together.

And it was the United States that stipulated the desires of such men, to be safer.

However, it deprived many ordinary women of the opportunity to interact with men.

The United States, which first started such legislation, would have offended the vast majority of women in the world.

Opposition movement――a demonstration and such must have happened at some point.

Regardless, the United States got many men to fly there.

Many Japanese men had also immigrated there, so Japan decided to imitate what the United States did.

That was the beginning of the Special Ward.

“Since the special ward was created not long after, the number of men traveling to the United States has decreased, right?”

『”The special ward wasn’t created right away. Kind of gradual? For example, in this Special Ward Tokyo, it took ten years to complete.”』

“That’s… quite long.”

Ten years is long. But, since they were building a town in the middle of Tokyo, it should take that long, I guess?

『”It seems that there was opposition. There are also other problems… For example, women and companies that couldn’t live in the special ward must be moved, but the country had a headache to get all the need to make it happen.”』

“Was it that hard?”

『”It seems that the original plan was to have the male and female ratio 1:4 or 1:5. However, if that was the case, the economy wouldn’t circulate properly, so it seems that the ratio was settled down to 1:10. There are ten times as many women as men, but some would be part of the men’s families, so actually, there are fewer ordinary women living in the special ward.”』

Still, in the end, most women must leave the area of the special ward.

“That’s why eviction huh…”

『”When the special ward was created, men moved in from all over Japan, so it seems that the policy of the United States wasn’t completely wrong.”

“I wonder if all men had such desires.”

『”Well. Men gradually moved in, and women who couldn’t live in the special ward gradually left, but it seems that it was especially difficult to evict a company that couldn’t stay in the special ward.”』

“Moving the company huh… it must have been difficult.”

『”In the case of a company, regardless of whether it makes a profit or not, if there is a building of that company in a special ward, a large amount of tax will be incurred.”』

“That’s tough.”

『”For offices, it was fine, but it seems that all industries that use a large land had evacuated. The site then was revived as a park and forest, and the surrounding area was fenced off. At that point, the Special Ward Ordinance came into force, and the rights of men were protected by law within the special ward.”』

The story of the Goddess was detailed and included information that “Taketo Souya” didn’t know.

It sounded like a part of the dark history of the world, something that students wouldn’t learn in middle school.

On the contrary, there was a memory of learning the financial part.

For example, a considerable amount of tax was being poured from outside the Special Ward to maintain the Special Ward.

In addition, men living in Special Ward would receive monthly living support funds.

All women, regardless of where they were living, must donate 150 yen a month to support men’s lives. [TN: 150 yen, roughly about 1.3 to 1.5 dollars]

It was a small amount of money, but in a society where the ratio of men and women was broken, it was like 100,000 yen every month for each man. [TN: roughly about 1000 dollars]

And women living in the Special Ward were charged with taxes under various names.

Though unwillingly, they accepted it and paid it.

After all, if they paid, they could live in the area where men were living.

They thought that it was cheap if it could be solved with money. Really, it was truly ‘a carrot and stick’.

By the way, such a similar thing also existed for men.

Male Service Activities were obligatory for boys over the age of 16 who were attending co-ed schools.

Simply put, men had to smile somewhere for about three hours.

However, they could get 15,000 yen just by doing it once.

Converted to an hourly wage, it would be 5,000 yen.

Men seemed to do it at least 20 times a year, but there was no limit to the number of times.

All male university students were obliged to serve, and the same was true for men who couldn’t find employment.

This service would be exempted once the men get a job.

Male Service Activities huh… What a good part-time job!

Also, you can get as much as you want, which means you can get enough for living without getting a real job.

Asked to fulfill the simple wishes of women.

And instead, you will get paid.

Seems that the men of this world are reluctant to go. But I think that it’s okay to sprinkle your charm for just three hours. It’s too good to waste.

“I must do the service activites when I turn 16, is it? Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Women in the world were looking forward to seeing boys who came in service.

The companies, organizations, girls’ high schools, girls’ universities, and etc. were said to be the ones requesting the service.

A place to visit is full of women… it’s more than welcome in my book!

『”Taketo-kun’s birthday is May 20th, so it’s pretty soon.”』

I can even get money while being pampered by women. Well, well, I want to go every day if I can!

“The service activities, you can only go when school is off, is it?”

『”Right. Mostly on Saturday. When a man visits, it seems that the company of school will make adjustments temporarily.”』

“Saturday huh, it’s like parent’s day in elementary school… Wait, you mean, just because a man will visit, the schedule of the company or school will get changed?”

It seems I must think better if that’s the case, I don’t want to disturb people’s normal schedules too much.

Well, anyhow, I’m looking forward to it.

『”As for the story, that’s it. How is it? Did you find it helpful?”』

“Yes, very”

I think I heard useful information.

『”Then I’m looking forward to the next offering. Please give me something delicious.”』

Something delicious, huh? That’s fine, but don’t you think of me as a food-carrying creature?

Well, as expected of ‘Famine’ Goddess, is it?

Anyway, I thanked the Goddess and decided to go home today.

Seems like it’s better if I visit frequently with offerings.

I mean, what if I come empty-handed and get divine punishment? It won’t be a joke.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 8

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8. The Second Princess’ Guard Commander, Zabine

“Therefore, please give money to go to the brothel out of your annual expenses, Valliere-sama.”

“You monkey. No, it’s rude to the monkey.”

Kingdom of Anhalt, the royal palace.

In the private room reserved for the Second Princess, Valliere cursed her guard commander.

Yes, once again, the other party was the captain of the guards―― the knights who acted as the guards of Valliere.

The commander of the guards was pleading to the second princess, to have all members of the guards go to the brothel.

“This is a necessary expense! Valliere-sama, this is a necessary expense… an expense that cannot be avoided!!”

“Tell me, what kind of thinking process you have that I can use to write the document to the finance bureaucrats for making them give me the necessary expenses to let you all go to the brothel, you damn chimpanzees!!!”

It had been like this all along.

Since the age of 10, the Second Princess Valliere had many stomachaches as if it was natural, it started to occur after she was given the guards by her mother――Queen Rezenlotte.


An anthropoid ape classified in the genus Pan, family Hominidae, and class Mammalia.

If Faust, the counselor of the Second Princess, was here, he would have muttered that, but unfortunately, he wasn’t here.

In truth, if that male knight was nearby, the guard commander probably wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous plea.

If only he’s here…

Well, he would have still complained.

After all, these guys are a bunch of chimpanzees.

Gasping for air, The Second Princess Valliere shrieked with disgust.

“So, tell me, I bet you can give me some reason, right? Now, tell me.”

“Your Highness Valliere, the Second Princess, I am very sorry to make such a plea, and I am truly ashamed of my incompetence—”

The one making a plea since a while ago was Zabine, the Commander of Valliere’s guards.

Wait, do chimpanzees really need names?

They probably don’t need it anymore, but…

Even as Valliere thought about the fact that the Second Princess didn’t have the authority to strip anyone’s name.

Thus, Valliere decided to listen silently to the continuation of Zabine’s remarks.

For some reason, Zabine seemed to misunderstand Valliere’s hurried remarks as if her pleas were being heard, and cried out with sparkling eyes.

“But, the 15 members of the Second Princess Guard have all turned out to be virgins!”

“Who cares!”

Valliere answered with a pain in her stomach.

She didn’t care about all of this.

Really, didn’t care.

But, deep down, she envied her elder sister.

First Princess Anastasia’s guards were also made up of the second and third daughters of military nobles.

However, they weren’t a group of chimpanzees, rather they were elites who had enlisted in the Imperial Guard with hopes of a bright future from their homes.

When her sister became queen, they would even be allowed to have a new house as a hereditary knight.

There were 30 members of the First Princess Guard.

On the other hand, the number of members of the Second Princess Guard was 15.

It was blatant discrimination.

Well, she didn’t want the number of chimpanzees to increase. So, that was fine.

Why did dear mother, give me this group of chimpanzees?

Am I that unpleasant for her?

It wasn’t unreasonable for Valliere to think so.

“Your Highness Valiere’s first campaign is soon, right!?”

“What does it have something to do with you guys being virgins? You damn idiots!!”

Valliere cried so.

Shaking her shoulders, she stood up from the chair and shouted from the bottom of her heart.

In response, Zabine replied.

“It’s too futile for a knight to die in the first battle as a virgin. Do you understand this empty feeling in our hearts? Right, because we’re still a virgin! So, let’s cut and throw it away. At the ceremony before the first campaign yesterday, everyone discussed and decided on this petition.”


Valliere was tired of screaming.

So, she sat down on the chair.

That’s it.

They’re really stupid, this girl and others. All of them.

I know.

That I’m just a spare.

Only genuine idiots who were abandoned by their house like this that was given to me…

With a somewhat vain smile, Valliere mocked herself.

Then, she whispered.

“……I’m, a virgin too.”

“Oh, then!”

Zabine opened her glittering eyes wide as if they were filled with stars.

And shouted out.

“Let’s go together! To the brothel!”

“No way, you idiot!”

Valliere finally couldn’t take it any longer, stood up from her chair, and grabbed Zabine by the neck.

Then shook Zabine’s head and told her clearly.

“A place like a brothel, go with your own money! With your own money, do you hear me?”

“W-we, all members of the Second Princess Guard, including myself, the Commander, are all first-generation knights, the lowest rank as nobles. We only get enough support to live on. We don’t have money to go to an expensive brothel that pays attention to venereal diseases…”

“I know you guys don’t have money. But, even so, you’re still a knight! You’re all of blue blood, right!? I wouldn’t go so far as to ask you to go to seduce the apprentices presented to the imperial court from each territory, but wouldn’t it be possible for you to seduce at least a single commoner boy?”

Valliere thought that her vocal cords were going to break.

She had to worry about losing her voice this time on top of having stomachache.

“We are knights! We are of blue blood. As blue blood, we could never allow it to mix with those of commoners!”

“But, a male prostitute is okay?”

“Because male prostitution is just a profession!”

Such a one-night stand relationship.

I don’t want it.

Valliere let go of Zabine’s collar and covered her face with both hands.

She wanted to cry like a child.

“Then, that. Look, umm… what to say…”

What should I say…

It’s confusing because they, though stupid, as a bunch of pervert knights, they sure have pride left.

Damn you bunch of chimpanzees…

Valliere cursed in her mind and looked at the blank-faced Zabine through the gaps between her fingers covering her face.

Then she spoke from the bottom of his heart.

“Stay virgins and die in your first battle.”

If only they had such pride, Valliere would have been more grateful.

“Why, how could you say such a heartless word!?”

Zabine was astonished.

She looked as if she had never heard such cruel words.

Huh? In the four years since you guys became my guards, I think I’ve said a lot of similar things?

Really, die already

No, please die.

Faust alone is enough as my aide.

These four years were such horrendous four years that only caused the Second Princess Valliere to have a stomachache, to even had such thoughts.

Valliere then thought.

Faust’s squire commander, Helga, she’s definitely more capable than this knight, isn’t she?

In the first place, did this girl really receive a proper knight education?

She didn’t abandon her education, right?

No, doesn’t seem so.

But, this is so troublesome. The idiots were thrown away in the abandoned mountain called the Second Princess’s Guard.

Wait, isn’t there still a possibility that they were actually chimpanzees picked up at some mountain?

Valliere doubted her guards truly had blue blood, no, even their origins as human beings were looking doubtful. But, she then concluded…

“No, even chimpanzees are smarter.”

Valliere decided to believe in chimpanzee intelligence.

15 chimpanzees prostrate in front of her, crying “uhu aha.”

Would be still better than this reality.

Uhh, my stomach hurts.

“Your Highness Valliere, the Second Princess, please, please do not abandon us. We’ve been abandoned by our houses, so please…”

Zabine clung to Valliere’s feet.

Loyalty to the royal family wasn’t what connected Zabine, the Guard Commander and Valliere, the Second Princess.

Both were unwanted children.

Needless child.

It was sympathy that connected them.

That was why Valliere didn’t abandon Zabine and the other Hominidae Chimpanzees.

But Valliere had already been at the limit.

―― in the first place, isn’t this girl misunderstanding something?

Even though it’s the first campaign, the opponents are just bandits.

Valliere opened her mouth to persuade Zabine.

“In the first place, there’s no need to think about death in my first campaign. The one in our support is none other than the counselor, Faust. He had cut off the heads of more than 100 bandits, and killed many barbarians, even the Knight Captain Reckenbell, in the Willendorf battle. He’s the ‘Knight of Wrath’, that’s rumored to be the strongest knight in our country, you know!”

That was all correct.

The Counselor of the Second Princess Valliere.

Was none other than, the ’Knight of Wrath’, Faust von Polidoro.

As long as that man was by her side, Valliere didn’t even need to think about the possibility of her dying.

Even Queen Rezenlotte and even First Princess Anastasia probably wouldn’t have expected all of this.

“If you have time to think about the possibility of dying, hone your sword skills!”

“Right, there’s Sir Polidoro!”

‘Airhead’ Zabine clapped her hands with the feeling that she just remembered that.

Haaa, here it comes again, she’ll soon say something stupid, damn chimpanzee.

I know you will.

After all, I’ve 4 years of experience in this.

That was what Valliere thought.

“Let’s ask Sir Polidoro to take care of the fifteen of us virgins. Ah, also Your Highness Valliere too――”

Then, Valliere silently hit the vase that was placed by her side on Zabine’s head.


“Huff, so what about the injury of the Guard Commander, Zabine?”

“It’s serious. It’s a serious head injury.”

Kingdom of Anhalt, the royal palace.

Faust scratched his head in a room reserved exclusively for the Second Princess Valliere.

“I wanted to have a meeting for the first campaign, but ―― well, it can’t be helped if she has a serious head injury. Will it be in time for the first campaign?”

“I’ll make her recover in time. But, for now, she can’t join the meeting. So, today’s meeting will be only among us.”


I bow my head, then sit on the chair that Helga, the Squire Commander, pulled out for me.

Then, I looked at the map of the Anhalt Kingdom on the table.

“According to the report of the magistrate dispatched to a small village with about 100 residents, the number of bandits is approximately, about 30.”

“For 30 opponents, 20 from my territory and 15 from the Second Princess Guard will do the trick. To be honest, to 100% make sure it’ll end with no problem, double of the number is the best.”

“Although it was under my elder sister’s command, Faust, you had repelled the multiple Willendorf barbarians. And still, you’re saying that?”

While scratching my head again, I lightly muttered.

“That battle was dangerous….”

If I hadn’t killed the Knight Captain Reckenbell, we would have lost.

To be honest, I don’t want to experience it again.

I shook my head, forgot the past, and brought my mind back to reality.

“There is no such thing as a certain victory in this world. And if I could, I would want the people living in that village to be evacuated first ――”

“They’re already loitering around the village and attacking traveling entertainers and merchants. We don’t have time for that.”

“If so, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I gave up on further mobilization of the people.

After all, this world was full of things that couldn’t be helped.

And to be honest, I had the confidence that I could manage even 30 bandits myself.

That fighting power and my red face in a battle would be the reasons for the nickname “Knight of Wrath”, but the red face, it was―― actually, due to painful erections I had in a battle.

Anyway, it was an embarrassing nickname, but I was aware that my combat skills as a knight had already entered the stage of a superhuman.

“…Then, let’s leave in three days.”

“Yeah, I’ve finished preparing the provisions. Seems like securing water is no problem as long as we follow the road along the map.”

“Although our people are accustomed to military service, please understand that progress may be delayed due to walking.”

“… I’m ashamed, but all of my guards are on foot. We don’t have the money to prepare horses for all. Only me and Faust who will ride horses.”

The Second Princess Valliere said so while blushing.

In return, I smiled wryly.

Even though the members of the Second Princess Guard were all nobles, I knew they were all poor women of the lowest rank.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The First Princess Guard, whom all have horses, is a rather strange case.

More than that…

“It’s been a while, I’m looking forward to meeting the members of the Second Princess Guard after a long time.”

―― I met the girls only once, it was two years ago.

The girls, whom I felt nothing other than still too young at that time, were now 18 years old, an age where they could marry.

They were a few bride candidates that I realistically could aim for now.

“Eh, yes, right. I’ll make them properly, act properly in front of Faust.”

For some reason, the Second Princess Valliere answered my words while holding her stomach with her hand.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 115

115. Dark history usually remembered well by others

In a certain restaurant.

Atsushi and Tsubasa were having lunch.

“Hey, Ak-kun. A~hn…”

“? You, what are you doing?”

“It’s okay you know. Hurry up and eat.”

After the main dish, Atsushi ate the parfait while questioning Tsubasa, who offered a portion of the chocolate parfait with a spoon.

“How’s it?”


“Well, it’s not about the taste. That ‘A~hn’ just now, how was it? Was it easy to eat?”

“Huh…? Well, it was certainly easy to eat.”

“Hum, hum. I see. For the time being, the current way is OK.”

While saying that, Tsubasa took out a notepad and wrote something on it.

During today’s date, Tsubasa had been writing something on the memo pad every time something happened. Surely, he had been writing what he needed to do his role better.

Being so enthusiastic is good, but…

“Wait, isn’t, the person your character going to go on a date with, a girl? Is the opinion of a man helpful?”

“It is. It’s definitely helpful. Hmm, well, I guess it would be best to get a girl to go on a date with me, but I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t mind doing this all.”

“Oi, you. So, you thought I would go with any of your plans?”

“Yes. Because Ak-kun, you’re the type who can’t say no if asked. Even though you’re complaining, you’ll go to accompany me.

“I’m begging you, please stop saying such things like Shirasawa.”

Atsushi remembered that Yuri often said to him, “Atsushi is a kind of person.”

Apart from that, Atsushi himself had never thought of such a thing, but… the fact that he was being told this by others, perhaps he was viewed as such by those around him.

“Even so. You, are really amazing. From your gestures to everything, I can only look at you as a woman.”

“Ehehe. Of course~. That just means, I’m doing my best to do the role~……Well, that’s not the only factor.”

“? What did you say?”

“No, nothing. But, really, I’m glad. It seems other people also think of me as a woman. With this, I’m sure there’ll be no problem on the day.”

Atsushi also agreed on this point.

In today’s world, it wasn’t that strange for a man to dress like a woman. Probably, there were more than a few people who were good enough to be mistaken for women.

But still,

There weren’t many cross-dressing boys who could exude the atmosphere of a beautiful girl like Tsubasa.

With this much, it’ll be okay.

Even amateur Atsushi thought so.

But, but…

“Well, just that… don’t let your guard down. Once you think you’ll be fine, you may get careless and get caught.”

“W-what are you talking about? When did I ever make a blunder?”

Tsubasa said so.

……Thinking that perhaps, he really didn’t remember, Atsushi decided to talk to Tsubasa about the past.

“When you were still a kid, even though I told you not to, you didn’t hear me and still went into the forest alone to pick up beetles, then got lost, right? When you were in elementary school, even though I told you not to, you kept eating ice cream in the middle of the night, you ate too much and got sick and couldn’t go on the next day’s trip, right? When you were in middle school, even though I told you not to, you kept singing again and again in the karaoke, then couldn’t sing properly at the next day’s chorus contest, right?”

“OK. Ak-kun, I understand. I clearly understood what you wanted to say, so please, stop…”

“Also, when you were in kindergarten, even though I told you not to, you drank too much of orange juice, and the next morning, the futon was wet…”

“As I said, I understood what you wanted to say!! I mean, why do you remember things from that long ago?! Why does Ak-kun have such a good memory when it comes to things that don’t matter like that!!”

“Because your story of failure leaves a strong impression. Even if I don’t want to, it stays in my head rent-free.”

It wasn’t that Atsushi didn’t have a dark history either. After all, everyone had a failure story.

But even so, there weren’t many people who had as many memorable episodes in life as Tsubasa. Even what Atsushi mentioned now, was just the tip of the iceberg. If Atsushi were asked to tell him about his dark history, or a story of his failures, then he would have been able to do that for more than three hours.

Well, maybe it’s also because we’re cousins ​​and went to the same school from kindergarten to middle school, that I remember it clearly…

When you were so close to someone, you could see things that that person didn’t want others to see or the moment they made mistake, even if you didn’t mean to. The fact that Atsushi and Tsubasa were able to continue their current relationship was probably due to their blood relationship, but even so, it was also proof that the two were on good terms.

“Seriously… but, look. If someone you know sees this situation right now, you’re in trouble.  You’re always with Shirasawa-san, but now you’re going on a date with a ‘beautiful girl’. Won’t it become a rumor or something?”

Tsubasa spoke with a fearless smile as if to counterattack.

Atsushi answered him with a smrik

“Hah, no way. In the first place, it’s still the summer holiday, the chance to meet someone I kno―――”

“Hmm? Yamagami? What a coincidence, to meet in a place like this.”

For a moment, Atsushi thought he heard a familiar voice, and so turned his head in the direction of the voice.

“…you must be lying…”

Atsushi unintentionally muttered those words.

There, was Hiiragi, with Kirishima.

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