Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 312

This ch is from Shino Toukain POV

312. Shino’s strategy

Shino Toukain approached Kohaku Hatano with a very natural smile.

It was as if she just met him by chance.

“Ah, what a coincidence. Are you in the middle of doing some errands for the student council right now?”

“Yeah, well, it’s just to patrol around. Shino-san, are you taking a break?”

“Yes, but it’s a shame that I have to go back soon. I just got my stomach full and now wandering around to get some fresh air.”

Naturally having ordinary small talk. Such an encounter that could have happened anywhere, but of course, this wasn’t a coincidence. Shino had obtained information about the student council in advance and knew Kohaku’s schedule, so she scheduled her break time to coincide with the time he left the class. And of course, it wasn’t a coincidence that Shino now appeared in front of Kohaku.

She had been following Kohaku since he left class. Shino also confirmed that Kohaku had received letters from the others. She also had an idea of ​​what her classmates had done, but decided to not get in the way, and approached him at the last minute of her break time.

In other words, most of the conversation was a lie.

“Oh, it’s time to go back. If only I met you earlier, we could go around longer.”

“Really, it’s unfortunate.”

Shino dropped her shoulders in disappointment. This time, the truth was mixed in the words, but she cocked back tears for her purpose.

Why did Shino act like this? Well, it was for the same reason as other girls.

“Aーh, I want to talk more, but I really have to go now…”

“I see. Well, see you later.”

“Yup… Ah! Kohaku-kun!”

Saying that, the moment Kohaku was about to leave, Shino shouted as if she remembered. This was an action to leave a better impression.


“Could I request one thing?”

“? Okay.”

“Thank you… Umm, you see…”

Seemingly hesitant, Shino continued her words.

“After today’s culture festival is over, there is a place I want you to go.”

“That’s fine, but where should I go?”

“Thank you. It’s a bit far… You know the 3rd class building, right? A little bit further than it, there is quite an open space. Around there, there is a big tree. I want you to go to that big tree.”

“Okay. Then, after today’s festival end, let’s go together.”

“That’s no good”

“Ah… okay…”

Shino refused Kohaku’s proposal with a straight face.

Then Shino said that Kohaku must not tell anyone and come there unnoticed.

After politely said so, the two parted ways.


Shino waved at Kohaku once again as she was leaving, and started walking to return to class.

On the way, Shino wondered why people were looking at her, and touched her face to see if there was something on her face. She then found herself walking with a big smile on her face.

Immediately, she changed her expression to normal. 

That smile appeared unconsciously because things progressed as planned more than she thought.

Shino planned to confess to Kohaku today. From the time both entered school to the summer vacation trip, they should have grown closer. Shino thought that at the very least, Kohaku didn’t seem to hate her.

What made Shino decide to do that was the definitely successful confession spot at the school festival! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a message from God telling her to confess.

But she had rivals. Rivals who had deepened their relationship in the same way and who had obtained information on the confession spot too! Well, one of the rivals had work to do and couldn’t come. Really, too bad. When that rival came home from work, that rival’s crush would be in her palm.



Shino couldn’t help but let out a “happy” voice.

As it would be difficult to predict the other rivals’ behavior if left alone. So, Shino decided to focus her actions from now.

When Shino was chatting with the rival girls, she casually put out an information magazine to check on trends and talk about popular sweets shops. And she showed everyone the special feature 『How to confess with a high success rate』 that was written in the magazine.

All of them didn’t mention that special feature, but their eyes clearly looked like the eyes of a wild beast that had found its prey.

And what was in the special feature was that 『Confession should be done on the last day of the event』 and 『The method of summoning the man should not be verbal, but should be by letter or email』

And today, just as we expected, they contacted Kohaku by letter. And the content would be 『I want you to come to “this place” on the last day』

Sorry all, but that article was all lie.

Such a convenient article couldn’t be featured at a perfect time… No, saying that a complete lie isn’t right. In fact, the atmosphere on the last day of the event is the best. And if you use a letter, or email, you can review the word before giving it to him, so the chance of success increases. Well, unfortunately, that article is in the hands of Toukain.

After all, the publisher is under our group!

Well, trends are something you could create.

Shino nodded aggreging with what she felt.

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