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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 96

96. Chapter 96

The largest base in the magical silver mine jointly managed by Edgar de Dalimarx, a Viscount in the Galmud Archipelago, and the former Highserk Southern Army, was the branch castle managed by Baron Josh. And at the foot of the mine, in one corner of the mining facility, there was a Highserk soldier’s fort.

The fort, which was built as per the proposal for joint management, was a base for surveying the area around the mine, for exploration and digging preparation of mineral veins, and also as a gathering place for supplies and an outpost to deal with monsters. However, now, monsters were out from the surroundings. All nearby monsters had been wiped out and thus, it became a waiting area for Highserk soldiers and an emergency refuge for coal miners.

And now, in a room inside the fort that was built for interpersonal purposes, thoroughly confirmed of its counterintelligence function, Hadro, the Battalion Commander of the reformed Southern Army of Higherk Empire, was having a secret meeting with a man who was feared of having many patches on his skin, called Duwei.

“Good job at coming all the way here from the east, Duwei.”

“I’m glad you’re doing well. Battalion Commander Hadro.”

The remnants of the current Highserk Empire were this Southern Army, which Duwei was currently visiting, and the former Eastern Army, which now had been reformed, having the forces split into many places. Still, under the lead of two infantry battalions and Jaff cavalry battalion, the rest of the Eastern Army left at the border, was preparing to be ready for any battle with Liberitoa Trade Federation.

Since the main road connecting the two sides had been destroyed by monsters, they couldn’t have any direct contact, so, Duwei and other elite soldiers continued from one place to another to keep in touch with each other while paying close attention to the next move that should be made for Highserk Future.

“I came to tell you the message from Brigade Commander Seelev. “I couldn’t send any reinforcements from the East. I’m sorry.”, that was all the message he left to me.”

“It’s so like Brigade Commander Seelev……It couldn’t be helped. We can’t let Liberitoa notice this.”

It was a frustrating situation for Duwei as well. The Eastern Army was still having a hard time increasing the number of troops or weapons, so the remaining forces were a hand that couldn’t be cut easily.

In addition to that, the transportation routes for moving large-scale forces were blocked by monsters.

Above all, if the Liberitoa Trade Federation, which was hoping for the slow collapse of the remnants through appeasement measures and tightening of trade routes, learned that the remnants of Highserk still have connections with each other, it was clear to anyone that the thought of rapid annihilation would arise within the Federation.

“That said, it’s not all bad things. 《Demon Fire》 has also returned from the Netherworld.”

“What a nostalgic word. All my subordinates at that time, were excellent. But they, those people, those shitheads were blown away.”

Gritting his teeth and growled as he imagined the battle of the Sarajevo fortress. A disastrous event where he lost his squad, the battalion he belonged to, the Liguria Battalion, that further elevated to the destruction of his homeland. Duwei couldn’t forget them. The area with patched skin couldn’t withstand the expansion of his hardened muscles, and blood oozed from the sewing. And finally, he realized that his tone had gone south.

“Sorry. Seems like I got a little too excited.”

Wiped off the bleeding with the cloth taken out from the bag and tried to stop the bleeding with a magical barrier.

“It couldn’t be helped. Even me, who is blessed with excellent soldiers, feels the same as you.”

Commander Hadro harbored a quiet, never-extinguishing flame of hatred. After all, Highserk was mercilessly thrown into a large pot filled with Flame Emperor Dragon and hundreds of thousands of monsters jostling for attention. It went without saying that Duwei still could remember it vividly like it was yesterday.

No matter how desperately they struggled and fought, they couldn’t prevent their country from being destroyed. On the contrary, hundreds of thousands of people were teased, raped, and eaten alive by monsters.

In the course of repeated battles in which the whole body was scraped off physically and mentally, even Willart, who had survived until then, decided to join the others who had reached the Netherworld. Their wish and grafted skin were now with Duwei.

“So, did you get the info?”

“It seems that those two young soldiers have been told a story about the old days, and when they realized that I was one of the former comrades, they told me honestly. And it seems, it’s true that Walm, thought that after what he had done in the branch castle, he might get executed, and so he ran away.”

Hadro held his head and let out a deep sigh.

“To execute someone who had achieved so many great battle results, is almost impossible. It was, really hard. Some of the soldiers were making a fuss when they saw the flames. Viscount Edgar and Baron Josh, thought that I slipped a soldier into their formations. So, they did a search for the person themselves, to prove it. It was full of misunderstandings. I tried my best to clear it up.”

“During battle, he’ll calmly annihilate enemies, but it seems, he has a cowardly side too, really, a troublesome fellow.”

“No doubt. Still, we need him.”

“Yes. To patch up our homeland, to gather the scattered remnants quickly, and to kill those who want the destruction of Highserk, I’m sure we need him.”

The Southern and Eastern Armies, which were in contact with each other, wanted the reconstruction of their homeland. In order to do so, they must gather as many soldiers as possible. And the “blue flames” that continued to burn those from Liberitoa and Craist, would certainly become an indispensable fighting force.

“But, there’s a little problem. It seems that he received a monster’s eye transplant in Dandurg, and it seems that the aftereffects have appeared recently. And that it won’t be long before he loses his sight completely. So, it seems he decided to go to the Labyrinth City, or even the circling around Aleinard Forest Alliance if needed, to find a cure.”

“Demon eyes huh… I don’t think ordinary remedies will help. “Crimson Grass” in the Labyrinth City or remedies made by those with long ears, other than that, the only choice he has would be the supreme healing magician who is said to be staying in Celta.”

“It seems that the person still has doubts about Liberitoa and Craist, whether they were really the ones which caused the Great Outbreak or not. For one of those disgusting piles of shit from another world, she has a not bad way of thinking. That said, I can’t help but have mixed feelings about relying on a former enemy.”

“Don’t say that. After going through the Great Outbreak and the War, even the new Grand Duchess of Myard came to face reality.”

Due to the policies of the Grand Duchess of Myard, the intake of Highserk soldiers and Ferrius soldiers was also intense. There were quite a few Highserk soldiers who had relationships with widows and had their hollow hearts filled. At least, that was what the one who accompanied Duwei coming here said. Those people would definitely make Celta their new home. Any man, even Duwei, would have a hard to deny it.

“The more Celta’s military strength increases, the more Craist’s military strength will be directed at Myard. It seems that they also intend to rebel against the two countries that backstab them, ruining their county with the Great Outbreak.”

“So, what about the alliance?”

“It will be proceeded out as soon as the main road connecting the south and east, the Flame Emperor Dragon Corridor, opens.”

The next question, Duwei asked in a tense tone.

“Then, what about the founding declaration?”

“His Late Majesty’s child will do it.”

Ironic indeed. Almost all blood relatives of the Late Emperor, were swallowed up by the Flame Emperor Dragon and the Great Outbreak. Only one last child of the Late Emperor survived, however, was only a 13-year-old, moreover an illegitimate child who didn’t have the right to succeed to the throne.

A small ray of hope to connect the divided Empire sparked. Without the child’s existence, the remnants of the Empire would have vanished without words, or those higher-ups in the military, who managed to survive, would have not tried to rise high again. Although mixed, the blue blood still ran inside the child, this fact alone had the power to bind the remnants together.

Therefore, their own health must be perfect.

The remnants of Highserk were about to come together in the name of that illegitimate child. If Liberitoa found this out, they would surely try to bury the child, even if they must throw away everything. Until the preparations were complete, the South and East had to appear to be a military clique.

Once the road connecting the south and east was restored, the next step would be to connect with the surviving forces that escaped to the Myard territory, Celta. Fortunately, or rather, ironically, the groundwork had been finished. After all, the Flame Emperor Dragon, who was an existence out of logic, created a huge straight road. Even now, in secret, a small number of soldiers and escorted merchants went back and forth along the road.

“Duwei, you have the Republic’s ceremony ahead of you. As for Walm’s matter, we will send people from the Southern Army to find out where he is.”

“Understood. I’ll leave it to you.”

When Duwei left the room after exchanging the necessary information, he called out to someone following him in coming here from the east. The man he called was the only other survivor of the squad, a man with tanned skin.

“Yo, seems like I made you wait for too long.”

“So, what are we going to do? Return to the east once?”

“Is want I want to say, but no, we’re going to enter Aleinard Forest Alliance. Y’see, a fun ceremony that comes once every four years is waiting. A great opportunity to show the might of Highserk, ain’t it?”

“Good that it seems like you’re having fun, but, it has nothing to do with me.”

The reason the man was chosen to accompany Duwei was simply that, the man was familiar with Duwei’s methods and was accustomed to dealing with him when he went out of control. Also because, he hadn’t given up on being a normal human, like Duwei or Walm.

“But, just thinking about it, makes me look forward to it more. Those shitheads who chose to fly to the Netherworld first, surely, they’re also looking forward to it. So, let’s quickly eradicate those Liberitoa and Craist bastards, ‘kay? Walm.”

Duwei’s eyes were dyed in color darker than black, filled with unfading hatred. Standing next to him, who had been possessed by madness, was Jose, who let out a long sigh.

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  1. Drafted soldiers had unexpectedly grown patriotic, huh. How funny. Are they even literate? Is that maybe a case of someone knowing only how to fight because of not enough imagination to live any other kind of life than a soldier? And is the cause of Great Outbreak properly confirmed before throwing themselves into grand revenge to destroy the only surviving countries in the neighborhood? Sloppy writing, author. A fitting quote: Live by the sword, die by the sword. A fitting end for people incapable of limited warfare themselves, drunk with prior military successes. Now all that remains is either to die out under the pressure of monsters or to devolve into barbarians on the level of monsters themselves.

    1. And for the instigators of the Great Outbreak, there is a fitting saying: a cornered rat will bite a cat. I guess even the threat of mutual destruction is better than sure one-sided destruction from the perspective of a future loser.

      1. I see nothing sloppy here. It was already mentioned by the author that Duwei is very patriotic and his reaction here is much expected. We don’t know how Jose feels either because he is mentioned in only two sentences. Also how do you expect people to feel when the other coutry basically nuked their whole homeland. Even most unpatriotic person would hate the f out of other party. If their want to make another Highserk either they fight monsters and risk another outbreak or they fight humans. The answer is obvious for me.

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