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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 106

106. Even monsters need INT and LUK

“A horror death game huh…”

Atsushi had expected it. And they were the world of a game. The situation that they were in, and the strange masked monster that appeared earlier. Based on those factors, it wasn’t hard to conclude that this game was a horror game.

However, proving it was true or not, wouldn’t help much in this situation.

『”Yes, I know you want to cry. Following the meta of this kind of thing, it’s supposed to be an RPG set in a fantasy world… No, wait, right now, this kind of game is more mainstream, so, it’s not all strange…”』

“Stop it. You’re saying something that doesn’t make sense.”

Atsushi was amazed at Yuri, who was still the same as usual, even at such a time.

“Hey you, can you stop playing around? So, what should we do now? Even if we run away, we can’t move without specific instructions.”

『“Your statement is true, but in reality, as I said earlier, Atsushi-san and you, have no choice but to run away. After all, the opponent is a monster that comes out in a horror game. They’re all immortal. Please, never do anything like fighting it head-on.”』

Monsters that came out in horror movies and mangas were usually couldn’t die normally or immortal. In the first place, people were afraid of something unidentified and immortal, that was why such a thing appeared in something horror.

So, as expected, Atsushi had no intention of fighting such unreasonable beings.

『“By the way, where are you two now?”』

“Inside an abandoned house.”

『”Abandoned house, abandoned house… ah… are you serious? You are in there?”』

“Oi oi, what is it? Is it, bad?”

『”Rather than bad, I would say that it’s a little troublesome… Once you enter that house, you can’t leave until the dawn.”』

Atsushi and Kirishima looked at each other, and they tried to open the front door or a nearby window. Then, as if to prove that Yuri’s words were correct, they were in a place, where it was impossible to open the passage leading to the outside at all.

“……Seems like it’s true”

“Are you kidding me……”

Indeed, this was also a standard development in horror movies. In particular, if it was a type of horror movie with ghosts coming out somewhere inside the house, as the theme.

With this, the option of escaping outside had been crushed, and Atsushi and Kirishima were trapped in this house with monsters.

『”That said, the abandoned house is made to be wider inside than it looks. In particular, the basement is spread out like a labyrinth, so even if you’re attacked by various people there, you’ll be able to run away.”』

“It’s possible to run away… is there a safe zone or something like that?”

『”Unfortunately. Even if there is a safe place, it only lasts for a certain amount of time. Like where Atsushi-san and you are now. But the setting has been changed so that monsters will attack after a while.”』

“In other words, even if we stay here until dawn, monsters will eventually come to attack us?”

Normally, there shouldn’t be such a thing as a safe place, but they were the inside of the game and not a horror movie. So, of course, the thought that there was a place like a ‘save point’ where the enemy could never enter came to mind, but it seemed that the mastermind was one step ahead there.

『”Yes, but I have some good news for you. Chairman has done some trick, or rather, he had done something that would occur a bug in the monsters.”』


『“He messed around with their status a bit. Nonetheless, since they are firmly set as monsters, it wasn’t possible to reduce their invulnerable powers such as immortality and superhuman strength. So, he changed another part.”』

Changed the stats…. Atsushi couldn’t quite understand how amazing what Hiiragi had done, but he could clearly affirm that Hiiragi, who was able to do such things even after the game got hacked, was truly inhuman.

To be honest, if Hiiragi could just erase the immortality status, Atsushi might be able to do something about the monsters, but there was no point in thinking it now.

“Is that so?…. Then, which stats did he change?” 

Atsushi asked Yuri so.

『”INT and LUK……In other words, he changed the intelligence and luck status to the minimum.”』

Yuri calmly said so.


In response to Yuri’s answer, this time, Kirishima responded so while frowning.

“Wait, intelligence and luck… will anything change if you set those to the lowest level? None of the monsters that appear in horror movies seem to have intelligence… and luck? Is it even have any impact?”

『”No, no, something is going to change. Think about it, please. How the monsters in horror movies and horror games skillfully attack people. Do you think that people who attack people with such perfect timing are low in intelligence? I affirm, no, trust me!!”』

“Hmm, even if you insist on that…”

『“And, luck. This is to lower the luck stat of the monsters so that you two have more luck than theirs. After all, people who survive horror movies are the lucky ones. Conversely, if you are lucky, you can survive even if you are not the main character, right?! From that thought, those stats were changed.”』

“Hey, Yamagami-kun. Can we really trust this person as a guide?”

“I strongly agree with what you want to say, but don’t say that. I believe that she’s doing her best in her own way right now.”

When they were having a conversation without feeling tense.

At that moment,

” ―――Kisshi”

Thinking that they heard a strange voice, Atsushi and Kirishima turned their eyes to the depths of the hallway at the same time.


They saw a woman lying on all fours, with a face facing up to them.

“ ”!!!!?” ”

The two of them held their breath at the sight of it.

Then, as if to take advantage of that opening, the woman approached Atsushi and Kirishima at a tremendous speed.


A voice that raised anxiety. Just by listening to it, it was as if your mind was being violated, something like that.

Normally, just hearing that would get you stuck on the spot and the woman would kill you.



As if to destroy the normal development of horror movies, the woman fell into the hole made by the masked monster earlier.

“ “ ………..” “

Seeing the unbelievable scene, Atsushi and Kirishima had no choice but to stare at the sight without blinking.

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