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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 311

311. Another Show

『”Huff! As expected, this I, need you.”』

『”Fufufu, is that so? But what should I do… I don’t need you.”』

『”That can’t be! D-don’t throw me away!”』

『”Don’t say it in a bad way like that……Well, if you swear a lifelong loyalty to me, I will allow you to stay by my side.”』


『”Yes, then, I shall ask you to pledge allegiance now……”』

『”What should I do? Give as much money as I can. Or do you want me to make you the prime minister?”』

『”I don’t want that kind of thing. Just lick my feet as a token of loyalty.”』

『”What! But, I am, this country’sー”』

『”Fufufu, even if you say that, your body is already on all fours and your tongue is sticking out, you know?”』

A play was being performed on the stage by the members of the drama club.

This play seemed to be a major work in this world, and if I were to compare it to those in my previous life, perhaps it was something on the same level as Shakespeare?

Anyway, the story was about the rising of a boy who was born as a slave’s child, but the way of talking of the main character, that boy, was extremely brutal.

Well, that in itself wasn’t that bad, but what I couldn’t understand, was that the genre of this story was classified as pure love.

The people of this must even in past, must be crazy.

However, as a story for a play, it was interesting, and everyone was absorbed in watching it without saying a word.

The stage changed and the characters played by Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san were talking to the main character.

『”Y-you want us to betray our sister?!!”』

『”No, no, I just want you both to prove, your love for me.”』


『”Can you do it?”』



The main character was smilling, and Yachigusa-san, who was standing next to the main character, shook her body after hearing the next words.

『”I want you to find out Lady Middin’s secret.”』


『”What? I won’t ask you to do anything wrong. So, rest assured.”』

Both Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were the characters who were in love with the main character, and their role would be taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness for the main character’s sake and making them falsely accused.

The two performed well. Really well… but I felt unpleasant seeing them getting played by someone else.

Even if it was in the play.

…Lately, I’ve been hanging out with them a lot, so maybe, I started to develop the desire to monopolize them?

…I see. This kind of thought is something that comes to mind no matter how old you are huh?

I remembered the memories of my previous life and thought that I had grown up mentally. But, it seems that I still haven’t matured enough to be regarded as a wise person, I guess?

…No, rather, it may be because I have memories of my previous life that I’m obsessed with monopolizing things.

That must be it…

I was watching the play while thinking about such things.

“Hatano-san, how was the play? Did I do well?”

“Fufumph. I did good, right?”


After the play ended, the two immediately found me and came to hear my impressions.

However, the two gave me a dubious look at my slow reaction.


“Are you okay?”

Certainly, both of them performed well in this large crowd. However, because I saw them getting played by another human being, I didn’t feel like giving them any praise honestly.

I put my hands around the waists of the two people who were looking at me worriedly and pulled them towards me.



Then bring my face closer to them. The two of them were completely stiff, not knowing what had suddenly happened.

I whispered in the ears of those two.

“I think you both did good acting… But, no matter what kind of role you get in a play, can’t you not get flustered by another man?’”

“!! But the one who acted the man was a girl…”

“T-that’s right…”

I whispered even more to the two who were trying to argue even though they were blushing.

“Hoo… making an excuse huh? Even though, you both were so honest with that person.”



Then, I received a promise from the two that they wouldn’t follow another man.

……Yeah, after all, I’m still young here!

COUGH!!, that’s right, Hatano-san.”


“Please read this later.”

Saying that, Yachigusa-san handed me a piece of paper.

I didn’t know why, but today, I got a lot of notes.

“Then we will help the class from now on!”

“See you later!”

Saying that, I saw the two off.

Then I felt something strange in my chest.

I wondered what it was, and when I touched it, there was another memo inside the chest pocket.

…I got it directly from Yachigusa-san, so this memo must be from Maizumi-san.

Hmm… should I read the memos I received while eating lunch?

Thinking so while moving out of the gymnasium, I was called out.

“Yoo-hoo, Kohaku-kun.”

It was Shino-san, with a smile on her face.

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  1. If that sort of thing is classified as “pure love” in that world it’s no wonder every girls falls so easily.

  2. Pure Love? NO WAY! The only thing that was pure on this chapter were Kohaku’s feelings. Yeah, “pure” selfishness, proper from a man with our common sense.

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