Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 310

310. Vice-President is taking a break

After parting with Mishima-san, I continued to look around, and naturally, I was called out again.

However, unlike the previous two gyaru girls, there weren’t many people who seemed to have a promising future, so I declined without any particular trouble.

……As expected, this patrol is a mistake in the first place. I mean, letting a man go around by himself. No matter how excellent I am, it’s still possible that I’ll just wander around following girls here and there, you know?


It was getting louder and louder in the distance. I wondered if there was a problem, so I went to see what was going on, and there, I saw Tamachi-kun wearing a butler uniform and holding a chocolate banana in his hand, and Vice-President Hibiya holding cotton candy.

Seems, they’re enjoying the school festival too huh…



Yep, seems they’re having fun.

When I was staring absentmindedly, the two also seemed to have noticed me, as our eyes met. As expected, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to ignore them when our eyes were perfectly aligned, so I raised my hand and approached them.

Then, the surrounding girls took out their smartphones, snapped photos, and uttered,

“It’s a precious moment!”

It suddenly became unnecessarily noisy.

As far as what I understand, this should be within the permissible range, and since it’s a festival, I don’t intend to be bothered by it, but if the two people in front of me feel uncomfortable, I may have to do something.

Thinking that, I asked the two about their feelings, and surprisingly, they didn’t change their expressions.

No, that wasn’t true… Vice President Hibiya had a genuinely disgusted expression on his face, but since he saw my face, it probably wasn’t caused by the actions of the girls around him, but by me.

…..Doesn’t this mean, his hatred towards me is greater than that towards girls?

I decided to stop thinking about it.

“Are you two taking a break?”

I gave the nicest smile I could make.

At that moment,

“B-bishounen!!” [TN: Pretty boy]

And, the shutter sound got louder.

“Yes. There are just many things at Kenran School Festival. It’s so much fun”

Tamachi-kun, who smiled back at me, replied so. His smile made people around us shout,


…Can’t they try to suppress their own desires a little better?

“Hmph, you seem to have a relaxed attitude. Let me tell you, this time we will beat you. Is it okay for you to take a long break in a place like this?”

Vice-President Hibiya provoking so.

The reaction of the surroundings was

“T-tsundere!! Thanks for your service!!”

…Aren’t they okay with anything?

I started to question their fetishes.

“Isn’t that the same for you?”

“Unfortunately, there are many other excellent boys in our school. But for yours, others than you are trash.”

I compared the boys from both schools in my head.

“You’re right!”

“…You, can’t you trust your comrades a little more?”

Vice-President Hibiya said so with an amazed expression.

I don’t want to hear it from someone who abused their own Student Council President!

“Anyway, it seems that both of you, are having fun, and as a member of Kenran Student Council, I’m happy that you’re feeling so.”

“…Certainly. If we rejected this joint cultural festival, we wouldn’t have been able to experience such a wide variety of things. In the sense of experiencing a new culture, it could have been called a perfect opportunity.”

…So, he’s agreeing with me?

“He said it turned out to be a good festival.”

Perhaps, feeling my doubts, Tamachi-kun told me so in a small voice.

Indeed, Vice-President Hibiya has become a lot more of a better person than when I first met him. Guess, this is for the better.

“Then I’ll go now. Have fun and enjoy yourselves, both of you.”

Saying so, I parted with them. When I checked the time, it was almost time for the play that Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san, the drama club duo, had told me to come and see.

I decided to hurry to the gymnasium where the play would be performed.

Apparently, they were given roles that would appear a lot, even though they were first-year students, so they were quite enthusiastic.

…..Huff, so nostalgic

I remembered the time when Yachigusa-san was worried about the role of a magical girl.

This time, the play seems to be a love story between two people of different social statuses, but they didn’t tell me about their roles. I know they’ve worked hard and practiced for this. Getting results that match your efforts is really great.

I don’t know if their efforts will always bear fruit, but there’s no doubt that their efforts will help them to reach the star.

When I thought about such a thing, I felt that my existence, which was only aiming for money and status, was disgusting, so I decided to throw this thought in the trash can.

…Wait a minute, I haven’t neglected to improve myself for getting more money and better social status, so it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m also a hard worker. Mean, my efforts should be rewarded. Right?

Yeah, that should be the case!

I concluded that and stepped into the gymnasium where the play would be performed.

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