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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 105

105. It’s normal for monster or such to appear in something horror

A monster usually seen in a horror movie appeared.

There was only one course of action in such a situation. Run away. Nothing more could be done than that.

However, Atsushi and Kirishima didn’t immediately leave the place.

No, they couldn’t do it in this case…or should you could say, it was because there was no need to escape.

“―――, ―――, ―――!!”

“… Umm, what’s he doing?”

“… If you’re just talking about what you’ve seen with your eyes, a hatchet got stuck in the ceiling and he’s trying to pull it out?”

The far end of the corridor. In that room, a masked monster was trying to pull out a hatchet stuck in the ceiling.

It was the hatchet that was about to be swung down to Kirishima earlier. However, it pierced the ceiling. Thanks to that, Kirishima was able to escape safely to Atsushi’s side

What is it… I know he’s just trying his best, but really, he’s just making a fool of himself…

While Atsushi was thinking about such things, the monster-like man succeeded in pulling out the hatchet with both hands after he used all his might.



“Ah, he fell”

“Well, if you pull with that much force. Of course.”

The masked mysterious man held his head and turned in this direction.

And this time, he silently advanced toward Atsushi and Kirishima.

…It was supposed to be.


“Ah, this time he hit the wall above the door.”

“Well, if you’re that tall. Of course.”

The height of the masked man exceeded two meters. In contrast, the height of the doors of this abandoned building was less than two meters. Therefore, if the man didn’t lower his head down, his head would run into the wall. It was inevitable. He should be able to see that, but perhaps because of this darkness and the fact that he was wearing a mask, he couldn’t see it.

“―――, ―――, ―――!!”

“Umm, is he, getting angry at the wall?”

“Yeahー, I mean if you hit your head on something, you may get angry at the things nearby…”

The appearance of the man hitting the door several times with his fist and finally attacking with a hatchet was completely like the appearance of a child throwing a tantrum and hitting things.

However, it didn’t last forever, and after a certain amount of time, the man slowly turned around.

“Oh, no, he’s heading this way…!?”

There, Atsushi and Kirishima finally remember the danger again and tried to escape from the spot.

And the monster also stepped forward to chase them.



With the sound of cracking wood, the figure of the man disappeared in an instant.

Seeing that scene, Kirishima asked Atsushi a question.

“……………Let me ask again, what happened?”

“Hmm… he just walked down the corridor, but suddenly the wooden floor broke and so he fell down…”

Atsushi tried to say what happened just as it was.

……Well, even if he said so himself, he had no idea what he was talking about. It was so absurd.

“What, the hell, was that…”

“Well, even if you ask you…”

Atsushi and Kirishima were puzzled by what just happened.

At such time,

『”Aーh, test, test, can you hear me, Atsushi-san?”』

“Huh!? This voice! Is that you, Shirasawa!?”

Atsushi unintentionally raised his voice when he heard a familiar voice.

『”It seems you both are safe.”』

“In this situation, I wonder if I can say that we’re really safe… anyway, Shirasawa, do you know what is this all about?”

Atsushi, who wanted to know what was going on as soon as possible, asked Yuri.

『“To put it simply, the game is currently being hijacked by an external hacker, and now only the two of you are left behind. However, Chairman is doing his best to do something, and it looks like, things will work out somehow, so don’t worry. “』

“Wait, what do you mean by “Chairman is doing his best”…?”

Chairman, what are you doing? How can you fix this situation?

Atsushi wanted to comments more on Yuri’s remarks, but if in the end, Hiiragi could solve the current situation, nothing really matter.

『“However, even Chairman said that the situation is quite severe, and even now he’s so busy. That’s why I, who is an acquaintance of you two, was entrusted with the role of guide.”』

“I see… So, Shirasawa. What should we do now?”

『”Basically, you both don’t have to do anything. We’re preparing to force logout you two from here. However, it looks like it will take a little more time… so there is something I want you two to protect absolutely…”』

“Something to protect?”

『”Yes… Your own life. Please don’t die no matter what. If you die even once, we won’t be able to log you out.”』

“Please don’t die, huh… easier than said.”

『“Usually there should be no problem… However, as you may have already noticed, you both are currently playing a different game from the summer vacation game we were playing earlier. And it seems to be a game where the player dies at a fairly high rate…』

Hearing that, Atsushi murmured.

“Guess so…”

Even the location had changed. Of course, Atsushi had assumed that the game had changed.

“By the way, what kind of game is that?”

Although Atsushi vaguely understood, he asked to get a firm answer.

『” “Nightmare Carnival”. It’s a horror battle royale game where various monsters and masked men come out to kill you.”』

And, he got the worst possible answer.

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